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    Have you been invited to one of those swingers resorts by your work colleagues?
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    I'd go the one that fits better Cranky. That'll make the biggest difference
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    We got these a few weeks ago now, they should start laying around about the time we will be down at Busso They are named Drumstick and Nugget and a proving quite the escape artists so far
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    So can lance do Kona if he becomes a Russian?
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    I made my wife ride Central Park last month. She wasn’t a fan of the hills
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    sounds like we need to have a 'dogs of trannies' thread, if there isn't one already
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    I ask my dog if she wants to go for a jog, and she starts shaking and quivering in the corner and suddenly produces a limp, ask her if she wants a bone and she nearly does a back flip and is as spritely as a 2 yr old Labrador
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    Just over 100k on the bike this morning to clock up 10,000k for the year so far ( 10,073k )
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    45 minute swim and 45 min easy spinning on the turbinator. Gently back in the saddle until Monday
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    No rallying. As mentioned, applications opened today for 2019 Cupcake Team i do believe.
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    I'm not! As long as it's handled with absolutely no shortcuts!!!
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    https://www.runtothefinish.com/jerusalem-half-marathon-review/ reviews the half, but should be the same
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    Not done the marathon but its a beautiful place.
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    So I guess South Australia having among the highest electricity prices in the developed world has nothing to do with their Labor government getting rid of coal? And Victoria having large increases in the cost of electricity has nothing to do with their Labor government getting rid of coal?
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    I just started my morning dog jogs again. Last year I did a good 3 or 4 months where I ran jogged almost every day. I maybe had 2-3 rest days a month. Sometimes I did double jogs. I almost felt like I was a runner towards the end! Right now the jogs are still pathetic (also in low-carb adaptation). My dog however seems to already have improved much in fitness, she wants to keep running and is getting naughtier. I wish I could get fit as fast as her. And she's 10! Did a few jogs last week, but right now I'm only on Day 3 in a row.
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    Run slower / reduce pace expectations
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    this will make no difference, except give bill more money for welfare. actually, overseas investors are the ones that are keeping our country afloat. They are the ones with money. Labor also doesn't believe in helping small to medium sized businesses, wages are also based on market value of the position. If unemployment is low, and more small to medium businesses are encouraged to grow and start up, the dollar value of a job increases. demand and supply. there is something wrong in our country when we hardly have any industry here, except for some dairy and farming. no manufacturing, no car industry, no mining.
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    Not in any sensible universe. I've been away with individuals that were friends at work for running or cycling races but never holiday as a group. Nothing that goes on holiday would stay on holiday. Back away from this!
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    Roka because i believe their marketing emails... 😁
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