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    I love watching these shows. Makes me feel good about being a middle-aged, bitter, single woman, because it could certainly be much worse! 😂😂
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    So I’m signing up for one of the QTS races and the following options popped up. 🤔
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    I get the feeling someone is in their last week at work, before starting a new job.
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    So am I. A sphere is considered a perfect shape, isn't it? Happy birthday FFF. Enjoy your cake.
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    Bathurst is on this weekend and Kona next week so I will not be sitting in front of the TV & computer this weekend. I really enjoyed doing that last year. So this year, well, I am heading back up the mountain after an 8 year hiatus. My son rang last night and he scored a free double pass (he only got it yesterday but it's a four day pass). Heading up early tomorrow morning. Still trying to sort out accommodation. Will either be with a mad bunch at Sullman Park or sleeping in the car. Whatever, it's good to get back there. He will be driving up as I have a school class reunion tonight. Me thinks training is out the door this weekend. FM
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    My wifey is doing the 100 and that means I probably will just so I can beat her... She's got me over the short stuff now (she's gone from a 33min 5km runner to under 22 so far - must be the coach ) Anything half mara and over is the only shit I can beat her in now, that being said, my reign as supreme master might be over in Marathons come november I'll just keep reminding her of how fast I was with my PBs There is 9 of the RunWith squad hitting up various UTA events.
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    Don't be so hard on yourself... Let us do it for you That's is pretty bad, you can build a bike from parts in about 1.5hrs. Less with Di2.
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    Yes in October. I had a friend fly out on the 29th Sept and they said no.
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    But you do realise that as soon as that light is shone on him, it will be because he took those drugs as a part of Team GB.
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    50min run in Vancouver, cold and raining. Starting to think I should have headed to Kona.
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    What a fabulous season. I predicted the outcome and when it came true I laughed. the funniest night I have had in ages. Especially knowing how many people get invested in this stuff. I reckon good on him, though I would have hung around to explain myself. I mean who says he has to choose someone. Some people think because he has gone on the show he has to choose someone.... It’s not like he chose who the women were.Channel Ten picked them. If one goes to a pub or some other place like a speed dating night..... thee is no rule you need to actually choose someone. It’s all luck. Some others say he should not have strung the girls on..... well he has been paid a lot of money to go through a process. And he did. I heard he had lost interest about half way through...... but he couldn’t bail. And for what it’s worth I bet in a bout 4 weeks he ends up with young Cass!!!!!
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    Zwift is pretty great. Just finished my 7 day trial. My main gripe is the course profile graph is tiny and sucks and tells you very little about what's coming up and how long to go etc. I'd pay up but since it's getting warmer I'll just use grand road tours first to see how I like it for a while. It's got less people on there (which did make zwift fun and motivating) but there are some real courses and it's totally free at the moment. Will see if that will do me the summer I
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    I was the lazy slug today. I fully intended going to the gym on the way home today, but after dealing with HR for the last 2 hours today, I came straight home and into my 105 proof single malt.
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    1200m swim, during nightshift week. I am rather pleased with myself for not being a lazy slug. lol
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    I have mind to left (as I'm looking at from the bike) and angle it so that it blows on the length of my torso. i read somewhere that this is better than head on because it's cooling a larger surface area.
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    Worked at Ford about 15 years ago as the Marketing Procurement Manager - absolute highlight of the year was going to the Mountain for "work". Insane place. Sulman, Reid, McPhillamy Parks at night had me crying with laughter .... the stories ... Highlight was driving a lap of the track on raceday in my FPV Super Pursuit as part of the driver parade .... unbelievable experience. Good there is no crossover with Kona coverage.
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    .... I’m still laughing at that line too 😂🤣
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    He did a Rex Hunt - kissed them all and threw them back
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    And that's just when you pour in the milk!
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    I can burn Conflakes.
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    Then you need to move worlds!
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    New to this series so have just binged all 3 seasons. Quality stuff.
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    Just go on of the Bachelor FFF, no gurantee's though
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    No rumour, it's been known for weeks he was walking Kokoda from Oct 1st. My wife and daughter were heavily invested in it. They are pissed as today. It's pretty funny.
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    How many other scams are they pulling? It's a Joke
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    Forums are a form of social media.
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    Running on consecutive days or not is a bit of a furphy. The best improvement will come from running the most you can while recovering properly from it. Running more often but shorter and/or slower is one method, leaving more time between runs is another. Both work but what works best is often down to individual circumstances. Most people are not willing to run slow enough or short enough ("it's not a real workout") to get the benefits from the former. Triathletes also suffer the burden of being time poor because they have to fit in swimming and cycling as well as having cardiovascular fitness that exceeds their body's running maturity.
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    I wonder if that Qantas site has been updated since I flew to Brisbane in March. I packed the bike in a Scicon bag and all was ok. I'm thinking for Worlds in Switzerland that I just take my pedals, shoes and saddle and rent a bike for the race. Not worth carting it for a 40k ride (then having to cart it around after).
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    Happy birthday FFF! All the best folks are born in October 1977! 😁
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    You’re back in Australia? I thought you were still walking the ultraman WC marathon. Its good to have u back on trannies.
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    That’s why I don’t have Facebook or any social media-seems to bring out the crazy mob mentality in people.
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    Valid points. The part I like about the step/ramp tests is that failure is part of the process. Totally agree on the focus on performance testing for those new to cycling... it can be intimidating. The issue being that platforms such as Zwift rely on that damn FTP number for everything in workouts. There should be an 'on boarding' process for new cyclists and workouts, imo. Throw people into SIM or Level more and just display prompts/advice/basics like cadence, gear changing, breathing, mental focus tasks for a few weeks. Tracking their progress then moving them onto the more serious side of things once there's a measured improvement. Getting a bike, a trainer, and being told to ride until your eyes bleed isn't the experience that keeps people coming back for more. For some reason with all this new tech, big data, and AI, we're still stuck years in the past. There's so much more that could be done.
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    Given the way their President slut shammed Professor Ford yesterday at his latest campaign rally - to the cheers and laughs of the audience - I really don’t think there is the commitment to investigating and prosecuting sexual assaults in America: a bit like Australia 15-20 years ago. Things may be changing with #metoo but even that seems to be caught up in the Trump-Republican-Religious Right culture wars.
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    if someone burnt the butter while cooking for me I'd leave.
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    No, it was directed at Slater. How bad was that dive he did in the game, right up there with the one he did on luke lewis earlier in the year that got Lewis sent off and he didnt actually touch him, he just took of like a poor mans super man.
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    I went and got the mower serviced so it’s not too hard for her to start. Who said romance is dead?
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    Stikman cooked burnt butter and sage gnocchi with pannacotta and raspberries. Likewise with the fishing reference.
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    I'm exactly the same. I'm thinking I might put on 100kg, get a lapband and lose 100kg, then get in that way. Then just do a bit of training to get me around the course in about 16 hours.
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    Ordered Thursday. Arrived today, ready to try on s long ride tomorrow. Very excited!😁
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    I was in Kona last year and this was all people were talking about. Sad really and this side-show undermines the sport and the efforts of the 2,000 people who worked their ar$es off to qualify and race. Some people don't like Macca, some do. Let's just leave them to sort it out, with or without the help of the Police. Not my business.
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