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    ... so its been a while. Lots of water under the bridge and all that. First up I wanted to thank Roxxi who has been a great personal friend and there through 'stuff' that goes on in each of our lives, I still remember vividly the day he lost his home and standing on my balcony at Cronulla watching the storm go away from us across the bay and toward Kurnell. That day happened to be my sons year 6 graduation day back in 2015, so remember it well, and the ensuing damage. Roxxi has helped me out with a few things including using his esteemed status as a JP, and we seem to have similar hankling for Guzman Y Gomez so we bump into each other there. Its also great to see Janene is well and of course our kids are growing up. Mine although only 15 is much bigger than me now. I am retired now from my former profession and I can say I was treated very well as opposed to some of the horror stories you may hear about insurers, Police organisations, post traumatic stress and associated problems. For the record I retired as a Chief Inspector and the last day I wore my uniform was to be presented with the APSM and an few other nice little trinkets, clasps and memoriams. That was a little while ago now, it was very nice to be given an honourable and dignified send off. My health is far from good but all you can do is soldier on I guess. Like Peter I have very little to do with triathlon and the little pieces I see leave me very disillusioned about the direction it is taking and as this is a triathlon related forum its probably not likely I will hang around or use it as a pressure valve or whatever it was back then. In fact I essentially went cold turkey on all social media and it was very liberating. The insecure fools and narcissists that live their lives on twitter, facebook, Insta or other platforms are certainly good for a few laughs and I think it the amount of social media posts is probably inversely proportionate to how happy with ones' life they actually are. Many adults have turned into their children and are essentially addicted to their phones, grown adults using instagram filters on whatever device they use. Its toxic, time wasting and incredibly destructive. Stuff you say on social media platforms cant be taken back and when people are called to account for their actions in person, Ive seen quite a few become towering piles of jelly as they have picked on the wrong person..... resulting in having to look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives. Similarly If I can offer a salient piece of advice keep your kids off snapchat. Trust me. Anyway enough of that. Been riding my bike a little, surfing a little and spending a lot of time on the road with my son. If you are in Thredbo during the summer there is a high possibility you will see us there, we are frequent visitors in summer. From not ever owning a mountain bike, between us we now have a few, happily he is now on a bigger frame size than me. We got into mountain bikes simply because one day I took him out on a road bike, and although Ive spent thousands of hours on the road myself, I can tell you I spent that whole ride in acute anxiety and terror with my son next to me. So the next day we got our shitty old clunkers and we up to the RNP and I rode around heartbreak hill, Grays point and all the places I used to run (I miss running a lot) and loved it. Next day we went and got a pair of Giant Trances. That was three years ago. Since that time he has done okay with the sport and got a great sponsor in Pushys, now we both have Commencal Meta Enduro bikes and he has a Commencal DH bike. The good DH riders are crazy, and happily he is not. Hes a good solid rider but there are a lot of kids better, what he does have is a good presence and he is very much a great representative for the brands. Although once again I will tell you having your kid sponsored and by virtue of his agreement having to make a number of FB and Insta posts presents its own problems and kids being kids, snipes and jealously. The sponsorship agreement is now finished but the Pushys people both online and in Canberra have continued to be supportive and the Commencal bikes are just awesome. I personally think Alu is a superior material to carbon fibre for bikes with a gravity focus. The geometry and suspension should be doing the work, not the frame material. For those of you that dont know, the enduro/trail scene has exploded, the ethos behind it is ride to the top at your own pace and you are time on the descents. Being a chubby little fella I can tell you its nice not to have to race uphill, but having said that after a few broken bones early on I now take great pride in taking B lines, have even walked a few jumps and happily try to come last in the few enduro events I have been in. Anyway I have also included a few photos, Alex and I at the top of 'up DJ' at Bright (Bright is awesome and so is Thredbo) my head after crashing with a full face helmet on and splitting in two on the DH at Ourimbah a few weeks back, and Alex on one of the runs up at Ourimbah in the Super Flow a few weeks back. Trust me, MTB is bloody hard. Doing the long climbs gets you very fit. Enduro or trial type riding is awesome, make sure you have a longer travel bike, a dropper post, ride tubeless, and wear knee pads. If you are a roadie you will have to go much much slower than you are used to or like me you will destroy your collarbone at the top of the fire road in Thredbo and enjoy a ride back down in the troopie over the water bars. MTB seems to be a great thing if you cant run anymore and its also great with your kids it gets them off the road. Im also a big supporter of the EMTB thing, can expand on that, but trust me for gravity based riding its an awesome thing. I had a complete objection to them at first but now see their uses. Anyway thats about it hope you are all well. Oh one other thing, this year I took Alex to Bali for the first time and it coincided with the first of the two big swells, and we were there to see it and scare the shit out of myself a few times. We were on the cliff at Padang to watch the final of the Padang pro, perfect 10-12 foot plus deadly drainpipes. Watch some of the vids on you tube. The following few days we got some crazy waves at Impossibles and Balangan and even Jimbaran bay had waves. Was just an amazing experience. On and go the Sharks.
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    Although I made a few comments on the other thread I started, yes mate all the best, lets have a burrito .... an original Ozfatter
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    A straight jacket. Lots of various anti anger meds.
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    With a bit of resurgence of the old times and the unofficial handing over Trannies from @roxii to @willie I reckon we should bump an old thread that you like or had a wealth of information. Don't go silly bumping all sorts of crap but see what you can find to bump.
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    Costumes for beer mile! I better get my act together training wise, going well after my holidays, nailed every session last week except one night when I had to eject off the bike and stop WW3 from erupting between the kiddos. Loving the training, and am getting fitter each week. looking forward to breaking 17 hrs and writing an in-depth race report for prizna to read 😉
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    No, didnt want to cop a bill if it went the other way
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    I was pacing a mate for 4hrs and started at the back of the B group, the pacers were way off to the front and we could hardly see them although we eventually did with the million U-turns we had to do. Toilet stop at 10km(for us both), lost 90s but got it back. Toilet stop at 30km (for my mate not me) lost another 90s but we were still on target at 34km. Somewhere in the 34-35km range my mate got slammed by cramps. So for the next 7-8km he went from cramping hamstrings,to cramping calves to cramping groin. When I wasn't yelling abuse to get started again I was laughing, it was quite funny. Ended up with 4:08 Would I have got under 4 on my own? Maybe, maybe not. I finished quite fresh because of all the stopping but most likely wouldn't have been that fresh without the stops. I was fine walking or running but every time I had to get going I had massive pain in my left knee on the outside where the calf muscle joins it, really weird feeling. Today that's pretty much the only issue I have which feels good after a Marathon for a change. I was in not shape to go for a PB and I got great satisfaction assisting my mate through his first. The Course A massive improvement on what I did 10 years ago. They've done everything they can to get rid of the hills, especially in the last 10km. Lots of music and entertainers out on course which was a great distraction, although a few more toilets in the first half would have been welcome, saw lots of queues. The scaffold bridge in Hyde Park over Park st was like a trampoline, if was awesome while on it but when you came off the ground felt so hard again! Incorporating Barangaroo is brilliant too, it'll be even better once it's finished off. Overall no complaints about the course except the U-turns
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    Went to church with the family, which was an endurance in itself! With some encouragement from Mrs FP, I bought a little present for myself at our local craft market. The guy does loads of sporting themes and will be at Weymouth 70.3 next week.
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    That was a hard run. Weather was perfect. Ran with the 4hr pacer's although they split and i probably foolishly went with the faster one. All went well until about 33km then someone dropped a piano on me. The last 9km was hard, just kept trying to dig for something, stay positive and hope the finish line got to me before the 4hr back pacer, cos i had nothing. Kept eating and drinking (as i got that wrong in Coastal Classic). had a few concrete pills and reminded myself why i was doing it. I got home in 3:58
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    Done.. working towards the end of my best week in a few years and the best 7 week stretch I've put together in the same time. Couple more big weeks then an easier week due.
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    Hey guys, as you now know Willie is taking over the reins of Trannies going forward. Firstly I’d like to say thanks to all and sundry for the support and camaraderie this place has shown over the last 5 years while I have been at the helm. I’d also like to make special thanks to TenPints (Stu) for helping me with so much of his own time to help a computer numpty almost successfully run a Forum and website. Thanks heaps mate!!! I never really intended on running an internet forum, it was simply a time and place thing that happened. Bernie “offered” it to me after a few prior people turned it down and I simply didn’t want this great resource and community to “fall into the wrong hands”. My reasons for stepping aside are a few. While this place does have its stressful and thankless times they are very few and far between and really don’t contribute to the reasons. That is partly due to the community itself not being too tolerant of “fools” and for that I thank you all. I made a promise to the Mrs that running Trannies would pay for itself so my indulgence would not become a burden for us. In the first few years, while not really making me any money, a few sponsors covered the running costs so all was sweet. I must admit that getting to even talk to prospective sponsors, let alone getting them to put their hands in their pockets was much more difficult than I and others could have imagined. Many people were keen to be involved or utilise the resource but actually getting money from sponsors is a difficult and time consuming task, which while holding down a full time job and family and trying to keep training was a bit of a strain. Then as many of you know, Dec 2015 our house was destroyed in the Tornado that hit Sydney. That began 12 months of spending almost every spare waking hour dealing with insurance companies, builders, tradespeople and suppliers which left very little time for pursuing Transitions “business” to the level it required. On the cusp of moving back home and with the intention of getting Trannies and my training back on track was when my hip injury started flaring up. It also coincided with my work life getting much busier. I tried to keep the other facets of Trannies moving but it was getting to be a bit of a chore especially with no sponsors kicking in. Anyway, fast forward to my diagnosis of needing a hip replacement and running ruled out for me, I felt suddenly very disconnected from the sport, a sport I have loved and participated in from my first race in 1991. This sudden malaise, accompanied by a few changes in direction in the sport which I don’t feel are for the benefit of the sport led me to making a quip “anyone want to buy an internet forum”. Willie with his many business interests is in a great position to take full advantage of the great community spirit and profile that Transitions has to offer without having the constant battle to pursue sponsors to make it worthwhile for him. He has promised that while the forum will hopefully soon incorporate some “shop” facilities that the place should essentially stay the same. He also feels the same as me, in that Trannies should remain in "the right hands" He has asked for feedback and ideas, and I really encourage you to give him that. If you feel the place is changing too greatly or too quickly or the community feel is being lost, let him know. I’ll still be around, I’ll still be moderating for a while (sorry Niseko) till Willie can find some new volunteers to assist with that, and till all the handover stuff gets sorted in due course. Either way I’ll still be around, you can’t get rid of me that easily. Who knows I may end up working fro Willie Cheers and thanks Peter (Roxii) Rox.
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    So I just went to pick up my steed from servicing and happened to be introduced to the lovely SunnyGirl (figured out she was a Tranny after it was mentioned she had a run in with a roo). Before I went in I was feeling pretty crap, ready to go and eat a huge donut filled with nutella and lie on the couch for the rest of the day due to a multitude of reasons. But thanks to Sunny and her lovely, welcoming demeanour I instead settled for a long black and an afternoon of tidying the house followed by a WT sesh and short run. Despite the fact she's about half my size and has much more of a triathlete's body she didn't make me feel like some lunatic when I mentioned i'm meant to be racing Port in 9 weeks (despite the fact i'm still 100kg). SunnyGirl you have reminded me that this sport is one of the most inclusive I have ever come across and that no matter our size, shape, colour, etc, we are all in it for the same reason. It has also calmed me considerably regarding my first ever session with a tri squad tomorrow (Hi AP) where I have nightmares of dying a slow painful death as I am lapped by triathlete's with shredded bodies and Crowie like physiques. So thank you SunnyGirl and all those out there who make this sport so inclusive...this chance meeting came at a time when I needed it most.
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    He was on EPO. if you got on a drug program you’d be a gun too.
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    Bump - love your work Antisport! What an awesome few days. Great memories with Magoo, Bored@, Hyphen and you.
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    Bump - this thread is both awesome and sad. So inspiring to read and relive the photos. So sad seeing the comments from Nick Munting, Rob52 and Kerbside who have all left us.
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    Not sure about favourite (maybe Peter's Kona trip report, I really enjoyed that) I remember the fastest moving thread was 'Should OLT be Banned' that caught on like a bushfire!
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    It was Ozchat a chat board hosted on the official Ironman site and Nick Munting was given the unenviable task of toddler wrangling the whole thing
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    What about this bit Peter 😂
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    Is there anywhere we can watch the Banking Royal Commission online? This seems like the most entertaining comedy in years. Commissioner: So you were charging dead people for Life Insurance Premiums? AMP Boss: Yes. Commissioner: And do you think that was wrong? AMP Boss: Yes. It's straight out of a skit isn't it?
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    Yeah, but the idea of a forum is to answer the questions asked.
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    I bet AP has had loads of new clients due to his relentless advertising on here...
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    Yep, but it does demonstrate the value of becoming part of a community, contributing etc. People buy from people!
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    Thanks Mate for all your work and efforts hope to catch up at port ..... an original Ozfatter
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    New owners. You could probably pull a swifty if you wanted to.
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    All the best Roxii & many thanks. BTW I know a bloke with a hip replacement who still raced....it was the knee replacement that finally stopped him 😉
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    Strawberry's are a daily item in my kids school lunchboxes - they love them, and although i think we will be OK up here in the Pilbara, i still chopped them up into quarters last night for the kiddos. What knob would do such a thing and stick needles in them. i hope they are caught asap.
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    I was one of those who had to drive back to pick up my alloy wheels the night before. Thankfully I only live 45 minutes away from Southport but I agree, making a decision like that at 8.30pm is very poor form. i was just about to head to bed. So 1.5 hours later, back in the motel and an hour earlier to my alarm so I have time to swap wheels & brakes, and to bring the other wheels back to the motel before the race. Nothing some gels couldn't help with the lack of sleep during the race, but I was dead tired later in the afternoon driving back.
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    This is such bullsh1t. What wankers copy cat this? there are some real farktards in our society
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    Same here. I also bought a Fusion suit, some trislide then that spray Willie sells because I couldnt get trislide anymore. Im looking at buying a new mtb & have followed all discussions on here. This place is my go-to for a lot of stuff
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    For sure, but the impact of bidon placement applies irrespective of whether you can hold an aero position or not. Unless there is some strange form of bidon that causes people not to be able to maintain a position on their bike? IOW there is no harm in choosing to relocate a bidon on your bike while also working on your ability to ride in a good position. These are not mutually exclusive options.
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    As with all these things, it's simply extra data to make an informed decision. It is more helpful to quantify the differences so one can make a better informed decision on the net impact of all the factors that matter for that particular item. These are not either/or scenarios but rather ways to help people make a choice that is sensible for them. At least if you have the data you are making a decision based on that rather than guessing. Another example is choice of helmet. A particular helmet may be the most aerodynamic choice for your particular set up but it might also be less comfortable, hotter or impact vision in some way that means there are trade offs to be made and using a more comfortable but less aero helmet is a better choice overall.
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    Rebuilt the chicken coop and let the kids paint it gold and pink, then I zwift for 1hr 45 followed with a 1hr 15 treadmill run
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    Bailed on a wind trainer session this morning. Went to breaky with the family before home and spent a few hours watching a movie and sleeping on the couch. Out on the trails this arvo for a 20k run. Dont think I am ready to back up off a 180k ride just yet. Live and learn.
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    This is not the end - it's just another Transition in your life - the energy lives on - may the force be with you
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    So I went off at 8:40 and had 60 wheels. Definitely got the worst (and best) of the wind. It was a smashing tail wind out and revolting headwind on the way back. A few short sections of cross winds where I had to brace slightly but nothing onerous - personally I found the head wind on the run way more challenging. Super day out overall and a time way better than I expected or deserved. The support on the course was awesome.
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    What about Tesm Australia “athlete support” that you pay the big bucks for??
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    Gday, I had a request to start up a blog for my trip with dad through the Kimberly, So if you are interested in having a look over the next nearly 3 weeks i'll do my best to update it as we go along. I leave tomorrow morning. Cheers https://itsakimberlything.blogspot.com/
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    Nothing like catching up with mates I’ve known for over 30 years. Golf, casino, and races FM
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    Fair enough. Thought they had just dropped a digit from the shire postcode since it is the spiritual home of triathlon greatness in Aus.
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    Ironman should include this in their event planning. In the event of the swim being cancelled all participants will be required to complete the beer mile before entering transition and starting the bike leg. This would make the bike leg way more entertaining for the spectators. 😉
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    I'm in. This will be my first IM working a 4 weeks / 2 weeks off roster. While on the mine site there is no pool and the exercise bikes are the old school no screen type. So I am hoping for a cancelled swim and shortened bike again this year.
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    94k race this sat. If I hold on u til the end, I’ll do it. Ironman is easy. Ffs. I’ve done ten of them.
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    The fuse has been lit..
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