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    Home after Sydney HM, managed 1:22:39 which I'm pretty happy with as a C race.
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    This is not the end - it's just another Transition in your life - the energy lives on - may the force be with you
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    Not quite up there with Flanman's news, but I completed the final level of Candy Crush this morning, and am now waiting till Wednesday for the next 15.
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    This item from my colleagues in the UK may be of interest: https://www.aero-coach.co.uk/aero-testing-services/aero-testing-data
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    When you've grown up riding in lovely warm weather, having to ride at zero or sub zero hurts. I suppose you lot would complain running at lunchtime in 30+. I used to love that.
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    They didn't change the rules about aero helmets, they just put up an incorrect interpretation of the rules and then corrected it at the last minute. I had been asking them to clarify it for some time (because I knew they were wrong) but didn't get a response. As for the separate wave start - what a debacle. Mixed ages and genders, completely different conditions to the rest of their competitors - FMD whoever thought that was a bit idea should have a good hard look.
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    Probably not surprising as behind the seat should be seeing pretty much no clear air.. especially if you get it nice and close to you and the seat and not have to bottle's out like xmas tree branches like most agers have..
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    Personally, I dont take a disc anywhere I cant have a second wheel with me. I learnt the hard way once (found an incompatible wheel that got the race done, but I only had two gears - big ring or small ring. Couldn't change the rear). I just take a 90mm rear when I travel, it's barely slower but guaranteed I can ride that sucker in any conditions, also wont take a front that is more than 60mm
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    Agreed. But did they need to make the call, and if so, that late. There have been heaps of calls by RD's to shorten/cancel swims, as they are catering for the lowest common denominator. Plenty of those get lambasted for the call. This is another of the same thing. How would you feel if they'd decided to shorten the Commonwealth Games Marathon to 35km, as it was such a hot day. It would actually have been the right decision, given what we saw in the last 5km. they didn't, because "conditions" are a part of the race. And to add: They didn't ban 1080 front wheels. They are a lot more dangerous in strong winds than a disc rear.
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    Pretty sure they made the call as they were concerned for peoples safety. Not to ruin or disadvantage anyone's day. There was a race, no one died (I hope).
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    Thanks for everything you’ve done for our weird niche community of tri geeks with this forum Roxii. I reckon 5yrs running this is a good stint which would require a break. good luck with you upcoming hip surgery and best wishes.
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    Hell, even my mate is riding Cadens (has 3 actually) because of the ads and others using that I know from this site.
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    How cool for Ash. I know it's not quite the same as when winning the final was winning the championship, but it's still damn awesome, and doing it at home!
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    Well done mate, on keeping the place going, and makeing some geat changes, whilst going through all that! If it wasn't for your work, and associating some brands wit the place, I wouldn't be now: - riding Cadens - wearing Fusion - using Infinit. - enjoying Willies kickr. cheers!
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    How did your race go? Or are you just a keyboard warrior jerk?
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    If its just for commuting 20k now, why a mountain bike? Would be slower and heavier. Maybe a CX bike? Gives you some gravel options but still quick enough on a road commute.
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    I'm happy to be 10 Questions Tyno on the understanding that I'm totally not K2 and it will be a different beast, probably only having 10 questions per 10 questions for a start.
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    My kid is 4 and keeps eating food, they said it was just a phase.
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    I didn't think we counted the women's races here?
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    Yeah, 'cos no Brit has ever done well at Kona
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    Many pay more for exactly that!
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    I thought about this through the day. About 30 years ago we used to go to the pub every Friday night after work. Everyone from the GM to the apprentices would turn up and that's a lot of how I see Trannies. I'm not a serious insect so was never going to get into the deep technicalities of the sport on here but the social component was worth the effort. I've met some 'ace' people through here. Port Mac 2007 when I met Humdrum, Fezza and FatPom for the first time. I met Nealo and Roxii at Kurnell while cleaning up after a race. Had some great times in Busso with Bored@, Hyphen and Antisport - Yeppoon with Sunnygirl, Skel, Simone and Otter. I travelled to Busso by myself for Ironman but was never alone. Stood on the start line with Coffs Pete and Chambo. I got cheered on by trannies I'd never met. I did Callala with Agent86 and Gimili. I've had great meet-ups in Melbourne with Tri-Mel, MDot, -H-, MX Walker, Ayto, Foxy Lady, Muz and more. I've swum the B&B with Tortoise and Rog and bought surfboards off Jabbs. I saw Mrs Chat do her first ever triathlon and briefly met Flanman same day. I've done bike rides, runs and swims with Trannies outside of races. I loved the swim workshop coach@ ran a few years back and the track cycling with Parkside, TInman, Roxii, Trev, Hyphen, Geoscott and Donncha was a terrifying blast. This is where Trannies value is for me. You can travel to any race in the country (or OS) and if you put the word out you can guarantee there'll be someone to talk to with their name on the back of a cap. By all means do everything possible to promote the sport, but what's become clear over the years is that more and more people posting here don't actually participate in the sport anymore. Many that don't have drifted away and that's a shame because as a social 'club' there's a lot to be said for the quality of the people on the site. I'd love to see organised 'events' that weren't necessarily tri-related. Rides, runs, swims, dinners, whatever. I'd just like to catch up with people and if it can be done with a small degree of exercise and some taking the piss then all the better. As syrupy as it sounds, it is a second family and I consider myself lucky to have stumbled across it and met some sensational people along the way.
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    By the way. N+1 seems to apply with these as well. We bought our 5th pram by the time we were pregnant with number 2. I had one jogging pram, the other 4 where all variations on the basic phil and ted one. First one didn't fold down well enough for the boot of our car at the time, so back to buy another one. There was something about the front wheel on that, so off to get another one. Then when number 2 was on the way it was time to buy a double...\ Across all 3 kids something like 8 prams purchased in total
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