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    132 people have watched what it takes with Luke bell in it. Cracking doco.
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    Yeah. We talk about ourselves more. It's the weight of numbers 😎🤘😂
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    Husky Long Course... Not 20 years old, but getting there!
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    If Ironman had balls they would just say, bike fly free in October or we will just move the race. They would finally have the excuse they have been looking for to move it $300 x 2500 athletes plus hang on people with bike $750,000 mind you ironman is probably taking a cut or just did a deal with a hard bike box company and we will start receiving their spam via ironman soon.
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    Not a real 70.3, but HOTW has to figure as the type of event you are talking about. It started before 70.3 was a real flavour, but has decided not to vanillarise itself and just be like all the rest. Great history, great fields, and a great weekend.
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    It's too much fun Ian, you'll probably never go back to IM I started on my wife's Giant hardtail, but then bought an entry-level dually, and a dually is WAY WAY better and more comfy for the chronologically challenged. And more forgiving re likelihood of crashing (I've not crashed the dually yet, but had plenty on the hardtail). 100% my experience too Willie. I was worried about lack of power to the ground on a dually but meh, that is really only an issue on the bitumen riding home from the tracks. $2,200 for my basic Norco dually from the LBS. 27.5 inch wheels, a boost front axle (whatever that is - can someone explain?), no dropper post though. When I fix my body enough to run a bit more, I'm aiming for some off-road tris (e.g. T-rex).
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    Not relevant. They won't make it to Kona.
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    Zwift: Full Innsbruck loop. 48kms, 990 mtrs, 2hrs2mins. 188 av watts
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    Straight swim 4.3km paddles and bouy 3.8km at "all day pace" concentrating on turn over. Last 500m at a medium effort. Whole time concentrating on form at the catch. Happy Friday all
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    Last night - 35mins on Zwift checking out Innsbruck. Rode the Innsbruckring in forward for one lap, then reverse for another lap. Hoping to get on tomorrow for a long ride. Edit: Then my partner got on after dinner and I knew when he reached the hill, all I heard was swearing
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    I think you're all missing the point of the event - anyone can participate in an open and non-judgemental environment. Bit like anyone can go to Mardi Gras. It's more of a raising public awareness exercise.
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    This is gold turtle! I haven't really been training much at all these past 10 months...doing an internship at work stepping up to critical care level which has taken more of my time and energy than I ever could have imagined. Nearly over now thank god and have Noosa and Mooloolaba on the cards. Also eyeing off Cairns 70.3 next year. So I guess my current training consists of thinking about training...that still counts yeah?
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    Funny thing is, when I woke up this morning I couldn't figure out why my nose hurt. Then I read here and it all made sense.
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    Well that’s me done for Winterfish mark 2. I always planned to train up as far as the Magnetic Island to Townsville open water race then give my poor old shoulders a month or two off. This year was my first year of Trannies Winterfish (1&2) but it proved to be the perfect motivation to put in the miles for my long July swim. BTW I highly recommend the Maggie Island swim. It’s extremely well organised by a very friendly crew, plus sunny Townsville is a great place to visit and swim at this time of year.
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    Only did 1km this morning. Hopefully I’ll do some open water once the tide comes back in but hard to beat this pool
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    Have you seen the norseman event on zwift?
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