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    In my experience pros aren’t worth the money spent... however, up and coming athletes sometimes rely on the $1k here and there to get by so it’s great for them. Race directors need to work out a way to get more exposure through these people
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    Both organisers and athletes need to work together to create value. There's a number of ways that can be done in order to benefit the local community in some ways and also help grow the event. It needs to be a more refined model of doing this than currently though. Investment, by both athletes and organisers, in a proper plan with clear guidelines of what's required would likely be much more helpful for both parties in creating a good ROI and driving value.
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    As we said from the start, you dont have to prove anything to us. I am more than happy for my $ to go to you to do with as you wish. Do you think you saying that you are not doing Busso to her today would solve the problem? if so, go for it but I dont think that is the case... However, 5 days ago, you said that your gf was accepting/supportive of your IM and you;d discussed it at length etc.. I cant fathom how it can go from that, to the opposite in such a short period of time so I agree with FP here.. Stay strong and talk here
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    I think if the RD wants to pay it why not. Where the town has local papers it certainly adds to the story of the event. I bought my coffee most days of a ex pro triathlete and I always thought it a funny sport, you have these cashed up white middle aged men spending a bomb on the sport then pros struggling to eat and if a bike breaks pre race, relying on good will to get to the start line. clearly not talking elite pros like macca, crowie, welsh etc but household names within the sport. It's a tough living and they deserve everything they get.
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    Sorry to hear. My only advice is to talk/listen to those really close to you. Work out what's important no matter how hard. I know I'm speaking for all those from Trannies that supported you, we want the best of what's right for you - not us. Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. FM
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    @FFF1077 #1 I reckon it would have been something else down the track too. Better to rip the band aid off now. Finding someone who is supportive is HARD! #2 Mate, go round and enjoy the day, sub-17! The atmosphere at the last hour is great! (Probably as the spectators and 70.3ers are well drunk!) #3 Yeah, eating properly on no money is difficult. I've done it while being unemployed, my partner did it too.
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    https://games.crossfit.com/announcement/11228/games This should be interesting.
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    That's an interesting one. If it's a couple of AG participants, it's a cool thing. In a vacuum, I'd wanna see them at least have a genuine crack at legitimately deciding it on the course, but its hard to judge when you aren't involved personally.
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    Seeing how stoked the bloke was to pick up the 2nd place prize money on the weekend, I'd say yes. And the fact he has every intention of coming back and said how awesome it was, it was probably better than a $500 google ad campaign.
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    I guess what I should have said is that I probably shouldn't go anywhere where climbing more than 30 mins in one stretch is required... Yeah, level 9 and above I think? or do an event that is going up there...
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    We should compare scars at the next race. Great to see you are OK. FM
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    I think the consensus was a new coaching business up on the Sunny Coast looks the goods
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    He can't as he's challenging his conviction, no doubt using money from the collection plate filled by people could just have easily been victims of this horrid organisation. ETA: Apparently still a bishop, just resigned as an archbishop. I guess at least they're true to form in retaining but shifting their problem children.
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    2nd session in 2 days after 2 weeks off injured 1 hour easy spin on the wind trainer last night and this morning. Cut ties with coach and starting again from scratch. Has been an interesting internal roller coaster the last 2 weeks that would probably be more appropriate in the mental health thread.
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    Hey mate, sorry to hear that. There is a lot going on there. One thing that stick out to me is putting "I would like to go sub 10" in your first Ironman dream is a bit much. If you still want to do an Ironman, do what you can, go round, enjoy the day, get a finishers towel, get drunk and bask in the glow. When I did number 1 we had no idea what we were doing. We basically started 12 weeks out and just did bigger and bigger brick sessions each week. We at least knew we would be able to cover the distance. One of our last training sessions was a 210k ride 35 k run. On the back of these sessions I was stuffed till Wednesday each week so my training many weeks consisted of that one brick session and two swim sessions. That was it. It may not have been right, it may not have been smart in hindsight, but we had no other idea (this is pre internet, pre coaches etc) so just do what you need to do to get through it, and the ability to do it quick or quicker can just be a product of how much spare time you have. FWIW there were 5 of us doing that, we all finished, all sub 13 and were all stoked. Relax, its supposed to be fun.
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    I had a ball Moshy. I went out, under the pier, and to the corner. 1km all up. Water was 9.4 degrees. A bit chilly getting in, and felt the cold the whole way, but quite bearable. The sauna & steam room afterwards actually meant I felt warmer sooner than I do in Brisbane, just getting changed beside the dam.
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    Sam, This bit is concerning. Not because it's unreasonable to expect someone to dial back after year on year of IM but I find it strange that something that will be over in a few months is so big that that it got in the way of a nice, fledgling relationship. I will fairly confidently say that if she genuinely ended it this quick, over something like IM, then if it wasn't IM it would have been something else down the track. You know yourselves better than anyone but her reaction, in your situation = not normal.
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    I’ve got my Tron bike 😌 Something wrong with it though. Seems to be a bit slow.
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    Glad you are ok now mate. Have bern perusing some headwate for paddling when it gets warmer.
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    Tuesday saw the last of about 300 stitches removed from various bouts of skin cancer surgery over the last few months. All fixed, life is good ....... and I now have the best collection of broad brimmed hats and long sleeved shirts. Watch out for that sun kiddies!
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    I just made my fist purchase on ebay, myself, without sending an email with the link to my wife and saying "can you buy this please".
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    To all those needing a boost I would like to share this. You are no less important if you are falling short of the tip of the iceberg.
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    My elderly mother is in an aged care facility. She suffers mild dementia. I have been at a loss trying to do something for her to raise her spirits. A few family members have underestimated how alert she actually is. She has always enjoyed reading. I give her one of her old Mills and Boon Books and tell her to read to me. She mumbles a bit, than gradually her speach improves after a couple of pages. Magic.
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    I like to surf as my get away so I don’t have Hillcrest shots with camping etc so today I built a board rack in the loft of the shed to keep all my old boards... one day I will get them up and running again
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    OK This is beyond my control/joke etc I have now lost my girlfriend because of this Busso thing. Yes I have said that I want to to an Ironman one day. Yes I argued that I would like to go sub 10 Yes I should "shut up and accept the gesture" Yes the generosity is out of this world. But I am not going well. I am really in a bad place. I'm DEEPLY upset about losing Ali. She's awesome. I tried my best to keep her. I'm trying my best to keep you all happy and repay the gesture. I'm trying my best to eat right ON NO MONEY. I can't do it. You win. I'm just another all talk loser. Close that thread Willie. Good night.
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