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    Cards are old school. I do not carry any. Just paypass everything on my phone. Apple Pay/Wallet and Google Pay let you store your cards electronically. TA should have an app with your membership details, race calendar, race results, news feed, etc. A summer intern could create an app for minimal cost.
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    Generally speaking, on Trannies it'd be pretty high IMO. Oh... Hematocrit.... LOL Sorry I thought you said hypocrite... My bad 😂😂😂😂👍😜
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    Even got a write-up from National Geographic. https://www.nationalgeographic.org/find-explorers/kate-a-berry
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    but I have an old yougeoh album with TA/TQ cards going back to the '80's....
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    Just goes to show you Winter Fish are wasting your time.
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    It looked absolutely awesome from out in the middle of the dam. It was partly in shadow, but still white when I left the beach, but by the time I got out to the middle of the dam it had faded to its eerie red colour. The one thing I'd forgotten all about was how dark it was going to be without either moon or sun. Oh well, I found the buoy, and then the beach again. I tried to take a photo, but treading water & shivering makes it hard to take a long exposure shot.
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    Starting to feel the effects of the increased volume - swimming ok, but feeling tired.. I've done more 3k sessions this year than any year in the past seven, and it's only July..! Really hoping to see the benefits come summer.
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    He was the cheating scumbag. And not for the first time. According to her, she was always going to arrive late to camp as her horse was having surgery.
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    When they can find them
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    Impressive. I managed a Hare and Hounds in C grade and beat everyone in C and about 10riders in B. Tried a flat out race in B and got dropped like a hot potato! Did another race where the system bumped me to B for that one race but low level cannon fodder other than that.
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    The races find to be the best place to test the FTP. The shorter ones, trying to hang onto the back of A grade are mental. Now I somehow managed to get into A grade.
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    One thing I’ve noticed with pretty much all Hokas is that I lose a lot more toe nails a lot more regularly than any other brand I’ve worn. I wonder if the toe box is smaller than others? ( not talking about mid foot width). On the plus side, I bought a pair of these insoles, zero blisters since, yay https://www.superfeet.com/en-gb/insoles-and-sandals/carbon
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    3.5km swim mixed distances and equipment
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    This is good news for Tim Don I think, he is having the hardest time getting back to swimming, with head rotation for bi-lateral breathing being a challenge. I think he needs top 5 to validate, this helps.
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    My view of the moon was cloudy. Not red when it poked its face out. Cool to see how many people were along the coast having a beer or a Thermos of coffee and watching it. 10km run along the coast. Few rabbits @KieranR that asked where you were 😂👍👍 Basic Endurance rpe. Ankle felt GREAT
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    Swim splits at Bribie don't count for anything except navigation skills regards the TT I'll lend you my patent pending "Perkometer" If you don't feel like throwing up -> too soft If you actually throw up during the interval/immediately on finishing -> to hard If you feel like you might perk but don't -> you've nailed it
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    because the old dude can't link properly https://queenswharfbrisbane.com.au/updates/bicentennial-bikeway-upgrade-requires-temporary-diversion-effective-16-july-2018/
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    So now it is "please print out your own membership card" from TA today, WTF - this was about the only tangible thing most of actually got from the membership
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