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    Swim is done. 90 mins. Felt rotten on 2nd lap had to pull right over and hurl. Then I felt like sleeping. My worst ' normal' swim. Weird. On the plus,Flipper had a ball
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    A bit over 4km this morning. Air temp was 4 when I left my place, but a respectable 6 at the dam. The water felt warm in comparison. Edit to add a gym session this afternoon where I concentrate on core & attempted rehab around my knee. I prefer the upper body workout I do alternate to this one, as it's a much more intense session. It's so depressing when you're doing leg extensions, and you look at your HR sitting on 56.
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    All here ok. Flipper is ready to rock.
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    Next Sunday I start working on my main goal for 2018 - on October 13th I am going to be in Hawaii for my 19th go at the Ironman - I have traditionally swam OK and ran OK but lost places on the bike, even though I had often had the fastest bike in my age group in Australia. This year I am going to go there in the best shape I can possibly be. I intend riding six days a week for the 16 week build. I'll be racing basically the same group of guys who have come up through the different age groups with me, I can't stop them doing what they're going to do. All I can do is go there in the best shape possible and go hard from the swim start to the run finish. I can't set a time goal, conditions vary so much - I can't guarantee a position goal but I will be laying it on the line to be hard to beat 😎
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