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    They cant really do that though can they as the circus is one of the key mediums to reach your fans, plug your sponsors, and in this case your own clothing line... Even if she does go off the radar and doesn't see it, she's in a no win situation with the public. They either love her as being inspirational (lots of pro athletes (better known than the one who retweeted her) giving her kudos) or hate her and will boycott her company, her sponsors etc just on principal (pretty sad and futile if you ask me..). All her results from now on will be tainted with an * and their own thread on ST so she probably is best off retiring if that is going to get to her/them... Anyway, I cant believe this has taken us off topic from the awesome performances of Currie, Gomez and the new unknown girl Adam...
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    My friend's husband signed her up from the waitlist, so it is possible ... anthing is, really!
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    Good to see coffs Pete make the video and the finish
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    you should hand your keyboard in
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    NFI I follow afl and am a brisbane lions fan, ill give you a hot tip. 3 straight premierships doesn't make up for 16 years of pain.
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    Might derail this thread a tad, but i have never been able to understand the mind set of people on social media trolling, bagging, disrespecting, call it what you will things they should not follow. Like people who follow sporting teams that are their favourite and just bag out their supporters etc, makes no sense to me, i think this bloke should just hit the unfollow button and move on. I was a huge LA fan, father passed away from cancer when i was young and actively followed and supported him and his charity, since he was outed on drugs, i simply stop following the man. thought he was a fraud/lier, i didn't feel the need to troll and i have never felt that need. I just dont undertsand it.
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    Shaza. If twins - Shaza and Daza. FM
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    Good news contribution is that I have knocked the missus up and we're having a kid in November! I have come late to the party at 45 (by the time he / she is born), but very excited / nervous / apprehensive .... but most of all, EXCITED!!!! All we need to do now is find me a job where I can work in the same country as my family! Ideas for names, please .... the more Aussie and bogan the better (just to wind her up).
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    Warning: cathartic, self indulgent post follows Today marks exactly 1 year since my father (Reg) passed away. A few days after the funeral we were at mum's place sorting out his belongings and a small, Red Cross booklet caught my eye. It listed the dates he'd donated blood and I was staggered by just how many entries there were. Kinda spookily, the very first day he'd donated was June 5, 1945 - my daughter was born on June 5, 1998 - seemed like an omen. He'd been actively donating blood for over 50 years. They reckon each blood donation can save up to 3 lives so it would seem my old man was nothing short of a miracle man. We're talking hundreds of people he could have saved. Couldn't understand how anyone could do this - since first fainting from a needle at age nine I'd pretty much been a needle hater all my life. To voluntarily lay an arm out for a needle just didn't register with me as sane. The height of my irrational fear came when I had 4 stitches in a head cut without anesthetic because I didn't want the local. Every time I looked at this book it made me remember how selfless he was - he was the sort of man who would give you the shirt off his back, even if it was his only shirt. It often reduced me to tears which was a bit strange, as that didn't happen when he died. So to cut a long story short today, 12 months to the day after he died, I walked into the Red Cross Blood Collection Centre in Clarence St in an effort to honor my father. The first question I was asked in the interview was "So why did you decide to give blood" which immediately reduced me to a sniveling wreck. It drained every bit of energy to blurt out 'I'm doing it for Reg' and she clearly understood this was not going to be easy. She glanced at my pocket where Dad's book was giving me moral support. As she took my ever rising blood pressure I could feel the emotion bleeding from every pore - this was emotionally killing me. We waited for a few minutes to get the BP down and headed into the waiting room where 'Sally' came and looked after me. After undergoing quite a few surgeries I don't faint anymore - a fact I'm sure Sally appreciated. The procedure really was relatively painless but I still mindlessly babbled to keep my mind off what was happening. Sally listened intently - far more intently than I deserved. As much as I wanted to tell her why I was there, just the thought of my dad left me paralysed to the core. When it was over I walked into the 'recovery' area and had the worst banana milkshake of my life. If you've given blood in the past you're probably thinking HTFU buttercup! But for me this wasn't just about giving blood, this was about doing something of which dad would have been proud. I've done a lot of things in my life but none have made me as proud as leaving 500 ml of red at the counter today. I've decided every November 10 whilst I'm able, I'm going to line up again. And for the heck of it, June 5 sounds like a good date too. If you've never donated blood, give it a shot. Be selfless, help others. And if they ask you why you've decided to donate, tell them you're "doing it for Reg".
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    Yes every age group gets a minimum of 1 slot.
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    I thought it was the best of the ones I've done, Busso, Port, Taupo and now Cairns. And yeah the swim was choppy af. And btw Crampfix is the most foul tasting thing I've ever put in my mouth. Was NOT expecting that taste at all.
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    What were you searching for when you found this?
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    Love this guy’s name
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    Another one today, was booked in for platelets but in a peasant twist they already had their quota so I did plasma instead. This is becoming s good habit.
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    The live video coverage was awesome.
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    Pretty exciting if we can get Brownlee and Gomez racing together. That will done wonders for the profile of Ironman. The Brownlees are a household name in the UK, which is unbelievable for such a small sport
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    Because most of the time we're just an online name and typing something is so much easier than saying it to someone's face.
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    I humbly submit Arnold Judas Rimmer.
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    # is the way to go...... Tag for short.
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    on further reading noshirtsteve is a dick
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    Abcde (Absidy) or L-A (Ladasha) are the go
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    You want new school bogan, like Summer, Khodee, Epponee-Rae
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    Outskirts of Winchester, close enough to the A34 for work and easy school run. Huge congratulations to you both at 45, you still have 4 yrs on me! As for names: Raylene, Narelle, Troy, Harley, Winnie (blues)
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    Mate, to be honest, I reckon you're on the right path with the Lunars for shorter stuff as long as your training in them every now and then also. The Arahi isn't what I'd call a fast shoe! There isn't a smaller "lightweight" stability shoe from Hoka (yet). If you wanted something a bit faster than the Lunar (and probably 70-90grams lighter) Saucony Fastwitch might be worth a shot. They're a 4mm drop shoe compared to 10mm (from memory, maybe 8mm) of the Lunars. But the Arahi are 5mm so going to make almost no difference. Unless you've got uber narrow and/or shallow feet they should fit a bit better than the Lunars as well. Yep they should get uploaded overnight hopefully (some skins and new balance)... I'll extend the offer out until Sunday.
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    So if i think about food 150% off the time ill probably win kona..
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    Kudos to all the people in the front line dealing with such tragedies every day. Huge respect to those people! Hope your kid (and you) can work through all what you saw! In my rock climbing days I found a decomposing body in the bush below a cliff out near Nowra. Hard mental picture to shake!
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    Bloody hell. Good you were there to be able to be a calm presence when the bloke's friend was obviously unable to be under the circumstances. And great your son was able to be so responsible and helpful at such a tender age. Life is definitely precious and so very fragile. At work I see those who lose theirs through accident or incident and I also see those who piss it away with their lifestyle choices and other stupidity. Both circumstances make me mad in different ways.
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    Well that was an interesting afternoon. A break in the weather so took my son (11) out for a quick ride to the whale watching spot at Kurnell. just about to leave when my son hears s yell and points towards the rocks. A man has fallen off and his friend is panicking. poor guy fell about 10 m into shallow water and never moved again. We were first on scene and I ended up taking over the 000 call from the victims friend as he was too panick stricken. We then spent the next 20 mins watching the body get washed around on the rocks so we could guide the “rescuers” in when the chopper finally arrived. My son was up on the road directing police and ambos down to where we were. my son suffers from severe anxiety, at the moment it’s all still a bit of “excitement” but not sure how it will pan out when things calm down. anyway just another reminder that life is precious, be careful out there.
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