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    Did you serve your apprenticeship with McDonalds or something. Would you like fries trail shoes with that?
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    In other football news, the Nigerian national team is so embarrassed by their performance in their 2-1 loss in last weekend's friendly against England that they are offering to reimburse fans for their tickets, travel expenses, etc. All they have to do is send in their banking details and PIN numbers...
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    Pete Murray has a message for you mate... We have a few more bits to come too Many thanks go to the transitions community from @RunBrettRun and me for all your help. What started as quick conversation turned into something really special.
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    Need to start posing on Instagram on your tippy toes again
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    Just announced - Ironman cairns extended for 5 years through 2023
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    Id rather join the church of scientology. They have morals
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    I thought the vagus anatomy lesson/b@w is a pig was a thread derail but now i feel ive logged into Getaway UK..
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    It's called 'instagram', Peter 😁
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    Why don’t you just start a new thread called the customer travels. And post your photos there. You do capture some nice ones
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    The Scots tell everyone about the ferocious midges and the bad weather to keep the English South of the Wall
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    I'm heading way up Nth in late summer to Skinnet / Ben Loyal area. Expecting some major run days on these plus hoping to see Northern Lights...
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    Ran home 7.5km in the rain, felt good! Then saw my new bike box in the bike room! Now I’m all ready for the 6hr mtb race I signed up for next weekend
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    Sorry... I don't understand fractions
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    Jealous. Up there with Mark Allen , dave Scott and Peter Reid in my books.
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    Gave the kid some tips for Sunday.
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    I'm not used to that. I had the pool to myself for 45 minutes this morning at Samford. And did my repeats in the rain. Kona here we come.
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    So I just got home. Found this on the doorstep. Inconspicuously safe dropped by a parcel contractor..... LOL Let the Unboxing begin. Thanks very much to Willie and all who have helped.
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    I emailed it to ironman
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    If you ask me that's a huge step in the right direction, and you should both be proud of yourselves. I think you're doing the right thing be not pressuring her to talk, but the fact that she gave you something was probably a huge thing for her.
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    A little bit of progress with my wife last night. I had my doctors appointment and we did up the care plan, I had to do a test on her computer first and came back with a score of 34/50 which calculates to depression. When i got home i let my wife know what I'm doing and outlined what i had been talking to the doctor about, it was pretty raw, i was emotionless but she was balling. afterwards she opened up on her sessions and how the psych wants to send her to Perth to see someone who specializes in childhood trauma, she is scarred and has a lot of baggage from seeing her father violently abuse her mother. She has never opened up to me about the level of abuse she witnessed, from what she said last night to me, it was horrendous. I didn't ask any questions, she needs to work through it with her doctors because it is affecting her clearly, but also our relationship and the way she parents our kids Anyway we are working in the right direction, A lot of work to do but its a start
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    yeah we figured that this morning. Not really suitable for bikes.
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    I know I am talking to those with common sense here....but....... We drove back from Cape Tribulation today. Saw around a dozen riders on the road from Palm Cove to Port D, all around midday to 1pm Please, please, please do not ride this section. Full size trucks, camper vans and caravans of all sizes do not work with bikes on such a narrow and busy road.
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    OK, so tried this today. 110 is doable but 115 impossible for me, so I guess my 1RM is 110.
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    If you stump up $5k per month, presumably you would trust this coach (of course, if you get a high net worth spouse, that might just be chump change):
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    Don't want to derail this part of the thread but do want to provide this public service anouncement for anyone in need of last minute quality accom a stones throw from the finish adjacent to night markets. Had the misfortune to have to withdraw so feel free to followup direct with.... Centrepoint Apartments 139-143 Abbott Street. Cairns City 4870 Email info@centrepointapartmentscairns.com M 0405 410 551 Resident Managers’ Tony & Jane Nastasi