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    What are the odds they cancel next bus so swim due to a pelican bing seen?
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    I don't quite understand this percentage business. If you are not fit, doesn't matter how mentally tough or great your nutrition is you will not go well. If you are not mentally tough, your physical fitness and perfect nutrition will be for nothing. If you stuff your nutrition mental and physical toughness/fitness count for nothing.
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    Notwithstanding Iā€™m in Australia, does enjoying a single malt from Scotland rate a comment on this thread?
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    I agree, if you dont understand I will not talk of % but break it into fractions. My training of late equates to 2/5 of FA šŸ˜
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    Only if at 3am, on a mountain in the rain. And I hope you did more than 1 rep!!
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    This was my ride on the weekend - stunning and not far from where Aboyne is - top right
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    A little bit of progress with my wife last night. I had my doctors appointment and we did up the care plan, I had to do a test on her computer first and came back with a score of 34/50 which calculates to depression. When i got home i let my wife know what I'm doing and outlined what i had been talking to the doctor about, it was pretty raw, i was emotionless but she was balling. afterwards she opened up on her sessions and how the psych wants to send her to Perth to see someone who specializes in childhood trauma, she is scarred and has a lot of baggage from seeing her father violently abuse her mother. She has never opened up to me about the level of abuse she witnessed, from what she said last night to me, it was horrendous. I didn't ask any questions, she needs to work through it with her doctors because it is affecting her clearly, but also our relationship and the way she parents our kids Anyway we are working in the right direction, A lot of work to do but its a start
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    I'm not that old. I just feel it. (and look it, and act it)
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    & they were called Disco's back in the day.
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    This is a very interesting article on bike frame fakes - who is making them and the potential problems with them. Myth busted - the fakes are not being produced in the same factory as the real ones. https://www.bikebiz.com/features/cream-competent-cowboy https://www.bikebiz.com/features/fakingit For the Giant haters out there did you know that Giant make the frames for major brands like Scott, Trek and Colnago?
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    Oh how the world has changed. When I was growing up, it was hotdogs outside nightclubs, not kebabs.
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    Just for the record - that it cold!!!! (this was Monday, and Tuesday / Wednesday weren't much warmer!)
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    Perhaps if instead of riding up Mt Coot-tha at 3am I was thinking about where the closest kebab place is, that might be a better route to Kona?
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    I'm not used to that. I had the pool to myself for 45 minutes this morning at Samford. And did my repeats in the rain. Kona here we come.
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    Time for a new bike.....
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    That's tough Turts. Bloody hell I squeal when the 19 degree water touches my toes here at the beach. It's probably what set off this man flu... LOL
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    The river here is 12.5 (well, it was last week. Probably colder now). I try and keep swimming all winter. I do go the neoprene hoody for anything over 20min or so.
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    So if i think about food 150% off the time ill probably win kona..
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    It only works if vehicles approach at higher speed than the riders. So for you, it will be going off all day with people passing you.
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    Rode part of the course today, Palm Cove to the turn around. It's definitely a fast course, heaps better than Busso! Beautiful ride and the the kickers are small and help break up the monotony that you get in Busso. Tarmac is okish, bit rough in places, but not bad, no real big hills other than Rex's Lookout which was no big deal. The wind comes in early and very consistent, probably very few windless days here this time of year I'd guess? Which means 60km of headwind from turnaround point. But it wasn't too bad, you are protected mostly on your ride back to Palm Cove, a few exposed sections, but you can still maintain a high pace. From Palm Cove to Cairns it would be more exposed. Chomping at the bit to race!
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    This will be perfect for everyone drafting at Busso. U will get plenty of warning when the motor bike is approaching
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    Cheers. I'm not all that interesting... but I think a few of the things I get my hands on are, so that's what it's all about now days. Ray and I have a continual flow of communication as we're doing very similar things from slightly different angles - He's well established in the multi-sport/tri market. I'm coming from an unhealthy obsession with ergos/TT/road racing and a Zwift addition. We both cross-over the same products often, but in a complementary way. This is why I'll always throw people towards his deep-dives and extensive comment section on articles. YouTube has been an amazing platform to jump on. I'd been 'blogging' for years... and all over social. Nothing comes near the current reach of YouTube though (hovering ~100,000 views/week). Back on topic - Unboxing. I've had a beast of a box arrive today...and to hell with you all, I'll unbox it! I promise I'll make it quick.
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