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    What I draw from it like many training theories - there are many right ways and many wrong ways - if you've stumbled across one of the "right ways" and you show the results in both continued good performances and resilience to injury - that's a win It doesn't mean that "other ways" are not right also - if we're stuck on one way of thinking - parroting what one "expert" has said we're limiting our ability to continue learning
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    It's a special place WA ! This happened up here at coral bay over the weekend
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    Hey Paul, Welcome to Perth - below are a few race series / training groups I'd recommend below. Good luck! Running: Perth Trail Series - http://www.perthtrailseries.com.au/ Western Australian Marathon Club - https://www.wamc.org.au/programme/ Parkrun - http://www.parkrun.com.au/events/events/ The rest - https://runcalendar.com.au/wa (can recommend Geraldton Running Festival) Cycling: Australian Time Trials Association (very highly recommend) – https://www.atta.asn.au/ Masters Road Cycling Series - http://www.wcmasterscycling.asn.au/calendar/calendar.htm MTB Racing - https://www.wamba.org.au/index.php/events Training Groups: Front Runner (Running and multisport) - http://frontrunnersports.com.au/ Flo Bros (swimming) - https://www.flowbroscoaching.com/
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    A lot of people moan about Perth/WA. You don't realise how good it is, until you travel elsewhere in Australia.
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    Im a bit confused how you can be gluten free for a year after being diagnosed with Ceoliac and then a test says oh no you're actually not ceoliac. Before testing you have to go on a high gluten diet so the damage is obvious, if you have been gluten free for a year then I'd suggest the test is going to show nothing but a perfectly healthy intestine lining. Re gluten free being awful, I guess it depends on the person, you can make some bloody nice healthy meals using real food that isnt expensive and is bloody tasty, just takes a bit more effort than opening a packet of chips/pouring pasta in a pot or buying a loaf of bread.
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    I have to disagree with your last sentence Goughy, if you are Coeliac you cannot afford to have any Gluten, the smallest exposure to gluten is doing damage. Sure some that may get glutened may show very little outward signs of having been glutened, our sons specialists have shown us pics of what damage can be done. when our son was officially diagnosed at 3 yrs old we were shown the damage that had incurred in his gut after he had his endoscopy...the doctors were alarmed. my wife, daughter and I are all gluten free also, not because we are Coeliac, but because the risk of contaminating our son is far too high if we have gluten in our house. It's a nightmare and so bloody expensive.
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    Hi Paul, There is a Perth Trail Series that does off road running. They also run on a Thursday evening around 6 in Kings park. Get on either their web site or FB. I swim with a group at Wesley college in South Perth Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the season. we are on a break until July/ August because we are soft and its cold outside! We also swim at Cottesloe Sunday mornings in summer. If you head to Cott on a Sunday it is like a freeway around 7-7.30 as most groups swim then. Most people tolerate the sharks and just get on with it. All pools would have a suitable squad just pick the most convenient. There are a million groups cycling around the river most mornings, South Perth Rouleurs have a number of groups and would be close to you and as FFF said we have a cycle path from Perth to past Mandurah which also gets a bit busy leading up to Busso in May or the IM. Its boring s batshit but reasonably safe. If you like to get dirty there are some great purpose built MT bike trails at the Calamunda Camel Farm. Enjoy Perth.
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    Not sure if there's many OWS groups over winter? Back in the 90s they used to be more popular, old Noah has put paid to that! I would say your best bet is to hook up with a triathlon club, most do OWSs. There are a couple of sharknets now too. It's still fine to swim in the ocean, just swim next to someone fatter than you. Drivers in WA have a very bad attitude towards cyclists. I didn't realise how bad, till i went to QLD and saw how polite they were! The bike paths are generally only good for MTB, commuters etc however the bike path down to Mandurah that runs alongside the freeway is popular with triathletes, you can gun it for 150kms+ boring as batshit though. We ride Sundays occasionally and the roads are empty early on and there are some roads with decent, wife bike lanes, but few and far between. There are some great, picturesque rides in the hills and traffic is very light even during the week. Lots of trail runs and races. There's the Perth trail series held over winter. I did the 21km Eagle and Child last year, tough, but awesome. Basically up in the hills, through forests, jumping over boulders, through streams etc There are quite a few ultras popping up too, 50km races as well as 6/12/24 hour races. A new 25km trail has just opened up near me too, the Yaberoo trail, great for running and MTB. http://www.perthtrailseries.com.au/ If you like MTBing, that's taken off and there's heaps of trails and manufactured MTB parks knocking about. I do a few of the WA marathon club runs, they're cheap and offer all sorts of runs and distances. Plus you have the more well publicised races like city to surf, HBF run etc https://www.wamc.org.au/ Are you looking to race triathlon? The tri scene here seems of have taken off the last 3/4 years. Lots of smaller races popping up all over the state as well as the bigger branded races. Lots of options and pretty much a race every weekend from november to may.
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    The Customer is actually partially right. Recent research shows all the “functional” training trying to imitate mid stance or push off and using bosu, bands or other bits to simulate specific running posture while doing “strength” training has zero carryover to change in running biomechanics. Clams, hip hitches etc etc. Running retraining on the other hand using different sorts of feedback while running has been shown to be effective in changing running biomechanics. FB is partially correct (or his source) in that large compound movements like squat and deadlift will improve your strength, help bone density and tendon strength. Programming serious strength training into an endurance athlete’s year has been shown to work in improving physiology of running, efficiency etc. Just that no one wants to do it properly.
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    I'm usually up at 3am. Don't normally get a ride though. Sometimes I get lucky.
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    5:45 start. You can sleep in.
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    Yes, Perth Zoo as IronmanFoz said. Reptile Keeper. Zoo rosters can often be unusual permutations to ensure consistent staffing levels throughout the week and share the weekend duties equitably between keepers. Following my weekend off, I work 4 days, have Friday off, work 3 days, Tuesday off, then work 3 days to complete the fortnight. After looking at numerous rental units, the one I preferred was conveniently just across the road from work. Wouldn't want to be any closer as I'm pretty sure I'll be able to safely hang out my washing without fear that the orangs will hurl their faeces at it.
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    The OP asked if there would be, any benefits to triathlon and benefits in general. There are definitely benefits to health from resistance training. There maybe benefits to SBR. Most people do not spend the time required to reach the limit of their SBR potential due to, life, work families and other limits. If the objective is to be the best at SBR with normal limits like these, time spent doing 2 resistance sessions is better spent doing more SBR.
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    Lived in Perth for three months back in 2015. I love that place. River loops on the bike are brilliant. ATTA and West Coast Masters racing were highlights for sure.
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    Heaps of time. I just got a FB notification that the crew are doing a long swim at the dam on Sunday. Cranky, you said last time you should have joined in, so this is your chance. Could be a big week this week.
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    Noosa for mine. Hit 92 on my soft-ride bike in 1993. Only thing that bike did really well. Haven't got close on any of my other bikes since then. 85 was the closest in 2007. Craig Walton has cracked the ton at Noosa a few times. At ironman Melbourne, I had a Camera guy on the back of my motorbike and we were tracking the pro men on the first lap of the bike leg. Speeds varied between 65 and 80 kph in the fast sections through the tunnels. Camera guy was real happy to let them go and follow some "slower " age groupers ............... Still doing 40 to 50 kph!
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    I give plasma now, and basically have no after-effects. I did a 1km season's best swim once, 10 hours after the donation. It takes up to 6 weeks for the body to fully replace the blood from a whole blood donation. I think however you would not notice a normal blood donation much after 3 or 4 days, except doing something like an endurance race where you want to dig deep. I wouldn't donate whole blood for 2 weeks before a race, and 6 weeks before an A-race.
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    The biggest group ride in Perth starts from South Perth ; https://www.southperthrouleurs.com.au/
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    History would say I'm right.
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    Yeah mate. Small section where you are on a back street but even I could negotiate it without getting lost 😂🤔 Like other's have said it is boring as but if you want to do hrs on the aero bars it's great. Freo Tri Club would be reasonably close to Sth Perth too. Ciao Italia is near you. Treat yourself. Bloody good food.
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    Well my star athlete had her first win on the weekend 😎
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    We live in a world with athletes. And those athletes have to be coached. Who's gonna do it? You?
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    I was thinking that hill would have to be one of them. The year I did it one of my mates hit 100 down that hill and it was raining. Yes I saw his Garmin, and that year he went 3hrs! He had no fear on the bike and absolutely no bike skills either. I don't know how he survived the bottom of that hill.
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    My son is a Coeliac, as far as i know (according to Coeliac Australia) there are zero Hungry Jacks in Australia that are Coeliac friendly, sure they may take the burger bun away but the risk of cross contamination is extremely risky. There are one or two McDonald's in Australia that are Coeliac Friendly.
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    trisuit, (free stuff) a hat (for my shiny head) some bike kit (coz I want to replace my current kit as it's from a supplier I have ethical objections to) one of those green and yellow jackets (coz it's a nice colour change from my other one (in blue from '09 ) (and '91 just doesn't fit anymore)) and a supporters shirt for my daughter as she is awesome
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    High impact or heavy loading needed to increase bone density one study in the last few years did show brisk walking/slow running was beneficial for disc health in the lower back compared to inactivity
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    Look for the Swim Smooth squad info. Based outta Claremont(not too far from Sth Perth) they are frequent OWS Riding, look at Perth Roullers(sp) and if you want to go solo head west from Sth Perth to the freeway bike path and get a pretty much uninterrupted flat out and back to Mandurah. Probably about 140km return from the Narrows Bridge 🤔 Running I am not sure. Search for the Perth Marathoners club. Seem to have lots of low key club events. Message Stickman, Ratty or Zed for more details. I'm just sharing what's on the top of my head. Welcome to WA Learn how to not merge in traffic so you fit in 😂😂👍😎
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    I am going to guess he has a new gig at the Perth Zoo. Paul, Forget the open swimming - they will be cancelled. LOL All the best over there. Was always good to see a familiar face at Manly for the Bold & Beautiful swim.
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    5. Illness 6. Injury 7. Hangover 8. Still drunk
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    probably should give credit for that: http://www.stack.com/a/why-endurance-athletes-need-to-lift-heavy-weights
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    I'm starting to see some improvement, starting to get the feel the water and when my form is going. I tried Andrews champion set from the other thread, the last 100 was hard but not quick
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    AP. Good up and comer and just started in the 70+ age group. I am expecting big things this year in Kona.
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    You shouldn't put this type of stuff online Goughy. You never know who is reading it.
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