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    What you do above the water doesn't matter. What you do under the water matters.
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    Hoping for sub 4.30 at Busso in 4 weeks. Realistically low 4.30s, sub 4.30 is theoretically possible, but need all the stars to align i.e no heat, no wind and a properly measured swim course! I think last year it was 2.1km. Would love to podium, but some seriously quick guys in my AG that will be doing low 4.20s which is out of reach. should swim 27/28 ride should be 2.23/24 run should be 1.33 - 1.34 T1/T2 3/4
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    That's a shame as it is a beautiful location. The course, especially the original and the weather were probably too hard for most but I would rather head over there for a race than to Port or Busso... I also dont give a frig about the MDot but I may be the minority...
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    Scrape in??? Made it easy. Aging up doesnt always give and advantage. I'm doing that and my placings dropped from either 2 or 3 to about 5 or 6 in a couple of races. Tough old girls!
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    Do this while sitting or standing, extend your arm out in front, elbow will be pointing to the side, now rotate shoulder internally so the elbow is pointing up. If you do that correctly when swimming, it will be impossible to have a dropped elbow and you'll also get a better catch.
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    2 more steps towards these goals this morning Firstly, weight loss is one third of the way there, doing okay but need to improve it. 3 month detox was deemed too much by the nutrionist so only did 4 week one with results not as good as expected Uni - just smashed the first 2 subjects for the year and GPA is above the 3.0 mark - now setting the goal to make Deans list by end of the year 5 trees in so far, just placed an order for another 8 Hazelnut trees which will go in this weekend. First raised garden bed of 6 square metres is going in as well, another 4 the same size to follow over winter
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    Also, good luck to everyone else hoping for a spot on the team. World Champs are good fun and, although a little bit pricey, are something a bit different to your average triathlon. It will also be great having so many from this site all competing at the one event. It might be a great time for a Tranny catch up... I'm starting to wish I was going!
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    Absolutely, and it doesn't mean that your current goal is something that you could never achieve, it's just something that is too far away from where you are now. I prefer to think of those goals as 'wish list' goals or dream goals... It's fun to dream! Setting good examples for your family and friends is possibly a better goal to keep you on track for healthy behaviour, and getting to the start line of whatever events you do (even Park Runs etc) in the best possible shape to achieve your best times and PB's is a great goal to aim for with your training. Both of these will put K's and experience in your legs, and durability in your brain, for whenever you a ready to aim for that dream goal of achieving a fast Ironman. I also think you need to keep your binging behaviour in perspective. I'm not condoning binge eating, but you are probably much better off eating and living a healthy lifestyle most of the time, and having the occasional 'blowout', than regularly eating a moderately poor diet. It happens, and your body deals with it. How much fat or cholesterol can your body possibly take on board from one bad session every month or so. I binge a fair bit, always have done, and probably always will. In the past I used to punish myself the next day by doing a particularly hard or long session to make up for it. That doesn't happen anymore, I just regret the binge, but then usually get over it fairly quick by just thinking 'well that's out of the way now what can I do that's a bit healthier'. You'll be fine, the fact that you're talking about it means that you realise that it's poor behaviour, but you're not alone. It happens, so don't beat yourself up about it too much. Just keep doing the best you can, as often as you can!
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    Similar challenge- racing at an age at the top of your age group & not aging up.....
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    Err yeah. But I wasn’t famous 20years ago. So not sure why you’d want then and now.
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    I clearly lived a sheltered commercial radio life! I've listened to nearly 3 of their albums this morning at work with my headphones on! Love them (especially the earlier stuff). Wonder how many calls I've missed today thus far?
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    The Belgian's now how to party. In 2013 watching the TdF we pulled in beside some Belgians at around the 10km mark of Alpe d'Huez and the 3 people in their car were tanked at 10:00am in the morning and were handing out beers to our group. The funniest part of all this was they weren't even cycling fans, they just heard there was a party and rocked up. That year the riders went up twice, so it was a long day, lots of noise and much beer consumed.
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    Phew Looks like I’ll scrape in !! Currently 13th on 64 points , I decided to save a grand and not race St Kilda ,lucky I’m on old bastard and makes qualifying heaps easier , although it’s doesn’t seem fair you race in your current age group but qualify in the age group above depending on your age, gives you a huge advantage! Oh well I guess I’ll wait until tomorrow 😡
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    Sent the site an enquiry via their "Contact Us". Will give them 3 business days to reply, if I haven't heard anything by Friday, I'll use the VISA refund route.
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    I did come back but I'm not the same man that went in.
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    You're brave. I don't ever let myself get over a week otherwise I fear I will drown and never come back!
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    Definitely not all of them. It is usually just the sprinters that may have adapted to the straight arm technique.
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    When I think of the low elbow, I think of people pushing down rather than back. So maybe even when their mid arm has reached a 45° down and their forearm and hand is still horizontal. You wouldn't think elite could go that far with an arm like that. One squad coach I had would tell us to imagine we're rolling out arm over a barrel. But the trigger for me comes from something I read Andy Potts say, and that was in his opinion all amateurs should always keep their fingers pointed down the whole stroke.
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    I'm 10 days with no swim. Going tonight, fear it!
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    First swim in 3 weeks. Was surprised how OK I felt at the start - not too slow either. Knackered earlier than usual though
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    It's turned ice-cold in Queenstown, so we have put off the fly-fishing this morning & I did a swim session out at Frankston aquatic centre (15 sec PB over 400m, I love saltwater pools with minimal chemicals), while my mate did the gym. The fishing has been tough, and strangely the sandflies are still biting despite the weather. But it beats driving a desk!
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    I have also been doing more road racing. That is just another level of pain. A couple of weeks ago I raced a 66km road race, got into a five man break away with 45km to go. I was holding on for dear life, got dropped on the final climb with 2km to go. Still loved it and plan on racing a lot more over winter.
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    Just over 4km OWS this morning. After staying up to watch Paris-Roubaix last night I was worried I was going to fall asleep during the swim. I managed it on the bus in to work after though.
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    If it's not on strava it didnt happen
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    looks like Challenge Wanaka Full distance just got canned http://challenge-wanaka.com/challenge-wanaka-poised-for-exciting-new-era/ The half and aqua bike are to be developed more. Shame as i enjoyed that race