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    I've found it's easier to grow old than to grow up.
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    Given the time it usually takes them from announcement to being available, I won't be hitting the classifieds just yet. I was in Gran Canaria training two years ago, Campag were in the same hotel as us doing all the testing and press shots for Hydro. It's still bloody hard to get two years later!
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    I think I might have some scrap foam around the place Thanks for all the tips.
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    It's turned ice-cold in Queenstown, so we have put off the fly-fishing this morning & I did a swim session out at Frankston aquatic centre (15 sec PB over 400m, I love saltwater pools with minimal chemicals), while my mate did the gym. The fishing has been tough, and strangely the sandflies are still biting despite the weather. But it beats driving a desk!
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    Jam it in just above the motor. The battery set-up will also hide any heat signature if they are scanning during the race.
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    Yo Fitness Buddy. This is another troll. Calm ya jets.
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    Maryland is locked & loaded. Flights are not booked yet but my wife is watching the sales like a hawk. Weighing in at 78kg & riding like a demon at the moment. I'm using Norton Summit as an indicator of my progress. I set my PB up there in 2014 towards the end of an Ironman prep with a stomping tail wind. Last two times I have been up (1 x tired legs, 1 strong head wind) I was with in 7 & 20 sec of my PB. Started back running. It's a struggle but getting better. My daughter wants to smash all the boys in the school fun run (3km) later in the year. So she is harassing me daily to go running. Currently running 5:45 pace down from 6:47 pace when we first started. I then head out for another 8km after I drop her back home. Managed 160km on Sunday (Clare classic grand fondo) hot, windy & rolling hills. All up 16hrs of training last week. Still haven't started swimming but there is still plenty of time for that.
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    Absolutely, and it doesn't mean that your current goal is something that you could never achieve, it's just something that is too far away from where you are now. I prefer to think of those goals as 'wish list' goals or dream goals... It's fun to dream! Setting good examples for your family and friends is possibly a better goal to keep you on track for healthy behaviour, and getting to the start line of whatever events you do (even Park Runs etc) in the best possible shape to achieve your best times and PB's is a great goal to aim for with your training. Both of these will put K's and experience in your legs, and durability in your brain, for whenever you a ready to aim for that dream goal of achieving a fast Ironman. I also think you need to keep your binging behaviour in perspective. I'm not condoning binge eating, but you are probably much better off eating and living a healthy lifestyle most of the time, and having the occasional 'blowout', than regularly eating a moderately poor diet. It happens, and your body deals with it. How much fat or cholesterol can your body possibly take on board from one bad session every month or so. I binge a fair bit, always have done, and probably always will. In the past I used to punish myself the next day by doing a particularly hard or long session to make up for it. That doesn't happen anymore, I just regret the binge, but then usually get over it fairly quick by just thinking 'well that's out of the way now what can I do that's a bit healthier'. You'll be fine, the fact that you're talking about it means that you realise that it's poor behaviour, but you're not alone. It happens, so don't beat yourself up about it too much. Just keep doing the best you can, as often as you can!
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    Read this this morning and immediately thought of FP too!
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    So Shimano will not be present at Ironman this year for the first time in ages. I'm sure many will have stories about how the Shimano guys got them to the race or through the race. Ive been on the sidelines with them watching some of their race day work and it is seriously impressive what they get through and how calm and professional they are, and the amount of work they get through on Sat afternoon and Sunday pre race is incredible. The boys work very hard and long hours ,,,, and Shimano have to pay Ironman for the privilege. Will be interesting to see who, if anyone steps up to the plate for this year. Id be double checking my race prep for my bike if I was racing this year.
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    i feel sorry for the koreans riding singles without glue. lol. Gee's Shimano have done an excellent job over the years, sad the relationship has ceased, not a good thing for anyone.
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    Congrats Bored@, keep us posted. I trust the race gear will include a trannies hat Having known Foz for 20+ years, this gesture doesn't surprise me at all. I hope you do get the chance to meet him in person someday because he's a class act
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    Copious amounts of beer makes us multilingual doesn't it. I'm counting oon that 🤔
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    Breaking News: Fitness Buddy still froths over Hauschildt.
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    pete the plumber and i use bluefins.... fenns hole for your arse was bigger then the epics. both are stable. bluefin is stableest. i have also got a slsa spec ski but if it gets a bit choppy, its concentration central. second hand, super mario has a good turn over https://www.supermariosurfski.com/pre-loved-surf-skis.html place at miranda on port hacking road does new fenns. i bought mine second hand through ocean paddler on the northern beaches.
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    I'm 53 tomorrow. Im not sure how to take stock of life at the moment. My job is very stressful and causes a bit of sleep loss but most days the hours are manageable. We are looking at buying a place in Winchester, which is a bit like saying you're buying a Ferrari but only the cheap one . Little one gets her school allocation in a weeks time, and to say Mrs FP has gone about with military precision is a bit like saying NASA just lobs a fancy sparkler at the stars! So all a bit stressy at Chez FatPom. Despite all that, I'm running better than I ever have since my back first went bang in 2011. I'm probably at about peak bike fitness, maybe lost some racecraft but power is up. Just about holding my own in swimming. Relationship with Flipper is getting better, we went to see Peter Rabbit yesterday and both had a good laugh. I'm sat in Starbucks, waiting for them to come back from swimming, then we are off to the oldest pub in England for lunch. i miss Oz more than ever but Mrs FP is settled here. I miss my Trannie mates but have loads to be thankful for.
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    2 hr easy run at 5.40 - 5.50 pace. At least that was the plan. I ran 70mins, then hooked up with Park Run and ran a fairly easy 22min the carried on afterwards for another 30 mins. It was weird going from one pace to the other but not unpleasant. Covered 21k in all . Thats my last long run before my 20km trail race next Saturday. There will be mud!
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    Don't worry. Every cloud has a silver lining. I think this just means you have to save up a bit of money & travel to Switzerland next year.
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    As a friend of mine would write, buggerbuggerbuggershitarsebum Hope you aren't too upset over it :'(
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    Must be pretty common. At our annual Rugby Club's bowls day we'd get some old pensioner from the bowling club in each group insisting on a beer each end. He'd be bowling "touchers" after an hour while the rest of us would gradually struggle to see the length of the green.
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    You arent alone. Ive done the same but add in thai chicken skewers. I think i made 3 ends. Work up in the catholic churchs front yard 1 block from my house the next day.
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    Were there any of them left?
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