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    don't worry Goughy... We have no doubts that you aren't on the gear and if you are, it's not the right gear
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    just remember once a kiwi always a kiwi. be proud and remember you don't systematically cheat at cricket
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    just had 2 weeks with family commitments both weekends, so although hours per week okay, longest activity was 1 1/2 hours. it is going to be a day collecting glowsticks. Oh and put a new seat on the bike last week. At least that won't be new on race day
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    Tonight the gear is Toblerone, and I can guarantee you it's exactly the right gear atm
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    I bet all his friends call him Goughy - it will be hard to shake the stain this has cast over your family name
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    I wish to clarify, that he is no way related to me..... I think it was my great grandfather who changed the family name to Gough (while fleeing NZ authorities for theft or fraud or something).
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    MERIDA BIKES Australia distributor Advance Traders and 99 Bikes lend a hand at the Friendly Games Second generation Solomon Islands triathletes now ready to race on the Gold Coast. The Solomon Islands triathlon team now has 2 brand new MERIDA SCULTURA 4000 road bikes and MET Rivale helmets and are ready to compete at the 2018 Commonwealth Games Sprint Triathlon next week thanks to the generosity of MERIDA BIKES AUSTRALIA distributor Advance Traders and 99 Bikes. Triathletes Patrick Junior Newman and Rocky Donald Ratu arrived on the Gold Coast last Sunday without any suitable bikes and equipment. These enthusiastic young men are the 2nd generation of Solomon Islands triathletes and were inspired by the efforts of the earlier triathletes at the Melbourne and Glasgow Games.
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    Don't you just loooove Easter.
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    Family "holiday" come training camp on the Sunshine Coast has been fantastic. Getting some good solid time on the bike and running long and slow (doctors orders) planned to do a heap of OWS but with the tail end of the cyclonic conditions our Northern cousins are experiencing the water has been monsterous choppy swell.
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    Jesus that is ugly! You are right, it can be replaced if you can have a meniscus transplant from a dead person. I've not heard of it in Oz but maybe it occurs? You'd want to treat it with kid gloves for a while afterwards though. Agree, my wife had a very successful medial meniscus trim from the same surgeon who did mine. But no two are the same.
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    Err. Keat would be in front of Crowley at the moment. Maybe not in 5 years times. Keat was pretty impressive in her day. For me. Baker MJ daylight.
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    To include a good news story on flap tear trims, I had a medial fkap tear trimmed approximately 1 year ago and can thank the surgeon for being able to run pain free again. Prior to that, I have had ACL reconstructive surgery on both knees (including meniscus repairs and trims). So good results do happen...
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    Did cam win Kona? Isn't it the only gauge used in triathlon?
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    Oh how will I ever be able to hold my head high at my Port Macquarie debut? I guess I may have to shelve it for a few years
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    This will come across naive from me, but Smith press conference staright off the field on day 3 he kind of just played the captains role, took responsibility etc and kind of didn;t really look like he was fully aware of what was going on. fast forward 7 days and i think he was completely shocked himself, makes me feel he wasnt 100% involved, again naive of me i understand, but he kind of looked blindsided by the scheming of others. I think he would have objected to any such plot, hence why he wasnt informed, thats my take. Warner looks more and more guilty everyday, Bancroft perfect fall guy. big question though, how much did Lehmann, or any of the other players know. As said above, naming names will come later and as a former grade cricket bowler, you know what condition the ball is in pretty much 100% of the time you are on the field.
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    Yep it's Joe who got 4th with a 9:18 finish time who wants his spot.
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    Like others have said going to the canaries for training this time of year is pretty standard. At nearby Lanzarote Club la Santa used to be super popular for triathletes in the European winter/spring.
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    I just paid $90 for a pair of nike sweat pant shorts The young lady in the shop said they make me look skinny. Should have looked at the price tag before I put the credit card down.
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    Why do you suspect drugs? Team Sky go there for their training camps. oh. Seriously though. It's actually a well known climbing training destination. Which begs the question, why would a triathlete go there?
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    Probably best not to click this then! https://thesportsedit.com/products/ashemi-2-in-1-short-black?siteid=74409&source=webgains They also do cycling gear which makes the likes of Rapha and Castelli look like red dot specials.
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    Thanks T. I think it's as simple as that. Took a bit of a leap of faith and bought the HD a beer last night. Ended up a 3 hour chat. He mentioned the 'tantrum' word before I had to and is exactly on the same page. He referred to her as the 'young one' and reiterated that he won't allow the bad attitude of one to impede the progress of the whole department. What I learnt was, she was told that we would be talking about filing, archiving and presentation a week before the meeting and yet she came totally unprepared, simply thinking that we would come up with a plan for all 3 issues within a single lunch meeting. My HD said I was the only one in five that took initiative to prepare for the meeting, spent time presenting a trialed and tested strategy and had a list of strong reasons why this was needed. The others were just there for a free lunch! I hadn't even noticed that. My HD said he was so disappointed by her attitude that he has decided to scrap the 'trial' period of the new procedures and make them permanent. He also strongly suggested to her in her annual appraisal (last week) that she consider her career options as he thinks she's being mollycoddled in her current job and won't develop much ie. she won't get the hard life lessons that she needs
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    yeah yeah. As if I pay attention to the tags. Too depressed to worry about it anyway. Only 1 swim in the past week, and keep making excuses not to go. Can't do anything else, and barely want to do that. Hoping I don't tomorrow, but will probably hit snooze & roll over, again.
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    I was bang on target leading into easter, and had a saddle sore blow up on good Friday after a hard zwift session. Drained it and started a course of antibiotics, and thought I would latke a couple of days off and spend some extra time with the kids - and the little monkeys gave me a cold they bought home from daycare. Smashing every cold and flu treatment I can, feeling a bit better today. Got a short run in this morning, and just did an hour on the bike using 2 pairs of Knicks and a corn pad🙄 Better now than in a month I guess!!
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    Recent photo of Trump with an intake of White House interns.... They are working at the "White" House I guess.......
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