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    My son's been on it..... him getting a decent night's sleep is better than me getting one!
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    Whatever it is Mick, I hope it soon passes. Take care of yourself mate.
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    I saw Cranky in Mooloolaba last Sunday. She even said hi
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    I don't need to refute your points due to simple commonsense proves you are wrong. Also delusional. Maybe even crazy. Also As 99% of this forum agree in relation to this topic that you have the wrong end of the stick
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    How does the Cervelo go in the pool iFoz? Probably need to use the tri-bike...it's more "hydro".
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    The other thing I like about Aussie gun laws now is that largely, the people with illegal guns (autos, semi-autos) only use them on each other, and they are complete shitbags, so go hard at it boys.
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    I've had my Zipp 404s for about a year now. I quite like them, they ride pretty well and seem fast. Not totally blown away with the quality of the rear, that whole 'everything held in place by the skewer' gets on my nerves because I have horizontal dropouts and if I remove the skewer, the whole cassette and freehub just comes off in my hand, which is annoying. Anyway, apart from all that, I like them and the ability to lob 'em in the roadie as well as the P3. If I was going to add to this, what would be the best way to go? Zipp 808 Rear Zipp super 9 (crazy expensive here at £1500) HED Jet Black Disc ( £1100) Not interested in a wheel cover. Would I notice any decent benefit from these options? Please spare me the 'just train more' responses. Doing that already. This would be a purchase 'just because' and yes, it's my daughter's uni fund and 'no' I don't care if she works in factory and eats Ramen for the rest of her life because I'm buying a wheel that won't win me a plastic trophy. Serious insects, blah blah, these beers taste good.
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    Do you think I’ll be able join the Instagram crew? Need to work in my tippy toe flexibility.
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    That’s good - my shoe got stuck in the mud a couple of years ago!
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    It's true there is a fair bit of misunderstanding (must be a minimum speed to benefit, yaw, cross winds, hills, acceleration rates and so on) and plenty of anecdote but to be fair, the industry itself hasn't helped with its marketing. Rear disks are faster in just about all scenarios, even for slower riders. Maybe a steep hill climb TT isn't ideal, but even then it's touch and go depending on the circumstances. Disk covers and good tyres are the best equipment bang for wheel performance buck. 808 + cover = usable as disk all year, remove cover for Kona. If handling is an issue with a rear disk I do have to wonder about bike set up/position but in the end, if an individual feels more comfortable about being on a particular set up, that's what they should ride. No point being out there and wasting mental energy worrying about your equipment choice. If FP wants to buy a nice rear disk, then why not? It's not like our vice is smoking 2 packs a day. Could the money go on something else? Perhaps but so what, this is what we enjoy doing, so have some fun doing it. There are other choices than the Zipp though, especially in the UK so look around.
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    Yeah, this was totally the first 'con' I thought of when considering a disc.
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    Plus he's a top bloke from the couple of times I've spoken to him and I can't fault the way EE look after athletes.
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    Looks like I won’t needing this, should fit you
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    Hi FP Firstly, envious. Sold my 404s and regret it. I wouldn't go the disk rear. I've had them before. Great on the flattest, non technical courses but in strong winds with some UK hills/undulations, I would go the 808 rear for sure. I've made all the mistakes and spent the dollars on the disk. People will say that in windy conditions the depth of the front matters the most but I've persevered with a disk in the wind so many times - always feeling like I'm dragging a heavy anchor around and using too much strength to ride a straight line. go the 808 ps, just spent £1200 on a Tacx Neo plus an extra £8 on a bottle of red and listening to some old rhythm and blues Stevie Wonder trying to forget about it.
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    Physio today. I may head down on Sunday to pick up my $150 tshirt plus say hello to a few. This includes an old school mate from the Gong is trying to get through cancer treatment.
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    Yeah just double checked, definitely a XL. I 'may' do a pic later but how can I top Roxii's ' blessed crotch' ?
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    Wow, wow, wow. It's been a fking awesome day today and in fact 2018 has been really good for the bored@ family. After a terrible race at Ironman Chattanooga and the company I work for losing a major contract, that I have been on for 15 years. I decided to retire from racing. My plan was to concentrate on my career, study, getting a new house and one other thing that I still want to keep under wraps. Had my performance review for work last week and got a "significantly exceeded" with a comment about being identified as a future leader in the business and a resource the business wants to retain. The people who know the industry & company, I work for will know how huge this is and how much I love my job and what it means to me. Almost teared up in my review. We moved into our new house on Friday & couldn't be happier, we love the house and area. Today my boss approved $15k worth of training courses. Then at 2pm today I received an email confirming I'll get another crack at the thing I tried 22 years ago & failed. Then I received an email from Ironmanfoz with the great news about being selected to receive his very generous offer and opportunity to race in the USA again. I love the USA & love racing over there. This was the kick in the pants/motivation I needed to get back into racing. Chattanooga still hurts and bothers me but it's time to get back on the horse and give it another crack. I wish I could express my gratitude and thanks to Ironmanfoz in person. Words just don't do justice to the way I'm feeling right now. Thanks mate. Knowing you have given me this very generous offer will definitely help out on those training days when I'm feeling tired & lacking motivation. 2018 Goals are all done & dusted and it's only March.
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    Our first road trip of the year kicks off at lunchtime today as we head off for Perth, and then fly over to Melbourne (it’s too expensive to fly from here with 4 of us). I ended up not being happy with my fridge slide I built so last minute Tuesday I ordered up a drop slide from Perth, and surprisingly it arrived on Wednesday arvo so I fitted it up last night, really happy with it. It weighs about 45kg though. We plan on making it to Carnarvon tonight.
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    Never watched it live, but have seen a lot of videos, and it looks awesome. A mate I worked with went over there a couple years and raced. He reckoned it was the best thing he'd ever done. Made racing here seem like kindergarten.
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    good stuff! Ayto, stoked to hear you still do basic camping in the swag and Ute! thats just the best i reckon. I love the camper trailers and miss our old camprite badly, if i had of known we were coming back to Karratha i would never had sold it, i seriously couldn't think of a better trailer for our family of four. My wife and I were actually just discussing the other day about if we should consider selling up the house back home and buying an offload caravan, its been a long held desire of ours to do that one day. we are only young but id prefer to have it young and go see more of our country while we are young with our kids...i dont think we will ever loose that want to explore, id just like to explore longer. Personally CP's shit me but they serve their purpose, when we did a lap a few years ago, i would book into a CP every 4 or 5 days when we could to give the wife her much needed day or two of "not camping" and access to a washing machine etc. Did i mention ive also booked a beach humpy for my dad and I for 2 nights up at cape leveque (my favourite place) - See below
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    I still like to throw the swag in the ute and head away for a night on my own occasionally. Best thing to "reset" is some solitary time!
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    Its no Ningaloo Station but this is our set up for the long weekend just gone at Tocumwal, on the Murray. Ended up staying in a local CP as the labour day weekend and Easter tends to bring out the ferals camped on the river bank. Kieran - I am insanely jealous right now. So many good spots for you to choose from. Enjoy!!
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    Just jagged a spot at Ningaloo station (Winderabandi Point) for my daughters birthday in August which coincides with my dads first three days of his trip over here. In my mind Ningaloo station is the most pristine bit of coastline over here in WA. we will be camping right on the beach, fishing, kayaking So excited to be camping back there, its been a few years
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