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    It's true there is a fair bit of misunderstanding (must be a minimum speed to benefit, yaw, cross winds, hills, acceleration rates and so on) and plenty of anecdote but to be fair, the industry itself hasn't helped with its marketing. Rear disks are faster in just about all scenarios, even for slower riders. Maybe a steep hill climb TT isn't ideal, but even then it's touch and go depending on the circumstances. Disk covers and good tyres are the best equipment bang for wheel performance buck. 808 + cover = usable as disk all year, remove cover for Kona. If handling is an issue with a rear disk I do have to wonder about bike set up/position but in the end, if an individual feels more comfortable about being on a particular set up, that's what they should ride. No point being out there and wasting mental energy worrying about your equipment choice. If FP wants to buy a nice rear disk, then why not? It's not like our vice is smoking 2 packs a day. Could the money go on something else? Perhaps but so what, this is what we enjoy doing, so have some fun doing it. There are other choices than the Zipp though, especially in the UK so look around.
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    Do you think I’ll be able join the Instagram crew? Need to work in my tippy toe flexibility.
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    Wow, wow, wow. It's been a fking awesome day today and in fact 2018 has been really good for the bored@ family. After a terrible race at Ironman Chattanooga and the company I work for losing a major contract, that I have been on for 15 years. I decided to retire from racing. My plan was to concentrate on my career, study, getting a new house and one other thing that I still want to keep under wraps. Had my performance review for work last week and got a "significantly exceeded" with a comment about being identified as a future leader in the business and a resource the business wants to retain. The people who know the industry & company, I work for will know how huge this is and how much I love my job and what it means to me. Almost teared up in my review. We moved into our new house on Friday & couldn't be happier, we love the house and area. Today my boss approved $15k worth of training courses. Then at 2pm today I received an email confirming I'll get another crack at the thing I tried 22 years ago & failed. Then I received an email from Ironmanfoz with the great news about being selected to receive his very generous offer and opportunity to race in the USA again. I love the USA & love racing over there. This was the kick in the pants/motivation I needed to get back into racing. Chattanooga still hurts and bothers me but it's time to get back on the horse and give it another crack. I wish I could express my gratitude and thanks to Ironmanfoz in person. Words just don't do justice to the way I'm feeling right now. Thanks mate. Knowing you have given me this very generous offer will definitely help out on those training days when I'm feeling tired & lacking motivation. 2018 Goals are all done & dusted and it's only March.
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    Yeah, this was totally the first 'con' I thought of when considering a disc.
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    Yeah, that's pretty much how I've seen it too
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    Whatever it is Mick, I hope it soon passes. Take care of yourself mate.
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    Plus he's a top bloke from the couple of times I've spoken to him and I can't fault the way EE look after athletes.
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    Glad you’ve raised this FP, because I’ve been struggling with this for a while. The cost doesn’t bother me, but just when I think I’m all keen to buy a disc, I chicken out and say to myself “FFS just train more”. It is quite a nice feeling passing someone in a race who has a disc too! The Customer is the first person I’ve ever heard say they would rather not have one (having had one), so that’s interesting. Where I’m at currently personally is I’d like to hire/borrow a disc for a race (and practice a bit beforehand) to see what it’s like - I’m thinking of doing that for the Port Mac 70.3 in May as it is also hilly. If it makes a difference to me then I might make the purchase. If not then I’ll stick to my HED Jet 6 (similar to your 404’s).
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    Downside with something like the HED design, as in spokes is weight. My mates HED Jet was close to 1.5kg. Fast once it was going, but slow to accelerate and sounded like a drum whenever he hit a bump. Zipp 900 is 880gms, Caden even lighter. I'd say you'd feel the difference in weight in the hills. Somewhere like Busso, I don't reckon there would be much difference in performance between a 900 and HED disc. HEDs are probably the best looking discs out there, I was going to buy one, but the 900 was cheaper. I had a variety of rear wheels on both models of my P2, 808, 1080, Renn disc and 900 with no problems.
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    As a parent, I wouldn't want to send my kid to a school where there is a chance that the maths teacher (or anyone else) could get into a shoot out in a hallway crowded with children. When you have twice as many bullets flying around a crowded hallway (the Florida shooting WAS in crowded hallways), I suggest you are likely to have twice as many casualties, not less. I realise you feel there is something special about the US, and we can't compare it to any other country (that actually IS what you suggested above: "Make sure said country is comparable in terms of size, population, guns per capita etc though"), but in every other country, mass shootings at schools either don't occur or occur very infrequently. Statistics are statistics, and I am not bending ANY rules of statistics by pointing out that the most obvious solution based on the statistics, is LESS guns = more safety for school students.
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    Melatonin may be the greatest stuff ever invented, at least atm
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    It would never get through these days, because one of the main arguments you keep hearing against changing things now, is that "You can't change the Constitution!". WTF is an Amendment?
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    We would all like to see an end to mass shootings in the US, school shootings in particular. Where we disagree is how we think they should go about it, but that doesn't mean either of us cares any less As long as the pollies are stuck in the 'you don't care as much as I do' bullshit they won't get anywhere
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    Luckily I don't care about the reality of it with regards to what I'd like to see happen. This is just what I completely believe needs to happen. What do I actually expect to happen? Very little really. I totally believe they're at least 20 to 40 years away from any significant changes, if at all. I truly believe that at the moment, any president that tries to make significant change will be shot. Still doesn't change my beliefs on gun control, and what access to guns I think the general public should have and have started before. And I'll happily tell anybody that, NRA American gun nut or not. And happily accept any abuse, criticism, alternate argument, whatever, that will have no affect on my belief cause I am firm on it.
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    Meanwhile since this thread started over 80,000 Americans have died died by the gun. Sounds like Nero needs a louder fiddle.
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    2 x 1.7km laps at the dam, then straight in to the blood bank for a plasma donation. I've had my sausage rolls & party pies, and ready to face the day.
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    You need to change your name to happy@work or successful@work and gift your current handle to me..
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    I think we need a whole new post to follow your JOURNEY.......
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    I stood by this comment & gave Ironmanfoz the chance to pick the race. With fingers crossed he wouldn't pick Chattanooga. He has left it up to me, so it's time to pick a race. My mate is racing Texas next month & has offered to defer his entry to race with me (his back won't handle 2 IM races in one year) The added bonus of getting this spot is I will get to catch up with my mates. They have already said they will fly out to what ever race I do. These guys are the ones who convinced me to give up the grog for good & and inspire me to stay sober. Seeing them every year helps with my sobriety. Thanks again Ironmanfoz
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    Good luck, I hear the surgery is much improved these days. you will make a wonderful woman “davina”
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    I've never used the training plans on TP. But on Trainerroad use don't have to think, Especially if you have a smart trainer, Once you have picked a program just log in, start pedaling and follow the blue line.
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    Hi. Thought I’d drop in. Just doing a little bit so I can get through my first tri in 18 months (post prang). NSW tri club champs. 2 weeks out. Sb a good comeback event as I won’t feel like I’m racing, just doing enough to get the club some points. Been on Zwift a bit. Swimming and running are a bit behind. Oh and I’m 6 kgs or so fatter. So what did I do today. Ran 2,5 ks to the pool. Swam a k and run 2.5 back to the office. That’s about 25pct of a normal day 18 months ago Glad to see lotsa of you still adding to this thread and encouraging each other. Gotta love that about trannies.
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    Am: 3hr ride with 6x5min @ 380w early on (although got carried away on last one as it included Oliver's hill and did 431w...) rest just easy PM: 2hr run on the treadmill... 20min starting at 13, up 0.1 every 2min. 20min at 14. 40min between 14.5 and 15. 3x5min at 16 with 2min in between at 13. 20min cool down from 13.5 down to 12.5...
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    OK I have done my analizing of the results and I am pretty confident I will end up on 67 points. 4th at Robina = 22 7th at Coffs = 19 13th at Mooloolaba = 26 Hopefully that is enough, I will be looking forward to this whole process being over and just worrying about my own race again that's for sure.
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    The last two days have giving me great satisfaction. For the first time in a very long time I have felt wanted and respected. The first one was on tuesday i turned up to work (arvo/night shift). I started here in December. Went to my clipboard to check my client list for the shift. My payslip was there as usual but so was a card. A birthday card. I hadnt even told them. There was a gift card in there too but the best thing was the messages from all those work there. The messages were very touching to me and a one of acceptance and genuine want. Number 2 was yesterday (my actual bday). A guy with MS, a mum of a swimmer i have helped and a client who did rehab with post Cervical spine fusion took me out to lunch. Their words during lunch were very touching and a bit emotional. Both these experiences made me feel uncomfortable as it was unexpected but also very rare for me. So the take away i have got from these two days is 1. I have worth in my role and am respected. 2. I have some real friends 3. I have stuck to my guns and finally seeing some positives. 4. Dont change you because you are not the right fit for others. Find the right fit for you.
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