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    Super Saturday...Rode 20k to Parkrun and 20k back then 3k in the pool. Fasted parkrun in a while too at 23 min and really only 90% effort, quite happy with that as I'm Concentrating on distance running right now
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    Park Run. 20.55. 13/233 overall and 2nd in AG.
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    Just selective posting on my behalf, because most times I look as you describe....lol.
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    Same here. I've got a pic of the day I broke 39 for 10km, and I'd swear both feet are on the ground at the same time.
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    In my case, it's because i am.......
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    Nice. How come every pic I see of other runners always has their feet in the air like a loping gazelle, yet whenever I see a pic of me it looks like I'm shuffling through treacle?
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    ParkRun.... 21:42min, (season best for me so far); 10th and 1st female. 170 odd, even with floods and road blocked. I was doing four runs sessions per week, but was getting slower. Back up to five sessions for the last two weeks and paying off already.
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    I'll be wearing my tri suit with the zip at the front and unzipped on the run just enough to show a hint of nipple.
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    I'm a qlder and an interstate visitor and heavily reliant on my kickr whenever I see a cloud in the sky. Maybe I need to harden up and get out more.
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    Just over 5km this morning. Would love to have done more, but have "Dad Taxi" duties and had to leave early. The girl I was swimming with (if you count her waiting at each turn for me as swimming with) was continuing on to do 12. Maybe one day I'll have the time and the energy both on the same day.
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    Can someone please go to Roxii’s place & kick him in the 🥜 for me? The kit looks awesome but f*ckn tippy toes in a photo!!!!
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    I think winning Kona is up there higher than climbing everest - an awful lot more people have climbed everest than will ever win Kona - and a pilot being chosen for a lunar landing is a bit too like winning a lottery - there are so many pilots equally as qualified and capable as Armstrong was - there's only ever a handful of athletes in the world any year capable of winning Kona and most don't I worked with Pete from 2007 to 2012 with the single aim of winning, once he won, his life's dream had been achieved, we should have aimed at winning it several times, then the first win would have only been a step along the way It's a shame the way his sporting career has gone since then, but unlike many of his critics, he has had the dream, and pulled it off, 99.9% of triathletes will never come close in commitment or courage
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    I think i remember once or twice in last 11 years.
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    I nearly fell off the trainer this morning
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    Just over 4km in the dam this morning. After only 1 swim in the past 2 weeks, it felt great to be back out there. And it was so windy there were actually ripples across the lake. Except for the middle couple of km where it was sheltered, and like a sheet of glass.
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    As a Queenslander, I apologise to any interstate visitors for the un-Queensland like weather. But positive thoughts, I think it will improve tomorrow. Slightly.
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    Roxii came to the shop Wednesday... Unless he's had several round of lipo between then and now, I can confirm he still looks like he ate all the donuts (I ate all the pies and donuts were wll that was left :P) Cool kit, I would've bought some if I actually rode a bike!
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    Do you mean, when did I get good at photography
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    Can you please add an inspirational quote to your pick?
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    Was that someone working at the Scody stand..? (Where they were selling such suits...) 😁
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    I rode a bike (said like "I bought a jeep").....
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    Actual power figures from last year. ( I forgot to start my Garmin til 5km in, hence, the 175km distance.) https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1211793612
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    I did, #norainbowswithoutrain