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    And she was kissing a guy in calf guards. I'll bet she never shows anybody that photo.
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    Esay 3km / 10 min hills (20 sec reps) / 1km easy / 2km fast..... Nothing special but completed in the SMASHING tropical rain, and in the dark. Was SOOOOO much fun At one point it was raining really hard, thinking it can't get heavier, then you could literally hear it turn up even heavier.
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    A half distance triathlon is one that guy from Perth does.
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    the bit from transition to the first climb is great. The rest is ordinary
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    Gee, sorry to hear it mate. Seemed like things were going well for you all. Hope you are ok.... and have somewhere to stay.
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    Can't believe they forgot to trademark 'Anthing is possible'
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    Bravo to them! So happy with this one!
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    Used twice. Doesn't come with the accessories pouch. Will do free postage for any Tranny with 100+ posts. Otherwise $10 postage, or can pick up from the Eastern 'burbs of Melbourne (Nunawading area) http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/au/en/cycleops-bike-thong-sweat-guard/rp-prod39535
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    My Garmin 735 I bought from Pushy's just died today; one month over the 12 month Garmin warranty of course. It was in perfect condition, never dropped, scratched etc. It looks like it has filled with water during a short pool swim. I watched a story about the ACCC Consumer Guarantee laws on "The Checkout" a few months ago, and from what I recall, the law would pretty much guarantee that i can get a refund, repair or replacement as it would be totally reasonable for this watch to be functional far in excess of 13 months. Has anyone had any experience with pulling the ACCC card with a supplier where they want to just refer back to the offered warranty?
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    I'm half a man this year. FM
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    So much surprise. Humph
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    I'm with monkie! I've dealt with Garmin service on about 5 occasions. Twice having a HRM replaced and 3 times sending back my Fenix2. It takes a while after sending in, at least a few weeks, but every time I got a replacement. The third time I sent in my F2 in they straight up aked me what I felt would be a satisfactory resolution. I told them a refund or a replacement with the new Fenix3. They sent me the F3, and this was about a month or so outside the 12 month warranty too. Don't bother with emailing them, set some time aside and go straight to calling them.
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    You underestimate the power of positive thought Goughy. This sport is 117% mental, so realistically the condition of your knees have nothing to do with it. I'm only 2 hours from the start of the road to recovery. It may be a long one, but there is going to be a triathlon at the end of it. Hell, a mate who lost his leg in some farm machinery as a kid swam the English Channel last year, and he's older than me. And he did his first Triathlon this year.
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    If 25th place is held by 3 people, the person who did more qualification races will rank higher than the person who had the best placing, who will rank higher than the person who was last on the national team, who will rank higher than the person TA deem will perform better on the day.
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    Australian Consumer Law means the warranty limit is unimportant. The device is "warrantied" for as long as is reasonable. Contact them directly and I bet they'll replace it.
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    Yeah sorry boys, but if you're looking for a quick easy fix from the medicos/physios/PTs, you're f*cked.
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    Going over the carpeted speed traps in the CBD doesn't exactly do it for me in either direction.
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    An old member who hasn't been around for a while, Racs, was general manager of the Sydney Underground team in the Championship Gaming Series in the mid 2000's. He didn't play the games himself, but stood there directing his team etc during gameplay and looking important. Got to travel around the world, and pretty sure he said he even went to the Playboy mansion. He'll shoot me, as I think I said I'd never tell anybody, so here is some footage, Racs is the taller dude in the greyish shirt standing behind his team
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    They seem to be paranoid that the government or authorities are going to turn against them hence why they need to protect themselves. it is just a very sad culture and unfortunately every time one of these mass shootings happen, gun sales increase. So i will guarantee that their will be more mass shootings and gun deaths in years to come. The only very faint hope is the next generation.
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    For the triathlete who has everything... Tim Don, Jenson Button and Paul Newsome are holding a four-day training camp in the Bahamas from 30 May to 4 June. Only US$12,000 per person. Bargain! Tell them Jimbo sent you https://www.kotwf-events.com/
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    Tonya Harding. This guys was riding at 3:20am WTF has he not heard of CeramicSpeed Chains there is no need to get up at that hour of the day to train.
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    After a long wait due to swelling, the deed was done very late last night. He got back to the ward at 10.30pm. FM
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    Nope, I reckon Mrs Monkie deserves a gold medal for that kiss - I bet you tasted yuk at the end of an ironman 😉😉
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    I rode a bike (said like "I bought a jeep").....
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    Don't let me down mate. I'm joining the 15 Finishers Club this year and need someone to celebrate with.
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    I love that triathlon is a sport where you come across beautiful people. I just got a FB message from the girl that was racked next to me at Coffs Tri. Somehow she ended up with my speed suit after the race on Sunday. She is going to meet up with me at Mooloolaba to return it. So if any of you know Belinda Johnson, tell her she is a wonderful person!!
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    Sore achilles? Fair dinkum mate, you'll do anything to be like me...
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    25 degrees top temperature and if it's anything like Brisbane no humidity. Yay! I ran last night in the rain and I could have kept running for ever except the dog is a wooz. dont care where we swim, how windy it is, how many hills there are, how much it rains, so long as it ain't humid I will be a happy bunny 🐰
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    Oh cool, we're right next door at thw Landmark. Should be pretty easy to catch up from there We're flying up Friday night (8:55pm arrival) and heading back via Brissy on Monday
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    Thanks guys. We were working through last night the train/coach thing (thanks Lyn). He was lucky enough to get the local hospital then transfer up to Melbourne. He has a hospital bed overnight in Melbourne. The specialist has strapped and said he can fly so we are just organising a transfer back to Sydney today. We have organised doctor and specialist today via the missus and my daughter (she works for a radiology place). Just waiting for a call to confirm what time I'll pick him up today at the airport. Thanks Lyn, Surfer, Cottoneyes and especially Pete for the offer. Much appreciated. And yes CN, it has to be plated. It's a clean split in the middle so he needs it. Pete, I left my mobile at work. He is a bit pissed off. He was doing the Gong Enticer race in three weeks on his new "Tyno steed". That's race is gone now. He's even more annoyed as we had two golf games organised in Port Mac in the middle of March (he might be able to put by then). Trannies..... just a fantastic bunch of lunatics. They come to the fore when needed. FM
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    Haven't you seen the thread on Slowtwitch about which gun to carry on rides...? Variables include stoppabilty, easily carried/concealed and carbon parts where possible
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    How life changes soo much in two years..... after five years....this part of life ended last nite.......time to move forward....be difficult for a bit....but hopefully better future....
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