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    185km/5hr on the bike. 30min warm up, 3x30min @ 320w/slightly above IM power (324, 321, 322) with 7min easy between, rest of ride just aerobic volume.
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    That one is simple, though annoying. Leave the add in. If you get another offer, you message back to the first person that you've had it, and if they don't pay in the next x hours, you will accept the other bid. Gives them the chance if they are serious. Lets you move on without feeling guilty.
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    More good stuff from our great lensman.
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    Fair go mate - I don't mind copping a bit of shit - but that is really below the belt race report When I looked up the competitor list I noticed there was only two in my age group - I didn't know the other guys by name or what he looked like so my race plan was to go as hard as I could in the swim - ride out to the turn around as hard as I could so I could start into the head wind as early as possible - 40km of head wind is an "arm wrestle" at any time - then when I started the run the plan was to settle in and increase the pace with each lap - it doesn't matter how many are in my age group - I race everyone - I managed 3rd in the category below me - the other guy in my category apparently pulled out after the swim - but you never know he could be up the road 30sec in front of me It was the coolest HOTW start I have ever experienced - the wind on the bike was up to strength - I think the toughest part of the weekend is the four and a half hour drive home after the race - I only stopped twice and each time my legs had seized into the sitting position Again it was a great day - the Gundi team are always improving on what we all agree is a great event - my finish towel is embroided with my name and 25 times finisher
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    Not sure why but numbers seem to be down this year. Cooler but still the 40ks of headwind home. Very little drafting from what I could see and raced in great spirits. Organization was flawless as always. I love this race.
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    A little bit of history, background and insight into Triathlons greatest photographer Mr. Delly Carr. (Damn nice guy too) https://mynikonlife.com.au/news/gear/the-moment-maker-delly-carr/
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    Fake according to the flat earthers.
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    Sprint for me, and then the Aquabike (that name still makes me giggle for some reason) the next day.
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    Need to set Flo as your homepage . This is a nice rough guide, obviously depends on your power output etc in which case you can play around with BestBikeSplit.
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    It would be interesting to see how well the Stryd and other running power measurement devices end up in terms of assessing training loads. Running power is a somewhat more complex matter than cycling, or should I say the outcome of running power is more complex than for cycling. And running of course involve concentric and eccentric contractions as well as regular muscular-skeletal system impacts and energy store/return which is quite different to cycling and swimming. A good friend of mine (Steve Palladino) has been doing a lot of work in developing an deeper understanding of how best to apply such power data to running training. Worth keeping an eye out for his thoughts. It's still relatively early days and some ideas will blossom, while others will be weeded out.
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    It seems we do the same races. In for Friday Swim, Saturday Sprint and Sunday long course survival. Super keen, this weekend is one of my favourites.
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    Great write up, makes me wish I was back there.
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    Thanks to Tim Richards from HOTW. Heavenly conditions see the Hell of the West race records smashed The 27th edition of the E&E Waste Hell of the West saw heavenly conditions greet competitors for the swim start in the early hours of Sunday Morning. It was the deepest professional field the HOTW had seen in it’s 27 years and boy did they light up the course with some super fast times. In the opens men’s, super fish Josh Amberger led the 2km swim in 26:39 mins, but hot on his heals were newcomer Max Neumann and former surf ironman Lindsey Lawry. Once on the bike it was evident it was going to be a 4 person race as Jake Montgomery joined the group of 3 continued to push the pace. It was perfect conditions for a fast bike split with a slight winds until the head wind picked up late on their 40km trip back to town. It was here Jake made his move and opened up a small gap into T2. In doing so Jake broke Tim Reed’s bike course record by over 2 mins. Then it came down to the run and while Jake was running well Max was running better and took the lead coming into the final lap. Max went on to clock an impressive 1:09:51 and smash the course record by 2 minutes with a 3:31:28. Jake was only 48 seconds behind for second place while Josh rounded out the podium with a 3:37:28. The women’s race on the other hand was all one way traffic as Sarah Crowley went on the rampage to dominate the field from the gun to the finishing tape. This was Sarah’s 5th HOTW title and only 6 seconds from her race recorded she set in her 2017 win. Sarah’s time of 3:58:09 gave her a 6 minute victory to USA athlete Skye Monech, and Fawn Whiting who came home in 3rd place with fastest run split and a overall time of 4:10:39. In the age group competition their was plenty of close racing as athletes battled for not only the HOTW title but also the Triathlon Queensland Long Course Gold medal. There where many notable performances across all age groups but the two fastest times went to Emily Donker with 4:14:59 and 35-39yr athlete Jarrod Owen in 3:58:04. But its often the back of the packers that provide the most inspiration to us all, as every athlete has their own individual challenges to reach the HOTW finish line. The recovery tent catered for over 500 athletes as they refuel and shared stories of the emotions they had just experienced in finishing what is known as Qld toughest triathlon. As we say “Only a HOTW competitor knows the feeling”. This year also saw 250+ competitors enjoy the GTH+ Super Saturday events that included the Hell Kids Triathlon, Firestarter enticer Triathlon and Gundy inferno 5k and 10k charity runs. This was a huge success that was well supported by many local competitors tackling their first ever event. The HOTW committee and the Goondiwindi Triathlon Club would like to thank all competitors for coming to race our much loved event. And also a special thanks to the 300+ volunteers and many sponsors that make this event what it is “The Friendliest but Toughest Triathlon around” .
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    lets start the stop picking on AP thread
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    Goughy, what's his diet like? Does it include a lot of processed foods? Been reading a lot about gut bacteria lately & all of the things it can impact, including mood/personality, and there is a theory many modern ailments can be improved by cutting out processed food, eating only fresh natural foods. Easier said than done of course.
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    I know it was an "I don't understand. " I was just joking😉 I haven't seen the darts/F1 thread either! I just try and keep up with whatever nonsensical politically correct crap just happens to be going on. Believe me, it's a challenge.
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    There will be another round soon. Each time we need to hit the minimum run (10 pieces I think) to set the wheels in motion
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    1 quiet goal ticked off this morning
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    Cranky needs her own thread!
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    Finish our new home on budget. Stay healthy and injury free.
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    Oh it's shithouse, and we keep finding wrappers and packets stashed behind chairs and things around the house. And there's no denying I could be making better quality dinners etc. I do what I can. But we're trying not to fight with him over this stuff, along with his weight, anymore as things are tense enough with him. He doesn't see his psych till next week. I talk to him about making better choices, and have fruit etc here for him to eat and do 'make' him take it to school and eat it here. He will only eat apples, and only pink lady ones. Otherwise we end up in a shitfight. There's actually a lot of stuff we have to work on here with him.
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    More shirt and cap options than you can poke a rusty stick at are now in the "shop" Get on it people.... and thank for getting on board. *Just in case anyone is wondering, I dont make anything from this, get a kick backl or any free gear. Ill be buying my own too. Although it appears I dont need a running shirt anymore.
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