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    FB, my year 7 pdhpe classes know when it's time to shutup and stop adding fuel to the fire better than you do.
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    Triathlon is squeaky clean though
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    I remember the very special day when my dad and I went out for a run... he said when we started "Let me know if you need me to slow down"... I was home and having breakfast 20 minutes before him... he remembers the day as vividly as I do but, in his own words, with considerable pride
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    lol I hop on Zwift and find a trannie... It's a small world after all FFF you put me to shame with your dedication. I drag myself onto the bike at 8am and you are at 5am pounding away. Good stuff. I'm doing a bit... not often enough to call anything training. Not running or swimming much. Still got a few issues post 2016 crash. Glad to see a lot of you are active. Stick at it all! I'll check back in from time to time.
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    I'll put money on my daughter smashing stickman & Ratdog. The little devil was holding 5min pace the other night & asking me how my day was at work. She asked 4 times before she realised I was in the box & struggling. She then picked the pace up to 4:50. Only just held on until her endurance went. She's good for about 3km atm. I'm screwed when she can run the full 5km.
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    First time ride to Brooklyn and Bobbin Head with the TdC guys. Pretty good are out there. It’s amazing how man cyclists there are down there. FM
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    Congrats Miss J - great pic too
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    Some really fast people out, and a shed load of drafters. Watched a TO ride next to a big group and not do a thing! It looked like he was trying to break them up, but he should have carded the lot of them (speaking as a TO). That group went past me and it was so obviously a draft-fest. Myself and another competitor commented out loud (not repeatable). First hit out back from the quad tear. Obviously no running in the tank. Bike was ok, swim average, run a disaster. To score a single point in my AG, would have needed a PB by over 3 minutes and gone under 2.30 for the first ever time.
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    People tend to lament over the 'good old days' believing that life used to be better back then. The reality is, that life on planet Earth has never been better than it is now - humans are living longer, enjoying better health, have more leisure time and far more opportunities in life than any other time in history. Being a well fed, privileged human does not necessarily mean you'll be a great runner although you will have the means to participate and travel to the vast number of events and races that we now have. In 2004 there was 1 Ironman race in Australia so the stakes were high - it was a big investment and a rare opportunity to race. For me, those factors kept your training honest. These days there are Ironman events on every weekend somewhere in the World. In this region, perhaps 6? or so, within 4hrs flight time. Same goes for the number of 'fun-runs' and opportunities to run full marathons. I believe so much opportunity and choice has diluted the standard of the field, even though participation numbers have increased. At the pointy end, the Elites have more choice on where they can go to race so you may not get a high concentration of Elites showing up at one particular event which may account for smaller numbers of sub 2.40 at any one event. You can't blame technology for making humans slower, on the contrary, Garmins and Strava are an addiction that motivates some people to get out the door. Participation in endurance sports has become a life-style choice due to greater leisure time and travel opportunities. Some people are simply happy to reach the finish line and participate. If they are happy, who are we to criticise?
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    Yum! Bent Spoke beer!
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    I did a FOUR MINUTE ride yesterday. That's right, FOUR MINUTES. We had a time trial in the foyer of our building (Zwift) with the Tour De Cure gang. There were 40 participants. The best distance was smack bang on 3 kms (two small inclines thrown in). I did 2.8kms. First time I have ever done a time trial. We raised just on $700 in two hours. Great effort from all. FM
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    no. Sex Sells and it always will, regardless of which country. we see it in music, adverts, movies, television, online news. We will all be living like mormons soon!
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    I scratch my head about this stuff. I went through a secondary & tertiary education experience which was the pinnacle of patriarchal & chauvinistic, and now as I reconnect with my fellow students from 30+ yrs ago, and look at my male friends, it is very clear who rules the roost...and thinking back, the girls largely had the upper hand, even if it did not look like it. I'm not sure about this sense of entitlement is I'm supposed to have? What am I entitled to? My wife & I did the hard yards, got paid the sh*t $'s when we started out - just like our girls are now - but by proving ourselves good employees, we slowly climbed ladders. My only belief regarding job egalitarianism is do a good job, and you will be rewarded. If not, move on. And if you are smart enough to do a good job and get paid good $'s without being a work martyr (geez I'm sick of these whingers), more power to you. Face it, humans are programmed to respond to physical attractiveness in the first instance. But that does not mean it ultimately wins the day. Other observations: Our youngest while a uni student was approached to be a grid girl at Bathurst, but her BF was not keen on the idea, so she did sales work instead....and made less $'s. As her parents, we'd have been fine for her to do the grid thing. She's tough and could handle situations with ease. Why is she tough? Because we didn't feather-nest her - the world is not fair, but through your actions, you can make it fair(er) and earn respect.....or you can whinge there are blockers you can't get through. Observing the first few years in the workplace of our early 20's daughters, they get far more grief from female than male work colleagues. I see the same in workplaces I deal with & my male friends say similar. Many women are plain vicious to other women at work. Blokes might not like other blokes at work, but tend not to go out of their way to make their lives Hell - they will just try to minimise their interaction with those they don't like.
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    You forgot some - Z, Q, F, X, P, Y, D and of course, the silent J. FM
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    Most of my racing is done with NFI
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    Fight with me brothers to stop fernwood gyms misogynistic members policy.
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    Political Correctness has gone mad and is a key element to what is f#cking up Australia.
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    My heart bleeds for the drivers. How the hell are they gonna find a first wife?
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    I've just a had a reporter from the West Australian contact me regarding Mark Robson. He's writing an article about him that's in the paper tomorrow, I think going into more detail about his past cheating as well as the Rottnest Channel Swim and whether or not he should be competing. So perhaps this may go somewhere? I didn't realise how much I knew about this guy!
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    Don't apologise Goughy. The intention of my post was not to make you feel bad in any way, shape or form. More to take it as an opportunity to perhaps think about the situation with a different mindset and perspective. Yes, its pretty crappy at the moment, and yes you are frustrated and not quite sure what the next steps are..............but, plenty of positives to be taken from all of this as well. You are smarter than you think and you will work through this. I have seen you (via this forum and social media) reach out when you need to and that takes a great deal of strength. I see you post coming from a position of frustration only. And that's ok. This crap is frustrating and its ok to vent here. Thats whats so great about this thread. Let me be clear - there was absolutely no offense taken from your post and I certainly didn't perceive it as selfish in any way. Keep at it!!
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    Might start a gofundme page to fly over there, hire a boat & follow him for the entire swim. Anyone keen to chip in?
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    If you aren't serious about a competition that can be won by unfit lazy people, what can you be serious about?
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    Is this just a cycling club? Are there others around? Sounds like a whole group of me out there, and trust me, you only want one of me per group! Even I'd train by myself there, and that's saying something (by train, I mean sleep in).
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