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    People tend to lament over the 'good old days' believing that life used to be better back then. The reality is, that life on planet Earth has never been better than it is now - humans are living longer, enjoying better health, have more leisure time and far more opportunities in life than any other time in history. Being a well fed, privileged human does not necessarily mean you'll be a great runner although you will have the means to participate and travel to the vast number of events and races that we now have. In 2004 there was 1 Ironman race in Australia so the stakes were high - it was a big investment and a rare opportunity to race. For me, those factors kept your training honest. These days there are Ironman events on every weekend somewhere in the World. In this region, perhaps 6? or so, within 4hrs flight time. Same goes for the number of 'fun-runs' and opportunities to run full marathons. I believe so much opportunity and choice has diluted the standard of the field, even though participation numbers have increased. At the pointy end, the Elites have more choice on where they can go to race so you may not get a high concentration of Elites showing up at one particular event which may account for smaller numbers of sub 2.40 at any one event. You can't blame technology for making humans slower, on the contrary, Garmins and Strava are an addiction that motivates some people to get out the door. Participation in endurance sports has become a life-style choice due to greater leisure time and travel opportunities. Some people are simply happy to reach the finish line and participate. If they are happy, who are we to criticise?
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    Hey all, I'll post more laters, but I came out with a fully legit win in Athena as there was someone else in there that I beat by 9mins. Owned her in the swim. Met Stu last night at the Bent Spoke, was not sorry...Stu is a handsome fella soz for chopping off the top of your head there, you are a bit tall.
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    TC, it's much more than a dilution of depth of talent at the FOP in any particular race. As FitBud's stats show there are now fewer marathoners in Aust running faster times, despite the increases in participation numbers. I'd be pretty sure that the numbers of sub 2:40 performances were even greater than 1980 as the popularity of marathons really gained momentum from '82 through to '84, (the Olympic year with Canberra Marathon being an open selection trial where no one wanted to look shabby). With Deek's Fukuoka win in '81 (later recognised as a World Record), his epic come-from-behind Brisbane Comm Games victory in '82 and his World Champs Gold in '83, marathon running was elevated to a level in the public consciousness that it hasn't seen since. And performance levels at the sub-elite level and beyond followed. I still occasionally wear my old sloppy-joe from the Canberra Marathon with 1984 Olympic Selection Trial in bold letters. On a day with a cruel headwind blasting the final 8km resulting in no one attaining a Games berth, I just missed qualifying by a little over 49 minutes. Was pretty happy with a PB though. Closest I've ever been to making the Olympics!
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    Good points. The choice of events, access to locations, and general awareness of them (i.e. social media, etc) has opened the fields up, especially to some who may not have been interested previously or thought they may not be able to do it. I think this is great and may be one of society's best hopes in the face of increasing obesity/health issues in the community. A side consequence may be that average times in some events are slower, but who cares. There'll always be those who are very serious about it and strive for wins/PBs etc, which is great for them, but others run/ride/whatever for their own reasons. I agree re technology. I'd be pretty active even without it, but I know there are plenty of days when seeing on Strava that my mates have trained has helped get me out the door when I've been lacking some motivation. I think the pointy end is still pointy. Others still have a 'performance focus', but you may be right in that it's shared across other events etc. As an example, I'll probably run Gold Coast marathon this year and will set a goal of around 3.30 (maybe 3.20 if training goes OK), which for me will be reasonable given my 3-4 month prep. If marathons were my main focus and I trained year in year out for them maybe I could run sub-3 by now, but I'll never know because I won't ever do it. I like the variety of different distance running, tri, and riding events and adjust my training to suit whatever interests me at the time.
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    I think it's very elitist to tar everyone with the same benchmark and then judge performances based on what you think someone should achieve or is capable of achieving. We see elite athletes struggling all the time with anxiety and mental conditions and it's based on this mentality that there is a benchmark that has to be achieved. It's bullshit and its so evident in this thread. Who cares what someone has or is capable of achieving? Like does anyone actually care?
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    Those peeps at the slower end may still be running it as well as they can. But maybe 10 yrs ago they wouldn't have felt comfortable entering at all.
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    OK, these stats definitely peaked my interest as the numbers for 2017 do seem alarmingly low, (assuming it's referring to Aust performances in all marathons). So after a bit of hunting, here's what I found. For 2017, 88 Aussie men ran sub 2:40 in marathons both domestically and abroad. Reference: https://aus.run/index.php?lyear=2017&uyear=2017&gender=M In 1984, 78 Aussie men ran sub 2:40 in the Canberra Marathon alone. Reference: one musty old results book I just managed to dig out. And the 435th runner across the line in 2:59:59...............Ian Green.
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    I'm offended because I have nothing else to be offended about today.
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    I think it is a combination of what Turts said & you Paul. There are still the base of people that are there to run hard, and have the drive to get the best out of themselves that they can, but there are a huge number of people that 30 years ago would never have dreamed of running a Marathon, and these are the ones swelling the numbers and bringing down the average times.
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    Lol, I was just about to type exactly what you put in your last paragraph. I have run a couple of marathons where I feel I have got pretty much everything possible out of myself on the day. But I definitely didn’t do the prep necessary to achieve everything I am capable of.
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    No, I definitely think there is a different ethos now, at least to what it was to when I started 35 years ago rather than 10. I think back then it was more the norm for marathon runners to be marathon runners all year round, not just for 16 weeks of a training program with a limited number of solid weeks of mileage. In the days of yore, for so many marathon runners the 30km long run was what you did every week year round, and I think it was reflected in performances right down through the field. I'm all for more people getting out and enjoying their running and I love seeing runners of all shapes, sizes and ages having a go, but on the whole I don't think the sport is as performance-focused as it was decades ago. There's a difference between running as well as you can on the day with the training you have done in the last few months, and running as well as you can.
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    I find no surprises in this article. There are more people running marathons, but fewer racing them. It is more about finishing now days, rather than running the distance as well as one can, which seemed to be the prevailing attitude back in the '80s. I ran my first marathons in 1983, as did my mother. Consequently, I paid attention to the times of runners not just where I was racing (3:05 on debut), but also at the BOP where Mum competed and as a fan of the sport, also what the fast men and women were doing. At popular marathons, there always seemed to be plenty of packs of runners around the 3 hour pace. Despite increases in participation, we're just not seeing the depth of runners among the men from the 2:20 through to 3 hour that was common in the early '80s. Nor have we seen it for decades. When my mother was running marathons around 4 hours in the mid '80s, she was a BOP runner. Now 4:08 is average.....for men! Mum was repeatedly running those sort of times in her 60s. Sydney supported plenty of marathons back then too. From April to October we had the State Champs at Holsworthy, the Legal and General at Manly, the Wang (Sydney's largest and highest profile), Campbelltown, Western Districts Joggers at Lake Gillawarna, Cities (Sydney Town Hall to Blacktown), and the Sydney, finishing at the Opera House. Maybe it was the final year of the Palm Beach to Sydney too. That's seven or eight that I can recall and I'm sure I've forgotten a third marathon in August between WDJH and Cities. (Where's Big Chris when you need him?) Also there was the the Avon Women's Marathon out at Manly. Yes, Sydney even had a women's marathon, half, 10km and 3 km. (Actually, Big Chris may have run that one. ) Of course, endurance sport has diversified since 1983. Ultras were niche but beginning to flourish on the back of the first Sydney to Melbourne and the boom in marathon running, but triathlon was nascent, and adventure racing, MTBing and obstacle races like Tough Mudder were all yet to be conceived of sports of the future. Trail running, whether it be short distances or ultras, was relatively uncommon. On the bright side, the current depth among our elite women marathoners is fantastic. More Aussie women running sub 2:32 than we've ever seen.
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    Wow. Hubris. That field was good. Managed to take 7:30 off last year and came 30th instead of 12th. Good thing I didn't taper so have a ready made excuse...
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    No, it's alright Goughy. Just you & I heard it.
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    That' so nice of you to send him good wish kisses
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    Anyone at the race? Any reports. Keen to see how Hey_Burgs is going in his first race for 2018. I noticed Cupcakes is also racing.
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    FB, my year 7 pdhpe classes know when it's time to shutup and stop adding fuel to the fire better than you do.
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    So I have more time to write up a bit of a report. I have had a bit of an emotional roller coaster this week due to someone crashing into my life. Swim - the wetsuit ruling was good for me as I hate that lake and I just wanna get the hell out of it, it was bad enough that you could not see feet in front of you, so had to up periscope to sight! I also have a sleeveless which makes it even better. I went off course, did 36 for 1.7km I also got into a bit of traffic at the start. Bike - I played by the plan which was 80% of FTP for the ride duration, I needed to ensure I could get to the run, and with some niggles it meant I could not push a higher average. I think it was 1:22 for the 40k which is a 29k average. Run - I tried to keep running as long as possible, but my back pulled up stumps around 5k, but I kept running through it. Just under 7:30/k I had to stop a couple of times to stretch the back and hammie. Thanks for the drink at the finish cape_horn, I had nothing left to walk over to recovery after putting it all in to hold off the other Athena.
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    Feel a little better after looking at the results in general. Would have been 3rd in the previous age group and 1st in the next, so just a very strong turnout in my category.
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    Just wanted to add, this is a great topic & its interesting to hear everyones point of view
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    I agree but Im not sure if there's anything wrong with a group of friends having a shared or common goal or benchmark. Which is where Im coming from
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    Hence the offer of company was not taken lightly...
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    Who is anyone to decide a benchmark or if someone is achieving their best. This thread is moving to dangerous territory as far as I'm concerned.
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    Had a pretty good race apart from the swim. Hate wetsuits and that ruling lost me a few places I reckon. The water was warm. Some pretty serious insects out there today. Didn't get the points I wanted, but it might be enough. Shows I wont get the points I was hoping for in Mooloolaba. Might have to do Wollongong the week after...
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    It was one of those "do it now, or never". For how much it's used, should have been never. But it makes a nice big shower, granted my wife has to step over to get in which hasn't been a great idea.
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    Though there still are some quality performances by our veteran marathoners. Lavinia Petrie's 3:38 at 71 at Wangaratta Marathon just a couple of years ago was phenomenal. WR for W70-74. As an aside, I had the pleasure of sharing the track with Lavinia at the Australian 50 Mile Champs in 1992. I cracked, she ran beautifully to break the Australian 50 Mile record.
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    I’m seeing BIG CHRIS tomorrow. I’ll get him to check in.
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    Good job that never happened to Lloyd Rayney. Can't see him having been so restrained.
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    Adrenaline keeps you warmer
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    I've raced in similar conditions before and was fine. It's not cold when you're pushing it a bit...
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    Mobility, I'm in mid 40's and can do two handed slam dunks reverse dunks and catch the ball of a throw and dunk. Not quite like 19 but it's still pretty mobile.
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    Are you curious about the points of view of others?
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    Yum! Bent Spoke beer!
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    12 degrees is cold when you get on the bike whilst wet. Then again I'm a massive sook when it comes to cold...
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    Who claims garmins make you faster. They are a measurement, review monitoring and alert tool. Used properly to measure and provide feedback to a training programme they should help people train more effectively and pace their races. Strength has little to do with running a good marathon Running more has lots to do with running a good marathon. People sit more at work, while standing at work would do more for fitness than sitting, I know when I run 80 plus K weeks I love to sit, sitting is not a determinant of marathon performance. As for mobility who says we are less mobile? What does the term mean, suppose there are lot of old people who are not so mobile and have scooters etc.
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    I just want to point out that I was one of those sub 3 in 2017. Nothing else to add.
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    Not sure if youd call ours an ensuite, we have a walk through wardrobe then the bathroom with the throne, shower & bath. Doors on the wardrobe & bathroom. So no smells or sounds thanks very much 😁.
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    And I think the AWESOME thing that we're missing is that more people are running marathons full stop. That's great news!
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    Last year wasn't Australian worlds!!
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    Damm dog is never going to qualify for Kona, she loves her warm comfy bed, way too much.
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    My niece starts high school next year, they had a farewell dinner (nice idea) , quite a few of her class mates had the day off school for spray tans & get their nails done!! My niece was worried she wouldnt look as good as the other girls! Parents ... what are you thinking ??????? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
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    TC, not hard at all to find a PT to help with your strength training to enhance your SBR. As an example, There's 3 very good PT who are members of WSTC who are delivering excellent results. Whether you accept or dismiss the PT industry, it doesn't remove the fact that as you get older, you need to do some form of strength training As part of your training for triathlon. Which I believe was a he original question.
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    done. $45 shipping, ouch!
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