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    Hey Goughy, I'm sorry to hear of the above as it sounds like a shit time for everyone involved. I don't for one minute claim to understand what it is like for you and your family at present, so please take this for what it is and how it is intended - simply a different perspective. As I head towards nearly a full year since I have seen or spoken to my children (and this being the second time this has occurred - the first lasting nearly 2 years), I would give absolutely anything to swap and be in your position. As shit as the current situation may be, you ARE in your children's lives, you DO have the ability to impact and influence them, and you DO have the ability to tell them every single day that you love them. And maybe it is simply the last point that is the most important. I don't know the answers to the issues you describe above, but mate, just be there. Tell them you love them, give them a hug and maybe the shit will sort itself out. Maybe it won't, but at least they will feel the love. I hope you can all work through this soon. Good luck Ayto
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    Don't apologise Goughy. The intention of my post was not to make you feel bad in any way, shape or form. More to take it as an opportunity to perhaps think about the situation with a different mindset and perspective. Yes, its pretty crappy at the moment, and yes you are frustrated and not quite sure what the next steps are..............but, plenty of positives to be taken from all of this as well. You are smarter than you think and you will work through this. I have seen you (via this forum and social media) reach out when you need to and that takes a great deal of strength. I see you post coming from a position of frustration only. And that's ok. This crap is frustrating and its ok to vent here. Thats whats so great about this thread. Let me be clear - there was absolutely no offense taken from your post and I certainly didn't perceive it as selfish in any way. Keep at it!!
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    It's amazing what you can do with statistics. In the 80's when I ran a couple Marathons, the field had a couple of fat people. The rest were runners. Fun runs were for non-runners. Now non-runners are doing Marathons. Of course the average time is going to drop. By his stats: There are 8.5 times as many people running now. The percentage running 3hrs - 4hrs has dropped from 54% to 38%. That means there are 6 times as many people running those times now.
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    150km ride Easy TT Effort once I knew where I was and it was safe Great fun ride.
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    I refuse to be FB friends with anyone from work. No matter how good friends we are. All blocked.
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    My swim times were 100% accurate at 0 minutes.
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    Maybe they could just get their own thread and go back and forth on whatever topic they want.
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    You have been talking to me recently? Considering my swim atm (Oh please let it be wetsuit legal...) - Maybe I can get done for blocking on the bike, while we have a chat
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    Exactly. More people out running full stop. Maybe their garmins and mobile phones gave them the incentive and feeling of safety to get out there in the first place. Otherwise they would be at home on the couch.
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    Only if I get to swim beside the boat. I may accidentally land a couple on someone's kidney too. Just like the old days of mass starts.
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    Mate, that last line I wrote was really crap actually and very selfish. Regardless of the situation I should have been more considerate of yourself and others. Really sorry about that.
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    5k's is 5k's. Better then 1 2 3 or 4. Good job. 5.1 next time ☺
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    That’s the reason, I left my last cycling team. I don’t want to be associated with dodgey pricks
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    When you combine that with the 0.003 mm of rainfall, then 90% of Brisbane stays in bed
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    My immediate thoughts too 😂
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    Is there any truth to the rumour that Robson is bringing a portable toilet on his Rotto support boat?
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    Keep that age disadvantage in the bag and use it post race if you need to....But I reckon you'll be fine. Go hard FatPom.
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    This really does reflect badly on STS that she continues to coach AND publicly support a proven serial cheater across multiple sports and highlights a lack of personal and sporting moral compass and ethics. Wake up to yourself Shelley
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    Olympic for me. Will be in Balmoral Tri Club colours, will put a Trannie visor on for the run. Arriving in Canberra around 3pm on Friday, staying at the Crown. Anyone want visor/hat let me know, I'll bring some down.
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    I have noticed a definite increase in quality of sleep and hours of sleep when I have my daughter for the weekend. Maybe I subconsciously fret?
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    After watching the video, I'm not sure why the cyclist originally took issue with the driver in the first place. Looks like a safe enough pass to me. The cyclist immediately starts yelling "idiot, idiot" then chases the old guy down and shirt-fronts him as the old guy is getting out of his car. Seems like the old guy felt threatened and grabbed a box cutter in case he had to defend himself. Maybe the video doesn't show the whole story but I think the cyclist is acting like a knob.
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    For your own safety - please don't confront these people! If they already don't give a shit about you, then what will coming at them do for you! If you have genuine evidence of dangerous operation of a vehicle then report it. The old guy might get done for having a weapon with him, but he'll probably get off on having feared for his life or something because the cyclist has basically (whether by luck or not) chased him down.
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