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    I thought the heart rate only transmitted in ant +. The fenix uses Bluetooth for notifications etc. if you like I can ask the nerds at work. Only problem is I fear a 3 page response with algorithms, links to studies & summary I still won’t understand. Its tricky working with a 40 people that are exactly the same as Sheldon. If they keep calling me Penny. I’m going to strangle the weakest one until they all fall back into line.
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    Most of my racing is done with NFI
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    Hey Goughy, I'm sorry to hear of the above as it sounds like a shit time for everyone involved. I don't for one minute claim to understand what it is like for you and your family at present, so please take this for what it is and how it is intended - simply a different perspective. As I head towards nearly a full year since I have seen or spoken to my children (and this being the second time this has occurred - the first lasting nearly 2 years), I would give absolutely anything to swap and be in your position. As shit as the current situation may be, you ARE in your children's lives, you DO have the ability to impact and influence them, and you DO have the ability to tell them every single day that you love them. And maybe it is simply the last point that is the most important. I don't know the answers to the issues you describe above, but mate, just be there. Tell them you love them, give them a hug and maybe the shit will sort itself out. Maybe it won't, but at least they will feel the love. I hope you can all work through this soon. Good luck Ayto
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    I always laugh when people say I don’t know what you are talking about with these sorts of things. These training tools have been around a long time now, and in order to grow in this sport you should be willing to aquire knowledge of different training and tools. I use TSB etc as a guide for tapering. I will usually try and be around 20/25. I think it is important to also look at how fast the TSB has risen. If it has gone from like -30 to +25 in a week it may be hard to wake it up on race day. My best performances have come from letting the TSB rise and then the last few days then flatten out. But it is not exact and you need to go by feel as well. Don’t worry about these things now, they are to reflect on after the race to prepare for next time. Now is the time for positive thinking and visualisation.
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    CTL is chronic training load and measures your load over 42 days and indicator of fitness ATL is acute training load and measures your load over last 7 days , it’s a good indicator of fatigue. TSB is training stress balance and is the difference between the two and is an overall indicator of the training stress you are currently under , this number can help fine tune your training. All of the above relies on accurate HR, Pace and Power settings to determine your training stress from a session and also regular 6-8 week retesting of your zones as you get fitter your zones should change to accomodate your new fitness level. Any good coach will also say to learn to use feel and not just rely on the watch / bike computer for your pacing etc .
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    Forget the numbers, listen to your body. I actually dont even know what those numbers are.
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    I think you are paying too much for your Hot Dots 😂
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    I've just a had a reporter from the West Australian contact me regarding Mark Robson. He's writing an article about him that's in the paper tomorrow, I think going into more detail about his past cheating as well as the Rottnest Channel Swim and whether or not he should be competing. So perhaps this may go somewhere? I didn't realise how much I knew about this guy!
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    Happy 5th Birthday my thread
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    Don't apologise Goughy. The intention of my post was not to make you feel bad in any way, shape or form. More to take it as an opportunity to perhaps think about the situation with a different mindset and perspective. Yes, its pretty crappy at the moment, and yes you are frustrated and not quite sure what the next steps are..............but, plenty of positives to be taken from all of this as well. You are smarter than you think and you will work through this. I have seen you (via this forum and social media) reach out when you need to and that takes a great deal of strength. I see you post coming from a position of frustration only. And that's ok. This crap is frustrating and its ok to vent here. Thats whats so great about this thread. Let me be clear - there was absolutely no offense taken from your post and I certainly didn't perceive it as selfish in any way. Keep at it!!
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    It's amazing what you can do with statistics. In the 80's when I ran a couple Marathons, the field had a couple of fat people. The rest were runners. Fun runs were for non-runners. Now non-runners are doing Marathons. Of course the average time is going to drop. By his stats: There are 8.5 times as many people running now. The percentage running 3hrs - 4hrs has dropped from 54% to 38%. That means there are 6 times as many people running those times now.
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    I refuse to be FB friends with anyone from work. No matter how good friends we are. All blocked.
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    I wouldn't see that as a high number, and depending on the length of the race you can decide on whether an additional easy run should be done. If I'm doing an IM, my previous coach used to keep me doing longish easy stuff right up to the days preceding as I have a habit of racing to feel and end up going out to hard on the 1st lap of an IM. Based on what you describe I would just stay fresh and use it as a learning exercise for next race. If you do a run before to lower the number you may not actually understand whether this had an impact on the race and whether to avoid it next time.
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    No it doesn't, but you can change it all retrospectively if you want... I did it recently when I realised that my swim threshold was all wrong
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    WTF --------------------------------------------------------
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    I'm not feeling fatigued, (quads were a little yesterday), but was feeling super twitchy last night and I've never raced with such a high TSB. I've heard of others who do a 20 min tempo run the day before a race too, but I've never been game. Something to try for next time. I'll just try something new this Sat and go in more rested than normal - you never know - I might feel better than ever! hmmmm I've gone from -8 to 25 in a week which is my concern. I'll give it a go and report back :-) Nup (easier to get to the pointy end as a female) - have I been talking myself up again? hmmm I actually don't know why it hasn't gone back up. It went down as I took a week off, but got back into it and it never went up again... If the body tells you to take a day off? You mean that your body talks to your brain? I have an issue there. My brain says, yep, all good! "Body, how are things going?" Brain hears, "all good in the hood". A few days later brain asks again, 'Body, how are things going?" Brain hears "All good, maybe have a wee look at that little niggle". Body suddenly yells "ARGH!! STOP, I'M EFFING SHATTERED'".
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    Why do these topics always turn into gadgets V no gadgets and get personal? BogFrog was asking about tips for interpreting the numbers. If u cant help, bugger off with ur anti vax hoorah
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    Laugh all you will, while I could've maybe had a stab at guessing some of the acronyms, I don't know what they, how they are measured or how to interpret them. While not wanting to talk myself up, without gadgets or using any sort of training numbers apart from very basics of time, distance etc, I managed to KQ at my first ironman, 70.3 PB of 4.41, won my AG at Noosa and Mooloolaba several times each (5 I think), series champ for local sprint races for several years, state champ at sprint and OD distance on multiple occasions. Now, I sound like a huge w@nker for saying all that, but just a different perspective. But I get that some people love them and that's cool too.
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    I scratch my head about this stuff. I went through a secondary & tertiary education experience which was the pinnacle of patriarchal & chauvinistic, and now as I reconnect with my fellow students from 30+ yrs ago, and look at my male friends, it is very clear who rules the roost...and thinking back, the girls largely had the upper hand, even if it did not look like it. I'm not sure about this sense of entitlement is I'm supposed to have? What am I entitled to? My wife & I did the hard yards, got paid the sh*t $'s when we started out - just like our girls are now - but by proving ourselves good employees, we slowly climbed ladders. My only belief regarding job egalitarianism is do a good job, and you will be rewarded. If not, move on. And if you are smart enough to do a good job and get paid good $'s without being a work martyr (geez I'm sick of these whingers), more power to you. Face it, humans are programmed to respond to physical attractiveness in the first instance. But that does not mean it ultimately wins the day. Other observations: Our youngest while a uni student was approached to be a grid girl at Bathurst, but her BF was not keen on the idea, so she did sales work instead....and made less $'s. As her parents, we'd have been fine for her to do the grid thing. She's tough and could handle situations with ease. Why is she tough? Because we didn't feather-nest her - the world is not fair, but through your actions, you can make it fair(er) and earn respect.....or you can whinge there are blockers you can't get through. Observing the first few years in the workplace of our early 20's daughters, they get far more grief from female than male work colleagues. I see the same in workplaces I deal with & my male friends say similar. Many women are plain vicious to other women at work. Blokes might not like other blokes at work, but tend not to go out of their way to make their lives Hell - they will just try to minimise their interaction with those they don't like.
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    I agree ash. Your ctl is just showing you are training consistently. With the drop you are still fit or maybe even fitter. You are just not as consistent as you were to get it to 140. At the end of the day as long as your CTL and ATL are as close to each other as possible. You'll have the best possible race you can.
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    This is true I'm sure, for some. BogFrog is FaF as far as I can tell and takes her stuff seriously and more power to her and others like that. However, I'd also be of the opinion that just because you're in this sport, a person may not particularly want to grow, especially if it takes time/energy away from something they may be equally or more interested in. Alternatively, I'd say it's also possible to push yourself without all the gadgets. None of the above tools are useless but neither is not using them. I'm definitely interested in what they mean and I like to read about this stuff but can't ever see myself applying it.
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    You forgot some - Z, Q, F, X, P, Y, D and of course, the silent J. FM
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    Fight with me brothers to stop fernwood gyms misogynistic members policy.
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    The numbers are relevant to you, for example some people can train into -20 TSB and some others can only train into -10 TSB etc. In terms of tapering AA7 is right if your body feels ok then you are good to go. If you are feeling fatigued I'm not sure how your TSB can be so high? Day before a race I do some short speed work and thats about it (15mins) I listen to my body and use the numbers retrospectively to keep my stubbornness in check to not over train or to keep a load low for a specific injury.
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    You can keep your phone on you - just temporary switch off the Bluetooth. Switch back on when the run/ride is done. This has been an issue for me for 2 years, so not a recent update thing. Bluetooth tech ain't so hot...
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    4 x 1km @4.10 pace, 2 mins easy.
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    This is the good thing about the 'sport' of fly-fishing. Your 'competitor' with a brain the size of a pea can't cheat. It either outsmarts you, or it doesn't (writing from NZ, been outsmarted for 2 days now ). However, the local rabbits look dodgy......
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    Maybe they could just get their own thread and go back and forth on whatever topic they want.
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    You have been talking to me recently? Considering my swim atm (Oh please let it be wetsuit legal...) - Maybe I can get done for blocking on the bike, while we have a chat
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    Exactly. More people out running full stop. Maybe their garmins and mobile phones gave them the incentive and feeling of safety to get out there in the first place. Otherwise they would be at home on the couch.
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    5k's is 5k's. Better then 1 2 3 or 4. Good job. 5.1 next time ☺
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    When you combine that with the 0.003 mm of rainfall, then 90% of Brisbane stays in bed
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    My swim times were 100% accurate at 0 minutes.
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    Is there any truth to the rumour that Robson is bringing a portable toilet on his Rotto support boat?
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    Keep that age disadvantage in the bag and use it post race if you need to....But I reckon you'll be fine. Go hard FatPom.
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    This really does reflect badly on STS that she continues to coach AND publicly support a proven serial cheater across multiple sports and highlights a lack of personal and sporting moral compass and ethics. Wake up to yourself Shelley
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    Olympic for me. Will be in Balmoral Tri Club colours, will put a Trannie visor on for the run. Arriving in Canberra around 3pm on Friday, staying at the Crown. Anyone want visor/hat let me know, I'll bring some down.
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    Yeah, that Hitler bloke, I heard he was pretty bad, but he didn't actually do anything to me soooooo......
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    After watching the video, I'm not sure why the cyclist originally took issue with the driver in the first place. Looks like a safe enough pass to me. The cyclist immediately starts yelling "idiot, idiot" then chases the old guy down and shirt-fronts him as the old guy is getting out of his car. Seems like the old guy felt threatened and grabbed a box cutter in case he had to defend himself. Maybe the video doesn't show the whole story but I think the cyclist is acting like a knob.
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    For your own safety - please don't confront these people! If they already don't give a shit about you, then what will coming at them do for you! If you have genuine evidence of dangerous operation of a vehicle then report it. The old guy might get done for having a weapon with him, but he'll probably get off on having feared for his life or something because the cyclist has basically (whether by luck or not) chased him down.
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    When I played golf I played with Titliest ProV golf balls (no idea if these are still a thing), $8 a pop at the time. Hit something hard or thin one and youre reaching in the bag for another. Cost me 10-20m on the drive but had great feel around the greens. Lucky to last 1 round. Give me a hot dot though....extra 10-20m on the drive, last 10 years, cost $3.50. Never used a hot dot except for a long drive comp.
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    Things for my son have taken a turn for the worst and it's really starting to take a toll on the rest of us. For about a month, or maybe longer, he's been struggling with sleep. We (meaning my wife) mostly thought it was anxiety related. But it hadn't eased up at all and it's been a fight to get him to go to fall asleep, so she took him to the doctor and while not inflamed as such, he has quite large tonsils etc. He did have a fair bit of tonsillitis as a little kid but never bad enough to have them out. And inflamed nostrils. So he's going to see one of my ENT mates and will probably end up having them out. But while I wanted her to, my wife didn't query getting him set up with a mental health plan again so he can go see someone. Then another day later he had a full on meltdown that had him in hysterics and my wife in tears so the next day it was off to the docs again. He missed a day of school last week, and he's now missing his second in a row now as he won't get dressed because he hates the formal uniform (which they only wear 3 or 4 times a term tops). He was awake till nearly midnight last night, even after doping him up with phenergan, and he's just tired and stress now. We just can't do the usual "persuade, argue, fight, then take about everything he owns away from him till he screams he hates us and ends up going" at the moment as there is more going on than simple tantrums. But I'm sure there is an element of him intentionally pushing it, but there is more going on. So we just don't know what to do any more. He's booked in to see the phsych he saw a few years ago, but that's in a couple of weeks. The school counselor can't help him because he was best friends with her daughter throughout primary school and he knows her well so isn't comfortable talking with her. Plus she's the only counselor in a state school of 1500. I did have a long chat with her yesterday though. But on a selfish note this is really stressing me and my wife out, while my daughter is handling it ok but at some time she's gonna get pissed off with his behaviour and attention seeking. His weight is ballooning and I just can't be bothered fighting with him over it anymore. It's all part of a much larger problem and it's feeling now that trying to make little nips at just parts of it is going nowhere. I think I'll ring the school counselor today (she is a friend anyway) and get some ideas about how to approach the school about this. But this is all affecting my wife's health, which isn't great at the best of times. And I'm just fried atm, struggling to focus at work or anything. It's been a couple of weeks since I've really done any activity and barely even walk the dog. I'd started using some meditation apps to get my focus into work but also to break between work and home life but just can't be ****ed with them atm. Why the **** would you wanna have kids.
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