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    Checking in, doing ok. Back at work full time. Packed up his shit. He's gone now. I'm moving on.
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    Some sweeping generalisations here but.... most serial bike haters are bogans. Mist bogans have a weird love affair with sporting heroes. most of these hero’s are v8 drivers, footy players (afl/ nrl), motor bike riders etc. some legends of these sports are pretty decent and serious cyclists. Most v8 drivers do it for fitness,super bike rider Troy herfoss is almost pro level cyclist, Michael Ennis from the sharks just did IM70.3 and is aiming for Ironman. why isn’t there an ad campaign showing the bogans that their heroes are “Lycra clad poodters and that the guy you are abusing today is the same guy you cheer for on the weekend.
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    Not an expert but, as a 55 year old, this worked for me.... In order to gauge Slow - In the last 3 years, best 5k 19.08, best 10k 39:02 and best half 1:26:27 ( all as runs, not off the bike ) During the heat of Summer in the Gulf and India, continued with 4 runs a week varying from 10k to 20k. Most were done at between 5:00 and 5:45 per k, week in, week out. Turn the Garmin on and check pace occasionally, turn off at the end. The focus was on good form and breathing, enjoying the scenery and not minding to stop and have have a few minutes break to stretch, do a few drills, push ups, bench dips and a drink. Come race time, it was a matter of turning up the pace ( between 3:50 and 4:15 per k, depending on sessions ) 1 month out and it didn't take long to get up to speed as there was a good base and I stayed injury free.
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    3 egg scramble with half an avo smashed on to two saladas plus my one milky (lactose free milk for me) coffee for the day.
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    For those interested here's my last two days. Approx 8 weeks out from NZ so starting on some bigger days. Will try and post a couple of key days each week. (Keeping in mind that these are KEY days and are supported by a foundation of a lot of other work and recovery). Anyway, this week. Tuesday: AM: 2.15hr ride including 5x5min at or slightly above typical 'threshold' (390w, 391w, 388w, 387w, 403w) followed by 30min at IM pace (309w - approx 10w above). PM: 65min run as 20min warm up, 2x15min wirh 5min reco, 10min cool down. 15min broken as 5min @ 3.50-4min/k, 5min @ 3.40-3.45, 5min sub 3.30. Wednesday: AM: 5km swim with main set of 2 x (4x200 on 2.40, 4x50 fly on 60) Breakfast then straight into 3.10hr ride (110k) incl 5x12min @ IM pace (300w) on low rpm with 3min reco. Rest of ride easy. PM: 1.25hr/20k steady aerobic run along the beach
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    Done. Dell has been ordered. Thanks all
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    Personally, I would try and keep those 2 things separate. Do your slow runs as normal a technique as possible just really slowly, shorten stride length or whatever is required.. if wanting a higher cadence then try this on tempo or speedier sessions
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    I was told by my running physio that running slower amplifies any instabilities that you may have...
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    I used to hate Z2 running, I think I started a thread on it and used to like to just pootle along at "most efficient". Then decided I needed to get a bit serious about run training if I wanted to break 3 hours for a marathon so forced myself into it and now I love it. I struggle to run slowly enough sometimes so I just throw in walking breaks. Set the alarm on my Garmin to warn me if I go into Z3 on the HR and then walk until it drops back down to 2.8. That might help with the awkward running gait?
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    For the first time in what feels like forever, I did more distance on my feet today than in the water. 4:15 start at the dam for 4.3km, then home and took the dog for 6km. It's her longest walk ever, and we ran some sections of it (I suppose you could say I ran & she trotted) and we ran the last 2km, albeit slowly. I'm seeing an exercise physiologist later today, so I figured I may as well be able to feel where the knee pain is.
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    10km treadmill run and 1hr wind trainer afterwards
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    Late to the party, but I did a session today with Ben from http://www.forbesmtbcourses.com Just me, 1 on 1 for 2 hours after work, at Gap Creek Reserve Being a total n00b, we started with the basics: Track stand attempts - this surprised me, but made sense when he explained it just gives you time to assess things if you need it. He noticed my grip and we went and moved my brake levers in a bit from the end of my bars, trying to get me used to 1 finger braking. Flat pedals/attack stance. Front/rear wheel lifts, then some obstacles - 1 coppers log/2 coppers logs/six coppers logs in a stack kind of thing. Cornering - including moving from flat to outside leg down and back to flat - that was much longer to get hold of than I'd like to admit. Then hit a couple of trails in the second hour, some wayyy more technical stuff than I've been on so far. (But still only Green/Blue rated) The difference between me stopping dead on seeing some of the obstacles on the first trail and not blinking about something similar 20 minutes later was pretty stark. I found the whole session just so worthwhile. Ben was pretty easy going, no stress felt at all. He explained everything so I could understand it. I have to practice, then I will do a second session with him next month. I would recommend him to anyone in Brissie.
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    Ryan @ 3D Bike Fit. This thread honestly doesn’t need to go any further. If your friend wants the best, then they need to go to him.
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    Ryan @ 3D. There are some others but I've not found one as good as him.
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    Stop ya flirting. This isn’t tinder
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    Id like to see a breakdown of where the %s of that goes. Permits, traffic control, tucker, fluffy finish lines, suppprt infrastructure, paid employees etc. Might make it easier to take if legit. Or not......
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    I think it is your age on Dec 31 in the year that the season starts. Not sure if that makes sense?? Yes, as you say, you cant change age groups during the season.
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    yeah I wont forget the day....this happened to my hornet...30 years ago we were running it , charging it , running it, charging it...and it overheated and melted, whilst being charged from the old mans car battery... wise suggestion ronny, grab a few batteries... :-)
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    Rest day today. Twitchy.
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    My week is usually structured around a 'recovery' day for the legs Monday with swim and maybe a very short, easy spin + gym. Solid Tues-Thurs. Friday often a bit less volume and then solid weekend. This works well for me as have been doing work experience in the office on Mondays
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    Very hit and miss. I just had a quick look in Garmin Connect and a lot of my long, easy runs have similar av HRs, but some of the shorter stuff it's all over the place. Two 5km runs from duathlons below (one was 4.6km) 4 weeks apart. Readings from first race seem spot on, 2nd race, no way was my max HR 160. I have read that there are number of things that can affect the readings, loose watch, hair, sweat etc. Even if the average HR readings were spot on the instant HR is rarely accurate, constantly spiking, jumping from 140s to 170s then back down to 140s and when you have an unreliable and inconsistent tool you eventually stop trusting it. I was going to get a strap HRM, but I kinda know my different HR zones, so probably won't bother. If there was a Fenix 5 without optical HRM, knowing what I know now, I would opt for that. For a lot of technology if it's not 99% reliable it's not worth using.
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    Ffs what the Fark is that shit.
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    I have to follow her because she likes to look around and see what the world is doing, then in her warm up she was doing frogs legs and i copped a kick to the face, she has bloody long legs that kid!
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    I kinda don't see any of this being any different than the people my son is obsessed with on YouTube who play Minecraft etc and scream and rant like idiots and make millions...... My son now looks at this as a genuine occupation and it's all he wants to do when he grows up, of not sooner! Honestly, I can't stand them and have no interest in them, but at the same time I say good luck to them if they can get something out of it! They're smarter than me, making something out of nothing.
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    I planned an 8km swim & a couple others were turning up. I then slept through my alarm for the first time since last Summer. Maybe my body was telling me I needed the sleep. I'll go with that line anyway.
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    I'm so cheap I can't even afford to comment in this thread!
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    Really? I see all those things you do, but i don't feel sorry for her. I don't feel anything for her. Maybe I'm a bad person.
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    Looks like it is going to be rather blowy too
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    My screen shot skills are insufficient to show the 35-39 grouping. Suffice to say, there are lots!
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