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    In the spirit of Xmas or 'Pay it forward' or "buy Goughy a bike" why dont you offer to write him a free program?
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    Race wheels? hahaha i wish! Cost of coaching does not fall into my budget currently, Im putting spare money to other things currently (building my Ute up for travelling with my family), So I am not skimping on it at all, its just not in my budget right now, considering I am currently not FOP or even MOP or chasing a Kona slot, its not a justified spend in my single income household right now. However, if you feel like a challenge, and want to see how far you can take a former slob with no natural athletic ability for free, i will give you my 100% commitment and see where it ends up! Ali'i drive hopefully! Come on - i dare ya
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    I'm back for my monthly dose of... 'Hmmm, everyone else is out doing stuff, and I'm not!'. Hopefully I'll get something done around the family while I'm on holidays. Have time for a run now but they are predicting 42+ degrees here today so it will be a warm one. Could ride my bike, but Cranky keeps stealing it! And FFF, yes if taking it easy is working for you then keep doing it until the Mojo comes back... anything is better than nothing and consistency trumps everything else!
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    Stay off my bike! Couldn't you decide if you wanted to run or ride? I told you before, stay off my bike!!
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    Was chatting this morning about my year last year and the role this thread played in it all. The conversation made me feel the need to pop in and say thank you to all of you for listening to me when I needed it most. I also wanted to make sure anyone who needed it right now knows there is someone here (although I'm sure we all are), if it's needed. And finally, if anyone at all needs a private chat about anything, drop me a line, please.
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    A good coach on pool deck outranks a computer program.
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    Basically it says “Buy ALTO rims”?
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    Went for a little run this morning. Starting back to nightshift tonight, but I've got a few things planned for the week, nothing major though.
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    Oh yes! 6.00/6.15 start time!!! Hopefully done by the time the heat moves in.
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    My original target was 750km, but when the pool closed for an extra 8 weeks this year (and I had a slack first half to the year), I revised that down to just beating last year's 511km. I started this season needing 18km/week, but am down to under 2km a day needed now. With 6km planned for tomorrow, a couple more swims before the weekend, and the 10km on Sunday, it should all happen this week. The forecast is for a sunny day up to 32 degrees, with light winds in the morning. So at the moment, looking perfect.
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    Interesting read, both of them. Seems science can be the same as statistics if you want to prove a point (that your wheels are best).
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    Having been on this site for 10 years. I would accept advice from Ruley, AP, Rog, RBR, Paul E these are guys with the run's on the board. But their approach differ, so it should be pick one and stay with it Allot of others probably know what works for them and have good advice, Me I know what works for me, and delivers what i want from the sport. This doesn't work for others.
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    Race wheels are the secret ingredient thats why you see all those people training on their expensive wheels.
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    That's sound advice Consider how much you have spent on a bike - race wheels - tyres - wetsuit - helmet - clothing etc - then you're skimping on the single thing most likely to give you the best result - the coaching You didn't expect the bike for nothing - you didn't expect the wetsuit for nothing - both of these items were built by people with knowledge in their specific field, and you paid for that - then you assume that a bunch of anonymous posters on a forum have the expertise you seek, and most of them won't even reveal their true identity -- what you get for nothing is worth nothing
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    Sorry Goughy, you'll have to log it as a ride.
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    I once used strava when I mowed the lawn and then posted it........ I still got a few likes!!!!!! WTF
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    My walks get a thumbs up on Strava.... I'm fracking awesome y'hear!
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    I'm certainly no expert having only raced 5 X 70.3 but I definitely agree with Zed with regard to the running training component. There's a big thread on it over on Slowtwitch regarding running a minimum of 6 times a week consisting of 3 x short runs, 2 x medium runs (roughly twice the length of your short runs) and 1 x long run (roughly three times as long as your short runs). ALL of the running is EASY (conversation pace) and the improvement comes through volume and consistency. Approaching races, the medium runs can be used to add some above race pace intensity if required. I'm still not doing the volume of Zed but I'm running more than I ever thought possible and it's surprisingly easy and repeatable with no hint of injuries yet. My 'easy' pace is improving too. At the moment my short runs are only 4-5km which can easily be knocked over in under half an hour so it's easy to fit in and these are the days when you could also schedule one of your bike sessions. But when you do 4-5km three times a week, 8-10km two times a week and a 12-15km session it's easy to see how the weekly mileage can quickly add up. Obviously, once you can handle that load, you slowly up the distances. Its taken me a long time (I'm probably not the sharpest tool in the shed) but I'm finally realising that a single session or a single big week is irelevent. It's about aerobic consistency over a long period that will get the results.
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    I have the 2017 model and the front bottle seems rock solid. I have trouble removing the top clip- although I'm sure it will loosen over time. There's plenty of the 2016/17 models around here and I haven't heard any complaints recently. I know some had issues initially in 2016. Make sure that the bottle is slid correctly on to the bottom prong that screws to the headtube. If it is not aligned correctly at the bottom then it will shift/rattle, and (in my exp.) the top clip will not properly engage and lock. The top clip basically just stops it sliding forward off the lower prong which supports the bottle
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    If it rattles on the M7..... Wait until you hear it rattle up at Port..... You won't wait for it to fall off.... you'll probably rip it off yourself.
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    I think I lost my can of worms somewhere? You're going to get more confused asking for that info here. Try asking MKC coaching or the like for help/advice.
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    Given what happened at Busso and Taupo, stop wasting your time with swim training.
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    O/A, time, First, Last, Bib, Cat, Cat Plc, Swim, Cycle, Run 178, 2:12:49.2, Pitman, Allan, 170, N, 7, 22:09, 1:10:12, 40:28 sorry Ronnie, I've read the printed results three times and cant find you, My project to digitise the whole history of the Noosa tri is on hold (USM were suggested they "owned" the results list (sorry folks "Public Domain" or at least "Public Good") ) but really, unless I break a leg I have other things to work on - like having a crack at the GC worlds in 2018 ('coz 3 times would be cool) or like that essay for my masters I'm supposed to turn in tonght.....