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    Thats bullshit, dumbing down the sport... whats next kona will be a sprint triathlon with joke athletes
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    They don't test wide enough in the sports, have you seen the pill boxes the average lawn bowler has in their retirement home rooms? They're popping pills every hour on the hour
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    Got up at 0330 and went out and did an FTP test on the bike! Good starting point for Vietnam half training
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    6 x lengths of my 850m pool. 5.1km, and actually swam the last 2 lengths with somebody. 31km this week, and all in the dam. Lovely.
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    I saw his name in results from time to time and always wondered whether it was the same person. Very sad. A tribute:-
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    And seriously, he was one of the ones that tri australia should have grabbed to grow the sport but they were too stupid. RIP
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    Ive accepted a wild card. Not sure it was real smart but I thought who gives a fark, why not.
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    Only met him the day that you introduced him at the Aus Champs race down at Wollongong. These things tend to make us realise our own mortality. It sounds like Rory had a full and interesting life, and hopefully it was also a very enjoyable one. Thoughts are with all who were close to him.
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    Mick, that is not good news. Thoughts go to his family, friends and the Warringah trip club.
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    The only followers I want Lance to be surrounded by are lawyers .... who will hopefully bleed him dry. Amazing how his predecessor (Delgado) was found guilty and nothing was done and the legacy of doped Spanish cycling teams continues 30 years later with Movistar! Time to probably bring in a "run what you bring" rule, open the floodgates and watch the freakshow begin!
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    Oh no! That’s terrible news. Had a few quick chats with him as have a few mutual friends. Seemed like a genuinely nice guy and an involved club member. Thoughts are with the Warringah crew and his friends and family.
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    Had the lane to myself at the Miami acquatic centre (2 x 50 m pools) - at the pro hours time of 6.00am. Going to get up a bit earlier tomorrow and join the 5:30 swim squad - I really suck at pushing myself when swimming solo. Happy to hurt running and cycling solo, but chlorine must soften the will power.
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    Property developers and government agencies that give them the okay to build big new housing developments right next to a freeway, but don't bother putting any infrastructure like public transport or on ramps onto the freeway. Instead they put in stupid traffic lights every 300 metres and turn the freeway into inefficient normal city streets. 24 minutes to travel 700 metres during this week due to the frigging housing being built all on top of each other in an attempt to have "affordable housing" for the masses. 10 years ago a stretch of road 10kms long use to take 6 minutes to traverse, now the average on a good day is 30 minutes And while I'm on it, politicians that talk about policies involving spending billions of dollars "to improve the flow of transport" and then talk about reducing speed limits in areas to 30 and 40kms/hr in the same breath. Your ignorance shows why none of you deserve to get a single vote - not even from your Mum
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    This is one of the most tested athlete's on the planet that is well aware of the upper limits for Salbutamol for him personally. He has managed this for more than 10 years. To be 100% over the limit is bizarre to be almost incredulous. To be at 1200 or 1300, you could understand, but to actually INHALE twice this amount is a ludicrous proposition. Which leads to the proposal of INGESTION, making the higher reading more plausible. Study demonstrating performance benefits when INGESTING Salbutamol - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16195983
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    lol That was the prologue start at the Sun Tour earlier this year. I was the designated holder. It's actually quite a tricky job holding 120 or so riders for their start. I'll be back at the Sun Tour again - starts in about 6 weeks. While there is a designated limit on the amount one can use per day, that's not what can be tested for. Testing is via urine sample and that can't really distinguish the means of taking the drug (inhaled, ingested or injected). Also each individual metabolises the drug at different rates, so two people taking same dose at same time may some hours later have wildly different test sample concentrations. You might get some idea if you had multiple samples over a period to assess the rate of changes in concentration. The testing limit for an adverse analytical finding (AAF) is pretty generous such that being beyond it is strongly suggestive that use is not isolated to reasonable medical need, and being twice that limit suggests something is up although whether it is considered to be an anti-doping rule violation (ADRV) is another matter. It's rather complex and not a black and white issue. Given the concentration it is however a rather dark shade of grey. The way the rules work, the onus is now on Froome to *prove* the AAF is not worthy of an ADRV and accompanying sanctions. That will require quite complex pharma-kinetic study on Froome himself. It's partly why AAFs are supposed to be kept in confidence and riders are not provisionally suspended until all the data are in. There are legitimate reasons why such limits may be breached and natural justice should be permitted to take place. Of course it can also be doping and an ADRV may apply. Sky and Froome have known about it for months, so we should expect they are some way along with this process but it's not a quick turnaround. This will drag on for quite some time, and of course will dominate the storyline where ever he goes. The circus rolls on.
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    Unfortunately this is the truth, surprised no, disappointed that the sport hasn't moved on. Also ties in with the reported Sky culture and British Cycling of TUE's, jiffy bags, appealing missed whereabouts, comments about pushing TUE's recently, staff not fronting enquiries etc. This to me tarnishes all UK cyclists unless the Governing body steps up and issues some very strong actions
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    I was never into Star Trek but I might see this one. 🙃
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    Yeah but as stated, he needs be in the UK
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    Jobs on this weekend! New suspension arrived today much to my wife’s surprise 😂😂
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    He wants to race for the good country
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    Another "innocent" pro. Hey Froome, want to buy me a coffee now?
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    Yes, but he was stripped of the 1904 title for catching a train, and numerous other infractions.
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    I'm sorry for you. I’m sorry that you can’t dream big. I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles.
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    Mate you would need to ask the bureaucrats that question. There is a lot of research to say that they actually inhibit learning rather than enhance it. Everything we do in the classroom is political - some politician or bureaucrat has decided it looks good in the eyes of the public. What we do has NOTHING to do with best teaching practice. As a Primary school teacher, I have to teach the new national curriculum. In my school, I am not only told what to teach, but how to teach it, when to teach it, and in many cases the exact words I need to say when I am teaching it. Teachers know it doesn't work, the results keep going down down down but we have to do what we are told. I spend so much of my school day collecting useless data ...did you know there are more people working in the Data section of the department of education than there are in curriculum? Governments are obsessed by it, and its a waste of time. Now all teachers are being "accredited". More paperwork. Hundreds of hours of paperwork. I spend more time collecting paperwork for my accreditation than I do teaching kids. I got a letter this week to say I am accredited as a proficient teacher. Thanks for that, Ive only being doing it successfully for 30 years. Oh, and I have to pay $100 to the system for the privilege. This is all so politicians can say that they have weeded out all the $hite teachers. Only problem is that the $hite teachers could still fudge the paperwork. And in 30 years Ive never met one of these underperforming teachers. They are all amazing. Trying to do their best with their hands tied around their backs, with no resources and no time. Anyway Im having a rant. And Im not supposed make critical comments on the internet. So I will delete this post shortly.
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    The planks in front of me at the ATM when I am queued, who insist on: 1. waiting until the ATM is free to get out their purse/wallet and find their card 2. putting in the wrong PIN 3. checking their balance before they transact 4. realising they put in the wrong account 5. standing there while they count their cash, carefully fold it, put it in their wallet/purse 6. check their receipt, carefully folding it and placing it carefully in the waste slot provided. FFS, stop wasting time, you are elderly, likely soon to die, you can't afford to waste your life at an ATM.
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    I'm with you on this one. Sure, if you're too infirm (or even lazy) to walk, please be considerate and stand to the side. And don't give the dirty look when I say excuse me when I wish to pass. Yes, it only costs me 15 seconds to wait behind you, but I'm pretty certain you'd go off your nut if I stood chatting to a friend and blocking the doorway to a shop you wished to enter, just because I was too lazy and inconsiderate to move. Or perhaps if I waited an extra 15 seconds when the traffic light turns green before driving off?
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    that's all good and well if their arse is in their mouth, but I am guessing it isn't.
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    OK, here's one for the those living in Pommie land. WTF is up with ordering coffee here? I like the Oz way, short black, long black. Over here a long black is an 'Americano' and if that's not stupid enough, you then get 'Americano with milk', in other words 'give me a white black coffee'. Don't even get be started on the people that ask for an 'expresso'.
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    Well, I had to run today, full out (for me) for about 1k. Was out walking my dog and she got out of her collar and bolted, so off I went after her. And as exhausted as that 1k felt, it felt friggin awesome! My legs felt great and absolutely zero discomfort in my knees. I really wish I didn't have to do that..... It's like giving someone who hasn't had chocolate for a couple of years a Freddo frog, then after telling them they'll never have chocolate ever again...... .......mmmmm chocolate!
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    Public Transport. Never underestimate how much urine a cushioned seat can absorb.
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