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    Nice to see you back
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    Gained a spot to 7th - looks like an average of ~32kph for the 274kms Must be the conti tubs
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    120km bike Basic Endurance effort. Avg 30kmh Avg HR 116 Freeway bike path out and back, flat as f@ck.
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    Walked to the pool and back, and did a shitty 500m of drills and crap the physio wanted me to do with leaking and foggy goggles. It was less than ideal.
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    2.5km this morning in the resort pool. A bit annoying that it didn't open till 7am, but the sleep-in was nice for a change. No swim yesterday, but after a long drive up to 1770, I had the option of a late swim, or a late afternoon/sunset walk about 5km along the beach. The walk was a much better option. #onedayinarow
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    Tri suits optional? And selective race number placement? (No pins of course, race belt only)
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    Don't beat yourself up mate. I'm sure he's glad to have people that are there crewing for him. Mishaps happen and it's a long event, he can make 6 mins up somewhere I'm sure. Also, he's very skinny, I'm pretty sure he couldn't throw much of a haymaker
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    Please do it! And report back here! I want to show my daughter whose best friend has CF and is currently in hospital again that people with CF can live a fulfilling life and do amazing things! Time doesn’t matter! It matters that you’re having a crack
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    1.Wilson 2. Reed 3. Currie 4. Appleton Women 1. Hauschildt (awesome) 2 Sheedy Ryan 3 Watkinson
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    Everyone else are f@#&ing cheats...😁
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    All good Shuffla. Head up and press on Keep punching IP! YEOW 😎🤘
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    Did a 40km 'race' on Zwift. Managed to raise my Zwift calculated FTP by 2 watts. bloody knackered.
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    Yeah, but you'll need a wedge to eliminate your natural heel-toe drop. It's only .5 mm, it should be 10 mm. Trust me, I watched this thing on the internet. I'll send you a link with your first receipt......
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    you only have to watch 1 IM to realise that not everyone finishes. And that's people who wanted to do it. To pretend that anyone can just rock up and do it, if they really had to, is ludicrous.
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    My first offroad tri. Standard diatance. 1500/30/10. Damn those 30k on the bike hurt. Norest on the downs or cruisin!
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    Yeah cool thanks. I did actually enjoy it more than when it has been flatter. Strange.... LOL Oh well, more work to do I guess. Currently 21 knots and 1.2m swell
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    He's some great advice. Speaking from experience! Did my 90 minute run this morning and then had to have a bit of a break before I jumped on the bike as I had to get the girls ready and for them to be picked up for acro. Decided to have my standard post training drink, raw eggs in chocolate milk, but because they were a bit smaller I threw in four. About 45 minutes later I jumped on the bike for a 90 minute wind trainer session. Not good. I thought because I wasn't running, it would be OK. Wrong. Felt sick the whole time. Didn't spew though, and finished my session, so that's great!
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    Any one who has a separate swim coach - bike coach and run coach is on the wrong track - I've seen it fail too many times An athlete has only one immune system and it needs to be considered in the overall plan - every session needs to fit in with the rest of the plan - you may think you're clever enough to manage all three coaches expectations but it seldom works
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    I have the TacX Vortex Smart and I'm very happy with it. I ordered from Pushys but they're out of Stock. Chain reaction have it though: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/au/en/tacx-vortex-smart-trainer/rp-prod125671?gs=1&utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Chain+Reaction-AU-PLA-PLA-All-All-SE-Shopping+QLB+Manufacturer&utm_medium=base&utm_content=mkwid|sggFqFOBd_dc|pcrid|125706176920|pkw||pmt||prd|450045AU Incredibly simple to set up and use, works with Zwift and Trainer Road on my iPad and Samsung. Ideal piece of kit.
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    I'll have to get up at 2 am to fit all this in....
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    First time I did yoga, the instructor mentioned at the start of the class "too many people live in the past with regret, or are waiting for something in the future. They fail to live in the now" I thought that was a great idea & in 4 years when I paid my cars off I would start living in the now. Woke up at 4am & decided to sell both my cars. By 9am I had both cars cleaned & on car sales. Sold one of them by lunch time and the second one a week later. Cleared $20k in credit card debt, interest free shit & started living in the now. Taken my daughter on holidays all around Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, 9 x to the USA. About to book a trip to Spain, France, Italy & Germany in April. I roll the dice at work, take the risk & apply for positions I have no experience in etc. I'm not going to go out wondering "what if" Making some changes in my life now to concentrate on doing something I tried when I was 18 & failed. Never done a yoga class since........
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    Yeah ive had a few injuries over the years which I always manage at the time with excercises. I know we should always do something but I don't. I'm having flash backs to a chat with Hacq1 one day. Me : physio has given me excercises to help me stretch out so I can actually touch my toes. Hacq1 : how many times in an ironman do you need to touch your toes? Me : 🤔
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    It will probably help anyone and will particularly help if you don't stretch etc. I do yoga. It's very good for core strength and balance. Depending on the class it can be way harder than people think. Some classes are easy and others I almost need to be carried out. I went to one really brutal class last week where my arms and legs were convulsing under the strain - was awesome! After 18 months I did a physical screening with a physio and they seemed surprised with my scores - I think I did well on the core stability and flexibility tests. But really you've answered it yourself, you have the time so why not give it a crack? Nothing to lose and potentially some decent improvement to gain.