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    Well that email was hard to write, but I've done it. No backup sorted yet but have a few peeps I'm taking to. Putting it all out on this thread helped me realise how frustrated I was with the situation (and made me realise that I wasn't expecting too much) Didn't do the "it's not you, it's me" thing - I was honest. Said I wanted a coach and not an online program writer, maybe a bit harsh, but no point in lying... Again, thanks all!
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    Curious how you don't read many posts saying: good solid prep- totally injury free as I've been doing my core exercises. Nutrition nailed in training - Time to roll the dice and rock ! 😂
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    last night 2 km and barely made it. Sucking your guts in and not crossing the centre line is exhausting work. Not getting any faster. Yet. Thank goodness today is swim rest day
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    Starts tomorrow US time. Good luck to IP - not many lawns to mow on that side of the Island! But I did notice that you didn't call it IM Frankston #788 Travis “Trout” Wayth, M47, Victoria, AUSTRALIA Occupation: Mowoligist. Races: 4th time Ultraman. 2016, 2015 Ultraman World Championships. UMOZ 2016, 2015. IM Melbourne 2015, IM Cairnes 2014 . IM NZ 2014. IM Australia 2014. I’m good at mowing lawns. Entering Ultraman because: Love the Big Island and its community. CREW: Swim Escort: Mel Cockshutt; Land Crew: Rosie Spicer (Team Captain), Mel Cockshutt, Todd Cockshutt
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    I'm friendly mate...honest Happy to meet-up 1-on-1 first (pint?) and then go to a club event together. I don't really know anyone apart from a 'hello'.
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    Good luck retard. Front row even.
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    Have an absolute ball IP and crew!
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    All the best IP. May your performance be the reward for all the hard work doing the stuff you love and we love to watch. In the darkest times during the race, remember we in Tranny land are backing you all the way.
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    All the best mate. Hope you have a great race and everything goes to plan.
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    That's because those guys don't have time to be on forums. Too busy ticking the boxes
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    As opposed to building a new hospital? Or other, actually needed public infrastructure? ... Come on mate. Do better!
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    Go well IP - just imagine Noah is waiting for you at the finish line 🐶 😘
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    Good luck, enjoy Cheers NSF
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    Looks like it would be a great little head unit for a tt setup
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    too busy snoozing Actually I was on the deck doing my new core strengthening regime
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    I hear you! As If I don't have enough things to remember, now I have to suck it up literally
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    Just finished Matt's 80/20 book, really helped with my running.
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    My family are funny. This made me laugh. ...
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    wanaka was the hardest iron distance i have ever done. makes port look like busso.
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    You can walk a marathon in 6 hours. I should know. I did it in Kona with a 45min nap.
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    So 4th & 5th get called up on stage as a token gesture. Like a "coaches award"
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    Looks like they've managed to secure a single out and back course for that race so just one U turn to navigate. Also just to be clear I do appreciate the effort people like yourself put into running these races and your willingness to be open and discuss it on here is also much appreciated.
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    Got to meet the cup today 😊
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