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    Curious how you don't read many posts saying: good solid prep- totally injury free as I've been doing my core exercises. Nutrition nailed in training - Time to roll the dice and rock ! 😂
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    last night 2 km and barely made it. Sucking your guts in and not crossing the centre line is exhausting work. Not getting any faster. Yet. Thank goodness today is swim rest day
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    All the best mate. Hope you have a great race and everything goes to plan.
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    Go well IP - just imagine Noah is waiting for you at the finish line 🐶 😘
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    Good luck, enjoy Cheers NSF
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    I hear you! As If I don't have enough things to remember, now I have to suck it up literally
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    GO GET EM IP! All the best for the 3 days. Very cool, very very cool.
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    wanaka was the hardest iron distance i have ever done. makes port look like busso.
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    Starts tomorrow US time. Good luck to IP - not many lawns to mow on that side of the Island! But I did notice that you didn't call it IM Frankston #788 Travis “Trout” Wayth, M47, Victoria, AUSTRALIA Occupation: Mowoligist. Races: 4th time Ultraman. 2016, 2015 Ultraman World Championships. UMOZ 2016, 2015. IM Melbourne 2015, IM Cairnes 2014 . IM NZ 2014. IM Australia 2014. I’m good at mowing lawns. Entering Ultraman because: Love the Big Island and its community. CREW: Swim Escort: Mel Cockshutt; Land Crew: Rosie Spicer (Team Captain), Mel Cockshutt, Todd Cockshutt
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    That's because those guys don't have time to be on forums. Too busy ticking the boxes
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    As opposed to building a new hospital? Or other, actually needed public infrastructure? ... Come on mate. Do better!
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    Rest day today. 1.5k swim + 30 min ride + 15 min run tomorrow then RACE!
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    Looks like it would be a great little head unit for a tt setup
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    too busy snoozing Actually I was on the deck doing my new core strengthening regime
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    Just finished Matt's 80/20 book, really helped with my running.
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    3.3km. More breath control stuff today, but this time incorporated into the normal 100m & 200m reps. Held good times, but concerned now that I'm about to go on holidays for a week that I'll lose the focus. #twelvedaysinarow #keepthefocus
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    My family are funny. This made me laugh. ...
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    You can walk a marathon in 6 hours. I should know. I did it in Kona with a 45min nap.
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    So 4th & 5th get called up on stage as a token gesture. Like a "coaches award"
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    Looks like they've managed to secure a single out and back course for that race so just one U turn to navigate. Also just to be clear I do appreciate the effort people like yourself put into running these races and your willingness to be open and discuss it on here is also much appreciated.
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    Got to meet the cup today 😊
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