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    How dominant was the women's team last night, save for a couple of dropped catches they were brilliant. And we picked up one set of Ashes.
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    You'd know if you spoke to a triathlete (they'd tell you)
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    Waking the house up howling every few hours?
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    I think Kangaroo Valley is a decent town but may be too small for what you're after. Tallowa Dam is 20 or so km away at the end of a quiet, sealed, dead-end road. Clean, flat and fresh water in the middle of a picturesque bushland valley. Among my favourite inland swimming places in NSW. Possibly the best fish ladder in Australia too! Roads lead up to the Southern Highlands for cycling. For running, as well as more than enough quiet roads, there are plenty of firetrails in the area that have been used for races such as Fitzroy Falls Firetrail Marathon and the King of the Mountain 32km which finishes at Kangaroo Valley. I used to regularly camp with a small group of friends at Tallowa Dam during Easter and we'd train our butts off. Still surprises me that Tallowa Dam has never been used for a tri.
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    My advice: Give it time, let the dust settle. Wait for the emotion to die down & then think about your options.
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    First time I did yoga, the instructor mentioned at the start of the class "too many people live in the past with regret, or are waiting for something in the future. They fail to live in the now" I thought that was a great idea & in 4 years when I paid my cars off I would start living in the now. Woke up at 4am & decided to sell both my cars. By 9am I had both cars cleaned & on car sales. Sold one of them by lunch time and the second one a week later. Cleared $20k in credit card debt, interest free shit & started living in the now. Taken my daughter on holidays all around Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, 9 x to the USA. About to book a trip to Spain, France, Italy & Germany in April. I roll the dice at work, take the risk & apply for positions I have no experience in etc. I'm not going to go out wondering "what if" Making some changes in my life now to concentrate on doing something I tried when I was 18 & failed. Never done a yoga class since........
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    https://www.dare2tri.com Code is SALE50
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    Lake McKenzie is my favorite swim. It's 1k across. Done plenty of 4k swims in there.
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    TQ all...I didn't have much artistic talent but YouTube has a wealth of knowledge and demos for watercolour painting, that's where I've picked it up from. It has been frustrating at times but each new page comes with it's problems ( lessons really ), then things start to come together. When I think too much and try to put too much detail, it ends up going tits up. Best results have been by letting the water and the pigments do the work and learning how to trick the viewers eye. Ultimately I want to be in a position where I can set up outside, rough sketch a land or streetscape and paint it and have passers by think...." that looks like what I can see.."
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    IP, at present there's no swimming in North Pine Dam, but a few years ago they started sailing, then rowing, but you had to be in the club. They are about to open it to anybody sailing or rowing. I think with the right persuasion they may allow an event like this. From North Pine Dam you head straight out on to some of the best riding around Brisbane with your choice of long flat or undulating or mountainous riding. NPD is big, and still on the edge of the greater Brisbane area. The course marked is 5km each way.
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    Lake Oberon. Campsite in bushes near small creek on lower right of photo.
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    Dropping Renshaw is pretty amazing. He strikes me as the kind of talent who was in for 100 tests.
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    Yes, the isolation, the arduous walk in and out, and the fickle weather all combine to make Lake Oberon such an idyllic location. If it were convenient to get to, it would be overrun and spoiled. We all carried in some extravagances (by multi-day hiking standards) for a NYE feast. Not too much better than toasting in a cold NYE on an impossibly starry night with hot chocolate fortified with Bailey's. Except maybe a sunny afternoon and some skinny dipping in Lake Oberon.
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    Yeah this seems like the ultimate option to me... live in paradise and a family connection to your desired profession.. if i didn't have to work i reckon I'd live in taupo in a heartbeat... rent house out at exorbitant rates during ironman etc.. 😂
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    I always knew that Oil and Gas guys were a bunch of over paid, under worked yoga types
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    For me, I'm at my happiest when I'm some place where fossils arn't being burnt. Out in the middle of the bush or in the ocean. New Year was with three friends at Lake Oberon in Tasmania's Western Arthurs Range. Three days to walk in, more to walk out. Most memorable New Years Eve that I have ever enjoyed.
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    I'm going to get up half an hour before I go to bed.
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    I have cut back to 2 coffees a day (last three days so far) the head aches were terrible for the first two days. I'm sleeping a solid 8 hours a night & feeling a lot better. My focus at work has been a lot better.
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    The chance to live in Taupo would do it for me.
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    I've only done 1 stint FIFO - in Saudi 8 on 2 off, but have been working away from Australia and family for a bunch of years. As others have said, it is hard to give advice as everyones circumstance is different. All I can offer is to stay where you are and keep banking the dough and see how things pan out. Give it 6 months and then reassess. No matter what all the HR people say, in the construction and industries like yours, we are all just a number. When you're numbers up, you'll get the punt and all the touchy, feely shite is out the window. I'm to old to study and probably couldn't be bothered so I started doing watercolour painting 2 years ago to help balance my chakra, fill in time and relax.
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    Just after a decent flat swim , in a decent but not to big town , not far from Syd or Brisbane preferably,I reckon covers it can be inland but see above swim could be 30 mins away from said town , if town ticks all the other boxes
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    We had separate starters, then around 11 both parties met at the Caxton & kicked off from there. Coincidentally, on the way into the beergarden, through the carpark, I saw my future bride hurling into the garden. Nothings changed really in 26 years.
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    Maybe if you could give some more 'clues' on what your RD friend has in mind it might help with the suggestion, of course it might not though 😁
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    Does 2/2 still mean you'll be home every night, but with longer hours and working the sat/sun on the work weeks? If the salary isn't changing much, and the only thing to worry about is being bored, then I'd take the change as an opportunity for a different lifestyle - a change is as good as a rest and all that.
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    I didn't. We had a HUCKs night (Hens + Bucks) & that was 15 years ago. I'm not a fan of going to the strippers etc
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    Still plenty of old attitude around. We only get together with a group of our mates a few times a year (if that), some going back to school. But when we do it still infuriates me and my wife that they separate into the guys and the girls, like every time! I float between both groups, usually just to get away from some of the bravado of the guys, and the footy talk.
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    Most FIFO workers, including me, would kill for an even time roster, especially if the money is still good. You say that you went residential to spend more time with the family. A 2on/2off roster may provide more quality time with the family than a Monday to Friday job. This would be especially true if you relocated to Perth so the commute does not impact your time off. I was in my 40's when I went back to study part time. As it was Mining Engineering the company paid the bills. You are never too old to change careers. Now that I know that you work in mining in answer to your question about yoga/Pilates: REAL MINING MEN DO NOT DO YOGA
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    Personally, I would look at options to study on-line, to diversify my skill-set and employment potential. However, YMMV on that.
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    Back when this thread started I was a 4 hr ish sleeper. Couldn't go to sleep and would wake early. My old man was the same. With a very light medical assistance ( for about 3 months) I now fall asleep quickly and I like to be in bed by 9.30. Still wake when the first number on the clock is a three, and I'm generally up by 4 -4.30. I survive well on that. Its a lot better than 4hrs. Couldn't sleep more than 7 if my life depended on it. Actually, too much fun to be had to sleep longer. The amount of exercise has no bearing on the amount of sleep I get.
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    Wow there is noway icoukd last long on 6hrs sleep 8hrs most nites , but sometimes 9hrs or more to make up for the one or two nites where I get less than the 8hrs during the week
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    They'd go OK in the swim, but they're bloody useless on the bike.
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    Yep, did the first in a team too then the next two solo.
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    So i can marry a table now? Is it just tables or can i marry any furniture? I mean i own a lovely armchair that's been with me for years...
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    Too far for me, but planning on being at Raby bay and Robina. Should be Jas's first qts events, and my first races in nearly 2 years I think. But that's for another thread!
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    cheers mate. think this is 5 since Devonport but has been 3 or 4 years since last. Making a comeback after some life changes. And last time at Shep was a DNF so was there to make ammends. Did that and finished. It just came back and bit me on the arse hard 45 minutes later. Distances may have not looked 20 but was far less blatant cheating than ive seen before. From the TO group im in there was one infringement.
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    This is not right - no way a 71yr old man can do that in one day - if the distance is really 428km the story is wrong This is real good common sense - this is the formula for longevity in this sport
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