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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert. Introversion or extroversion is not about liking company or not, but about how you get your energy to recover and refresh yourself. I like my own company and need solitude to recover. Others like to be around people. People are different. I also relate to the "being around other Dads" thing. Although not a father myself, I can't stand the boorish mentality of some Dads and some of them bore me to death - put a bullet in me before I'll willingly traipse around Ikea or a garden store on a weekend. I hate small talk and I hate how some people seem to mock their wives and kids like it's some sort of joke!
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    This is complete wrong lots of trails to run along" beaches" and mega amount of nation park with loops and walks every where just got to head out of town or up the hill directly from Kona i ran 4 hrs two days ago and didn't see a car and hardly a person
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    To be honest yeah it does sound like you have a problem... i am a massive introvert and think along the same lines as you but still go as it's important to my kids and wife. Often ill stand by myself watch tv or on phone but kids are rapt just to have me there..
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    The only people I have a problem with are other people.
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    I've been wearing Clifton's for a few months now. Went for a run on my old Nike Pegasus (which I loved) the other day and when I came back I literally put them in the bin. I don't think I'll ever be able to run on a different pair of shoes.
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    I so badly wanna see you try and "suck the teat" though!
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    They rocked up today thanks Roxii....... geeze they do look pretty.... funky?? Thanks again mate, and I'll get out in them tomorrow.
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    Probably strangely enough, I never thought of myself as extroverted. I have very few friends around here, and see very few people. I'd have more people on trannies that I'd call friend than I have in face to face people I see. But it was pointed out to me recently that I am in fact extremely extroverted - but it's not about being loud, and out with people all the time etc. But just that I crave being around people, which is funny since I spend most of my days alone. But then my mate pointed out to me that when we'd go away to races (3 of us) the other mate would always ask where I was and my mate would reply "he's off making friends". And that I'll talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
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    Wow you must be really good at reading how people are feeling if you saw him passing and can infer all of that!
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    Ran with Dave Scott this morning.
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    thats not legal in Australia
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    Oh yeah forgot should of thought before typed ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    Wasnโ€™t he married to Nealo?
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    I have never had the personality that would enable me to keep people interested or satisfied. most of my conversations are awkward and then i piss off out of there pretty quickly. Just last night i had an argument with my wife about how i have never attended a kids birthday party yet for either my son or daughter ages 4 & 8, she constantly asks why, as to her its a great opportunity for me to meet other Dads etc same answer every time is I'm just not interested, kids annoy me, adults annoy me, i dont like them and am not interested in conversing with them. So shes flying solo again at a party the kids have been invited to this Saturday. Maybe i have a problem? If only i had a fly rod and an isolated stream - sounds perfect to me.
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    A guy i work with has thousands of FB friends and is one of the most narcisistic / deceptive people i know.
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    I was at a work training session y'day and was told several times I'm a 'people person'. I could have laughed out loud! Guess I can be when I have to be, and when guiding due to shared interest, but really never happier than when out in the middle of nowhere on a stream alone, with fly-rod in hand.
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    She was never in danger. Apparently sharks donโ€™t bite real estate agents out of professional courtesy.
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    I don't think you will. A colleague of mine is researching Peak-Facebook and reckons we're so saturated with information that we have descended into responding to each other in a more human, 1:1 sense. His research suggests 3-5 years before it goes the way of MySpace / Bebo etc. There will still be people who live off this, but businesses are starting to look for other ways to promote and differentiate themselves.
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    A flat curve? So a straight line? ๐Ÿ˜œ
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    Isn't dress a weird thing .... I've worked in senior white collar jobs for the past decade or so, and I've seen everything from full on 3 piece suits that look straight out of a catalogue down to ripped jeans and t-shirts depending on the organisation and the people.... its funny that we have this perception that a suit and tie somehow makes people better at their job - from my point of view, I couldn't care less what my accountant/lawyer/broker/whatever was wearing if he was good at his job... I wear a suit about 25% of the time (when its expected, essentially). About 50% of the time its a collared shirt and jacket (with no tie) or perhaps just a patterned shirt (no jacket). 25% of the time (when I'm in the office all day) its jeans and t-shirts/smart casual.... I wonder if my work is better quality on the days when I'm better dressed....??!
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    Stupid question alert. Torpedo 400 arrived today and is installed. Understand that with the supplied bottle I drink straight from the straw. If I put a normal bottle in there am I meant to "suck the teat" or grab it out and drink? Cheers, Monkie
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    I know a female Aussie AG'er was hit by a car yesterday too.