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    Then I'll sue him for using my name without permission
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    Not necessarily. If you've owned at least 12 Hyundais you can own a Kona. Or you can buy one on ebay. Or...
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    If WTC has any success, I'm going after Sukuki
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    Hope the lawyers are just getting warmed up, about time they went after Dami Im while they've got them uncaged. Has Dami even done a course in under 13 hours to claim Im as her surname?
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    7:32 - even better ! I blame my age for reading it at 7:35
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    Poor TO can't find matching socks.
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    Still not enough room on the pier for 50 female pros.
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    Wave starts http://ap.ironman.com/~/media/ed1b457b89074005a411a937af8f2b26/ntmsf17 wave start times.pdf
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    Don't forget about the H tatts he'll have to get.
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    I wonder if anyone at Hyundai gives a shit.
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    Yes, definitely, tongue in cheek comment only
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    Learnt a significant lesson about the power of a genuine friendship. For various reasons my bedridden mother has been seperated from her best friend of 50 years for a period of 9 months. Having reunited them today the effects were immediate and quite moving. In such a fickle society, some things don't change.
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    Very stiff muscle bound movements when running. Effective for him
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    I think that is called politics... Maybe they'll send us a postal poll on how to deal with it
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    It’s pathetic that the pro prize purse is still not more than $1million and only pays down to 10th. It was 17 years ago that the purse got its big bump and i5 hasn’t even kept up with inflation since ...
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    Exactly. Dan Bilzerian is always shooting guns etc on his insta page but posted video of him running away. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4941060/Dakota-Meyer-slams-Dan-Bilzerian.html At least others have called him out.
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    I thought the reason vegans farts smelled so bad was so that, even without talking, they could bring attention to the fact they are vegans.
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    Forget the carnivore. I'd go insane being on a trip with a Vegan if they are anything like the ones that keep whinging about lack of Vegetarian options at the local tavern (whose specialty is the grill).
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    Hi, noob here. I only do tris casually, there was no way I could justify a dedicated bike, so I hacked my roadie. Here's mine. Started with just the clip on bars, the standard stem as low as possible and a SMP Glider saddle shoved forwards on the rails. Still too high in the front and not a good saddle to sit on the nose of... Bars are 3T which have about the lowest stack height above the main bar - pretty necessary for a road conversion. Got the ISM and seatpost and the stem (110 x 35 degree) next, which made for a much better body position and much more comfort on the nads. Latest addition has been the base bar, brake levers and shifters. Two reasons for this, obviously shifting from the aero bars is great but the biggest one was being able to speed up the conversion process by swapping the whole cockpit as one pre-aligned assembly, rather than bolting everything on and off and adjusting it every time. There's about $300 invested in the conversion (not including cables but that's a consumable anyway), lots of gumtree and ebay scouring, but it's come together pretty well (I think). If I do anything more, it would be a better wheelset, and probably a rear disc cover. Hope you like it!
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