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    Get your eyes checked ASAP!
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    I thought it was dr Ferrari's pet name for you
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    Road across the Golden Gate Bridge
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    That is sooooo cool. I have always wanted to visit Mars!
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    Hang on, AA7 gets to go to Hawaii and I get to stay home with the dog? We need to discuss this further....
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    I was working on the same principle with rum!
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    Message AIDAN he can give you best possible scenario from anyone on here
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    " 'Cause I'm Kona blow the shit out of the place"
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    Kimmy booked his airfares via Guam forgetting it won't exist
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    Both sides were full of shit and I don't think the 'truth' was ever anywhere near the same postcode as that farce with Rapp.
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    Why has nowhere else posted on here since my last post? Am I on the wrong thread ?
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    That's pretty good for a teacher.
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    ...and he's buying a stairway to the heavens.
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    Farkin weddings. If there's one thing Aussies are really stupid about it is weddings. We had a budget job in 1989 at a friends house for reception dinner. Was great, did not put us in debt. Got two daughters - gonna have to convince them And cars. My Hilux is 24yrs old, the Mrs VW 11yrs old. They do what we need them for just fine. Have a little company car which we can use privately, gets upgraded every 95,000kms so why buy our own flash ones? Mortgage, Kids Education (to get them off the bank of Mum & Dad ASAP), Super, Investments, Holidays/Travel have been our financial priorities for 30yrs. Before kids, lived off my wage, saved 100% of Mrs wage = 25% house cost saved in 2yrs.
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    I'm open to things but I want to see a good plausible mechanism, some credible science or research and little potential for harm. If I see The hallmarks of something which is pseudoscience masquerading something as legitimate I turn off to it pretty quickly. At the moment I'm reading up on sulforaphane. Ive begun to look at some of the little one and two percenters a lot more, the ones that have some legitimatcy behind them and unlikely to be harmful and are not significantly expensive. I wonder how much of these and a good diet, moderate exercise and appropriately challenging mental tasks etc will help in being a highly functional elderly person later in life. IE I want to be caravaning at 90 and maintaining a big vegie patch not in an Aged care facility. I look at people like AP and wonder at 70 how much is good luck, or good genetics or whether it is just 30 years of good management. Either way I don't think it's worth waiting 35 years to be the control group comparison. I'll be looking at the gelatin, glucosamine, fish oil, sulfarophane, nurturing a good gut microbiome and a varied diet full of plenty of variously coloured vegetables. I won't be denying myself the occasional indulgence nor will I restrict myself dogmatically to any one thing as moderation and variety I feel are likely healthier than a single narrow philosophy (as they all seem to have one or two strong points but just as many detrimental points when you look closer). Add to this some good weight bearing resistance exercise as I've noticed post 28 that this aspect didn't just maintain itself and that despite the copious durance exercise I had become pretty weak(this had never been a problem mid 20's) despite being very aerobically and sport specifically fit. Some of these I now just see as future proofing and insurance, a couple of hundred dollars a year and a few extra exercises to potentially prolong my years of good function into old age.
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    Im waiting for mine to arrive - ordered with the local shop. Trek fuel EX 9.7 Carbon, 29er, 1x11, 130mm travel. Im excited!
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    How's this for an interesting story, I stacked a puddle/pothole on my bike several years ago and smashed my hand. My mum who used to run a day surgery hospital in Sydney pulls her contacts to find the best best orthopaedic surgeon. The recommendations from within the medical world that she got were Sam Kwa in Orange NSW. Well I never knew! Turns out that not only is he just near where I live, but we have the same coach, train together and later did IM, marathon etc together. He's a great man, and understands sports people. I know you asked for Sydney, but for things like this you look for the best and Orange/Sydney isn't a big drive (well, maybe for country people).
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    Hey IP, where are you? Happy to lend you said fish box if you want - pre-drilled for padlocks and on wheels
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    Like the new one my wife took to the states for 3 weeks in July and went to the tip when she got home... Tell you what, you bring your $100 case around and we'll play destroy the luggage. I'll guarantee you within 5 minutes I'll have your case shattered, broken, hinges and wheels off and contents destroyed. You'll still be looking at my 35 year old fish bin which cost less than $20 going "HTF am I going to get into that?". They are as close to indestructible as you'll find and it's why divers around the world use them for travel. If you are transporting things of value - like life supporting dive gear - and you can't see a benefit, you haven't looked hard enough.
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    Surprisingly didn’t get picked up by the Dimond Facebook page
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    Yeah but as soon as you turn around and walk away we're swearing our guts out about ya
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    Did anyone notice, Luke keeps wearing the clothes of people who have been voted off? According to the inter web, it's a sign of a serial killer.
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    Sagan will never be as good at AP. Cause he hasn't done Kona yet.
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    Probably because they hear you talking about “blowing up” on your way home from each Ironman.
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    I hope the owners are keeping an eye on the horses to make sure he's not still up to his old tricks.
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    I've tried many alternative therapies (chiro, acupuncture, natural supplements, clinical psychologist....) with mixed results. What I find more interesting is instances of 'mainstream medicine' being proven wrong, and/or lazy - often by other mainstream medical practitioners....or by the patient themselves. I'm reaching the conclusion that by doing your own research and experimenting with things that have worked for others, you can find the path that works for you. But it takes patience, and a willingness to give up on a silver bullet quick fix.
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    Has yoyo given up on the veterinary strength antibiotics and gone to your chinese herbalist to get rid of his lingering rash...?
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    Mate of mine is currently in Broome. There's a guy whose job it is to follow behind the camel tours and pick up their shit off the beach.
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