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    Race is on tomorrow morning. Stunning scenery around here weather forecast changes every 4 hours and is different across the whole course. Looks like 12c here and then 6c up on the plateau after the first (40km) climb. There's still snow up there and a good view of a glacier as you ride along... T1 is a complicated setup. You swim up the fjord to this point We drove the bike course in reverse. 5 climbs with two being big and around 7-8%. Plus side is a 50km descent after the first climb and around 30km descent into T2. Out of T1 I think there are 4 tunnels to go through as you climb which aren't well lit and bikes are normally banned. On race day they shut the tunnels for the descending traffic so at least don't need to think about that! Looking forwards to it (I think).
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    It sure as hell doesn't go towards the Ironman website or race tracking software!
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    I volunteered at IM Melb once would never do it again. Too many people with the VIP tag doing nothing while unpaid people do it all. Have and am happy to volunteer for things that actually help others less fortunate like vinnies etc. This has context.
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    Or maybe they should pay employees to do the job like all other professional companies do, rather than relying on vollies? I'm not selfish at all, but I'm not giving my time to a multinational company making money out of an event. I would rather give it to the RSPCA.
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    I've volunteered quite a bit in Oz big and small, even travelling to a couple of Nick's races and paying my accom, just to marshal. I saw it as a way of helping my mates have a great race at a time that my body wouldn't allow me to race and keep me connected to the sport. I would say I was a genuine volunteer but they are a rarer beast now with the 'paid community club' model. That was a few years ago though and I think I'd rather give my time to Park Run these days, it's free and is great way to connect with the local active community on a regular basis.
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    Thanks guys. Interesting that they use live tracking for all athletes on the bike and run (use the quarq quollector) - not sure of the investment cost but if Norseman can do it why can't IM? Mentioned at the briefing they had 3600 applicants and have 245 racing tomorrow.
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    Good Luck tomorrow and enjoy the scenery - the Noggies are famous for random support in the middle of nowhere, so lap that up as well.
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    Roxii- Yarrawonga's swim would be in NSW
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    Mine are a little older than yours Ian, but earlier this year when I took them to New Zealand, we hired mountain bikes at Turangi and I took the family out along the trails of the Tongariro river. Dead-set, we were less than a kilometre into the ride and my little bloke (10) screams around a corner, hits a small bank and spears off the track on the opposite side and lands upside down in a massive patch of Blackberry bushes. We finally manage to extract him and get him up onto the track and he has scratches / welts / blood everywhere and he mutters 3 words................."that was cool". Couldn't have loved him anymore at that point!!! hahahaha
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    Very good point - I must be a selfish twerp as well - I'd say the 8% "active fee" should raise enough money to pay volunteers to run an event - does anyone now what in the hell a "8% active fee" is for or where all the money goes
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    I didnt think you had any teeth left
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    Got this email at 4.30am this morning... Welcome to Isklar Norseman – simply the ultimate triathlon on planet Earth We have reserved a slot for you. We urge you to read our Race Manual once more to be sure that you understand the requirements and rules of the race. Odds of getting in were 1:10 in the end, can't wait for next August now http://nxtri.com/ Anyone else get in? Unlike WTC there are no age categories so need to be in the first 160 at the mountain check point to be able to go to the top.
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    Those blazers don't grow on trees ya know.
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    I wasn't an official or volunteer at T226 but I had to set up the first aid station on the bike course. We were just there as spectators, but all the stuff was still sitting there in a pile on the ground without a volly in sight when the first bikes were due to come through, so a few of us pitched in to get it sorted. I think all the "paid" workers were related to the event manager, everyone else was unpaid (whether they intended to be or not).
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    Good luck and enjoy - don't forget the race report - I love reading about people doing insane things :-)
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    Maybe the association spreads them out to promote travel, and therefore make the races more attractive to local councils & businesses to sponsor & support. I'm sure no local council is going to stump up support that is going to attract 1000 locals and 100 visitors
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    Yeah I get that, but making it harder to access for a state like NSW seems like just plain stupidity, shouldn't OUR association be making smart choices both athletically and financially to make these races available to the maximum number of MEMBERS to get the best athletes to turn up and also get big, full races to keep the sport viable. Or is there an agenda that I'm not aware of?? With numbers in decline, making racing more difficult to access wont help grow the sport.
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    So by not "pointy end" I mean unlikely to podium but I would expect in most races to be in the top 25 of my AG (depending on the size of the field of course). And I did come third once! Although out of a field of 5...
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    These might be great for running on Tuesdays, but what do you use for running on the other days of the week? .
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    Personally I wouldn't buy a wooden bike. Too much chance of the wood splitting and twisting etc. Plus you're likely to get splinters in your bum... .
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    Last time WTC changed hands it was for $650m. Should an organisation worth those sort of dollars have its business model underpinned by volunteers?
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    These things take lots of $$$ to run and set up and u need mega vollies and town support , both of which is very rare in OZ these days (because Australians are full of selfish twerps) so any new IM ain't gunna happen while the sport is on the downward trend that it's following right now
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    Mixed race couples - so hot right now.
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    Its easier to buy than roast ur own. Ever tried catching the buggers?
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    I did a couple of half socially in my early 30's and had a miserable time with runs around 1-55 and as slow as 2:20 I think. Outside that I didn't do tris. started training for triathlon / Im specifically in 2011 in 40s. Never really been a runner and narrowly avoided a heart attack on my first training run of about 1km. by 2015 I'd been to Kona twice with a best qualifier of 2nd, won a 70.3 , reduced my fastest run to 1:30 and was on the podium for the state champs for Olympic and sprint in the only season I tried short course. biggest year was 4 IM and 2 halves in 6 months. average training volume for running: 20 km per week. i think you personally would be better if talking to a coach than seeking advice here. btw I personally was self coached,
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    Back when I was where you are in development I went * 13.50 ------86 * 11.56 ----- 90 *10.44 - this one I averaged very low mileage and had two rest days each week - all aerobic work * 10.08 * 9.55 ----- 94 * 9.58 * 10.07 * 10.00.02 * 10.00.32 ---- 2001 These are IMOZ times - I fitted a few Busso or IMNZ in between some of these - but the point I'm making is that you mainly get better at doing IM by doing IM
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    Proud Dad moment yesterday (though a little sad). My little baby girl moved into a unit. It's all kind of surreal at the moment.
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    Post it up on https://www.stolenbikes.com.au/ I had my bike stolen earlier in the year and put it up there. They sent called and sent me a mail with a list of places to check, top of the list being cash converters and second hand dealers. I stopped in the local cash converters on the monday after is was stolen on sunday and sure enough the scum bags brought it in on tuesday and I then got a call from the police to day they had it and I had it back on Thursday. There isn't a lot of creativity down the shallow end of the gene pool. Hope your mate has a similar outcome
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    Here's out youngest age about 6-7 doing her race day ''eye of the tiger', 16yrs ago now - time flies!
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