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    My wife and I have a heaped teaspoon every morning with a protein drink which we take our morning vitamins with - I've stopped giving this sort of advice on this forum because each time I did the "experts" (nutritional gurus) would start some stupid debate aimed at debunking what I'm saying - it's sad really that on this forum there are a whole lot of people keen to hear what is working for athletes who have been in the sport for over 30yrs - but a handful of idiots who like the sound of their own keyboards will object to anything they don't understand I'm not trying to talk anyone into anything - I just share what works for me and leave it to the individuals to decide - gelatin is probably the cheapest, most natural supplement you can take to support joints - $3-4 at Woolies On the performance enhancing angle - when Welchie won Hawaii in 94 he used "strawberries and cream lollies" as fuel - they're basically sugar, glucose and gelatin -- we can buy the "Natural confectionery company's" snakes, bears etc at the servo - (basically sugar and gelatin) -- these things are cheaper than gels and when you read the label contain less doubtful ingredients -- try them in training to see if they work for you
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    1 tablet dissolved in 500ml water 12g gelatine same as AP uses or 2 tsp dissolved in boiling water. Let cool enough before starts to gel. Mix together put in fridge till set. I put in ramekins
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    McKenzies gelatin - in the cooking section alongside the "baking powder" - "Bi-carb of soda" etc- it's in a granulated form (as fine as salt) - tasteless - it's a small white canister with purple typing on it
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    Haven't had it for a while, but on AP's recommendation I started taking it for some hip and knee trouble that I was having at the time. It seemed to work and I figured that it couldn't do much harm trying. It's interesting to hear that it also may improve performance as I was getting some reasonably good results at the time. To answer your question about how to take it, I would put 3 or 4 weatbix that I'd have for breakfast in a large coffee cup and would add milk and then a tablespoon of gelatin and mix it all up once the weatbix had softened. Then, I'd make my morning coffee in the same cup to clean up the residue that was left. Disclaimer - No one said I was normal .
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    We had a similar experience last week. With me pushing 44 and the missus 37 with a few complications to her name, we went to see the quack who said that everything was "normal" and we may not need the added help. I had already had an analysis of my system and the results came back that I was 15 times greater than the average - Samantha rang pathology to see whether the decimal point was in the right place. Training has suffered this week, but I've been wearing a smile like a 10 year old all week!
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    3 repeats of 40 one legged squats (only bending the knee 15-20 degrees). It's not much, but that's about all I risk at the moment, so days I actually do it, I feel good. This is up from 3 x 25 about 2 weeks ago, and still feeling good.
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    High5 from Wiggle. Around $5-6 a tube last time i got. I normally buy in bulk lots as some clients who play sport use them.
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    Watch from 1 minute. Insane.
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    I remember watching the competitive climbers on WWOS years ago.... The dudes who were climbing those structures specifically built for it, which I guess started the whole wall climbing craze. Those guys were insane, and their builds and strength were amazing. You would see those guys chewing these courses up, rather than the CF gym junkies.
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    My fuel for long rides was simply water with lemon cordial (with a little salt added), and snakes. Easy to use, cheap, and taste good to boot.
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    Listening to the podcast it seemed to become clear that Lance only cared for or knew about stuff that was beneficial to him. Probably good traits to get him into to politics but not actually be an effective politician, but Im sure he'd feather his nest beautifully along the way.
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    It's interesting to see the thin lanky guys doing so well while the ripped dudes who look super impressive end up doing a lot of swimming.
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    I can see both sides of it. Based on arborist reports I probably could have stuck to my guns and just got 'strategic weight reductions' and lops where necessary, but didn't like the worry of the what if's if something did happen. No arborist can 100% guarantee that a tree won't fail. Even healthy trees sometimes drop limbs for no apparent reason. Plus, I enjoy living where I do, and although they may not be my favourite people at the moment most of my neighbours are decent folk. Just trying to be neighbourly.
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    It's been really good Goughy and yes some of these people are seriously impressive. I've really been enjoying it but I think it's the sort of thing you'd get sick of fairly quickly.
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    If you're in Brisbane, Cams Cycle Coaching often does descending classes, and they're well worth the time and money (its relatively cheap). I did that any my descending improved greatly.
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    Did the standard yesterday, 6 minutes slower than when I last did it two years ago but the bike course was shorter then. Overall felt better yesterday, so considered that an improvement! Still slow on descends and cornering, so got to work on that. Funny story, as I got to the bike mount line I realized I still had my run shoes on! Brought the bike back to the racks, removed shoes and went back out again. You can tell I don't do duathlons too often!
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    I agree with this and always have. If you think of them all as murderers Lance is the guy who won't tell the relatives where the body is.......... probably because he boiled and ate them.
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    Thats what is shit these days , I say build it let em do it sign a if I f#$k up its my fault policy.. Everyone grub is always trying to sue someone for their own stupidity these days..
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    I miss the old days when Ninja Warrior was hard.
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    Anyone else think it is time to change the citizenship rule?
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    We got a letter from the fertility clinic we used the other day. We donated our remaining embryo's when we decided to have no more kids and the couple that received them has finally used them all, having so far had two boys (which we already knew about). But it's given us a combined satisfied yet curious feeling - happy we could help someone else, but now we kinda want to meet them...... which I guess is pretty normal. Our daughter knows, but our son is a bit of a sensitive soul so we haven't told him yet.
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    Thank you so much Roxii for being there, and representing the transitions community. Thanks for the many memories Nick. RIP
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    This is such an awesome race report! Such an unique experience.Hats off for your "stubborness". I think the most interesting parts of countries is hearing the locals talk about what is "normal". We had a similar experience on tours through Russia - it does sound normal but at the same time its not your normal. And secondly, the difference in how the media depicts these places and what they are really like. Glad you enjoyed the experience - its still on my list but I'd like to go to New York Marathon first.
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    Many many years ago, back in the days when Bourke's Backyard was on TV each week, they played that old tune 'Give Me A Home Among The Gum Trees' at the start and finish of every show. Being a bit of a dreamer, and originally from the bush, I decided that one day I'd actually build my dream home among the gum trees. About 28 years ago I got the chance to buy an acre block, but it had no trees on it at all. I drew up the house plans and owner built the place myself so basically designed and built exactly what I wanted. A homestead style home with a bullnose verandah all the way around. To complete the picture I planted heaps and heaps of tube stock natives - wattles, grevilleas, tea trees and of course gum trees... Heaps of them! When we built and panted our 'shrubbery' we didn't have any neighbours as it was a brand new semi-rural subdivision. We're on the edge of the subdivision, so our property happens to have common boundaries with eight other blocks. I figured everyone would pretty much do the same and plant bush blocks. But no, because of the size of the blocks it attracted a lot of doctors and professionals to the area. They built big homes, many of them complete with tennis courts and swimming pools. They're all nice people, but many of them liked their gardens leaf free and pristine. Needless to say they weren't impressed when the flowers from the wattles and the leaves, gum nuts and branches would land on their side the fence. For many years I've heard numerous complaints from neighbours about leaves in pools, bird poo on driveways and braches that have blown in during storms etc. A couple of them have now started saying that if a tree falls over it will hit their house and someone could be hurt. We've had a number of different arborists inspect the trees over the years (and have lopped and removed a few trees as necessary) and each has stated the same thing... that the trees are as safe as could be expected but that you can never guarantee that any tree will not fail. Due to a tree preservation order, we weren't even allowed to remove the trees unless an arborist recommended it. Long story short, we've had enough. We can't handle the stress of it if something did actually happen. It would be a case of we told you so, not to mention the fact that someone 'could' get hurt. We found an arborist that would approve the removal and we are currently in the process of cutting down a dozen of our beautiful gum trees. It's a sad day - I've even shed a tear over this one!
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    I think there would be a market for it to run its own competitions like the local tri clubs do. Everything doesn't need to be on TV.