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    Shit yeah. Take it and then ask companies to sponsor you because your going to the world champs. It doesn't matter if you have not tried their product or know what it is. Your going to the world champs and now your a legend and everyone should sponsor you. Sorry guys. I just had to get that off my chest. The above applies for if you are turning Pro at anything as well. I'm sorry. I had to get that off my chest again.
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    This really depends on what effort is being used in the GCM. Time is irrelevant as he may have used as training run or his best effort. If he has pulled up really sore then the first two weeks should be low impact but IMO still rolling legs over either by DWR or some spinning on the bike. Make sure he is taking in extra protein initially as well to aid in recovery. Hydration also through electrolytes not just water. In regards to training in the following weeks be something Week 1 - minimal - walking good idea Week 2 - 1-2 runs plus x train Week 3 - 3-4 runs (long run 2hrs) + x train Week 4 - 3-4 runs (long run 90min) + x train Week 5 - 3-4 runs including race low volume Be sure to be doing some soft tissue work or getting massages if can afford. That is my thoughts others may think this crap but that is there opinion. Everyone is different and already said really depends on how you recover.
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    That is SO funny. Yep I have had every man and his dog ask for sponsorship in the last couple of weeks. I don't mind it when the guys genuinely like my product and really need some help. I had exactly that Tyno a couple of weeks ago. Sponsored by a different nutrition company but wants to swap over to us. Never tried us before. Bahahahaha. I love my wife. She is so funny with reply's in a nice way.
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    Look, I usually use Tailwind, but I'm willing to let you sponsor me
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    I have an old computer at home that hasn't been fired up in about a decade, there is nothing on it that we need to keep, took all our photos etc off it before we upgraded way back when. But i want to learn how to build a PC with updated specs that will be sufficient to be able to be used for indoor trainer programs like Zwift etc. Im sure I can watch some you tube on how to build a PC but as for what bits and pieces of software and graphics cards etc i need i have no idea - can anyone assist. You will need to be simple with me, i got laughed at by some colleagues yesterday at work when i was asked to write on a post it note how many gig my old work PC had as they were replacing mine, I wrote 4 gig, apparently the language used should have been 4gb.........thats how simple i am! Thanks
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    Just picked up this beauty and wanted to find some way to hook it up with aero bars. After riding this it would be hard jumping on a TT bike unless I had spent $20k on it! Has anyone come up with a solution to this issue as yet? I'm sure Trek doesn't want to do it because who would buy a Speedconcept then?
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    Yeah, the elbow wouldn't have helped, but it's probably more of a reaction to the impact. It's not really that unusual in a sprint finish. To be honest, I'd be more concerned about the way Arnaud Demare (the winner of the stage) swerved violently to the left during the sprint when he had a perfectly good line straight ahead of him. It's that sort of unnecessary movement in the pack that causes incidents so in my opinion that should be a DQ!
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    DHL would be your best. I didn't make the trip this year. won't be able to help.
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    Most people don't use them a huge amount and they get hammered in the cross races with mud etc. So I would go with a 1x mid spec bike unless you plan on using it a lot as a road bike as well (which I did for the first 18 months). I have the Trek Boone 9 with Di2, I think that was a bit over the top ! All the major brands should be fine, it comes down the personal preference, fit and what is on special with a nice colour. I would get the hydro brakes if you can.
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    Since running zwift was specified as the requirement... here's the specs from zwift OS: Windows 7 x64 bit, OSX 10.8 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Memory: 4GB Graphics: 1GB dedicated GPU, or embedded Intel HD 4000/AMD R5 Hard Drive: 4GB of free space That's Ivy-Bridge Dual-Core - or in other words, a 5YO+ computer is good enough. You could pick up a used HP, IBM or Dell computer with Haswell Quad-Core for under $150 e.g. Something like a HP EliteDesk 8300 would kill it.
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    Last time I did some trail runs quite a few had a belt with a 500 ml or thereabouts bottle holder, with the bottle placed in the small of the back, sometimes on the diagonal. Seemed a better alternative to the fuel belt (?) with the multiple small bottles, which are a bit fiddly.
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    the Flanders look great and I know a few people with Trek Boones that they like. A mate has more of a gravel bike, a 3T Exploro and that thing is awesome. I get serious bike envy everytime I see it.
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    When I have done 2 this close, used something very similar to Fitness Buddies above. One key thing is this week and next to move as much as possible but without intensity ie. walk and stretch. Mental recovery can be harder, any training for the first 2-3 weeks needs to be a as want to rather than need to. Try and make it as interesting as possible. Otherwise the last 2 weeks of training is going to be real hard, and race day is not going to happen.
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    I had a Boardman cx pro. aluminium frame so didn't have to be too precious about it, had avid cable discs, they were good enough without having to worry about whether or not I could maintain hydro. Theyvsre a stack of fun. I didn't have a MTb at the time and just found myself getting a bit too adventurous on it. Would buy the same again if I was in the market.
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    Community service is nice, however I'd like to see it be specific so "rehabilitation" can occur. They're attitude to driving and society sucks and they need to realise they are playing with big toys with big consequences. 8 hours a week of community service while suspended working in a rehabilitation centre for car accident victims. Let's see them spend days having to feed someone with severe brain damage, having to wipe their mouth after each feed, having to wipe their ass and change their nappies. Let them do that for 1 day a week for 6 months and see if their attitude changes. In Victoria at least we have TAC having to pay carers money to support people who because of car accidents require someone with them for every waking hour. If they have to ride a push bike to attend, than hopefully they get to respect all road users as an added bonus When jail is deemed in appropriate as a punishment / deterrent, let's start to get the right one so they learn and get to see what their future looks like of themselves or someone else if they continue
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    Your attitude is awesome! If you are motivated to do a lot of googling and watch a few youtube videos you can pretty much do anything. When I was a student there was one book and one teacher - if you didn't get it there and then you never did. Fast forward to the wonderful world of today and there are hundreds of "teachers" and hundreds of "books" on the internet so you can just keep ploughing on until you get it - and every time you "get it" you get a bit better at "getting it" the next time. Go for it!
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    Very helpful. Might bolt on an esky to keep my drinks cold whilst I am at it.
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    It drives my media PC ok, but I don't think it would be up to any intensive Photoshop work! I think the a6 is only a dual core processor too. My wife uses a Dell xps i7 (think first series) desktop that she bought with the proceeds of a Dell contest she won for designing a laptop lid design. And it's starting to get a bit clunky.... it's got a dedicated graphics card and about 24g ram now days. Actually, she just woke up and I mentioned what you asked and she started laughing :). Her opinion is you need something about the level of a gaming PC. I personally think she needs to clean her system up, and it would run smoother. But she reckons it take Photoshop up to a minute to load on her desktop these days. It is about 7 years old now too.
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    Agree. The excuse of "I didn't have control" means shit - When you consider that they had the ability to NOT lose that control in the first place (All they had to do to not lose their control would be to not imbibe in the first place) - They made a conscious choice to give up control, therefore anything that that do while under the influence should be classed as premeditated.
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    We bought an apartment in Burleigh heads. Looking to relocate next year. Cannot wait to be out of Sydney, this city is becoming a joke.
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    It's interesting reading about your dad, and knowing that you are choosing a healthier lifestyle. Wayne Pierce, the Ex Australian and Balmain Tigers captain who was also known for being one of the fittest and healthiest players at the time, was the son of a man who lived a very unhealthy lifestyle. Yet Wayne's son Mitchel (also a footballer) had a few demons of his own with some problems with substance abuse etc. Thankfully it looks like he's got himself sorted out now though. Healthier options are always the best choice.
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    Yes i have also looked into putting aero bars onto this thing but all to no avail atwsome me bike and I would build it into a TT rig in 5 mins if I could
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