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    About a thousand of us rolled across the line this morning paying tribute to Mike. Kristoff laid flowers on the steps of the opera house...i chatted to him afterwards for about 15 minutes
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    Not sure how many were actually at the Melbourne ride, maybe 600-700?. I joined the ride at Kew Boulie so didn't see the numbers at Fed Square This shot is at top of hill near Chandler Highway on Kew Blvd (for those that know the area) There were a lot of riders around the corner from where this was taken The police ended up closing the Blvd for 10 minutes while a couple of speeches were made and a minutes silence observed.
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    The plan worked! Third in my AG. Yes it was 3/5 but we don't need to mention that.
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    Bored@work V Peter 10 in 10 (Ironman Challenge) Last night we finally agreed to take on each other after 5 years of negotiations. We will be joining John Mergler and doing 10 ironmans in 10 days. The one with the fastest time will win $10,000 from the other person. Or the complete prize pool We will be doing the events in Sydney Cent Park. No drafting. So he could be in trouble if you would like to take part, you are welcome. Anyone accepted except professionals or past professionals. You must finish all 10 to be eligible for the $$ you must also put the money into a trust account before race one. Rebel sport, shotz nutrition, underarmor and the aqua shop will be sponsoring. The event will take place when John reaches ironman 90. He is currently at 13. Expression of interest in this thread. Bring it bitches. * West Australians not allowed to take part due to their history of course cutting.
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    prob more widespread drugs in the 90's actually.
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    Apologies, now in 4th, 1:04 behind leader Cameron Wurf
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    Any news on whats happening with the driver and the police? I feel for them, seeing all the outpouring of support for Mike. We obviously dont know, but there may be very little their fault in the accident
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    I disagree, the run is the biggest difference now, just the courses are more accurate 10k now with better measuring technology. Ask any of the older guys who are into coaching, seeing what these guys actually can do, they will tell you they would have had no hope of running the times these guys do.
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    When I had my first back op the surgeon said it could be 6 months before the nerves 'recover' from the compression and the symptoms start to improve. I'd be inclined to reserve judgement for at least a few more weeks. Of course this may never happen, I'm just trying to give you some hope
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    I've seen Brad put down a 4.15 400M in the pool. He'd easily find the fast feet, if not better, in Super League Triathlon. Macca was not running as fast in 2012 over the Olympic distance as he was in his prime - but was probably within 50 seconds (i.e. 5 seconds per km) of what he could do in his best races 1997-2001. The Brownlees and Gomez were another 5 seconds per km faster again. The real struggle for Macca in his Olympic comeback was that he could only swim around 18.30 for 1500M - fast enough to find the fast feet and get into the lead bunch on the bike back in his heyday but just not good enough now. Back in the day there used to be 2 or 3 17 minute swimmers (like Croc) but now half the field can do that or better ...
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    60km hills then finished with tribute ride for Mike on Kew Boulie.
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    44 km - went with #rideformike
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    750 mtr swim, 20 km ride, 5 km run, 50 taking the piss comments. FM
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    Needless to say but I will anyway, if we had the way back time machine it would be great to see.
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    None of yesteryear would get near today. Time moves on, today's generation will always improve on the previous generation, the race evolves. Even in cricket terms, I'm not sure Bradman would even cut it today, he struggled with touring, and the schedule of today and the media would have played with his mind.
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    +1 for Stuart. Had the fit a few weeks ago. Much improved comfort levels and quite an imformative process.
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    Not if he's posting from Kona.
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    John is on 12 in a row now.
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    What's "day won" ? Apparently I've won 12. Anyone know?
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    You will be able to select the AquaBike category for all races (all 7) in both the Standard or Sprint course this coming season.
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    My penis reduction failed to get below 13 inches.
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    I haven't been able to use tapatalk either. Not a big issue, as I only used to use it because it was easier to load photos than having to put them in Photobucket. Now that you can load them straight on from your computer I rarely try to use it.
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    Knee. Fixed one problem, caused 2 more.
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    Just looking at tickets for the San Antonio Western Finals. $359us a ticket. Dammm
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    Because we work and earn money to spend on stuff tht makes us happy.
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