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    You need all the frequent flyer miles you can get when you also have to fly your twin sister
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    Hi all. Under 6 weeks now, and I'm freaking out - feeling like I haven't done enough, blah blah. This is certainly a disadvantage of not having a coach or strictly following a program. (On the other hand, the advantage of this approach is the ability to be flexible and adapt. I've managed (touch wood) to get through some minor niggles that threatened to become major had I not backed off when I needed to, and come back slowly and cautiously, etc). I've been doing lots of swimming. Frustratingly not getting faster, but it has to be good for my swimming endurance. My aim is to get out of the water in great condition ready to take advantage of my strength on the bike. But then I feel like I haven't done nearly enough work on my riding because that is my strength. Well it won't be unless I actually ride a lot more over the next 5 weeks! Running is coming along. I have a bit of a scare with a sore heel that might have been heading down the path to a stress reaction according to my physio. But we seem to have this sorted now, and I managed 22km for my long run yesterday. I'll keep adding ~4km to my long run each week, building to a 30km long run 3 weeks out. It's all ridiculously slow at the moment, but I keep reminding myself that's what set me up for a good run in Port. I seem to respond well to slow running and get injured if I try to pick up the pace, so I have to keep telling myself it's OK. (And thanks IP - I don't actually consider myself a good runner. But I do know that I can run nearly as well off the bike as I can just straight out of the blocks - and that's what matters in Ironman). Because I have the time at the moment, I've been doing my longer sessions in the middle of the day, as I figure I need to prepare for the heat in Kona. (Also helps that I'm lazy and don't like getting out of bed early when it's even a tiny bit cold). I have managed to drop the couple of extra kilos I was carrying around after Cairns, which is good. Still scared though. I really want to do myself justice at Kona - to feel like I had a great race. I'd like to finish the year ranked top of my age-group in the AWA table - just because. Also scared because I've spent quality time in the medical tent after all 3 of my IM races. It's not a nice feeling being that sick, and I'd like to stay out of hospital in the US! My goal is to get back to the finish line to see the last hour before midnight - which means I need time to finish, stop vomiting, and get liquids and fuel in before it's too late.
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    1 too many...(and started another one, so 1 and 1/2 too many.)
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    would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids
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    If you're claiming a sub11 Ironman don't run in your summer PJs at least buy some bloody running kit
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    http://www.powherhouse.com/women-celebrate-powherhouse-julie-miller-national-triathlete-champion/ I am beyond grateful for the people in my life who support me. My sister, Lisa, is so encouraging and supportive. She is my biggest cheerleader. She always shows up cheering at my races no matter how far she has to travel – Boston, China, you name it. Hmmm, your sister is always there, conveniently with her running shoes also?
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    27 I'm entered 27 done all under 10hrs 25 Mrs Ip done 19 also and she's catching as I only did one last year and might only get one or two done this season as I'm doing a few other things ATM My main aim after doing my first at foster in 2003 was to get my legend number with ten IMOZ straight I manage that as I only missed this year due to doing the ultraman the following week Mrs IP has 2 to go to get her legends number so k hope to be racing with her at port for that one I love racing and the places we have gone and friends we have met over the journey Cheers Ivp
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    2 for me. Promised myself at 36k into the run at cairns that if I sucked it up and ran the rest of the way home without stopping I'd never have to do another. I lied.
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    11 x IMWA, doing number 12 IMWA in December and then I get a ticket in the Legacy lottery.
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    yeah that most of them rode very bloody hard, that Frodeno has shown that Ironman Germany wasnt a once off with the bike performance, Kienle runs very well for a big bloke, and that most women in the world are hoping Ryf gets injured as she rode relatively easier than them still putting time into everyone then destroyed them on the run.
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    A Canadian triathlete, Julie Miller has just been busted for cheating, there's a thread in ST about it. Someone has just pointed out some interesting things on her finishers photo, some of the photos have her with a watch on her right arm and her race wrist band on her left, then other photos have the same watch on her right, but a garmin on her left and no race band. Her post race photo is one watch + wrist band. Plus one of them has tan lines from bike shorts, the other apparently doesn't.. This is where things get interesting.... she has an identical twin sister.. Race photos http://www.finisherpix.com/photos/my-photos/currency/CAD/pctrl/Photos/paction/search/pevent/subaru-ironman-canada-2013/pbib/551.html
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    Nah mateI'm just full of talk lol (an shite) Got a couple of Qs I havnt taken though I reckon there worth more LOL Cheers Ivp
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    Great news - why didn't you tell us sooner?! ?
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    I thought you'd done more kona ironmans. Your stock has dropped.
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    No real choice. My knees are farked, bone on bone in both of them, was told can continue that's fine, but you'll be getting knee replacements well before you should. Last season I would go for a run at say 6 in the morning and by three in the arvo my knees would be giving way. its farked being in a meetings in Melbourne, 1000k from home, you've got up, trotted round the tan, then sit in meetings all Day, get up for a break at say 3 and your knee just gives way. People look at you and go whats wrong and you go, I ran the tan this morning.... Lol. By January had pulled out of hell of the west simply cause running would cause them to buckle like I said above. A lot better now through rest, but I know they're farked, I got slides and reports that say so, lol, plus if I run a few times without enough gap between runs, they buckle in the arvo. Lol. I probably did 13 IM's too many but I loved doing them. I knew my knees were farked 10 years ago but pro longed it as I loved it, probably shouldn't have but that's life. My mum was dead at 52, I've got mates that are already dead so I've lived life and will continue to do so. If my body could take it, I simply would have kept going, i love it.
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    Entered Triple M in 1984 was injured non starter. Injured badly 1985. Never made Forster. Then did Forster 1988. 89 and 90. So 3. Retired from IM 1990.
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    Cheating pair. Ban 'em for life. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Last preseason game for the 49 'ers, this week. Thursday night per the schedule. Star players like Bush do play usually in the first half. A player like Hayne will be used again as a reserve. Since there are a few players fighting for slots on the active roster, I would estimate, those who don't play have already been evaluated and might get a job on the practice squad. Practice squad is non contract but the pay is $10, 000 week. Or if ever promoted to the team roster they go to NFL minimum. Practice squad players do have an excellent chance to move up, usually because of injuries. Hayne should again play and should be 99% sure of a place on the active roster. Active roster players are not normally dropped to the practice squad. Reggie Bush is a star player carrying on from his college days. He's not a superstar, and he is more towards the end of a nice career which includes a Super Bowl with the Saints. He's a smallish 200 lbs and has been used as more of a utility back who catches a large number of passes. He was with the Lions when Hayne first worked out and he gave the call that Hayne could make it in the NFL. Hayne does have skills. But one thing that really helps is some natural speed about a 4.5 sec 40 yd time. That's good for a man his size. I was one of the detractors, but I have seen enough. He makes it as a reserve and will see playing time eg if Reggie Bush does not play every down , which he won't. Going to the last pre season game. If Hayne doesn't play, that's a sign that he hasn't made it. But definitely he will get playing time.
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    Bizarre. Why would you bother going to all that effort? And if you could really be bothered going to so much effort, why not put in the effort to train and actually get there legitimately? Edit to add: hm, did some googling and she looks like one of those people who has concocted a very elaborate lie, gathering sponsors, etc. Sad.
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    1st swim today. A very ugly 1000m. I think I said I was aiming for 3 x a week starting today.
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    Finished 13. Entered one more but broke a wrist three weeks out so never did it. Not intending to do anymore, went and watched Port this year, it was good knowing there was no desire at all to be out on the course. Whilst there is no higher calling in our sport for age groupers than the IM, think the future is the odd sprint and team event for giggles for me.
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    3 Full IM's. Forster 2002-2003. Met Macca 2002 and had a chat with him, buying some merchandise. Big thrill we were chatting about the race and choice of wheels. Day after the race down at the shopping center, Macca with his then fiance makes a point to approach me and say hello. Wow. I was a bit slow to react, but really big moment. Taupo 2004. Found it brutally hard and was totally unprepared going 15:10. Mate of mine was one of those rescued from the swim and required CPR and had a tracheostomy done. Due to "next of kin" notification they could not officially tell us what happened. But we found out. As we understand, although not notified also, he died a few years later. He had no memory of the event, no memory of ever being in NZ. I had a bad knee going in but had not yet had an MRI. Short version that was the end of my IM career. Could not have done another one, even if I wanted to. Regrets? Yes, I did a 12:35 at age 53. I thought I had it sorted and would move up. But I never replicated the training I did for the first one. I should have left it there and enjoyed longer in the sport. I was able to race later on but I was not fully competitive from 2004 onwards.
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    Saw my grand daughter for the first time today. It's not what you'd expect. My son wrote the music in the video when he found out he was having a daughter.
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    4 in home town Port Mac for me. Might do Cairns 2016 and Roth 2017 and that is likely to be it for quite a while. Running ultras is more interesting.
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    1 so far (but signed up for Busso this year). But after Busso I honestly don't know if I will do another WTC branded race. While I love IM racing I just find the $$$ really hard to justify now. Next year I will race my 3 primary ultras (6ft, NF100 and GNW100km) for the same $$ as a single WTC ironman race. That said I will keep doing Iron distance races but likely focus on the "extreme" and cheaper races like Norseman, Celtman etc. Maybe an early bird entry to Wanaka oneday as well. If you could do an Irondistance race for ~$500 in Australia (like you can in the UK and Europe) then I would do more
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    3 down, 1 to go. Hoping to let myself retire from IM after that, but will reconsider for special courses or events depending on where life takes me in the next few years. It really does take so much of your heart and sole when you have a personality type like mine (not simply happy completing). I must have done almost 30 half IM (or similar) races. Does that count for 15 fulls? ;-) Enjoy training for that distance more, and will probably stick with that for a while.
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    These days I tend to drink by "feel" - I am much more relaxed about it and just make sure I have 3 x 750ml bottles done in the first half and another 3 in the second half - then if it's really hot will take more water from aid stations if I feel like it - at least I have my basic requirements filled because the first 6 bottles have my own drinks I have trained with Earlier races I was a bit fearful of dehydrating (that was what most of the advertising sold us on) even in Hawaii I skip most of the bike aid stations - sometimes just getting a water to rinse my mouth and cool my head (wasting most of it)
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    I think a lot of us have over hydrated in races out of fear of dehydrating - I've found the races where I peed more than once on the bike (sometimes as many as 5-6 times) I've suffered a lot more on the run The races where I've only peed once (or not at all) I've had my best runs - it's a bit of a gamble just how much to drink - different days you need more and sometimes less - I think there's a link to how much fatigue you carry into the race - it seems more fatigue = more pee this one's for Boredatwork
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    Anyone read Andrew Bolts rant today? Funniest thing I have read in a while.... Referring to the, and I quote: “Abbott “scandals” — like the latest few — are pure inventions” That’s right .... all the scandals surrounding Abbott are the inventions of the ‘lefty lynch mob’ media ..... !! Along the way has a go at pretty much every media organisation – the ABC, Peter Hatcher, Fairfax, Ray Martin, The Financial Review. He also has a go at a swathe of MP’s and parties – the Greens, Labor, Andrew Wilkie, Tony Windsor, Clive Palmer etc etc Everyone is to blame for the made up scandals that have engulfed PM Abbott ... except PM Abbott himself.... The main thrust of the article claims that the whole entire Border Force thing last Friday was a “fake scandal” made up by lefty-namby-pamby media-types? He also says that the whole operation “was never going to take place” and that “the ABF was never going to [be] stopping strangers to demand their papers” So what was the whole press statement and media stuff about then? I suppose there are a whole bunch of government departments that issue press statements, then have a press conference giving details of operations that are never going to take place?!? Either Bolt is deluded, or the whole Border Force thing is a complete shambles.... I mean, what sort of organisation drafts media statments, sends them to the Minisetrs office TWICE and then issues said press releases to media organisations ...... for operations that they never intended to carry out in the first place?!? He then goes on to say that the Prime Minister had “known nothing of this operation” .... So who is in charge then?? The Border Force is a government agency, funded by the taxpayer, set up and established by the current Government, mandated by the government to undertake work as directed by legislation/policy formed by the government... But the PM has no responsibility for it? So who is in charge of the whole Border Force if it’s not the Minister and the Government ?? Bolt also has a go at pretty much everything he thinks is fake, including: “They [lefty media types] invent a global warming apocalypse that refuses to come” ““stolen generations” no one can properly name” “Aboriginal genocide that never happened” Just on the last point about Aboriginal genocide that never happened – I guess these blokes were just out having a good time: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt-border-force-protesters-lose-plot-over-tony-abbott/story-fni0ffxg-1227504983713
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    18 and after a couple of year's break coming back to do Port Mac next year.
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    It's pretty cool how Ryf rode smart and then brought it home. I really hope all females arrive in Kona healthy and ready to go. Will be a cracker of a race
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    Yes Australian society grew from a convict society in the beginning. We actually had many convict lawyers and even a few that became judges. To begin with there weren't many women and alcoholism was pretty normal as there simply weren't the normal features of a free settled society. Even pioneers societies had their idiosyncrasies (take polygamy for example). Anyway, it is a fact that a certain amount of general drunkenness was legally acceptable otherwise no commercial contracts could ever be made or enforced! So it is against this background that the tone in Australia was set regarding alcohol. Something we are gradually amending to a better healthier view which of course will take some time to be reflected in our laws. A case in point, the lockout laws have reduced the violence in the Sydney city but there is still more work to do. There are plenty of cultures that suspect authority. We didn't really inherit this from our convict forbears this started long ago in England, even long before Cromwell. There had always been a tension between the monarchy and the rest of the nobility and power devolving from absolute to the King in council, that is a monarchic constitution. Suspicion of authority, or more rightly, suspicion of power has been with us for a very long time, no doubt the convicts voiced their suspicions a little more irreverently and openly. Yes Spain has had it's moments as a totalitarian state almost! I think since Australia is only some 230 years old it will take some time and cultural shifts along the way but we are, I think, moving in the right direction. For a start we are a stable democracy and there has never been an armed rebellion except of course Eureka Stockade, otherwise things have been pretty peaceful. Whatever rules we do have it would seem the majority tend to agree otherwise we'd see riots and protests a lot more. Didn't take long for people to realise the ABF operation in Melbourne was a joke and rallied in Flinders Street to voice their opinion. We are free to do that funnily enough. These are healthy signs I think.
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    The tolerance level in aus is far lower than in European countries which is very surprising. Also the attitude towards smoking and drinking is remarkably different than here - they are more considered as pleasures of life so people are far less likely to chain smoke/develop problem drinking.
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    I'm still ticking along with 4 swims a week. Some days I feel great. others I feel like sh1t. No pattern to it.
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    Impress with Kienle, he raced a smart and solid race. Paced himself better than Frodeno. Looking good to defend in Kona, all the contenders got the message.
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    My "comeback" race before supposedly attempting IM Melbourne. I'm doomed.
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    Dated? He made her famous with her sex tape. He should be in jail for that. It's his fault we have the Kardashians
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    Sounds like you're looking for faults to me - I spend my time typing out some free advice, based on 40 Ironman finishes, 15 in Hawaii, having coached more than seventy Hawaii qualifiers and that's your response - how about if you ever get to do an Ironman you do all the other things and disregard the part about surviving a really tough day by what ever means are available to you - have a good day Ms Turtle
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    I've found the best strategy in a hot Ironman marathon is to start out easy, a friend one said "no-one ever got to the end of an Ironman marathon and wished they'd run the first 5km faster" * Start out easy - just make getting to the first aid station the priority * Start out with a shorter stride length - it will lengthen naturally when your legs loosen up * Take salt caps in the morning before the race starts - then have extra salt in each drink bottle on the bike (saves carrying salt caps if it's in your drinks) * Use special needs on the bike ( it takes less than a minute to stop and pick them up and if you have the drinks you've prepared yourself, it can save you 10-30min in the run) * Carry more salt caps than you'll need for the run, I have run out a couple of times and picked them up off the ground, lots of people drop there's as they fish around in their pockets (maybe you can help out a friend who's run out, we're all in this together) * Don't drink anything you've not trained with * Don't over eat - more races have been ruined by over feeding than under feeding * Don't give any attention to the conditions, just do the job efficiently - everyone's in the same boat - you're not the only one hurting - be the one who holds their mind together * Wet your head often, wear a hat that will stay wet - it'll lower your heart rate by as much as 10 degrees
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    I just use my standard shimano mtb shoes. Reckon there's not going to be much quicker options. Don't usually bother with flying mount either depending on course, if it's uphill at the mount I reckon is just as quick to slip them on in transition so you can get to powering right on the line instead of fiddling around. As long as you get something with basic (read: quick) straps and not some fiddly ratchet system (there are some clumsy ones around) then you have options depending on the transition and mount area on the day I think Specialized do a wide velcro strap "off road tri" shoe which is probably pretty quick to get on
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    There used to be a locally produced chocolate drink produced by NIcholas Aspro - does anyone remember it?
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    What a great race. Swim was beautiful - Nice torquiest colour where you swam. Im told it was 70m deep in places, nice and relaxing knowing nothing is lurking in the depths! I wore a wetsuit for the first time in 3 ironman, and swam exactly the same time as I did in Cairns without a wetsuit. I guess the difference is fresh v salt water and due to the wave starts in Japan, I had to swim through a lot of slower swimmers. What an awesome bike course. I knew when they changed the course to include more climbing, that it would suit me. When the wind picked up with about 120km I just got happier. Lucky, despite riding a loop, it remained a pretty strong head wind for the remainder of the ride (120Km). The surfaces were smooth to ride on (except the gravel neutral bit and the bike track which were incredibly rough - loads of puncture there), and if your sick of watching the trains that go around the courses in Australia, maybe a course like Japan would suit you too. Ive done 7 IM in Australia - only two times over 5 hours. My first (5:04 at Busso) and when I was sick (5:06 Cairns). The other 5 (Cairns/Busso/Melbourne) have been under 5 and sometimes under 4:50. Ive done Kona in ~5:10 and IM France on a rental road bike in 5:15. Japan was over 5:41 and without a doubt it was the strongest/best executed IM ride Ive done. I had great legs going into the run. I started the bike leg in 53rd spot overall and started the run in 12th spot overall, 1st in my age group. The start of the run is tough. It was hot, humid and the first 13k is hilly. One hill was so steep that my heart rate was the highest of the whole race attempting to walk/run it. Even the pros were walking it.Once you clear the first 13k its ~29km on the lake. Pretty flat except for a hill that you climb 6 times. Sadly stitch derailed yet another IM as I struggled to fight it off for most the run. I stopped eating drinking at the 160km point of the ride and had one gel/maybe 500ml of water from there to 20km into the run. I lost too much time in this period to have a great result but was able to finish the last 12km strong , after finally hydrating and eating again, to run back into second spot and a kona spot (the sole purpose for doing this race). Happy to be going to kona again, but disappointed that I had the fitness/run legs for a win but was derailed by stitch again. If anyone can help me with this Id much appreciate it. Japan is a great race if you like doing your ironman solo and you are a disciplined eneough rider to pace yourself correctly around the bike course. Its hot, humid, windy and hilly. A very rewarding course to finish. The bike has lots of tight 90deg turns so never a chance to bored. Only 85% of the starters completed the race.
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    Nice work Esoteric - looks mighty sharp. Luv it! Yep - Im with IVP, you could be onto something here OR a prize from Roxii for not talking the talk but actually doing it plus posting pics as well. Keen to hear about the long ride & if your gear choice matches the terrain. And bragging rights if you win the bunch sprint lol
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    Aussie butt cream. Keeping my fat hairy butt free from sores for years
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