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    This photo sums up something special about our triathlon community. Chloe from 3lements who has cerebral palsy put in a champion effort on Sunday in her race and was supported by hundreds of people cheering her on. Super effort Chloe!!!!!!
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    me too! and I'm not even going!
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    I love the line "an icon of our sport has sold his soul" - what are you on Peter ? Who pays your wages ? What do you do for a living that allows you so much time to sit in judgement of "icons" and where they get their money I personally wouldn't wear Hokas to a dog fight - didn't they make the original Herman Munster boots - but if I was an "icon" and was offered enough money I'd get them to make me a "normal looking shoe" to stand on the pool deck in - and get another soul
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    Absolutely fantastic. We are seeing more and more of this lately and it can only be a good thing. We are blessed locally with Team Gemm participating in most of our tris. They are a beautiful family and have an absolute ball.
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    It's still two weeks away. The last thing to worry about right now is the weather in a fortnights time
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    While I might appear to be doing well when you look at the standings, I've had a slack few weeks and really struggle to not eat too much every day. I caught a glimpse of myself today in the mirror at the pool and wanted to go straight for the triple choc muffin to console myself about how bad I look. I think we all need to be a little less hard on ourselves about the ups and downs. There is a reason nearly all of us have joined up and it's generally because we're not good at keeping this under control, but I've just checked the charts and both of you are down from where you started and Katz has stayed in the green (which is better than I was when I started). Onward and not upward (hopefully)!
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    Nice workI'd just keep up/build the volume up until 5 days out then shut completely down at 3 days out You body will just think IM will be a training day Will work fine Cheers Ivp
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    I know this photo is watermarked. It was taken by a good friend of mine at the start of our annual Corporate Tri on Sunday. This is a fun, teams only event that raises funds for the Cancer Council and we encourage participants to dress up. Anyway, our photographer, Linda, has a fantastic eye and I think she was hoping she'd get something good from the following competitor and she hit the jackpot. I think you'd struggle to find a better race start photo and it captured the essence of the event beautifully. If you're interested here is a link to her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/savvycapturesphotography?fref=ts And here is a link to the album from the day. Lots of more great shots. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.882476698457966.1073741843.147225341983109&type=3
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    I did the NZ11 race and had a pretty good one. It rained all day but wasn't that cold for someone from Melb. I echo the comments about lube.. Never had an issue in previous or post races but that day.... Everything was wet and wrinkley... You kind of role into that state of feeling nothing but I could tell a bit of chaffing was happening down below early on the bike.. This continued and continued... Got through the run and headed back to apartment in typical post IM state. Got unchanged and into a warm shower. Oh my $@&@ing God! The pain of IM was replaced! I looked down and I swear my nut was held in place by the smallest piece of skin - it was like a open weave hammock!! Moral of the story: lube and have some in T2! Also new socks for the run is nice
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    Crept under hundgy today. Massive week and weeks ahead.
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    Just getting in early to warn all that the 30th IMOz will be a great occasion. However, the Very Famous Trannie Beer Mile for 2015 will be an even more prestigious affair. I'm hoping to get IM Royalty for the event. (In the past we have had Dave Orlowski 3rd placegetter in the original 1978 IM) But for 2015, it could be a female of even greater stature! Because it will be the 30th year of IMOz, then the Very Famous Trannie Beer Mile for 2015 will be a culmination of the previous years Beer Miles. So, I am putting the word out for some of the Beer Mile Originals to come to Town Green at 3:00pm on Monday 4 May 2015. People like the instigators of the early events, Peter, Alex, Speedy Steve from Busselton, RatDog from Thailand (already confirmed), Ken Baggs, Gizmo, Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Fozzie, Squid, The Grafton Kid, PIS, Mad Dog, our very Secret Sponsor, TGL, Sharks, etc etc etc et al. Also, if anyone has any trophies they would like to donate for the event then they will be very welcome. At IM Cairns this year I managed to snaffle a lot of trophies like Cam's Hat Trick, Worst Lady Bowler, 1964 Champ, Smallest Fish Caught....etc etc. So, if you would like to present a trophy from your own trophy cabinet, then I will have some white stick-on tabs, so that you can rename your trophy accordingly. Get ready for a truly amazing Very Famous Trannie Beer Mile for 2015.
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    If the players and club are ashamed, then perhaps they can act like it. Have some respect for the game you talk about and not bring the whole thing into disrepute, there are enough clubs, administrators and players already covering that. I get over the whole "we are victims in this whole thing" scenario constantly being trotted out by the club. At best brain dead morons allowing themselves to be injected with unknown substances, but definitely not victims.
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    Planning for weather conditions is not required until at least next Wednesday. Give the forecasters time to sort it out. Besides its going to be a clear balmy day of 24 degrees with winds not coming up until at least 3pm. Stay easy folks.
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    Either way picture perfect morning in Port Mac.
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    It was a great day. By the way, who's this gorgeous chick?
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    Haha, sounds good . You got a head start on me at C2S last year, I won't be letting that happen again .
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    Here's mine Cannondale trigger 1 29er 2013 Trigger happy
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    Communist! You and your red ragger Science based facts. Leftism 101 ...
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    One of the key points people seem to forget too is that the NBN was, in part, a response to the fact that copper in many areas of Australia are 80 years old, and are essentially at the end of their useful life..... Any Telstra technician wil tell you how bad the copper network is. So the fundamental issue with Abbotss FTTN option is that it's a broadband network which relies in the copper that is the whole proble to start with. It's like running a formula 1 car but saving money by keeping a 1930's steam engine up front!
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    Maybe not to you (you're tough...... or insensitive). Some folks feel the cold more than others. As you can see from the 1985 Forster vid, the cold can ruin your day. On the contrary. I would think now is probably the best time to start thinking of your contingency plans. Nothing like running around Port Mac on the Saturday trying to work out what you're going to do on Sunday when the forecast is 11 and squally rain (if your not AP of course). Time for making sure you've got what you need, and know it won't cause you more problems (like trying to get into an extra top in T1 when wet)
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    I could even bring it out to the valley for you when I pick mine up.
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    I blame Ironwar…. At age 15…had been doing a few ‘fun runs’ and occasionally going to the local pool for a swim..sshh..yes it was Campbelltown pool…and I lived at Min’o… The noticeboard at the pool had a poster about the local Macarthur Triathlon Club and I had a read… One sunny October 1989 Sunday afternoon…I was sitting in Woodbine Macca’s pigging out and Triple M radio sports update announced that some guy called Welchy had placed third against those two Americans… I was hooked…grabbed every magazine I could…those blue zipp tri spokes were funky…allen and dave pics on my bedroom wall… The sprint distance became my distance for many years, club races at Airds hood, and debuting at nepean and stgeorge sailing club races in 1990…whilst I spent many year hitching rides up to Forster to spectate…too young to drive a car, too young to compete in IM, but not too young to get there anyhow I could…coming home on a Monday morning early and missing school a bit… 14 years travelling to Forster IM, 12 as spectator 2 as a competitor 2002 (13.52) and the last in 2005 (11.45)… those years of the 90's seeing the international idols like Zack, hellregel, PNF and Ingram wobble at tudor house corner were awesome... these days bit of mountain biking ...and parenthood learning curve...but ome never says no to a return to IM...maybee one day....
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    Whaddya mean? Thats where my sun DOES shine!
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    I dread to imagine what shape I'd be in if I hadn't started training 7 years ago.
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    You can buy a fleecy sleeveless vest with front zipper at K-Mart for $8. It would keep your core warm in the early stages of the bike and you could dispense with it at any aid station and just forget about it.
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    My longevity in this sport is testament to the important role it plays in my life. However, there is hardly one aspect of this entire sport that is immune from some criticism. And in many cases criticism can be a healthy thing that can lead to overall improvement. I for one enjoy the ability to throw criticism to areas of the sport where I believe it is deserved, knowing that there will always be someone on this forum who has a counter view. That is what makes a forum interesting. Just don't take criticism levelled at the sport to heart and feel that it is a personal attack. PS. It might help if we had an acronym such as TIC (tongue in cheek) we could apply to indicate sarcasm because the plain written word can often be interpreted differently.
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    Hey Foz, you didn't think to incorporate a little "glowstick" attachment or use reflective ink in the printing by any chance? After dark is where Trannie support will be in highest demand, and having the bib flapping around where the sun don't shine.....well, I thought some illumination may be required.
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    The gillet and arm warmers at the start of the bike. Usually you can drop these at a aid station and get them back if labelled. A dry top at the start of the run is nice. Cooling to much on the run can be a issue especially after dark. Watch video of IMNZ 2011 where it rained all day, also port 08 & 09 it rained early in the day.
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    For me - participating in AG Worlds in just a really good way to visit other countries and places that I wouldn't have visited normally. Also I've enjoyed being in other countries with other like -minded Australians,. It's a great way to meet other people. It is also a good incentive to be there as where I work gives paid Sporting Leave as you are representing Australia. 2016 there is all in September - Mexico and Oklahoma and I have a sister I haven't seen for awhile in Atlanta.
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    Captain America is all kinds of awesome.
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    I don't notice much difference to racing in the cold re calories etc. I pack arm warmers & a wind vest. I would also drop the tyre pressure & take it easy on the corners.
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    hokkas will be ideal for Dave standing on the pool deck and sitting on the computer writing training programs im sure they will make him a pair with whatever sole thickness that suits him- from what ive seen they are now making shoes that are pretty similar to middle of road shoe not their icon moon shoe look Dave has to make a living- he could run in anything and still look like a duck falling over its toes while going shit hot fast
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    Triathlon is hard enough without having to deal with those sort of distractions
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    Apologies for my flippant earlier post, seems somewhat disrespectful of the history now. Great to see the stories of the guys and girls who pioneered IM racing in Australia. Like a lot I watched Wide World of Sports of a Sunday afternoon and saw snippets each week of those maniacs tackling Hawaii. Was always in awe of the nutters, as we saw them at the time. Had done a tri in 85 in Denman, just me and a mate in the juniors, he couldn't swim so I pretty much had him covered for the race given a 1k swim. In an ironic twist, the race was won by Bobby Schammel, who went on to become legend no 1, and the last bloke to give Dave Ross a run for his money doing all of them. Years later I would get to know Bob through the local Tri club and each year rack very close to him at IMOZ. I hope there is another finish in Bobby sometime in the future! Anyway, teens and 20's playing league and football and then looking for something different, saw an add for local Tri club starting up. Got to know Wizz Fizz, Noknees and Edo amongst others and end of the season went up to watch Wizz do IMOZ. Think it was no 6 for him, year 2000, on his way to being the youngest ever to do 10. Forster at IM just blew me away, not coming back to watch another one! Funny thing, I had spent 10 years holidaying in the Forster region (water ski lodge out at Failford) and had never run across the ironman. Wasn't a hard place to be going back to given we knew it well. Fronted up the next year with a promise to the wife that I would do one. What I had seen the year before was just how different a sport it was to what I had seen at the first year club stuff. One bloke who was obviously not a sprinter and would get beat at club level toweled them up at IM. Back then you had to qualify so had fronted up at Forster half on a hot day somewhat unprepared and cooked myself in the heat. Lying in the gutter in recovery was not the most encouraging sign to the wife when it was suggested that I still wanted to do twice as much come April. 5.01 didn't get a straight up but got the email a week or two later, happy days, in for the big dance. It has been said above, but that finish line in Forster, coming off the hill, sensational! Had a ball that first race, great first time experience! Didn't know about the Tuesday roll down for auto spots for the following year and was told later that my name was called. Bugger. Holding to my promise to the wife, I sulked into the following season and eventually she had enough of me, three weeks prior to Canberra, and said, for &$@) sake, go down there and get a spot. Fronted up on bugger all long course training and overdid that bike course and missed a spot. Those days, 20 out of the hat spots at the end, well bugger me, got the third spot out of the hat, back for number two. Clearly remember the lack of delight in the wife's voice when I rang her back in the car during the long drive home. Next year up, learnt from the previous year and fronted Tuesday to get that spot for next year. See this was becoming an easier sell, family holiday back at Forster next year and I just saved having to stump up for the cost of a half and accommodation/travel to wherever I was going to chase the spot. c'mon babe! Next thing you know, it is five time finisher and a multi finisher spot. Leant how to train in a more family friendly way to keep the run going. Usual fun and games re the odd injury along the way. Of course, the legend thingy had its attraction along the way and, sorry babe, but you do need to go back and wear the legend number at least once (that gets you number 11), plenty of excuses for batting on! The attraction continues to be the fellow athletes, racing out there on the same day and course as world champs, young and old, all there to achieve the same thing, volunteers just there to get you home, the crowd, the kids looking for a high five, people calling out your name, spotting your mates and seeing how they are going, your family who made their own sacrifices for you to be there, the reward for the hard work you put in, the finish line experience, hard not to feel special at some point in an IM! Along the way Forster turned to Port of course, and for those at the first Port presso, Forster was never like Kurnell! (No disrespect to Kurnell). While it was a shame how it all played out at the time, Port proved itself to be a hit with the family and we have enjoyed it ever since. Handstands on the beach a day after the race and all! So, nice to see half the history of the race, hope I can find a few more excuses to see a bit more! Haha. Love seeing the newbies, great to have Mike back, whether your first year or 15th, hope you have a great race and lay down some of your own history!
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    Yep but that would be the soft optionCheers IVP
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    The Australian TA age group team that represents at ITU events has two tiers. Those that want to have a crack are in the President's team. Those that want to enjoy the whole experience and wear the green and gold still get to go in their own capacity as tourists and participants. The faster athletes are on the pro teams. At the end of the day it is people doing a hobby and having some fun challenging themselves in any way they see fit within their own personal circumstances. I've been on a pro australian team and an age group team. both were equally rewarding and the pride in wearing the green and gold was with equal pride and sentiment
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    I remember watching a show on TV about 4 guys who entered the Suduko World Championships. They discovered Australia had not entered a team, so 4 mates from a Rubgy Club decided they would fill the vacancy. They were not very good, but nobody else had bothered to enter, so they were now representing Australia in the World Championships. This fact allowed them to convince a TV crew to follow them (and probably sponsor them) and they ended up with a 60 minute TV show. My point is that the only reason slow people are getting into the team is that the faster athletes are not signing up. Not the slow athlete's fault. And unlike Hawaii, the ITU races are officially recognised as World Championships. So in the absence of faster athletes, these slow athletes WERE fast enough to make the National Team. Just like Eddie the Eagle at the Winter Games and that swimmer called the Eel or something. Even if they are slow, they are still probably faster than 90% of the National population.
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    so where is the constitution on human behaviour - and when, and when not someone is allowed to enjoy 'success' ffs? Aren't people allowed to be proud of an achievement. ie being selected to represent Australia as an amateur? i've been to local gym presentations where people are lauded and receive huge trophies for completing a 10km or losing 15 kilos. It seemed a bit excessive but from their point of view its life-changing. It's all relative and nobodies place to judge really
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    I know! And with those white socks! But at least his torso was covered so there'd be no zipper-gate. Since it was burned into my retina by the original poster (Sammy_Brown), I felt I had to share and take more people down with me. Sharing is caring eh?
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    Seriously though, if you can't afford to travel to lots of different events overseas it all becomes a bit same, same. A World Champs where athletes are representing their country(or pretending to) is a bit different, it has an international feel, it doesn't happen every year and as it is in Australia it is much more affordable even with the extra fees, especially if you are taking a family. When I asked my family if they want to go to Port Macquarie... again or would rather go to Adelaide where they have never been before for an international race, they voted for the city of churches. If I was a millionaire like most triathletes with their fancy swimming costumes I would just travel the world instead. Sure we are only representing our country in a sport that is the bastard cousin of a fringe sport, in a specific age group, in a particular distance, at an event in a far away place. But it might be just a little bit more interesting than some other places... to some people. At least there wont be any stupid Triathelets there, they are so annoying!!
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    And while you are running or spectating in the Beer Mile, have a thought for Coffs Pete who is organising the event. FM
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    and yeah, back on topic, most athletes that "endorse" products are paid, or at least supplied with freebies. Why so much hate against Hoka? As opposed to Giant, or Trek, or other "sponsoring" brands? Just because Hokas are new and different does not mean they are crap and silly. Not all innovations are about going faster. Some may be just about slowing down less. If Hokas allow you to train or race at a better average, (or maintain your speed) during an event, then the will help. Just like improving the geometry of a tri bike allows you to stay in the aero position for longer. Most major shoe companies are coming out with maximally cushioned shoes - they just call them something different. Hokas have been big in the Ultra scene for a while. If you don't think they're necessary in tri's, then perhaps that's because ultras are harder? Hokas are more than just 1 shoe. Most people associate Hokas with the original Bondi's, which look chunky and were a stupid colour scheme. There are a lot more models out there now that have a variety of cushioning levels, soles and sole construction. Common feature is a low (but not zero) drop. For some more reading, http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/17/sports/forget-barefoot-many-seek-cushioning-in-running-shoes.html?_r=0 http://www.mile27.com.au/hoka/
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    Avago was there in '85 and definitely having a go. ( ironmanFoz, I remember Nick Reed... And will always stand in awe of his greatness... Look him up kiddies, that man is a giant) Young, dumb and you know the rest... Having done a few of the early tris, Nepean, Sydney tri at Narrabeen 2/80/20, 2Day FM tri across the harbour and a heap more. I think the long events piqued my interest when the MMM tri was run. A female friend was entered and during the run a big storm hit so the SES marshals had to go to do SES stuff... No aid stations, so I rode with Teresa and jumped ahead to the servo to buy drinks etc... If she could do it, then so could I! Anyway, Forster (GLITA) Tri.. Oh yeah, steel bike, leather bike shoes and I had a fancy new Stack Hat... I thought I looked pretty good. ( as I said before, young, dumb,....) Swim was at Pacific Palms with the ride to follow out towards Bulahdelah over the hills, there, back, do it again, finish in Forter, then run back out along the Lakes Way to Tiona Park and back. Easy eh ( young, dumb, ....) The day before, I thought it'd be a good idea to shave my legs for the first time, so sitting on the side of the bathtub, with lathered legs in the empty tub, I took a new razor, first pull up the shin... 150 x 15 mm slice of skin shaved straight off. I bled like a pig and all the blood in a white bathtub made it look like a slasher murder... ( young, dumb, ....) Haven't shaved my legs again... Nair if necessary. The night before the race there was a carbo dinner at the Services Club, all went well, pasta was plentiful, dinner finished and a local rock band took to the stage. The first bar they played, everyone got up and left... Not because they were bad, but nigh before a big race is resting time, not late night rock,n, roll. since then, they've changed the carbo night to two nights out from the race. It was a learning curve for all. Overnight there was a cold southerly breeze that cooled the place down. Dawn, ready to go, so we had to walk maybe 4-500 m south along the bay to the start point. In we go, away.... All good, but a tad cooler than the Friday swim there... Water felt like 16 or so, but Friday was maybe 20.... Heading in from the far turn around and damn, now it cold, like f'n cold.... Ok Avago, just swim to the new buoy... Ok, one more, that's it, just one more and we'll get there.. By about 3200m, I could no longer make the next buoy and was about to grab hold of a ski to regroup when the lifesavers in a rubber ducky, grabbed me into the boat, threw a foil blanket around me and sped to shore.... I stayed wrapped in foil and a blanket for maybe 45-60 min.. Of the 180 odd that started that day, approx 60 were pulled out with hypothermia ( btw, our participation in the inaugural event will, most likely not be mentioned at the 30th anniversary race) Why, were your wetsuits not working you young ones may ask... There were no wetsuits in use back then, no one used them at that stage . (young, dumb,..) Actually, Nick Munting (tri race director) has written how he was driving past at the time, not knowing anything about tris and saw the carnage at the Pacific Palms Club and stopped to see if he could be if assistance... And so started his involvement in our sport . ( think Canberra LC tris ) Much later having warmed up again, I ventured out on the bike, but as a withdrawn athlete, there was no heart in it, so I packed it in... Ironman.... Not today Anyway, around 5 pm I was eating Chinese... Which I always have when in Forster, on the balcony and lo and behold, but Scott Tinley and I think Scott Molina ( but I could be wrong on him) walked past, and we shared a moment, re withdrawing... 2 of the big 4 of the sport also were beaten by the cold on the day... I felt better, but still... Two weeks later, back in Sydney during a lunchtime swim, I got out of the pool, midway through, showered and walked away ... The music died. Just as an aside, from 1976 through to this period I had been a 50 per day B&H smoker. When I finally gave up in 1995, I pulled the bike back out from under my mothers house, and as they say, the rest is history. 11 years after starting my first Ironman race, I completed my first one in 1996. Also, in all the time we went to Forster for IMs, we never holidayed there, but since 2007 we have spent a couple of weeks at Sandbar at Christmas, with New Years Eves at PAcific Palms watching the fireworks with family & friends and every single time I drive along the Lakes Way, I'm reminded, that I truly loved that period of my life from '96 to '06 whilst the IM was there... My life and circumstances changed significantly in mid '06, not bad, just different, but those years were the memories I'll cherish. Port IM, yep, it's the IM Aust, but hey, I'm yet to have any true affection for the race (have done Port IM '07, '13 & '14). Port is great, the race... Comsi comca. 30th Anniversary Australian Ironman. Congratulations to an old Dame. P.s. On the day I returned from Forster back in 1985 I asked the most lovely (future) Mrs Avago if we could cement our futures together.... 5 years later in early April we were married ( 25th anniversary a couple of weeks ago was had in Azerbaijan )and have for most of our married life celebrated our anniversary at the IM, with 2 1/2 thousand friends and like minded people... See Port changed that by having a May race :-( P.s.s 21st IM this year, 13 Aust, the rest at Malaysia, Kona, NZ & Melbourne . This is a long and waffling and to some, boring post from a has been, never was, but, hey, IM Aust in all it's guises, but most importantly, the people whose paths I have been so lucky to share, have been and continue to be such a major part of me and my life . And I to like young Jolene am still genuinely excited.
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    Love thisDid niesko log into your account Ben?? Very very well said and someone had to say it Cheers Ivp
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    Are there not rules against actually voicing all this in the last 14 days. Race, don't race - the choice is always up to the individual and training or the lack thereof is almost irrelevant with regard to whether you can finish at this point. I know it is near IM race day because everyone suddenly has ITB [normal niggles], bronchitis [a small cough], feels shit and overtrained [normal response to taper] etc, etc. I don't want to start any 'harden up' mantra, but just keep all this little neurotic doubts to yourself for the sanity and tolerance of those around you [those really close to you are already tired of your shit, those not so close don't care for your bleeting]. Know this: if you have the opportunity to stand on the line on race day and test yourself against the clock, elements and your physical/mental limitations - you are blessed and should seek to squeeze as much as you can from the experience, if you sensibly choose to not start because it endangers your health then reconcile you position with the fact that you can do it again when you are right to do so.
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    I bet he never missed a chance to tell everyone about how he's going to 'the worl d's'. "When I go the 'the worlds' in a couple of months. "So excited my race suit for 'the worlds' just arrived. "Booked my flights for 'the worlds'". And so on lol.