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    Better than the nerds we seem to get. Come on - in TA we have someone who's a Rhodes scholar, surf clubbie who's done patrols, volunteer bush fire brigade, Oxford blue boxer, rugby player - and a forward (front row I believe) - who's put one on the jaw of our treasurer, a cyclist, AND he's completed an IM on what's likely less training than most! Yet we question if he should be running the place! I think we're too worried about politics and the economic state of things. We just should have a bloody good sportsman at the top and let him hire some smart nerdy types who wouldn't know a scrum from a ruck to run things behind the scenes. Do we all agree?
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    have seen a few wankers announce their status on face book
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    Found your winter event big fella. Finish line at the Mt Kembla Pub after running up Mt Keira then across to Mt Kembla. Only 12.5kms "undulating". Aug 2, 2015. Great pub. Good steaks. Early bird entries now open. Get on it.
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    Can't help re:tax, but first 6.5kms is all uphill, then so is the last 2.5km from the hairpin just after the motorcross club circuit. The downhill in the middle will likely be the most uncomfortable part. Very steep and no soft stuff to run on (It is the worst side of Keira to climb on a bike). Should do the dwarfs knees the world of good. He should be able to numb the pain afterwards.
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    If it needs more that 3 digits you can forget the decimal point
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    If you can swim the 2k five minutes quicker than me, I guess I'll also see you on the bike But not for long...
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    PM should be doing one hour of exercise a day tops the rest of the time is for running the country
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    still remember seeing them in 2001 at forster, drool worthy as no one was doing what they were. Still the old ones look kinda cool
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    Seems 12 and 14 year olds are unable to be trained to do this! Therefore I'm outlaying $1000 to keep myself less miserable.
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    Yeah, I was there and racing... well participating . I only ever wanted to do one Triathlon, and this was going to be it. Twenty years later I'm still hooked. That year (1995) was the 10th Anniversary of Ironman Australia, this year I'll be lining up for the 30th Anniversary .
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    I had low expectations of this thread after reading the title. I'm pleasantly surprised! (Typo)
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    Tan in the middle of Melb is pretty special. Unbelievable asset for the city.
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    Still not opened it. I imagined it to be full of fat, ugly, whinging poms riding in muddy roads in cold drizzling rain.
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    Not Cyclingtips but Hells500. I have a friend doing it and most are on lap six. 2 and a bit to go. Works out to be 260kmish I think. They started at midnight and conditions apparently have been reasonable.
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    Outside loop of bunyaville state forest, Brisbane.
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    If you get your mdot tat on the back of your neck, you don't have this problem.
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    I might have to wear my Challenge Melbourne T-shirt to rego at Geelong this arvo
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    Tyler is still my favourite doper. Loved his book. If Lance wrote a book about what really happeded it would be great. Best seller easy.
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    I did one IM in 2013. One race full stop. Apparently I made it to top 10 in the country in my AG! How the hell is that possible? I didn't finish that high in the race! Anyhoo...... SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!!
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