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    worth watching again
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    What does Clayton Fettel think?, he drops his name like a raver drops ecstasy...
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    With reference to FBs post above. I've seen a couple of instances recently that make it hard for me to give when I see people asking. I was walking to work from the Queen St Mall, and this middle aged guy who looked homeless was asking people as they went past if they had money for food. I had no cash, but had just bought some fruit and bread rolls, so I offered him a banana and a bread roll. He took them, but asked if I was sure I had no cash so he could buy something extra. I turned as I waited to cross at the pedestrian lights, and saw him dropping the food I'd given him in the bin. Yesterday, there was a guy doing the same at Ferny Grove station. I had nothing, but obviously some-one behind me did. I went from the station to the BWS to get a bottle of wine, and this guy nearly knocked me over he was in that much of a hurry to get in ther. He came out with a bottle of port. It makes it hard to know when it really is the right time to help.
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    Good to see the mods are on the ball
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    Most single mums on the dole earn more than a pro triathlete Come to think of it single mums with thre kids "earn" (get given ) more than me :-( Cheers Ivp
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    Great career. Should've cross over to 70.3s sooner.
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    Roxii please delete if not appropriate but I believe this is relevant in today's world.
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    All the fatties at work think I'm amazing just because I perform regular exercise without dying. Reckon if I told them that I was a pro triathlete I'd have my pick of the 50+, overweight and unattractive divorcees ftw!
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    Cause it pays better than actually being one?
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    Bicycle Express are doing a Poker bike ride to raise money. Donate $50 to one of three charaties & show the tax invoice for free entry. Not sure how it will work but I think you need to ride to 5 different business in the Adelaide Hills (cafe, bakery etc) buy something & they will give you a playing card. Ride back to the bike shop & the person with the best poker hand wins prizes etc. I think it's a great idea to support both the local business's & charity's.
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    I was just coming on here to post about all the good news stories coming out of Adelaide in the midst of the devastation of the bushfires in the Adelaide Hills. My FB feed is full of stories about donations of food, money and other assistance to the CFS volunteers and the residents who have lost animals and property in the fires. It warms my heart to see such community spirit
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    why would anyone want to pretend to be a pro triathlete
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    Oh, I thought you were talking about the old Challenge series. I need a new towel.
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    Here is my 11 speed cassette in my zipp 10 speed hub I just machine 1.85mm off the back of an 11 speed ultegra cassette 43mm wide so it clears the outer hub on the wheel/rim and fits and works perfectly without any adjustment All good Pics from trannies FB page https://m.facebook.com/groups/4619268150?view=group&fc=photos_upload_success yes trek it is a 28 :-)
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    would be brilliant if Campbell lost his seat
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    There is a very real chance that India will bowl 90 overs in a day!
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    Geez he can talk some shit! Was happy with 4min/k's in the first 5k run of a sprint duathlon! I would be disappointed with 4 min/k's if the bike was only 20 and then a 2.5k run after and I'm over 40 and far from a pro....
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    This is of no consequence to his character at all, but what is with his weird 'tongue half hanging out the side of his mouth' thing in all his photos?
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    Hey MissJess and Katz, I was in a similar situation aorund 8 years ago. I had moved back to Aus (to Mildura) for work at particular place, but after 18 months there was a restructure and a bunch of us were made redundant. Being a small town, there weren't many opportunities and definately none in the same field or pay of senior research scientist (my fied). So I made the call to switch things up a bit. Yep it sucked. I had all the normal adult bills and responsibilities and no backup. Centrelink wouldn't pay me anything until I had exhaused all my redundancy payment at the newstart rate of income. needless to say they expected my $$ to last me 3 months, but with all my bills it lasted me about 6 weeks. I took some cash jobs pruning and rolling on grape vines - only just making a little more than it cost me in fuel to drive there! Long story short, I knew that to go where i wanted to be i had to go back down the ladder. I got my pool lifeguard ticket and worked around 40 hrs a week (evenings and weekends at $17 an hour) lifeguarding. I also worked as a causal on the weighbridge at the local landfill. I then got a toe in the door with my current employer by taking up an apprenticeship - yep, back to TAFE and earning $7 an hour, working 40 hrs a week as shitkicker. To get this, I had to dumb my CV down to having only high school education - even though I have 7 years at uni, a PhD and 12 years in science research. This was my life for around 18 months - over 80 hr weeks, no weekends and no play money or time. Slowly I worked my way up, and after 5 years got the job I wanted. Is there a way you can cut out parts of your experieince so you can get a lesser job? It might not be what you want, deserve or need - but it might pay the bills in the interim.
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    I have just received conformation of my 50% refund (with medical certificates). Thanks for the heads-up Lucky7 I would have missed out on any refund if not for your post. Z
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    Awesome reading. Thanks. You're getting so close to that top tier of age groupers.
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    Have a look again. His hips move a lot but the shoulders don't dip much. Whilst he is good, he is not great. Get those shoulders and nose to ther floor, then we can talk push-ups. FM
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    Thanks. I'm a bit out of place here as I can shuffle maybe 5km and just keep myself afloat. Go alright on the bike. You all seem like a nice friendly bunch though :-).
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    Excellent news. Like I keep saying, it's all about perspective!
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    http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/jackson-newman-gave-his-sixth-birthday-cake-to-cfs-volunteers-fighting-the-adelaide-hills-bushfire-because-it-was-a-nice-thing-to-do/story-fnl1ee8j-1227174871883?nk=01d905be4d4d7d4d440a24b1f15c6e63 Jackson Newman gave his sixth birthday cake to CFS volunteers fighting the Adelaide Hills bushfire because “it was a nice thing to do”Courtesy -H-
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    Yeah I threw that out there for comment. Given his swim and run times it was hard to believe that he could pull off that kind of run split. I am guessing it involved running back to the top of the hill once and heading home rather then back down to Maroochydore before heading home. Hopefully he decides to exit the sport sooner rather then later.
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    Well said Catcam. There are indeed many of us out here who sympathise and often empathise, but don't feel that we have any useful advice - and don't want to seem like we are offering advice anyway. We realise that you post not expecting someone to solve your problem, but just because you need to get it out there. My ex-husband suffered bi-polar disorder. I guess the fact that he is my ex-husband is a clue that I don't feel qualified to offer advice on how to support someone with a mental illness! It took me a very long time even after we had separated to stop feeling responsible for trying to solve his issues. Since I am a worrier myself (the type of anxiety that isn't quite a disorder, as it doesn't stop me functioning), I found things really tough when I was taking on his problems as well as my own. It must be incredibly tough for parents who can't help but feel that they need to make things OK for their children. On a good news front: I haven't caught up with my ex for about 7 years, and have had no news in that time as I've moved cities and our lives just don't intersect any more - but the other day, Facebook was showing me pictures of people I should be friends with (!) and I was thinking: I don't know any woman with that name... but hang on, I do know someone in that photo... Her profile is a wedding photo of herself and my ex. Anyway, they both looked great, and very happy and healthy - something which he really wasn't during the time we were together. That made me very happy; he is a lovely guy who deserves the best - which is something we just didn't manage to bring out in each other. I didn't Friend her on Facebook though!
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    back like a old junkie
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    Just noticed that the triathlon market place has been changed from a public to closed group.
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    The guy is clearly delusional. Reckons he's a pro training 30 to 40 hours a week, is crowd-funding his so-called Kona campaign and thinks he has a realistic chance of making the Com Games team for 2018. The only results I could find for him were Mooloolaba 2014 where he did 2.36 to come 51st in his age group.
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    I have no idea if this is relevant but i read it somewhere and is something I try to practice - Don't try to pursue happiness, make other people happy and happiness will come to you.
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    Ironically a good workmate of mine, who passed away a couple of years ago, said to me once when I was equivocating about whether to ask this woman out I was working with while on an overseas assignment, "our biggest regrets are the things we didn't do not the things we've done!" She is my wife now it was sage advice. It is tempting to think it would be good to die having spent a life doing awesome things (paying your way of course) without having been a mortgage slave, maybe even die in debt (Oscar Wilde did say the only way the commercial class will remember you is if you leave a debt). I think you can still be modestly comfortable and do much and make a difference. My colleague had taught in Kenya, pursued the arts and amateur acting and organised a lot of amateur theatre events in Kenya after having traveled there from Europe. He was the first in his village in Portugal to have a degree. He lived a rich trajectory, from an almost semi-feudal conservative European village culture to the cosmopolitan culture of Parisian libertine before traveling and working in Africa, teaching and helping build a better life for Kenyans. It would have improved the lives of those he helped directly and made a difference. He then migrated to Australia and worked in IT. Had a nice home on a hill in Dee Why with coastal views and raised a family. He kind of continued working with us almost to the very end because he liked his work and his colleagues. He was my very European friend and I learnt much from him about culture and balance. Life is a precious and beautiful thing, work to make it beautiful as well as working to make a living otherwise it won't be living it will be existing.
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