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    I dont give up anything.. When I train and race Ironman I do it by CHOICE.. I choose to live a healthy life I choose to get up early and train 6 days a week. I choose not to drink a lot of beers I choose to go to bed early and pass on going out late.
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    I would have thought Melb would have been pretty cheap? Major airport with cheap airfares. Accommodation options galore with no minimum night requirements. Food options galore. What am I missing? (null)
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    this is not true and it is what the SLSA and associated members need to get away from. It is not connected with rescue any more. The thought does more harm than good. I used to compete, won a gold medal at nationals in IRB racing as a driver. It was nothing like how we'd drive an IRB in a rescue. It was actually quite dangerous what we used to do in racing. Same with craft and swim races, it's just not how you'd use a craft in a rescue. Really - it is a sport like any other. A little more respect for the ocean and the immense power it has is required. It is not something that needs to be tamed and conquered. Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic sport and environment for kids. But an objective evaluation of their procedures surrounding carnivals is required, by people who understand the ocean and have not got any vested interests such as sponsorship or financial. 3 child/adolescent deaths in 7 years isn't a case of "accidents happen". We, as a nation, accept that when preparing for battle SAS soldiers sometimes lose their lives. It is not acceptable that when preparing for surf life saving duties, children lose their lives. The beach and the craft races are the problem. It's just not safe to have so many and such large and hard to control craft in such an environment. That beach is not suitable for junior racing. Field size limited to to allow adequate separation of competitors. Compulsory helmets for all U/19 events involving craft. My thoughts go out to the family, it is a tragic loss of life.
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    He could coppalotti shit about that..
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    I have learned some interesting stuff via several offline means since starting this thread. There are usually 3 sides to every story and I probably know 1 1/2 of them but all I can say is that from what I've heard certain members here have far more patience and forebearance than I could hope to summon, and that others are very lucky these people hold their tongue so well. Might add, the grubs are not known to me personally but their online behaviour fits their offline antics.
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    Mate, they say that out of all the races you do in your life, there are only a few which you nail perfectly. I know what you mean though. I've had a few that got me down, but when it hapens, it's time to chill, strip it right back and enjoy just being out there. Then slowly start building again
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    I have given up precious family time with the wife and kids when I am training for IM. I have given up my sanity when training for IM. Even when I'm recovering from sessions, I am eating, breathing, living it!! I am like a zombie, I have no energy to play with the kids, I take them to the park and sit on the bench like an old man would, cause my legs and mind are farked from the big sessions.... Since the IMNZ fiasco I have really appreciated being around the family more and feeling like my son and I are really starting to bond properly, like a proper father and son relationship. My kids need me more then ever before, but still, I am going to enter IM Cairns, for what?? Sometimes i don't think I have my priorities in order....but i know that I need this sport because if i wasn't addicted to this i might be addicted to something alot worse. I love my sleep and thats another thing that I given up, and I definitely have this sport to thank for reducing my alcohol consumption, because without it I probably would have become an alcoholic!! Alcohol was inbeded in my mind as a young person and it has always been around unfortunately.
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    You get better at failing the more times you do it. Keep at it. Soon it will come naturally and mediocrity will settle in. Just keep smiling is the key.
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    That is something I really admire about you and I aspire to adopt this myself. I love my training. I work real hard for good results I like who I am when I am this person who trains, eats and lives this way BUT - I ruin it for myself with the near depression when I don't hit a goal irrespective of the cause, the likelihood of ever being able to hit it, etc. You saw me in Cairns - I nearly ruined my trip with how I felt after the mechanical ruined my race. If it happened to you I think you would have handled it much better. You clearly enjoy the whole experience. Respect.
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    I'm in & expecting one of you to volunteer & catch me as I cross the line. Hyphen you are required to give me my medal...... Trinube you are requuired for offical photo's Antisport you are required for helping me get my wetty on. & Peter - game on bitch I'm going to smash you from pillar to post in ya own back yard.
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    I gave up being really strict with house work, ironing everything in sight, being awake for car trips and my work didn't mind if I started a bit late and did 2 hour runs in my 1/2hr lunch break. Not everything you give up has to be bad!! Kylee
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    Immediately after I finished on Sunday my exact words were: 'why the f0ck do I do these things? They hurt, I hurt and I don't seem to get any faster... That's it. I'm done. I don't think I'll do another one.'. Just entered for 2013. Idiot. P.
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    Am just observing a moment of silence in recognition of the enormity of this sacrifice...........................
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    Another grey hair... Wife and I in. To all the newbies and anyone thinking it's an easy course - nope! It's weird fast but extremely painful too - last 10km on run are excruciating. Even Crowie said he'd never had pain in his quads like this race. Now that tells you something.
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    People have different plans for different races. Melb was my 1st IM branded race. Yeah I wanted the M-dot. Planned and did a conservative race. Walked a fair bit of the run. Had fun talking to other people. Had fun all day. And made sure I didn't finish with a broken foot again. Is that wrong cos I cheated someone who would've flogged themselves more out of an entry? Bollocks. My run/walk was about the same pace as plenty of people who were in the "IM shuffle" very slow jog. Cairns I fully intend to have a crack at 13 hours. An hour quicker. Lighten up guys...IM is for everyone....and we all take something different home with us.
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    stop stressing guys IM IN
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    VIRGIN - i am so in!!!!!! Very stressful 6 minutes of my life, sweaty.
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    What exactly is wrong with entering an event for a bit of fun, and just cruising through it as a bit of a lark. Why on earth should someone who does that feel that they are somehow less worthy of entry than someone else? People enter events for many different reasons. But none are more or less worthy - they are just different. Cheers, Abby
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    Thanks for the clarification TGL.... I've had a few days to stew on this topic! I'd really love to be doing my first IM in a few weeks "to the best of my ability", but I haven't trained enough to do that. If I finish before cut-off I don't expect admiration and if I don't I won't be expecting a medal - my preparation has been my choice. I'm really looking forward to it nonetheless. Every half IM I've done (badly) I've really loved the experience and hope to feel the same for my first IM. I choose to do this because I want to, not because of someone else's expectations of why someone should do an IM. PS The only thing I am already prepared for is fear and pain!
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    Probably nothing. The minute it goes beyond a simple win-win of enjoying myself and being fitter, I'm not interested. The things I would need to give up are more important to me than a sporting event, including in particular, family, work, food, friends, alcohol, PS3. Come to think of it, last year for a HIM I made the unpleasant decision to crash dive out of a very enjoyable game of poker in order to be up early for a 90km TT, thereby costing myself my $50 investment in the game. That's about the only time I can think of that I literally had to prioritise triathlon over life. I'm still not quite sure if it was worth it, but then again, I'd already extracted an enjoyable evening for my $50 and learned a lot about what I don't know about poker. I find that if I train a lot, I naturally lose the desire to eat loads of crap food, so I don't really see that as a sacrifice. Maybe for IM you have to take it to a bit more of an extreme, in which case, I'm not interested. Also a lot of what people pretend are sacrifices really aren't. Like "oh I have to get up early and go for a long ride", thereby not being the one who has to get up and deal with the children. Personally I'm stoked if I can get out of a family function because I have to train. Total bonus. And hence all the threads about Ironman and divorce.
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    Said before did an IM at Forster in 1993. Had an absolute ball and would have been ok at it. Got run over by a car, broke my neck and never regained full strength. After the crash every time I got to the 4 hour mark in training or racing my neck would shut down and everything would sieze up. Got hooked on painkillers for a while there and relaised that wasn't a long term solution. That's why i started swimming again. The 5 x a week training in the pool seemed to manage the pain. It is not as bad these days and might be able to handle some longer stuff. In saying that I'd love to do another IM with some mates one day. With 5 kids it just isn't possible at the moment. I always ask the question whether any goal I set will have an adverse effect on family life. The answer to that is still yes so will have to wait a while.
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    I've always got more out of it than i've had to sacrifice
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    Next year it will say "Hurry up softcocks!" (null)
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    Personally I had to 'push' to get through the crowd to even get to the beach on time. There were plenty of people behind me who were a bit more polite and they would have missed the start by a fair bit. In regard to the people who were way out the front and swimming before the start. I was beside the near start bouy when they announced that they were going to start 'on time' in 30 seconds. I remember thinking there were a couple of hundred people already a minute or more along the course that had buckley's of getting back for the start... wasn't much I could do about it so I just waited for the start. I also recalled reading an article on 'Open Water Swimming' written by Jon Van Wisse (which I now just dug out of a pile of magazines). The article gave some tips on the swim leg during races and one of his 'tips' was to 'never wait for the gun to go... they rarely pull you back.' The article goes on to say that you shouldn't listen to the lifegaurds on the boards asking you to move back as 'they have no power whatsoever'. He also comments that the race 'starter' is 'usually on an ego trip and can't wait to fire his or her gun to start the race'. (Triathlon & Multi Sport 'Ultimate Training Guide' Volume 4). This sort of crap must make things hard for Race Directors trying to run a fair and decent race. Pretty hard to believe that someone would write such an irresponsible article in a triathlon magazine - but obviously it works (well it did in this instance).
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    Now..I wasn't there ( but I have been to Melbourne ) and I have not commented on this thread previously. I am not trying to lessen the seriousness of the offences. I would like to make a contribution - not slag people off. I do feel for the athletes who were aiming for Kona qualification and if you waz robbed because you followed the rules. The people who cheated have cheated themselves and stressing about someone drafting ahead while you're riding is unnecessary anxiety. As many books and forums say - don't try to control what you cannot, it's a waste of good energy. Swim, Ride and Run your own race, karma will take care of the cheats. You never know, next year the leading AGers from your AG could be taken down is a mass pile up.
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    lol. i would probably find it highly motivating to be called a softcock by my coach.
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    Its debates like this which have had me averaging 20ks in the pool since October-and hitting an average of 30ks over the next few months. I'm sick of drafting having such an impact on races (in my case Mooloolaba over the weekend)....looking forward to making (or at least attempting) to go to draft-legal so i dont have to deal with more of this crap. I wonder if there would be some means of using timing matts to picking up cheaters. i.e. having two set up within 500m of each other. If on person's time is within XX time both times of another bike than they could be caught for drafting. (e.g. the time between the two would help calculate the speed the bike was travelling at, and hence the gaps between bikes. If a bike was SIGNIFCANTLY below that acceptable time to the SAME bike at both timing matts than one would assume they were drafting, having a large gap, say 500m would take out the error of say passing, it would only catch very blatant drafting, which in reality a decent percentage)
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    I wonder if it's a option to have 2 starts. Those going for Kona spot and those that aren't. Those that aren't race with different colour numbers. Start them 30 minutes after the Kona crew... Kona number/colours have bigger penalties. 20 minutes not 4. Send the TO's with them. Those that just want to finish, let them just go out there and have fun. If they draft so be it. It won't mean anything. If their mates ride beside them on the run, who cares. If they ride side by side with someone else struggling to break 6:30 on the bike, so what.
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    Yes but experince may come at a cost. Like a crushed seatpost or the like. I reckon a dodgy Torque wrench would be better then some peoples expereinced hands.
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