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    https://www.facebook.com/RunWith.com.au/ www.runwith.com.au After two years of thought and banging on about my new shop. It's finally here (well stage 1 is). RunWith will open (stage 1) on the 13th January, 2018. This will be the Retail/Online and run group side of things. The prehab/rehab/recovery centre (Stage 2) will open about 4-6 weeks after this, with a runners gym and Normatec recovery systems. Then Alter G/Hot and Cold pools not far behind (Stage 3, expected June '18). In total, it's about 420sqm of fun. Stock might be a touch thin on the retail side of things, but will be a lot better as the months go on (I expect to be at full strength somewhere around the end of March, subject to suppliers being able to get stuff to me). I've got plenty of the bigger brands, a couple of smaller ones and at least two that at the moment are unique to RunWith. I have all the staples to get started and look forward to adding things as they come into store. If you happen to pop past the store for a tour and a yarn, I'll have some of Skulduggery's finest (Hey Burgs and Dan Wilson's brew) to share and tunes going from a few local record labels. If you know of a good quality local brand that can add to the RunWith community please let me know (the more the merrier). As a thanks to everyone here for providing advice/support and to Roxii for letting me advertise here, the code below will give you 20% off everything in store and online till the end of January (20% will be added to the value of gift cards)*. Further to this, I'm giving 2% of all sales made through this discount code back to Transitions - I know Roxii puts a bit of coin into the site and it's a little way to give back to the place that's given us all a lot at times (adding Transitions as your 'group' in your account will also give you 9% off everything store wide at all times** and will continue to give 2% to Transitions, yes - I can make this available to other clubs, email willie@runwith.com.au) CODE: IAMATRANNIE - This code will be good till the end of January and will not be repeated. Generally speaking, this will be the first and last time I offer a dramatic discount. BONUS: Spend over $200 in one transaction in January 2018 and I'll send you a RunWith shirt to wear, you'll be able to select your size in checkout if you qualify. Sweet huh? Website will go live Monday 8th January, with as many products as I can manage to put up there between now and Launch. If there is something missing, that I may stock or should stock please comment below or send an email to info@runwith.com.au and I'll try and work it out for you. If you need any advice, help, suggest products, suggest clubs or sponsorships, offer support or simply want to yell abuse ( ) down the phone my number is 0404 133 183 or willie@runwith.com.au * Please note 20% off not valid on Electronics. Gift Cards bought with this discount are not able to be used to purchase electronics. ** Subject to change without notice.
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    Was chatting this morning about my year last year and the role this thread played in it all. The conversation made me feel the need to pop in and say thank you to all of you for listening to me when I needed it most. I also wanted to make sure anyone who needed it right now knows there is someone here (although I'm sure we all are), if it's needed. And finally, if anyone at all needs a private chat about anything, drop me a line, please.
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    Swim, Ride, Run - there.... it's Tri related. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year. Be safe and at peace with yourself over this time. Reflect on the good and learn from your experiences. Don't be afraid to reach out and talk about "stuff" if you need to. This time of year is also about giving an ear, smile and shoulder. Problems are a lot easier when you talk about them. You cannot change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future. Cheers all FM
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    Checking in, doing ok. Back at work full time. Packed up his shit. He's gone now. I'm moving on.
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    Loose 10kg... 3 days left and only 15 kg to go
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    Thought this would be a good place to introduce myself. Just did my first Tri last night. After starting to ride my bike in a local bunch ride this year and doing the local parkrun a few times I thought I would have a go at the my local club's Wednesday night tri (Echuca Moama Tri club). Loved it. I need to start swim training as I was worn out after 100m!
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    I was a huge fan of Aunty Jack and one of my favourite songs from the show was a Thin Arthur song where he was sitting on a park bench and drank some maple syrup and tree roots started growing out of his feet. A passer by asks him how he feels and he replies "I feel rooted" Passer by says " you look fine" i feel rooted all the time , really rooted , really really rooted and so it goes on in the nonsense style of the show, trust me it is a great song. Anyway when Rory did his first Ironman at Port there was some mention of him in the local paper , I was pretty excited and thought how good would it be to meet Thin Arthur. In the dark on the run course I found myself beside him ,and I thought this is my big chance. So I said G'day Rory, ask me how I feel. He said how do you feel ? I said " I feel rooted" He said you look fine, then together we sang the whole song. We spent the next couple of Km's chatting about Aunty Jack. Still right up there as one of my favourite memories of Ironman. The Black Dog is a terrible thing and it strikes where we least expect it, we all need to keep a good eye on our mates. A year ago we lost a club member and it bites very hard. RIP Rory
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    I'm so cheap I can't even afford to comment in this thread!
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    1985 Leisure Coast Tri at Lake Illawarra. 1.6/30/11km. It was considered a "sprint" at the time, as there weren't really any shorter races around, so it was a reasonable choice. Or so I thought. It was also my intro to open water swimming. And it was ugly. Jellyfish. Lots of them. No wetsuits back then. Continual stings to face, arms, shoulders, chest, legs. Everyone was being hammered in the swim but unknowingly I just sucked it up, thinking, "Well, it is a triathlon and they're not meant to be easy." Triathlon Sports magazine had a race write up titled "Revenge of the Jellyfish" or something similar. First aid went through about 50 litres of vinegar. The bike went OK, averaging 30km/hr on pretty primitive equipment. Knocked out the undulating run at 4 minute pace, which allowed me to pick up quite a few places. I had been running marathons for a couple of years, so in many ways I found my first tri relatively easy. It was tucked in a 4 week period of racing with a half marathon, the tri, and then two marathons just 6 days apart. The biggest recovery issue was how long it took the jellyfish scars to heal. I remember sitting on a bus in the days following, and copping some suspicious looks from other passengers. Marks all up my forearms and cradling a cardboard box about 10 x 15 x 15 cm. I'm not sure what I was carrying in the box, but considering my condition (and my tendency to look like a bit of vagrant), I really could have chosen better box than one which read SYRINGES 1 ml x 100.
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    Hi all trannies After a comment re instagram on another post. After a pro said to me get on instagram take it off private and share your knowledge. No point having knowledge unless you share it. So for those seeking some info, exercises and other stuff to help you either improve in all aspects my name is andrewgfitnesscoaching
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    Some sweeping generalisations here but.... most serial bike haters are bogans. Mist bogans have a weird love affair with sporting heroes. most of these hero’s are v8 drivers, footy players (afl/ nrl), motor bike riders etc. some legends of these sports are pretty decent and serious cyclists. Most v8 drivers do it for fitness,super bike rider Troy herfoss is almost pro level cyclist, Michael Ennis from the sharks just did IM70.3 and is aiming for Ironman. why isn’t there an ad campaign showing the bogans that their heroes are “Lycra clad poodters and that the guy you are abusing today is the same guy you cheer for on the weekend.
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    I generally find with people, it's not things like having earbuds in that makes them inconsiderate pricks. It's being inconsiderate pricks that make them inconsiderate pricks!
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    Coz sometimes the voices in my head just arent in the mood
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    Port 70.3 and find someone I can share my life with.
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    Don't worry about it. Stick to your values and self respect. Be you and you will eventually find someone who appreciates that. 😎✌️
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    Hi surfer101, the run coach had us over for brisket. Then went over to see some other friends. I had a date yesterday, which was a drink at Echo Point and then some bushwalking, hope to see him again.
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    On a Giant! LOL 😎👍
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    Looks like my run coach has invited everyone over who is at a loose end. So I will be going over there. I just feel plain awkward going near the exes family at the moment, at least it is not his mother, she never liked me. I figured as much. Not crying, have a drink this afternoon with someone, and a date or two booked over the break. Hoping to find the one guy who can put up with my triathlon crap and me being an extrovert.
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    Ok, so i was just called into the office with my site manager and the project controls manager, I am being moved into the project controls team and will start off by doing reporting on progress against our schedule, so this is a good start for me working closely with our planners. I will be starting next week. Im so glad i had the nerve to go through with approaching the managers.
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    If she gets a Strava account, she will no doubt get on the trannies group and pester you all to follow her. Thanks FM, its fantastic to see her having a go, Shes not really that athletic team sport kid as she loves her gymnastics and dancing, although we have tried netball, touch footy, cricket, she just doesn't care about it, she prefers to do cart wheels in the field instead, so when she said in Cairns this year she wanted to do Ironkids we signed her up, borrowed a friends bike and she loved every minute of it. Im pretty excited she wants to go round again. Ill tell her tonight that a race report for Vietnam is being requested - She will love doing that.
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    I've had a week off work, and realised if I rode 400km I'd hit 9000 for the year, plus a swim total of 500km was within reach, so that's what I did. And now I'm shagged! Got one more swim this arvo, then heading out for Mexican, sangria and a mariachi band 😂 Bring on 2018! 🍸 🍷 🍻
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    Synthetic washcloth before and after and then moisturizer. If you have good quality sheets and they are newly washed, don't jump into bed, you can slide straight out the end and land on the floor.
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    1991 canobolas tri at orange. 1-30-8 Was won by Tony (jabba) Unicomb. for me and a few mates this was our first tri. we got to orange and went out for a pasta feed the night before the race as you did back then. We all ordered orange juice to go with our food till one of the boys said , “ah stuff it, I’ll have a beer” so we all changed our order and had a few beers with dinner. Waking back to our accommodation reasonably early we passed a pub that seemed to be “rather lively” so we nipped in there for “a quick one”. we left the pub near midnight and had a dodgy kebab from a kebab van in a servo and went home and slept very soundly. 😀 . race was rather uneventful although it wasn’t easy. A few mates dropped back to the shorter distance on race morning due to feeling a little worse for wear. We drove back home that afternoon and I vividly remember that by the time we hit the blue mountains the car was a cramp fest. Simpler times and lots of fun.
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    I've written this and deleted 3 times...my first without my boys being with me on Christmas day and the first without a call to my mother... ...but I spoke to them, ate a load, made too many amazing espresso martinis, cooked some awesome food, including for two 90+ year olds who told me it would be their last Xmas, in a good and entertaining way, and I actually spun my legs on my new Cycleops Hammer...Plus I turned a non-cyclist into a cyclist by buying them a bike...won trivial pursuits...and I went to bed a little pissed and awoke with a Boxing Day hangover (ok, it was a lot more than a "little pissed")!
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    Signed and filed the divorce application today. 8 Feb 2018 is the big day, then a month and a day for it to be absolute. Rather annoyed I am having to divorce at all, but very happy that phase of my life is very nearly over. Also, I work in an ED at a tertiary hospital. Last night we had the first two attempted Christmas suicides come through the door. It is such a shit time for so many people. Please keep safe everyone, keep in contact with those around you who may be at risk, reach out if you need it.
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    You've missed nothing... he showed you something on his Garmin which means nothing! Now if he showed it to you on his Strava account, that would be a different story. Cause, you know, if it's not on Strava, it didn't happen!
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    Weekly check in. Tuesday Am: Swim squad (4.2km) Mid morning: 2hr/70km ride with 6x4min SE @ IM pace (300w) followed by 20min @ IM pace on race cadence (78-80rpm) Early arvo: 65min/15.5km run as 20min warm up, 5x4min @ 3.35-3.40/km on 1min float recovery, 20min cool down Wednesday Am: Swim squad (4km) Breaky then straight out for 190km/5.20hr Sorrento return ride. Just aerobic base today (231ap/251np).
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    Yeah water was very warm. I was in wave 2. There isn't a lot of communication at the start to announce waves so you have to be on the ball. Pre uneventful swim 2 laps triangle. Pretty easy to navigate. Coming out of the water i heard some people yelling something about suits but I didn't stick around to ask questions and I got on with it. Ride was a pain in the ass. 15 180 deg turns. I struggle to put down the power some guys can out of a turn but found I was making the ground back on the straights. We had the moto with us for most of the ride which kept things fairer. It's a tight course and things get close. I came in with a good group who i found out at the turn on the run was the front of the ag race. My run suffered a bit I think due to under-hydrating on the bike. I took one bottle of water and might try 2 next time. It also might be learning to hurt a bit again as I've been used to getting off the bike and running "easy" for a few years now. Managed to get through the run and top 5 in age group and a solid pb. Stoked to get some good points and know I'm in the game for worlds qualifiers.
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    I've even stopped reading the comments. Sadly there are people that are employed as journalists, but are nothing more that drama queens. Did you see the ch7 Adelaide story with a team tdu rider holding onto a team car getting instructions with the headline something like, look at this cyclist ffs the tour down under is on there starting this week and they have all of the best riders in the world there. And that's the shit the so called journalists dish up? Watching the news and reading the papers is all but a waste of time.
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    And effort to keep on going. It has nothing to do with the actual effort exerted whilst exercising.
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    Running.....Some carry over from 2017. 1) 5km in 19.59. Started 2017 at 22.07 and ended the year, well October, at 20.51 2) 1500m in under PB time.....did one race in 2017 in 5.48 and loved it. 3) Smash a 1km pb, currently 3.53 3) 10km in under 45....got to 45.41 in 2017 Work.... 1) Keep making a difference in little people’s lives by getting schools and early years services to work better together. 2) Finish my essay and hopefully achieve a distinction......and not lose it again. Consider using this credit to enrol in my Masters. Other... 1) Keep growing veggies 2) Remember to use a keep coffee cup, if needing take away, otherwise dine in. 3) Finish my craft project I started in 2017. And with Cat Lady, get back to my knitting. 4) Connect with some long lost friends.....well...make proper contact not FB contact. That will do.
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    Find a way to log it on Strava 👍😂😂😂
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    I did a 1500 m swim last night, and on Wednesdays i take my daughter to the pool to swim some laps also. Shes signed up for ironkids Vietnam with her own money and is at this stage appearing committed to some training. she managed a PB 25m last night at the end and couldn't wait to walk the 300m over the road to home and tell her mum all about it.
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    Help others get better. Rehabilitate from Surgery or Injury. Get people moving better. Learn and educate, share knowledge. Personally all of the above. If someone is getting better at a skill, movement, or stronger and fitter then the day before then that makes me happy.
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    Just did my longest ride ever. Enjoyed most of it. Unfortunately it was alone :-( Admit that I took a wee tour of Jindabyne post ride to make sure it rounded up to be the longest. That's normal, right?
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    You know what really gets on my quince? DOGITs. Dogwalking Old Gits In Tracksuits. I used to hate those MAMIL cyclists until I realised they are nothing compared to the plagues of DOGITs I see infesting the footpaths every morning. They are out there every morning walking their mangy mutts and talking loudly while lazy sods like me are trying to sleep in. Why do they have to walk from place to place? Why cant they just walk their dog up and down a block of land somewhere away from everyone else. Im sure there there is a dog walking place somewhere where they could do that. Why do they need to clog the footpaths? I lost 10 seconds of my life the other day trying to get past an old bloke with a Border Collie. These DOGIT types love to walk side by side and talk, I actually think that its as much about socialising as it is about exercising. They will tell you that its all about being healthy but if it was they would be walking single file – which is how they should be walking. No need to chat, you can do that at the coffee shop later. Single file please. Footpaths were made for feet and just because dogs have feet doesn’t mean they should be allowed to walk on them. Just like things with small wheels shouldn’t be on roads, things with small feet like dogs and small children shouldn’t be on footpaths. I have big feet and Im entitled to be on the path and I’ll knock you over if you get in my way. And I will abuse these arrogant gits. Im a tolerant and accepting person who cares about refugees and marginalised people, I voted Yes for gay marriage and I will politely address Trans people by their preferred pronoun. But I will intimidate and abuse these fookers if I see them anywhere near me and I see no problem with that. Some of us actually have to work unlike these D heads who just seem to exercise and drink soy lattes all morning. It takes me ages to get my smoko because the café is clogged with these DOGITS. Mate I don’t need to see your arse crack poking out of your tracky dacks while Im waiting for my pie and chips thanks. Nor your fat wife in her active wear. Nobody should be subjected to seeing that at 9am in the morning. I was at the Maccas drive thru in me Ford Ranger the other morning and I saw a couple of DOGITs cross the road on the red signal. It was 6am and there was no-one on the road but eff me, if the little man is flashing red it means don’t walk. One DOGIT was wearing an AJAX Amsterdam shirt with some poofy soccer players name on it so I suspect they were imports from one of those unregulated European countries where governments are too lazy to think up rules. Apparently people can use their own judgement over there, I wouldn’t know, Ive never travelled. But this is Australia buddy and we have have rules, lots of rules and you better start keeping the rules. Id actually like to see these dog walkers registered, and before you tell me that dogs ARE registered already, well some of them aren’t registered and you cant tell which ones are and aren’t unless you carry a microchip sensor with you everywhere which is just silly. So they need some sort of large visible dog tag so they can be reported if they do something wrong. And not just the dogs but the actual walkers too need to be identified. And finally, what is it with the clothing? Logos everywhere. Saw some bloke with Puma written about 4 times all over his tracksuit and his mate was wearing a top with ‘Kathmandu’ written on the front. Mate you’re not in the Alps de France. You’re not in a race to the top of Everest, you’re just walking to the park so stop acting like a big poser and wear something normal. I don’t own a dog, Ive never owned a dog, and I don’t understand this stupid thing you do. Im a cat person. You don’t walk cats. So either get yourself a cat, or go walk your dog somewhere else. Not on my footpath. When you start paying for footpaths and registering yourself then you can walk there. Maybe. Well probably not. Not near me. Eff off.
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    My wife and I don't even speak the same language
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    Awesome goal. I have been sober three years. Been battling the bottle since I was 20. Had a few stretches of 2 years sober but this is the longest stretch with out a drop. My goals. Continue to travel. Buy a new house. Wash my cars more. I know it's a stupid goal but when I was training for IM my cars were always filthy. I'm enjoying waking up on a weekend, drinking coffee and washing the cars while listening to music. I'm enjoying driving a clean car. The smell of dirty training gear is almost gone.
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    Did my first tri in 88 and thought fark that I was 12 at Coffs Harbour never thought I would do one again went back to just surfing with my mates and mucking around .1990 I did the school x country and went all right The old man said I should do a tri again by this stage he was a full blowin gaylord triathlete shaving his fricken legs! So I did it it was the Cannon Botany Bay Classic out at larparouse I came about 300th in the age group race .Marc lees won it I said to the old man I could win and beat those dudes he said ok if you win overall next year I'll buy you a bike Still got the Cadex Giant in the shed..lol
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    Had to post went 33:26 for 10km yesterday. 34 degrees heat training. Went through 5km in 16:25 so disappointing to drop 36 secs in into 2nd half although had some rollers in 2nd 5km.
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    And lawn mowing and heavy lifting and car washing and vacuuming and window cleaning and .... and... and... f$%K - it's good to be back. FM
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    I was having a bit of a think last night. There isn't much I miss about living in Oz, wide parking spaces, coffee and a decent warm water wave is about it. I really miss my friends though and I think this is the first year that I've really thought in a general sense that I'd rather throw down that 200 tonne anchor in Oz for the family. This time of year does funny things with your head.
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    I'm certainly no expert having only raced 5 X 70.3 but I definitely agree with Zed with regard to the running training component. There's a big thread on it over on Slowtwitch regarding running a minimum of 6 times a week consisting of 3 x short runs, 2 x medium runs (roughly twice the length of your short runs) and 1 x long run (roughly three times as long as your short runs). ALL of the running is EASY (conversation pace) and the improvement comes through volume and consistency. Approaching races, the medium runs can be used to add some above race pace intensity if required. I'm still not doing the volume of Zed but I'm running more than I ever thought possible and it's surprisingly easy and repeatable with no hint of injuries yet. My 'easy' pace is improving too. At the moment my short runs are only 4-5km which can easily be knocked over in under half an hour so it's easy to fit in and these are the days when you could also schedule one of your bike sessions. But when you do 4-5km three times a week, 8-10km two times a week and a 12-15km session it's easy to see how the weekly mileage can quickly add up. Obviously, once you can handle that load, you slowly up the distances. Its taken me a long time (I'm probably not the sharpest tool in the shed) but I'm finally realising that a single session or a single big week is irelevent. It's about aerobic consistency over a long period that will get the results.
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    Far out brussel sprout. Not turning into cranky..... just doing what my coach sets. And i didnt plan the total i swear
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    Not my first race but my 2nd, it was the Star City Casino event in Sydney. Swim was in a murky harbour and the swim exit was up a vertical jetty ladder. That was the race where I first saw pedals on the bike in transition, I thought 'why not'? Jumped on the bike, sailed across the road fiddling with my feet and crashed into the curb. Good times
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    What do you do to get away from tri........ I AM THE HUNTER..... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Didnt know weather to eat it or stuff it and hang it in the pool room ... haha
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    107 km ride, was just riding for the sake of wanting to ride my bike...surprised to see I held my current 70.3 power for the duration. was a good day out there
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    Curses! knocked off my pedestal by a School teacher on holidays
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    We had a lovely day, morning at home and lunch at my sister's house. She gave me this.
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