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    One week to go. That includes:- * Monday: Lunch with the Boss * Wednesday: Lunch with the Team then State of Origin * Thursday: Funeral for a work friend of 20 years (morning) ; my formal work farewell (early evening) * Friday : Last work lunch then Casual drinks @ Bungalow 8 from 4pm * Saturday: Wake up in the hotel in Sydney and head home FM
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    Here is the latest. Hit the employer up with letter on Monday after the new FI Award was out. Had meeting with them yesterday. Had every avenue covered in regards to them defending themselves but was not needed. Had my sister come along too to take notes depending on how it went They admitted they were not aware of the award scale and are back paying to my start date. They want me to still work there too at the amended rate. Not sure if the other trainers are being looked after but I have been told just let them deal with that. It was noticeable yesterday that they were quite emotional about it and said it wasn't done intentionally. They know I give value to them as many clients only want to train with me so potentially they would have bigger issues if I were to be asked to leave. So the next two weeks will be interesting just to see how the atmosphere is and whether I am treated differently. Win for the small guy
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    Bula from Fiji. So, after 12 month break from racing triathlons I entered Tri Fiji a few weeks ago. i took the package deal so am also having a week’s holiday. There were about 10 different events over 3 days and I ended up doing 4: 1km ocean swim (3rd out of about 15; 1st over 50 category) Super Sprint (second out of about 15; 1st over 50 category) mixed teams in the standard distance race (3rd team out of 6). Emo did the swim and a German lass, Stephanie, who lives in Suva did the run The beer mile - my first ever. About 5th place (first over 50s) in 13 minutes flat (my Garmin said 1.64km so the course was actually accurate, 😂). I followed that up with a G&T as a recovery drink and am just sobering up 5 hours later. each even had about 15-20 competitors. It was pretty laid bad and fun. Ive been injuries or ill for most of the last year, so it was good to have a go even on no more than 2hrs exercise per week for the last 4 weeks. Just the ticket to jump start my 2019/20 campaign!
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    Looks like there weren't too many dry eyes at the top of Luz Ardiden. Awesome work Gabby!!!
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    Just when you thought cycling gets a bit hard and those hills are steep in Oz, you then see the Pyrenees. You think to yourself if would be great to ride (but you are glad it's not you). Now, think deciding to train then ride them. No, not on a normal bike but on a three wheeler. Now think about not getting out of your lounge but out of a wheelchair. Yes, Gab has been training for months with a ten year dream to once again, ride the Pyrenees. Ever since her life was almost taken away from her all those years ago. She has just arrived in France and about to tackle these monsters. I am in awe of her courage. Photo of her leaving and "Rosie" who will take her to the top. FM
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    Thanks all for the kind words and those that reached out directly too. This place is great and having somewhere to shout about things is extremely valuable and appreciated. A really tricky couple of days but woke up this morning and the world was pretty much back in it's proper shape as quickly as it went south. Just back from a long run in the sunshine and feeling good.
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    Over the last little while (weeks) you may have seen or heard of The Man Walk, which started from a couple of fellas in Kiama, and the idea went viral on social media. After the lads were then interviewed on one of the morning shows, the idea has grown legs from there and grown quickly. I reached out to the lads with the view to kick off a group locally here in Shepparton and the inaugural edition happened this morning. We had 3 blokes brave a bit of a wet morning and walked for an hour or so. Have a search around on FB to see if there is a group in your area as they are popping up everywhere, or if you are visiting Shepparton, let me know and you can join in!
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    This is a good read.
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    All over red rover. FM
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    I pretty much stuck to my plan but could feel my hip starting to get real pretty painful after about 18-20kms. The weather was getting toasty now and I was glad to see each aid station. i tried to move them quickly and refill bottles etc. We'd been up some lumpy old hills but nothing outrageous. After the half way point, a few of us ran/walked about 500mtrs up a hill, which turned out to be the wrong way, doh! After about 55kms we came across a really massive hill called Butser Hill, it started off easy enough in a field but kicked up viciously for the top third and I seriously thought I was going to faint. Only the fear of rolling back down the bloody thing kept me moving. There was an aid station at the top and despite best intentions, I just had to sit down, take stock, take rest, east and get some cold spray on my hip. I probably spent over 20 mins here but it was needed. Not long after setting off I could feel a blister like sensation in my foot, so decided to sit on a verge and change my socks. A cyclist was there and we were chatting. I went to put on my sock and had massive debilitating cramp in my calf. the cyclist helped me work it out, he was a godsend. Another 15mins to get that sorted and I was on my way again. Walking more, even on the flats. The heat had conspired with my stomach and I could take much in. I'd read about the need to be patient if things go awry, i just kept moving forward. Very gradually I could sip some Tailwind and take some food again. Jogging became a bit easier and the kms ticked off. two more aid stations and I discovered the medicinal qualities of a hot sweet cup of tea! bliss haha. We had one more massive road hill to walk up, I knew this one as I'd ridden up it lots. back on the trail and one more station, then basically an undulating/flat trail run into Winchester. I knew 13hrs had gone but figured if I could run most of the last 10km i could go sub 14. I had 1hr15 to do this, which sounds stupidly long for 10km but not when you already had 78kms in your legs. Coming into my hometown, I knew I had sub14 in the bag. My old neighbour and sometime running partner Beth, was at at the finish with a whole crowd of supporters and they were bringing the house down. crossed the line in 13:49, bags collected, we went for a beer but i only drank half. Beth gave me a lift home and I absolutely threw my guts up, which felt amazing! So, my first ultra done. Lots of lessons learned. Be more efficient at aid stations, don't panic, enjoy the views, start slower than what you think is slow. I think I went to some pretty low places which were on par with the miserable conditions at IM Wales 2017. At IM, yes you are moving forward for a long time but there is also change with each discipline. Doing the same thing hour after hour is extremely hard but i found incredibly rewarding. Next one in 8 days! Apologies for formatting. Written on two different laptops.
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    From Sarah on twitter: If you’re a fan of receiving unsolicited health and career advice from well-intentioned strangers, I highly recommend becoming a professional athlete.
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    Mum called a couple of days ago with good news, after the second surgery to remove cells from the milk ducks the surgeon has reported that they got it all and have good clearance around it (not sure what that means). She has reconstructed the breast as mum had enough tissue and the surgeon suppprted that decision at this stage instead of removing it. Because of that she will need to undergo radiation therapy and has an appt this coming week for that. Apparently she has quite a large scar /s but like I said, you’d rather the scar than the alternative. I didn’t realise this whole process would happen so quick and for the all clear already but I’m glad this little episode is now behind mum and dad . Dad didn’t handle it well.
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    Iron cowboy, the story of the 50 - 50 - 50 coming to Netflix July 12
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    I honestly don't understand people that enter Ironman's and can't swim thinking, oh the wetsuit will keep me afloat. Another reason why you should have to do at least one Half Ironman before being ACCEPTED to do a FULL.
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    Great morning this morning. My daughter came in and gave her first donation, and I gave my 200th. She did so well, and got through the whole blood donation and waited for me out in the dining area. She was all good until I came out and popped the hole in my arm and blood came out everywhere. She thinks it was the smell, but by the time I was getting cleaned up, she was back in the donation room laying down with her feet up and a cold press on her head. Not enough to deter her though, and she is looking forward to another donation in 3 months and then swapping over to Plasma. Champion.
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    I like that he is standing up against drug cheats. I don't see it as sooky lala at all. If he won, it would have made even more of an issue. If he got on the podium 99% of the world would never know he was racing a drug cheat. Media love this shit. It's a smart move by him to bring attention on the cheat
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    Bergs posted this morning that he got a spot via roll down
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    Fixed it for you.
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    Thought I would set myself a challenge today. To swim off the beach till I couldn’t see the beach any more then swim back. Was a tough 200m
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    I have a similar photo of my daughter when she was about 3 ironically on a beach we now call home ! I love that photo . i took this one a couple weeks ago when we all headed down just for a swim and body bash as there was no surf. the family that surfs together stays together haha
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    Forget about the last part and just tell everyone about that time you rocked up and beat all the cyclists wearing only your runner. And in only your second race
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    13:49:01 That was beyond hard. Hip was very painful after 25km and I was reduced to walking a lot more than normal. Very hot for the UK. I am absolutely buggered. More tomorrow. Right now, cup of tea and bed!
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    80 min run (let’s call it a shuffle/ walk) keeping the HR under control. Fitness is a long long way away, but it’s a start. Rode my bike yesterday too
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    I work on the rule -- anything above the neck ( slight sore throat, running nose) - is OK to train but don't get HR up and cut back on the running Anything below the neck -- rest
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    My first swim since IMOZ 70.3 - 2 km swim. Gym yesterday and a run tomorrow (then my golf lesson). Geez, this life is hard. FM
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    Don't be daft. None of them will think like that I'm sure. I think all of us put this pressure on ourselves that our "support crews" care about our performance. Not a single one of my mates / family who have come to a race cared about how I did or whether I finished. If I had a good craic and ended safe then they're just happy to see me doing something I enjoy (which to them is usually a complete mystery as to why it's even fun in the first place).
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    Good week with family away. I have 4 bikes and got to use them all Wed: aero road/TT bike on trainer with Zwift watching Giro Rosa highlights Friday: XC MTB on firetrails on a night ride, testing out new battery for light Sat am: road ride with Bunch on road bike Sat pm: Trail MTB at Hornsby bike park for a bash around the trails Today used XC MTB again on fire trails 3 runs as well, two off road
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    Hey Willie, We have another Professional athlete on the forum.
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    Yeah I once had a Boss who hurt himself jumping to the wrong conclusion
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    Try and sleep on the plane. Enjoy being home. Take care Monkie.
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    Always good to see the underdog have a win. A workmate whom i was pacing had a rough night up with the kids on Sat night. Was nearly in tears before the race and wanted to drop back to a slower zone. After a talk and and an agreement reached to continue on smashed her estimated time by 6 min.
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    You have credit card debt already, screw the bike, pay off your CC debt and ride your old bike. Once the CC debt is gone save your pennies and get a new bike. Sorry for being the voice of reason...
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    I'm surprised you are riding a 10 year old bike if you are single......
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    Riding a 10 year old bike I’m not surprised you are single......
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    It was a very different time in the ultra scene back then, and it's difficult for newer runners to appreciate how much the sport has changed and developed in recent years. Competitor numbers were so much smaller globally, though particularly so in Australia, and though the process to secure one of the 400-odd places for Western States was different, those places were nonetheless still highly coveted. Glasshouse 100 Mile in Qld was Australia's first 100 mile trail race, and although first staged in 1995, it wasn't until 1997 that the Miler had its first finisher. 3 runners finished that year, though only two Aussies with US runner Janine Duplessis crossing the line in second place. In 2005 we finally had a second 100 miler, when the Great North Walk 100 was established on the NSW Central Coast. That year we had 4 finishers from 11 starters. Two of us were backing up from Glasshouse, which by then had escalated to a grand event with a massive total of 16 finishers! It was a niche sport with relatively few competitors, which fostered strong friendships. On occasions, you would know all your fellow runners at a longer race and if not, the few newcomers would be heartily welcomed into the fold. The sparsity of races resulted in frequent interstate travel, with road trips, shared accommodation or bunking down with local ultra runners reinforcing the bonds of friendship. Across Australia, the CoolRunning site kept everyone in touch in the pre-FB era. It was around this time a Western States DVD was being circulated among runners. At a CoolRunning drinks evening in late 2005, with the DVD being again passed on and amid discussions of aspirations to do the race, someone mentioned we should all head over in in 2007. Among about 6 of us, a drunken pact was made for WS in 18 months time. Roll on to September 2006 and about 20 runners finished the Glasshouse 100. In the following days, the provocatively encouraging emails and chatter on CoolRunning started. Western States entries had opened and a few had already entered, taking up the first of the 24 places reserved for international runners. I had long forgotten about WS and the previous year's alcohol-fuzzed commitment. With another few entering in rapid succession, I fired off my entry and we soon had about 7 of us committed. The Aussie Assault was born with the WS Race Director reputedly noting, "Clearly, something was happening Down Under." It quickly became apparent that as an Australian runner, there wouldn't be a better year to run WS. 2007 would be the year. With many of having just qualified at Glasshouse and with GNW 100 miler looming, Aussies soon snapped up 20 of the 24 international places on the then first-come basis. Ian Javes, the Glasshouse Race Director and past finisher of the Sydney to Melbourne, even emerged from his running retirement. Runners co-opted their support crews or pacers, pre- and post-race hotel accommodation was block-booked, an Aussie Assault team uniform was designed and manufactured, (sadly, a design featuring a koala "molesting" the WS mountain lion race mascot was rejected by the group for something more "tasteful") and extended holidays were arranged, (for some of us, all the way through until the 24 Hour World Champs in Canada about 6 weeks later). Five or six of us organised to lodge in the "Australian Embassy" in Berkeley upon arrival in San Francisco upon arrival in the States, before heading up to the mountains for WS. The "Embassy", more aptly the home of three-time Glasshouse 100 winner Carol La Plant and husband Phil, and a traditional landing point for many of the Aussies on pilgrimages to US ultras. Carol and Phil inducted some local runners into the Aussie Assault to further expand our on-course support. It was a unique opportunity to compete in a major, iconic, international ultra, surrounded by so many close friends and, for many of us, also our loved ones. It was organic and ridiculously spontaneous in its origins, thoroughly unprecedented and unlikely to be emulated in a comparable manner. The sport has since changed, domestically and globally. Fortunately for a few of us, we were a part of ultra running at just the right point in time.
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    There's been a few Channel/marathon swimmers among the B&B group over the years, though as you say, most of them do the bulk of their training at Vlad Swim or elsewhere. The B&B 5:30 group is a fairly tight little group, with most starting early due to work demands, though a few with an interest in the longer events like Bondi to Watsons and Rotto. It can be a rewarding time to swim. You feel like you have the ocean to yourselves (or even yourself!), and being out there from pitch dark and swimming through the gradually increasing light, watching the sun rise as you breathe, then eventually to the full the brightness of day is quite special. Then there are the magical mornings when the shore break sparkles with phosphorescence in darkness. As you swim out, under and past the waves, you settle into your stroke and watch the water beneath glisten in swirls of phosphorescence, as your hand and arm move below you. Simply gorgeous.
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    Thought about it. I'm going to create a couple of segments that go past his house & then finish on the Airforce base (he can't get on base) it will drive him nuts.
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    Yes, plenty of "harmless" animals can still bite, scratch, peck or kick. Grey Nurse are fish feeders and quite inoffensive, but South Africans call them Ragged-tooth Sharks for a reason. I've encountered them several times at Manly, including once while with swimming with several of the swimmers who were in the 5:30 group when the incident occurred this morning. On that occasion, eight of us were swimming outside the bay, having swum south around headland toward North Head. Shortly after turning around, a reasonably sized Grey Nurse cruised slowly in the opposite direction, about 2 metres below us. We all immediately stopped and watched transfixed as it passed by. We then popped our heads up, seeking confirmation from each other "That was a Grey Nurse, yeah?" They are a fairly "sharky" looking shark after all. I did meet a Grey Nurse during a solo pre-dawn swim one morning, suddenly appearing out of the gloom and moving diagonally across my path. It wouldn't have been further than a metre from my outstretched hand. It was in quite shallow water, fairly soon after leaving to Shelly to return to Manly. There was a definite surge of adrenaline, even with a near immediate species identification. It's not unusual for a Grey Nurse to regularly visit the bay over a period of a week or more, most probably attracted by the abundance of fish. When one does, regular B&Bers are on the lookout, swimming the most likely routes, some hoping to catch a photo of, or even with, the shark. Ocean swimmers tend to be quite accepting of the risk, and generally have a reasoned perspective in that regard. I've long considered the drive to and from Manly riskier than the swim itself.
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    That’s really cool, I love sharks, I get really excited when I see them when I’m diving. In fact this morning I had a great experience out diving with a mate, a big (I reckon easy 4m) hammerhead swam directly under me as I was pulling a fish up that I had just shot. He just cruises past, swung back around I think to try and get a free feed but he wasn’t getting it, I bombed deep to my deepest recent dive to get that fish. Was great diving deep again on one breath.
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    Interesting letter to the Editor in The Age
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    Well Peter Allen could.
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    Probably stole all their shoes!
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    Granger needs to stop talking over Dirk. My head hurts. Listening to it is harder than racing it.
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    When I swam at Brighton (Melbourne) last July, I did 2km & was in before it was light. All you could see were the little lights bobbing out through the boat harbour & under the jetty. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have felt it if a shark had bitten my leg off anyway.
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    Maybe we should mention an up & coming young tennis player to WADA. Just a couple years ago she was 600th in the world, and she just made number 1 last week. It sounds too good to be true.
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