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    I spoke to my dad again yesterday, he's very up and down still, Is spending quite a bit of time with his doctors etc, which i expect, he has a long road to go. It dawned on me on my trip home from Broome that i have never actually done anything with my dad, just him and I, he's traveled to Europe with one brother and lots of time spent with my other brother, but nothing with me, so I mentioned to my wife that i'd like to do something with him, try and mend a relationship thats not been strong at any point in time, and being that i love the nth West of Australia and the bush i figured why not get him to come over here to Karratha and ill take him on a two week camping trip up through the Kimberley, just swagging it and ill drop him at Kununnurra and send him home from there, show him a bit of my backyard. I mentioned this to him yesterday and he said he would really love that, i heard a bit of excitement in his voice, so the planning is underway for hopefully next August when its cooler for him to fly over here and go away with me for a couple of weeks. Hopefully the doctor will give him clearance to fly as currently he cannot due to pressure in his brain that they are trying to get on top of.
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    Look at other people your age. I'm about to turn 40. Plenty of 40 year olds look younger than me but shit a lot of them are fatter & look older. My daughters school had a 3km fun run on Thursday & I was the only parent to run it with the kids. Plenty of parents watching. Lots had "injuries" After the run, one of the teachers said to me " you can tell your kid a hundred times a day you love them, what you just did proves you love her"
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    Hey Katz I don't know you and I don't post on here much any more but I want to just say that I had the same thing happen to me and I know what you are going through. Those of us who have felt the pain of betrayal know that there is nothing worse, it is worse than death. I was with my wife 20 years and married 16, raised her 2 stepsons and had one of our own as well, happy family of 5 and she played happy families and never said she was unhappy with me or her life. We were building a huge McMansion and I thought we would grow old together. I loved her so much and treated her like a princess. Out of the blue one day I discovered an affair and then my life fell apart in less than a week. She left and moved in with this guy and I wanted to die. I more or less checked myself in to hospital so I wouldn't hurt myself or her boyfriend but that was a mistake. I got treated like a lunatic when all that was wrong was that I was in shock. I got myself out of the mental health ward by lying and saying I was fine, and went home and tried to cope and look after my kids. I woke up every morning and wanted to be dead because the pain was so bad that nothing could ease it or take it away. So much pain and grief. The pain did ease but it took a long time. Some things I think helped me was the realisation that she didn't want to be with me, she wasn't happy with me, so its okay that she leaves and finds someone who does. It would have been nice if it was discussed first but it doesn't change the fact. She didn't love me. No point in wasting our lives in a loveless relationship, or a one way relationship. Make a deliberate decision to put it behind and move on. The other thing I realised is that life isn't fair, bad things happen to good people all the time and its no good blaming people. We need to deal with lifes bad experiences in a positive way and not become bitter about the past. I don't want my happiness to be dependent on what other people do or don't do to me, my happiness is my choice, and I choose to move on and be happy. I still occasionally indulge in a bit of self pity but I nip it in the bud pretty fast and count my blessings. 8 years on and I am very happy with my life. It takes time to readjust and reinvent yourself as a different person. A single person. I love being a single guy now but it took quite a few years to not feel sad when I saw families shopping in woollies or Coles. Things will get better Katz. The more time passes, the better you will feel. I was a great husband and father and that defined me for decades, now Im a single man with a lot of time on my hands to do whatever I want. Im really happy with my life. My boys live with me, I have a lovely lady, good friends and family. Its okay. You will be okay Katz.
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    Hey, how's this? Facebook just reminded me that it was 2 years ago I learned about the affair. The occasion was passing by unnoticed. I didn't even think of it in fact. I had started the morning in a wonderful way, and the day continued on in a similar manner. I'm not disappointed FB reminded me. In fact I am happy it did. It has made me realise just how far my recovery from those dark days has come.
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    Is Don. Is good.
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    I got carried away on the run and decided to race it. Managed 3rd place with a 3:21
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    Ms Shuffla kept up her good form. 2nd female in the 5km. Mrs Shuffla survived the marathon run. 7th female in the LCW over the weekend I think I might have to put it on the calendar for next year.
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    Reading our local paper on Wednesday and seeing that my favorite Journo had passed away last week. I read the story expecting that it had been a car accident but no mention of cause of death. Slowly it all comes together when I realise that the 'black dog' status my friend had put on fb the week before was about Sam. I never met Sam but man I loved his work. He was everywhere. Did some f##cking fantastic investagitive (spelling) journalism into ADANI recently. Had only recently left Bowen and made an exciting move to Mackay. To say I was and still am in shock is an understatement. How can the death of someone I have never met have such a profound affect on me? Always remember, even on your darkest, worst days there is always someone, just one person that loves you and will be affected by you taking this road. Sorry I know I'm not in here much anymore, and I know Sam isn't one of ours, but I had to put it somewhere. YOU ARE LOVED. YOU MATTER..
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    50m Outdoor pool opened a couple of weeks ago so have now done 2 x 2km Wetsuit Swims in the Pool. It was really tough at first, but I gritted my teeth, pushed hard, overcame adversity, battled on to the end through what appeared to be an impossible task... Then once I had my wetsuit on I went for my swims. I really need to get back into some regular training!
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    First ride yesterday for 625 days!! (Last one 6/2/16 and ended in a crash!!) Grand total of 26km, completed at the solid average of 24.4km/h. Gooch feels as if someone has used it as a trampoline, but apart from that it was great to be back out there. Went with a mate I hadn't seen for some time so was a great opportunity to catch up on each others lives. Might even do it again next weekend.
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    Completed 4 IMs and about 12 HIMs. Volunteered at least 8 IMs (Forster and Port). Apart from 1 year where I was out on course in the car, I usually do the finish line. This included a final review of athletes about 50 metres past the finish line as a 1st aider (to see if they were OK after the adrenaline eased). I used to hand them over to Di (Paul Every's better half ) who worked in the medical area. I did this on my own bat as I thought it was a gap. Luckily, as I remember, a few who had a number of problems at this point. I noticed at Port this year that all the finish line volunteers were medicos. Interesting..... FM PS: Check out the old Transitions cap. PPS: I have caught a hell of a lot of Trannies over the years.
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    I am the proud owner of this unicorn cake. My sarcasm is obviously hard to pick up on at work......
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    My garden and yard is my retreat. Four years ago when we moved here there was not a tree or bush on the property. It was just a cow paddock. Other than the house, driveway, and dropping the pool shell into the ground, I've turned every bit of dirt, laid every tile or paver & put in every sleeper or fencepost. I think this is keeping me younger & fitter than my swimming is.
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    This is a great thread, everyone has made some valuable & honest comments. I think weight is something to keep in check as we get older because its easy to pile on blubber & hard to get it off. Sometimes so hard that you start losing motivation then its easy to play the age card & before you know it all the weight related problems as well Time goes slow when we're juniors & speeds up when were old!
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    I'm struggling to lean into the good right now. I'm waiting for something to come along and mess it up. It's making me feel a bit anxious. Life definitely goes through ups and downs. I need to trust that right now is good. I've just got to let go and enjoy it.
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    It's me saying this, so no chance it's not gonna be long winded. My best mate passed away about 11 years ago now. I still ride his favourite bike every week (his family gifted it to me). When we finally got our families together for a BBQ we found out our wives went to high school together. His youngest daughter and my eldest are the same age. They went to different primary schools and we both school captains at their respective schools. Now they've been at the same high school for the last few years. Both were class captains in their first year. Then they were junior school captain and vice in grade 9. And now both are Sports captains for next year (grade 11). I know he would be as stoked with this as I am. The Strange connections between us continue!
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    he just bought a swag!
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    Got a PM from Delly today and the news is improving all the time. His rehab is going really well - to the extent they were thinking of cutting it short - although he insisted he complete the full 'term'. He said his problematic arm and hand now feel pretty normal although still a few issues with fine motor skills but improving all the time. The good news is he can hold a camera for extended periods and has even taken himself out to a couple of events to test himself. He has joined a gym - not something he ever imagined himself doing - and is going 6 days a week and enjoying it. He believes he looks like Arnie Still having some good and some flat days but says he now has a very new outlook on many things. Once he's had a final MRI to see that the troublesome vein is clear he can ditch the blood thinners and get back to normal. It's great to hear him sounding so positive and that he appears to be making such a good recovery.
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    They'd go OK in the swim, but they're bloody useless on the bike.
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    OK so this is the most exciting race report I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing. In fact, all race reports I have written have been to prepare me better for the day in Hawaii. As always, she’s a long’un so grab a cuppa or a beer and have a read (no really, it’s like super long!!) IRONMAN HAWAII – RACE REPORT (M30-34 AG) My 10th ironman race and I was lucky enough to have it coincide with my qualification for a race which was only ever a dream for the first 6-7 years of me racing this distance before meeting AP who instilled a sense of belief, desire and work ethic in me which allowed me to qualify at ironman Australia this year. If there was a negative, this was my 3rd ironman in 10-months (Busso, Port and Hawaii) so it has felt like an 18-month build up for this race. My weekly structure was much the same as my past 2 builds under Alex Price – this plan works well for me given my availability, time to train and has the perfect balance of hard and easy work within the week (super important and under-estimated). Monday – Swim 3-4km (AM), strength and conditioning (lunch) Tuesday – 2 hour brick as 1.5 hour bike, 30 minute run with some intensity, strength and conditioning (lunch) Wednesday – Swim ~3.5-4km (AM), 12-13km run with quite a lot of it at 4min/km pace Thursday – 2 hour brick as 1.5 hour bike, 30 minute run Friday – swim 3.5-4km (AM), strength and conditioning (lunch) Saturday – Since the week after Port I went down to W’gong to ride with the team. Most of the rides were between 4.5-5 hours and with a lot of decent work involved, with a run off the bike which built up to 18km at race pace/effort (slower than previous build). Sunday – long run (did quite a few runs between the 28-32km distance and again the second half was always faster than the first half of the run). I won’t bore you all with the details of the days leading into the race but as a brief overview the week of the race looked like this: Monday – arrived in Kona. My bike didn’t make it on the plane from Honolulu to Kona! Great start – but thankfully the team from Tri Travel, picked it up for me and brought it to me at my hotel, a great service! My mate Michael who had flown in from NYC to be there to watch the race too! Champion. Couple of beers and then an easy 30-minute run in the heat! We were staying literally 200m from the race start, registration, expo etc. it was brilliant! I was warned not to get in and around the hype too much but geez it was great for convenience and super close to all the eateries within town. Tuesday – An easy swim in the morning and then drove the course with a few in the Tri Travel crew. Shane gave us a good run down of the course and what to watch out for which was very valuable for race day. We got dropped 30km from Kona and then rode back into town. My first ride on the famous Queen K highway – magical experience. My training partner, Luke Jeffrey, arrived in time for the Parade of Nations – again, it’s these experiences which were a dream come true for me. Another few beers (common theme for my time in Hawaii actually) and dinner. Wednesday – another 1-hour bike ride with Jeff and easy 15-20 minute jog later in the afternoon to experience some more heat! Thursday – A swim out to the famous coffee boat from the pier, a couple of espressos whilst holding on to the boat was amazing. It’s such a unique experience to do these activities synonymous with only the Hawaiian ironman. Another light jog in the afternoon and Nicole came to join us today too, after flying over a few days after me. Friday – Was supposed to be a short, easy spin with Jeff but the poor bastard got his second flat tubular in 3-days (a front and rear)! But nonetheless a very easy, smooth ride. One thing of note was the wind had literally changed to the completely opposite direction to earlier in the week, crazy. Got the bike racked then lounged around for a few hours, eating, and trying my best to stay off the feet. Got to bed early and wasn’t really awoken until a knock at the door at 4:50am by Luke and Steph. Race day: Woke up at 4:50am (by the knock at the door), had some breakfast and then Luke and I walked the 200m to transition, got the body marking done, prepped the bike and then went back to the hotel room to lay low before the race start. Had some breaky and continued with some shitty American coffee before heading back down after we watched the pro start from the balcony of the hotel. I was about to race against 2400 of the best ironman athletes in the world – this was exciting! So before I get into the race itself, I have told anyone that I’ve spoken to about the race that I only plan on doing Kona once (at least for the moment) and there were a few reasons for this 1) it’s a logistical nightmare getting from Bowral to Kona but this was the least important 2) I suspected the race was going to be full of blatant drafting, aggressive swimming and full of egos and 3) I don’t like it when it’s above 25 degrees so 10-hours doing an ironman wasn’t my idea of “fun” however, I digress and will come back to this later…. SWIM: The swim start is super bloody wide! I started pretty close to the centre and about 4-5 rows back. My plan was to swim straight (not aim towards the first buoys) until the 4th buoy and then find a rhythm. The water in Kona is amazing – you just float and it’s warm, there’s fish swimming underneath you but otherwise it’s pretty much just straight out and back really. I’ve swum 57-58 minutes for the past 2 IMs so I thought if I was 4-5 minutes slower here without a wetsuit, that would be fine and it was bang on actually. I swam really easy but never really found my own space – there was plenty of elbows and pushing down going on but I wasn’t too bothered by it, because I was swimming quite conservatively, I had more energy to just push ahead if I didn’t like the space I was in. Swim time: 1:03:36 - 684th overall and 109th in the age group. I was fine with this considering I didn’t expend too much energy out there in the water. T1: Wow – there felt like there was 1000 people in this tiny changing tent. I stood up to get things organised and got changed for the bike – was the most chaotic I remember a transition area ever! Time: 3:53 BIKE: I was fitter than I was in Port Macquarie but I was going to ride a little more conservatively given APs main instruction was for Luke and I to put ourselves in a position where we can run the last 10km of the marathon. That being said, my plan was to ride a NP of 230-340 watts for the bike. One element I didn’t appreciate enough about Kona was the difficulty of the bike course. It’s not super hilly but it feels like you’re never riding along the flat – you’re either going up or down what feels like 2% grade, it’s difficult to get a nice rhythm riding in Hawaii. As Luke so elegantly put in his race report, the first 30-40km of the bike is about how big of a circle you can create swinging your d#*k so I wanted to be conservative! This is a SUPER fast start to the day. I covered the first 50km in a bit over 1h15m riding 232 watts so it’s fast. After about 50km you climb up towards Hawi which is about a 10km climb but felt more like 40km, it was slow going and I was very envious of those coming back down the other way. Got to the top and you then fly back down at 60-70km/hour at little effort. Another side note – I do not rate my bike handling skills and get scared when going down a hill too fast but some of these other athletes were horrible! Super slow, riding the breaks, sitting up – I couldn’t believe it! Anyway, so I reached the halfway point in the race in 2:33 and 233 watts. By this point, it reaffirmed I wouldn’t be coming back to this race any time soon with the amount of drafting that happens here – some unavoidable but much of it blatant! Trains of riders who didn’t give a shit about rules. What I also noticed by this point in the race was that I’d had about 6-7 litres of fluid of was struggling to pee. I also felt like nothing came easy. Power was hard to come by, although heart rate was fine, it just “felt” hard! After 120km, I was getting pretty bored of riding the push bike and was keen to get the ride done with. I made a conscious effort to ride the last 60km a little easier than I had previously planned so I rode at 220 watts coming back into the wind along the Queen K in towards Kona. This bike ride felt like it took forever, and I can’t explain it but I didn’t particularly enjoy it either. Time was 5:08:15 at 226 NP and HR average of 142 for the ride. I was about 75kg for the race. This was about 25 watts and 5bpm lower than Port Macquaire but geez it felt much much harder and the only thing I could put it down to was the heat and I was starting to cook from the inside! 421st overall and 93rd in the age group for the bike. Nutrition on the bike: Simple. Infinit in my bottle where I'd have ~80g carbs per hour and a bottle of water between aid stations. T2: I seemed to fluff more in T2 than I normally do, making sure I took in water and got some vaso and sunscreen on me. Time was 3:51 RUN: I knew the best case scenario for my run here was to run a 3:30 marathon – after running during the week and watching my heart rate, I knew that would be near impossible for me. Shit it was hot. I started the run and saw Nicole and asked her “is Jeff out running yet”, when the answer was “no” I just thought that bastard is riding conservatively so he can run past me! But this was the least of my worries to be honest. During the early part of the run you run down the most famous stretch in world triathlon Ali’I drive – this is phenomenal, but I felt HORRIBLE, I felt unwell, my quads were cramping and I couldn’t cool myself down. I started getting quite teary after 5km because I didn’t think I could do this, I started to think about pulling out of the race and how I would explain it to Nicole, my coach, my friends, my family, my clients, everyone that’s asked about the race… I got quite emotional about it. I got to the next aid station and just walked – sponges x 5-10 into the top, down the neck, ice everywhere and I just drank a lot more water to cool down. The next 5km I started to feel much better and I knew I could just plug away, I didn’t have that thought about pulling out of the race anymore but I was so uncomfortable and in so much pain for 10km into an ironman marathon – I knew this was going to hurt! I ran past Jeff on Ali’I drive and we manoeuvred ourselves to make sure we high-fived and gave each other a rev up – I saw he looked fresh and I felt shit so I figured he’d probably get me along the Queen K somewhere. I saw Nic, Michael and Steph on the climb up Palani road which was perfect timing for me to re-energise and re-focus. After about 16km you hit the Queen K and you enter the most boring, mentally draining ironman run ever! It’s exposed, there’s zero shade. None. It’s like someone closing the M5 in Sydney and just running along there, the only real spectators are at aid stations otherwise, there’s not much happening except other people running. At 20km-22km my quads were ready to shut down so I did the unthinkable and tried something new on race day – a big no no in many people’s books but this quad cramping was going to stop me running. I took some salt, which I don’t normally use – that did nothing so I tried some hot shots at about 26-27km (I think it was) which tastes like dirty garbage water except with a spicey taste at the end but I was willing to try anything, honestly. I went past an aid station at about 32km or so and took in some coke and water and then stopped, staggered over and just vomited as if I’d punished too many beers during a night out (which I also know well) and then every time I had water or anything, I’d vomit it straight up. I was worried. 10km to go in this heat with no water, no calories and already feeling like shit was worrying but I couldn’t do anything by this point I just had to keep moving forward. Down through the energy lab, which is stupidly hot and saw Jeff again on the other side, I wasn’t in any state to work out how far behind he was but I knew if I kept jogging I should be able to hold him off. I got to about 1 mile to go where Pete Murray was who just said something like “Scott Connolly from AP10 in Australia, Alex Price will be very proud of you mate” which gave me chills – it was only now, with about 1.5km to go (downhill) where I felt I could relax because I knew I was going to finish the famous ironman Hawaii and realise a dream I’ve had for a very long time. Run time: 3:37:12 (I just checked and I went past halfway in 1:45/1:46 and I’m actually shocked to see the last 10km “only” took me 54:23 – I’m super chuffed about that considering everything that was happening internally and externally at the time). Nutrition on the run: Nothing you should follow given the fact I almost ruined my race! But the goal is 80g of CHO. My Infinit bottle must have leaked which meant I went through, what should have been 21km worth within 8km! End result: 9:56:47 - 357th overall and 71st in the 30-34 AG. I had no idea of my race time during the ironman. I didn’t look at it after 3-4km into the marathon as I knew it was about survival, resilience and focus. I crossed the line, saw I was under 10-hours and just felt this huge sense of relief and emotion. I waited for Jeff in the recovery area and after a chat and a swim, Michael was waiting outside with beers, what a legend! Finishing the Hawaiian ironman…. This surreal feeling of accomplishment was complete. People that either know me, or know ironman triathlon know and understand this isn’t “just a sport”. The sacrifice, time, energy, mental application, love and effort that go into this sport make it much more than that. For so many years, I laughed when people would say “are you going to race the Hawaiian ironman” and my response over the years moved from “hahaha no way, they’re way too fast” to “yeah I’ll keep doing ironman until I get my legacy spot” to “yes, hopefully” to just simple “yes, I am”. I’ve lived a dream – I’ve been with Nicole for 7-years and this is something she knows how badly I’ve wanted to do this since the day we met, my dog is named after the race location, Kona. I’m super proud to have achieved this. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – a massive thanks goes to Alex Price. He started telling me from day one to verbalise what my goals are “to qualify for Kona”, make it known, believe it and chase it. He has gone above and beyond to make sure everything was in place for me to firstly qualify but then to race as well as possible in Hawaii. It’s not just about writing sessions into Training Peaks, coaching has so many more elements involved from athlete psychology to nutrition to mental health and fatigue all of which Pricey integrates into the coaching/mentor relationship with his athletes. But an enormous thank you to Nicole – training for ironman means all those things I’ve just mentioned – time and energy sacrifice and it takes more than the individual to make a dream come true, so thank you so very much! So where to from here? I’m racing ironman Australia again next May, where my goal will be to try and get in to the top 3 of the age group. I have no intention of racing Kona again, not any time soon at least. Something needs to be done about the numbers and the drafting before I’d contemplate that but I still want to be the best athlete I can be, so I want to do well in my ‘local’ race first and foremost for the moment and possibly get back in to some shorter distance races.
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    Now I’m no marketing genius but to me part of the problem is that Ironman is selling the Ironman brand not the sport of triathlon. They sell Ironman like it is a big achievement yet easily attainable and to me those thins can’t coexist. Ironman is hard, it is supposed to be yet Ironman don’t want you doing other triathlons or investing in the sport they just want you to do one of their events. It used to be that people were triathletes for years before doing Ironman or some would even be lifelong triathletes without even doing Ironman. Now there are bucket listers doing an Ironman as their first race with no previous triathlon background. I think longterm Ironman would like the term Ironman to be the default term for triathlon and I believe if they thought there would be no blowback from hard core athletes they would just brand all their races as Ironman even if you were doing Olympic distances. As it is already I have heard the phrase “I did an Ironman” used to describe someone who just completed a short triathlon. Maybe they are further along than we think. I don’t think Ironman really care where the numbers (and dollars) are coming from, as long as they are coming in.
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    No one will be surprised - Kona 2018 I've looked up the record for the 70-74 category - it's 11.45 - I reckon I can beat that If I swim around 1.15 - bike around 6hrs - then run around a 4.20 - with not too much time wasted in transitions I'll have it I can't stop anyone else aiming for the same thing but it'll be me against the course - it'll be a time trial I have a year to build - I have to qualify - I have to stay upright - not do anything silly No point having a goal and keeping it secret - if you truly think you can do it - put it out there
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    This is a 100% correct statement of events. We were in Broome 2 weeks ago and mangoes are expensive over here, $2.50 - $3.50 each, being that we are from Nth Qld where we can get a bucket on the side of the road for $10....we really struggle to pay bulk dollars for mangoes! its just a rip off...anyhow, we got to the caravan park in Broome and straight away all four of us noticed a big mango tree right outside our room...and my son was just pestering the daylights out of me to get some mangoes, i agreed to get a couple...but later on as they are not ripe yet so we would take them home and wrap them up in the cupboard for a couple of weeks....... our room also had the pool on the other side, so as normal i had the kids in the pool, me wearing my krispy dreme budgy smugglers embarrassing my wife and the remaining grey nomads who were just barley hanging in there with the heat really ramping up in Broome now...well the kids were soon flogged as they went hard for a couple of hours in the pool and so i as promised i set out to get some mangoes, but first safety shoes for the climb, so the double pluggas were attached, and the budgy smugglers remained on, no other clothing required. so up i went and i was on fire plucking mangoes from here there and everywhere, but soon i had to move to the next branch, so i firmly secured my right foot in a fork in the branch, left leg and arm went out to hug the next branch, went to move the right foot over and it didn't budge, the plugga didn't even break, left foot slipped and i fell, taking a fair bit of bark off my torso, right foot still stuck, so here i was literally upside down in a mango tree. wife was spotted with coke coming out her nostrils as she was laughing uncontrollably, kids thought it was hilarious. my wife had to help me unstuck myself!...................my mango picking days are over and i now have a deal with one my my work mates who i have since discovered has a huge mango tree in his back yard and he doesn't even eat mangoes, its been agreed i will drop him round a carton of emu export beer in return for a empty carton of beer filled with mangoes, much the same as my fish deal with my fisherman buddy who cant eat all the fish he catches. Tue Story!
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    I went for a 4k roller skate. First time on 8 wheels in more than a quarter of a century. lol Have a few battle wounds, but had a great time. I call it cross-training.
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    He has no idea what time he wakes up. No phone no gadget. The tiger starts his day, when the tiger wakes, hungry & ready to roar.
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    Re-frame the challenge from being as fast/best as you can to slowing-the-slowdown as best as you can, and maintaining your strength and fitness as best as you can. There is no need to "give in" as you get older, but to accept reality and with it, not against it.
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    Just smile your way through and accept you can't do what you used to as fast as you used to but at least you can still do it.
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    Yep, get used to it, it's better than the alternative etc
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    Take 2 x worming tablets & remove the mobile phone from your bedroom.
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    5ks of 300/200 run/walk plus another k or so walk back to the car.
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    Make sure you get a sparkly one (or furry!!) for raves - and definitely go sleeveless or you'll get too hot with all the dancing
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    I made myself eat 2 ice creams today. I need the sticks as disc brake blocks for transport
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    First time I did yoga, the instructor mentioned at the start of the class "too many people live in the past with regret, or are waiting for something in the future. They fail to live in the now" I thought that was a great idea & in 4 years when I paid my cars off I would start living in the now. Woke up at 4am & decided to sell both my cars. By 9am I had both cars cleaned & on car sales. Sold one of them by lunch time and the second one a week later. Cleared $20k in credit card debt, interest free shit & started living in the now. Taken my daughter on holidays all around Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, 9 x to the USA. About to book a trip to Spain, France, Italy & Germany in April. I roll the dice at work, take the risk & apply for positions I have no experience in etc. I'm not going to go out wondering "what if" Making some changes in my life now to concentrate on doing something I tried when I was 18 & failed. Never done a yoga class since........
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    That's a good day for FB
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    Tri Club 10km 46min for me which is a PB of 4min. Amazing what a lot of low intensity training can do for your top end endurance
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    No but they shoot anyone that doesn't finish in the cut off times
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    Why do we need to amend the constitution? All they need to do is perform due diligence and comply with the law - it's not rocket science. If the people seeking the right to legislate can't be arsed reading the law, then they shouldn't be there.
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    Maybe I should start another thread, but do you really think the nutrition stuff up made much of a difference? I think people tend to overdo the nutrition thing in OD. Maybe I'm the exception to the rule, I get by with a small amount of diluted gatorade/powerade and a few lollies on the bike, then a few sips of water or whatever drink is on course.
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    Aerodynamic drag on flat terrain road is the dominant drag force down to speeds as low as 16-17km/h. If we include modestly variable gradient terrain, then it probable bumps up a bit closer to 18-20km/h (due to asymmetrical gravitational potential energy demands). IOW aero drag is the dominant energy demand factor for anyone whose IM bike split is less than 9 hours.
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    And you didnt realise you'd forgotten your togs until after the first 2km...
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    My thoughts in general are - Dont use age as an excuse not to stay fit n active n healthy. Respect it but dont give in to it. Youll feel younger getting out there & being involved & you can still have goals - theyre often the things that keep us motivated
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    Great topic and an issue that has been really bugging me the past few years. I'm now 67kgs @ 53 years old, the heaviest I've ever been in my life. Was around 62-63 kgs when racing my fastest at age 48 and smashing the local 20-somethings in sprint races. Much of the weight has gone on my mid-section, though some is more muscle from getting back into strength training 2x/week. I really had to face aging and mortality when the knees went badly south for 5yrs, and my racing days are by and large over, but incredibly, have climbed out of that hole though gaining weight still shits me. But getting back into strength training has been a saviour. Triathlon made me incredibly weak and very uni-functional. There was a great show on Catalyst about the importance of maintaining muscle mass as you age for longevity and a healthy middle/old age, and it is certainly true in my case. As a fly-fishing guide, I'm amazed at how many people a decade or two younger than me struggle to just move about in the stream and in the bush. Their balance and fitness is often very poor. My balance has improved a lot from doing more functional strength wok in the gym (deadlifts, theraband crab walks, skipping etc.). My biggest weakness weight-wise is diet. It's probably pretty good compared to most, but still too much processed carbs and alcohol. And I do think there is an inflammatory component to my diet. My focus now has shifted from training for fitness and racing, to training for life and health.
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    Ms Shuffla (13) won the swim yesterday (750m) and was leading the 20km bike today before taking a wrong turn. Did 15km then came back to the start and EE let her re-start the 20km. She was a tad tired by then but finished as 5th woman. Mrs Shuffla is coming 4th in the long course event after the bike and had a tough 180km today. Sounds like a challenging course.
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    My sister was one of them Ronnie. There were warning signs but we missed them when it really mattered. Similar to Robin Williams my sister had what appeared to be a very successful and full life... It would almost be easier if there were more visible or valid reasons for it. I think you already are Ronnie. Look after yourself so that you are able to look after others. There are people who need you.
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    Diet's are like religion. Everyone's is perfect & everyone else is wrong. People will preach about their's but won't listen to others.
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    yesterday - 3 x 10km laps of the MTB course followed by 1 x 5km loop running. Today - 2 x 10km laps of the MTB course, followed by 1 x 10km loop running One big fall off a very high log. No idea how I didn't hurt myself. Bit tired now!
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    On the other side of the coin you wonder where Ironmans duty of care steps in to take someone in that situation off course or how bad you have to be before they step in?