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    I have just deleted a thread in the sandbox. When I took on the role, I made it clear there was a couple of ppl who I wouldn’t moderate & I wouldn’t moderate threads I had a beef in. For the good of the forum & to keep good people around those rules have changed. I’m considering locking a couple of other threads also. Trump & Corona for example. The sandbox is for off triathlon discussion not a place to be a dick.
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    Mrs FP was instructed to report for a COVID test on Tues, results are back, all clear. 👍
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    Today we signed a contract for sale of our house, we received a fair offer and after a bit of tooing and froing we have a greed a price with the buyer, We will come out of the sale with a nice swelling of our bank account so that’s always nice. Tough market to sell in but it’s a beautiful house so Was always confident of a sale.
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    On behalf of everyone else here on Trannies (apologies to those who I purport to be speaking for who don't share my view), mate, would you mind putting a lid on your intentionally inflammatory comments, particularly those directed at directly attacking others. It's getting tiresome and makes all of us feel rather uncomfortable. This is not a feeling any of us need any more of at this current time. Enough is enough.
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    Woohooo! Platelets now up to 51😁 , and 6 months without a blood or platelet transfusion.
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    This thread has gone to the dogs 😉 Time to scale it back. Meet Erik. Here’s my new friend since isolation. He figured out how to get up onto my balcony from an adjacent bush. Now he gets a regular feed of mince meat and I’ve coerced him onto my lap over the past four weeks.
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    Swab result - Covid negative. Just a coincidental illness. Means I can leave the house! Hooray! Have cancelled ambulance shift for Sunday because still feeling under the weather but back out again next weekend for the bank holiday It's amazing how much you immediately feel better when you know it's not Covid!
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    When you dust off the old P3 for an intervals ride with the Mrs, she is on her EMC2 with clip-ons , you are having a 'no chain day' & she is cracking the shits you are riding away from her and none of her expensive coaching program is working 😆 "I want one of those, I need a proper TT bike" 🤑 So I'm now in the market for a 50-51cm TT rig 🙄 Should have just slowed down & saved some coin - stoopid is as stoopid does 😳
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    With no races in the near future you might find yourself reflecting on your approach to the sport. My racing in the three disciplines concluded in 2016 when I had to stop running. However, when I reflect over my 33 years in the sport there is one strategy I adopted for my final race that I feel very pleased about, even now. Everyone is familiar with the feeling of apprehension that grips you as the minutes to the race start count down. With so many vital parts in your checklist you constantly fear that you have missed something. The excitement of the sheer number of people also preparing for their race along with you raises your nervous tension which, in turn, makes you wonder whether you need to go to the toilet again. After a lifetime of racing I faced one of my most important events determined to get things as enjoyable as possible. It was the 70.3 world championship at Mooloolaba - in my own backyard! I had had a long campaign to qualify because some years before I realised I had to win my AG in one of the qualifying events to be on the start line. I achieved this in my third 70.3 qualifying event at Ballarat. I know you should never do something on race day for the first time and a world championship is certainly not the time to experiment. However, all the pieces of the challenge were there for me to do something different. I decided I would have all my race equipment in place on the day before and turn up just in time to race. Let me explain. With such a high profile race, all of your stuff for T1 and T2 was already in bags hanging where you pass by. With every AG having their own wave start there was always going to be a long wait between transition closing and race start. I just had to have my bike ready to go on the previous day without any additional fiddling on race morning. So I had attached my filled bidons and shoes on my bike the previous afternoon and trusted my tyres would be ready to rumble without an early morning check. When the elites started I was at home watching it on TV. When I thought I should leave home in time for my wave, I drove off to Mooloolaba, found a park and headed to the race start on the beach in front on the clubhouse. I arrived just in time to put my wetsuit on, join my AG as it assembled on the beach, then swim out to the starting buoys about 150m from the shore. i would have waited there only about 30 seconds when the hooter went and we were off. The sun had just risen to a cloudless morning, the water was calm, crystal clear and a large white cruise liner had just parked itself out to sea on the edge of the swim course. It made for a stadium-like atmosphere. So my pre-race strategy paid off and I began my final race the most relaxed I have ever been. What a way to finish my triathlon career and I headed towards the only thing left for me - aquabike.
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    Yeh just a few flippant statements, no harm done. Just unlucky to loose almost a dozen court cases for slander, and be on the wrong end of hundreds of thousands in damages and fines, almost loose his radio station’s license, plus cause 2 court cases to be abandoned and restarted because of his comments. And for weeks falsely accusing the Wagner brothers of causing the deaths of 9 innocent people, surely just a harmless flippant statement that did no harm. And really, who hasn’t accidentally sent a love letter to a 14 year old boy. With AJ retired, who’s going to tell me while I’m driving to work how harmless the Covid19 virus is and what a great job Trump is doing to contain it. I miss him already 😢
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    Our house settled Monday. We are now living full time in our van. Original plan was to head off travelling full time late 2021, however due to uncertainty around funding for my current role there is no guarantee of contract extension post Sept 2020, so we might be heading off sooner than expected. Was sad to see the house go, as it was finally at the point where we had everything we ever wanted, but gotta say the feeling of living with absolutely ZERO debt is pretty good!
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    That’s not how it should have to work. You could try being less of a dick.
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    Went out chasing Crays and squid today, because according to my wife and daughter I’ve been a bit shit at catching Crays lately. I re tidied that today with two of my mates. We went out diving all day, shot a few fish, nothing spectacular, got a couple dozen squid and then went and got 12 Crays (4 each) which is the limit of our licenses. On the water at 0600 and didn’t get back to the ramp until 1815. Big day IMG_1407.MOV
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    Sunday afternoon easy 20k to one of our favourite lookouts after 5 hours in the garden building a retaining wall
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    This is a deadset Corona miracle! My brother ("damn cyclists on the road in Canberra shit me") has gone and bought a frikin roadbike! With clips in pedals no less! He and his daughter have been riding around the lake lately, as her college is in lockdown & he decided it was time to upgrade his 20yo clunker mtb - cos she was whooping his arse I'd say. Christ I hope he starts riding on the road, it will be epic to hear his stories about damn car drivers 🤣
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    For the foreseeable future at least. I have another meeting with the transplant team in 2 weeks and I’m expecting they’ll just want to keep testing and wait and see what happens.
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    The lovey TNT driver dropped off the new bike this week. Still need to get a few things. (Cages, carbon wheels, new seat & power meter)
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    Just clocked in my 30 day running in a row. Average has been just over 40km a week so nothing groundbreaking, but im just happy to have completed that small feat.
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    I thought this thread was going to be about Ken Baggs, then I clicked on it to see Peter's link about a massive cocaine haul and thought "WTF!!!" Always thought Ken showed a remarkable amount of stamina, late into the night on race day.
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    PRL FULL,,,done! 174km, 6hr:47, 2,307 mtrs, 162 av watts. FARRRRK! Gundy, I think my rusty maths puts that at 1.9 w/kg average.
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    I doubt it. He's only been taking it for a few weeks; the mindless ranting has been ongoing for a long time.
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    Guys I have moved the swimming stuff to its own thread in Trichat.
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    Litespeed Classic turned over from 99,999 km to 0.0 km on this morning's ride. It's been my primary training and racing bike for 21 years, probably 90% or more of my riding. Got me through 33 (of 34) IMs, more than a hundred other races, a couple hundred airplane flights and a lot of touring miles. It's good for at least one more time around the clock.
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    Saturday Run 28.17km then 1hr on trainer Today 6hrs on trainer done in car park at monash uni then run off the bike 8.12km around the monash uni tracks. Beautiful day but had house viewings in arvo so didn't risk the road in case anything happened. Pic 1 is set up. My car has a removable picnic table in back. Pic 2 Part of the nature walk area
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    I had to put my old red dog to sleep a few weeks ago, as she had gone downhill quickly. No way i was going to keep her around suffering. I now have a new pup. It took my other 2 a few weeks to accept him, but all good now.
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    Well, thanks to everyone for what has been an incredibly informative thread, not just to me. Big kudos to Alex in particular. System ordered and deposit paid. Already received an SMS from Ergon about it. The guy who does the installs came past our place Saturday arvo for a chat, have a look etc, and helped us with our decisions. Also showed us some pictures of their work. Possibly going in next week.
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    Only if taken internally.
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    48k in 46 hrs ..... forgot that it finished at midday not 6.00pm. Mrs L did the Hoka slam 5 k, 10k and 21 k Saturday and 64 K Sunday. Sounds quite odd when you have Sunday breakfast with your wife and she walks out the door at 8.00am saying "Just going for a bit of a run, see you about 5.00"
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    Today I randomly decided it was time to check out the new bike leg and see what I'd need to do to make it fit properly. I compared the old leg with the new one side by side to get an approximation of how much length I may need to cut from the new pylon. But to the eye it looked as if it was the right length right out of the factory. So I figure the next step is to simply try it out. I transferred the cleat adapter and cleat over to the new one and did a little eye ball adjustment of all the various angles you can adjust. Fired up the Computrainer, put on some knicks (which have definitely shrunk 😆) and hopped on with the new leg. Pretty much spot on right out of the gate, perhaps a poofteenth too long but I was able to pedal OK. So I did 15 min and that was enough. No rides in 10 months and I always have to be careful when I start.
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    Nup, peeps are able to travel for work. Queanbeyan is in NSW and is 13km from Canberra. The "Canberra wine region" is mostly in NSW... If I go for a bike ride, I often end up in NSW... Anyway, they are reducing restrictions here now... No, no, seriously, it's you... Maybe, just maybe, Katz wasn't ju@t referring to TC? Maybe it's because of personal attacks on anyone who disagrees with you?
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    When do you start protesting about this sort of stuff? I'd suggest its probably 100+ years overdue....and at the risk of not being popular, I'd suggest that more countries than just the US need to have a good long, serious and rational discussion about race relations. The sad fact is that most countries are no longer able to have a rational discussion on any topic, let alone one as complex race relations.
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    286W. You will start the FTP (20 min?) test full of strength and enthusiasm. At 6 min that 315W you are holding is nothing for you. Visions of increasing in the back end and the delight of telling your mates of a 300W FTP enter your mind. 8 min - oh f#ck, this is staring to hurt. I knew I should have calibrated the KICKR, something must be wrong with it. Nah - stay strong you’ve got this. 10 min - nah, I really blew it. Went out way to hard. A couple of 30 sec standing out of the saddles should do the tick. Watts drop to 290W. I knew I was too fatigued. 15 min - the frequency of the standing efforts increases. You satisfy yourself that the 30 sec of 10-15W increases will offset the 275W you can now hold. 18 min - The positive mind comes back. I’m sure I held 315w to 12 min and if I can finish strong a +350w-maybe my 300 W FTP will be there. While never reaching the 350W ambition, by some miracle the watts increase for last 120 seconds. Congratulations - a new FTP 286w. Which of course will be a major disappointment for the next 30 minutes as your mind had already accepted the 300W FTP at 6 min!
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    @Fitness Buddy I finally got out to ride and wore this jacket today! It may be my best cycling purchase ever. Normally in 3 layers, but long sleeve jersey and this had me treading the perfect line between warm and cold. It's a rippa!
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    My swim buddy bailed on me yesterday, luckily I have another swim buddy who's always up for it. And this one actually did 2km happily ☺ - less chitchat at the poles means it takes longer to feel the cold
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    Social distancing with my mate today. No self-respecting virus could live in this weather anyway, damn it was cold. But we found a few sheltered bays & when the sun peeped out it was really nice & peaceful. We didn't even care the fish did not play ball. We may have talked some shit.
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    If there is one thing my dog is good at it’s comfort.
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    Set a 5km PB for the year...fastest 5km since 2012 in 22:08. Goal at the start of the year was sub 22:30 as I was struggling to break 26 at the time. My fastest ever 5km is 20:50. Now wondering if I can get to that this year. I still have about 12-15kg to lose to get to ideal weight so if I can get that off I reckon I am a chance!
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    I ended up buying the Fender Champ 40 after demo'ing it in a local shop (with one of their guitars) where it sounded great. When I got back I couldn't really get any sustain from my guitar so I "logically" raised the pickups to get a bit more oomph into the amp and hopefully get a bit more overdrive. Then it sounded really crap - no sustain and a kind of horrible treble distorted sound that I thought was coming from the amp which, at this stage, I wanted to take back to the shop! Then I googled pickup height and found that my problems were from the pickups being too high. So i lowered them and the more I lowered them the more sustain I got and the horrible treble sound went away - go figure! Now i love my amp Now the only horrible sound isn't caused by either the guitar or the amp.... lol
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    It’s actually twice a day you clown
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    Another run for me today. 16 days in a row. Now up to 7km and all very easy. Im looking at starting to ride my bike again. 30min minimum time wise, and any thing beyond that will be how Im feeling. The wins for me are a urge to start riding my bike again, I haven't felt like that in about 4 weeks.
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    There is some serious stone throwing by some glass house dwellers here. The politics thread and Trump are are a complete shit show and I rarely look at them. I rarely look at the political threads but have done in the past but I've said this before. I disagree with about 95% of what Jimbo posts, I also disagree with heaps of what others posts, including Monkie. (unless he's talking about medical stuff) and I disagree with loads of others. However, the reason I've called these two out is the way conduct themselves when under fire. Jimbo does has some political ideals that don't suit the narrative of many on here but when I see folks calling him a wanker and a prick like I did a while back and I don't see him retaliate in the same way, to me it says more about him than it does the others. I've never seen Jimbo 'play the man'. (I may have missed it but I haven't seen it). The same with Monkie, he is pretty far on the left of the scale for me to align with in the same way Jimbo is along way to the right but I'd rather got for a beer, a run or whatever with folks I disagree that can be civil than folks I do agree with that can't be accepting of someone else' opinion. TC and I went for a ride for over 4hrs one and we're both still alive. 👍 Having said all that, don't BS me about your running, that won't end well. 😄
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    Must resist, must resist.....
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    And we wonder why good people leave the forum.
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    Time for a light hearted interlude. Which quarantine bird are you?
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    Very proud of my day daughter, turned 18 a few weeks ago, and with all this stuff going on and the stress of HSC etc she was still determined to try and get in to give blood. Did her first donation today and is feeling rather pleased with herself. I still can’t manage to get an appointment to fit around work at the moment.
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    No they don't no they don't notheydon't lalalalalalalalalala
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