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    Thought I'd check in with you all. Have to say I'm struggling a bit with redundancy, the virus and its knock on effects. Trying to stay positive but feeling quite 'isolated' over here now and starting to realise how much distance there is between us and its of our friends. Schools are closed over here for all except 'key workers' and Little One's home schooling starts today. The teachers sent a schedule each day with timings, subjects, tutorials and materials and they will check the work each day. It's very well organised. Food wise, it's not too bad at all where we live, just have to time when you go but we have a lot of supermarkets. We are all stocked up and I'm glad we didn't sell our Aussie fridge/freezer that lives in the garage, as the Pommie ones are tiny😆 We are allowed out to exercise but it's being abused by Covidiots. I'm running at early am or at late at night. Riding has not been banned but I'm doing all turbo right now. Little One had a bad accident last Monday, she was running outside of school with a friend and tripped over a wooden flower box and smashed her face and eye. She had to go to hospital. Thankfully all ok but what I was amazed at was the Drs said they had little to do because nobody was coming to A&E now! Our hospital has a separate A&E for kids, she was straight in and out. She looks like she's been in a bar fight! Tons of DIY to do around the house, so won't be bored! Anyway, wanted to stay in touch and just because I'm not active on here, doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you.
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    I love their "Social Distancing" recommendations. I've seen their efforts in keeping cyclists 12m apart in a controlled environment. What hope have they got of this.
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    Hi all, Not posted in a while but read every now and then. This thread is interesting, a lot of reverting to type and highly predictable. Hey ho. I'm part of the initial team of volunteer managers that are going into Nightingale (our first emergency hospital being built in a massive conference venue in London) to manage the logistics of bringing in up to 4000 patients at a time and, well, shipping out. I've also had to shift a company of 80 people to working remotely and delivering training remotely, we've done it, we're OK, but leading has been knackering. I can't be bothered to challenge the pseudoscience early in this thread, it will not need challenging shortly. The one small silver lining is that perhaps, maybe, people won't disregard science because they believe themselves to be "rational" and somehow better qualified than the scientific community. As of Monday I'm working a 4on / 4off rota, except my off will be keeping a business running and keeping many people employed and my on is managing shifts in one of the biggest hospitals in the country. Meanwhile my other company, a $1m marquee business is going bust and I'm trying not to lose my shirt. Take. This. Seriously. I'm sure I won't need to share the inevitably haunting pictures from the field hospital over the next few weeks, someone else will put them on social media but please, please. Stay home.* I sincerely hope all of you stay well. Monkie * Will try and share some light hearted selfie moments if I can
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    Pigs may carry diseases but they can be cured. c’mon that’s a good one. A small, good joke oh I crack me up 😂
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    Peter can you change the pole to include "I have done one this year" I just want to say that that I am a 2020 Ironman finisher😀😁
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    After nearly 18 months without a dog, we now have a new German Pinscher puppy “Kira”. With all the crap that’s been going on in the world she has been a positive distraction and fantastic for us and although a lot of training to go she is fitting in really well.
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    Responding to the treatment. While on the ventilator the anti malarial drugs are controlling the fever and the respiratory functions are stable.
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    This is Highway 3 just east of Yellowknife in Northwest Territories, Canada. This was 28 January. -25 degrees, unseasonably WARM for January. Should be -40 at this time of night. For this reason it was cloudy on 2 of the 3 nights we were there and this was our only chance to see aurora. This road becomes the ice road on the other side of town. The glow on the horizon is an ice road trucker bearing down on me. The next day I drove 320km round trip to see wild bison. Scary as hell on a 2 lane snow covered unmarked road sharing with huge b doubles and tankers while it’s puking down snow
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    If you want people to stay indoors shut down hairdressers. with split ends and roots showing 50% of the population won’t leave the house.
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    In 100 years time the trivia question will be ”in what year was the Tokyo 2020 olympics held?”
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    As a 'Tuber it's my daily goal never to post something I'll have to make an apology video for in the future. I've succeeded to date. And mother of GOD there are a lot of people getting on their trainers now looking for help/etc. My views are up this week. Way up. I'm on the grind going back to basics with new content helping everyone out and jumping on the questions in the comments. If anyone has any queries/content ideas fire away.
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    How about some personal responsibility here , no one made anyone go do the race, everyone had the same information as the event organisers. That week things evolved very quickly and the government had not advised them to shut down. Everyone accepted risk and had free choice to stay home.
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    We have to look on the bright side of it. I do all my meetings now on the back landing, with the camera going on the laptop. This is the view behind me that they all get to see. I figure if I'm in isolation, I couldn't pick a much nicer spot.
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    Just another day in the life...
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    I’ll take that 5 sec victory. Had a great bike.. (ps: I don’t even use a computer or anything) I just ride to feel. But the gentleman next to me put 8 minutes into me on the run. Though I did stop 5 times to get my breathing back - had the flu all week. Am just glad I didn’t stop a sixth time.
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    Received a care package from mum and dad. New work shoes and a going out pair for special occasions. Have never been able to find original double pluggas in WA. So mum and dad always keep me freshly stocked up from over east.
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    Happy to report cov negative. What a waste of isolation 😀
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    Not a bad graphic to explain social distancing to some people.
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    I just want to see the other side of this with the same friends & family I have now.
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    Thanks. I have a medal and t-shirt. Got ugly on the run, as my hip went. but wanted to finish. will write report over next few days and post.
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    Managed to grab these ones the other morning out for a run. Taken with Samsung phone, no filters.
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    Heard a Dr on TV saying in this time of Coronavirus & staying at home we should focus on inner peace. To achieve this we should always finish things we start and we all could use more calm in our lives. I looked through my house to find things I’d started and hadn't finished, so I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a boittle of Baileys, a bodul of wum, tha mainder of Valiumun srciptuns, an a box a chocletz. Yu haf no idr how feckin fablus I feel rite now. Sned this to all who need inner piss. An telum u luvum. And two hash yer wands, stafe day avrybobby!!! 👍❣
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    scomo had forgotten his wife had a hairdresser appointment on Saturday. he will lock them down Monday.
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    Well we have finished moving house and Nicole And I have managed to do it without having one single argument and we remain married. That’s a massive win 😂
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    I decided to go diving today so rang the maintenance mob and they will get someone out to fix it while I’m out. Perfect
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    The way I see it is we have been told to ensure we buy a good hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol content. We can't currently buy hand sanitiser in any of the shops We therefore have a duty to drink at least 60% alcohol and be content with that
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    Just when we thought the courses couldn't be made flatter and easier. Now we're suggesting qualifying for Kona by eliminating environmental conditions. The steepest gradient on the cycle will be that short section that ramps up immediately before the shark is jumped.
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    If you ran at Marathon race pace for 30 mins, after the first 5 mins or so, your HR would remain fairly constant. If you increased the pace your HR would rise and if you slowed down your HR would drop. In other words, there is a relatively consistent connection between your running pace and heart rate. So we refer to them as 'coupled'. If you continue trying to run at Marathon race pace, one of 2 things will eventually start to happen. Your HR will increase for the same pace, or your HR will remain the same and your pace will drop. Now your pace and and HR are no longer 'coupled'. So we refer to it as 'decoupling'. Another term is cardiac drift. In cycling we replace Pace with Power which provides more accurate data (ie. hills, headwind, tailwind, etc). Although heat can still affect the results. Training Peaks identifies it using "Pw:Hr" I typically only look at it for my long aerobic rides to gauge my current endurance. A value of 5% or lower indicates that your fitness was good for the length and intensity of the ride. Helps me decide whether I should do more long rides (improve endurance) or hills (increase threshold). Edit to Add: Another metric that tells you what you could already feel. But it is handy to track your endurance (ie improvement) over time.
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    This side of the forum does not interest me except this thread. Please don’t **** it up IJ and others.
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    I don't normally read any of the BS that you post. After reading the comment I looked to see who had posted such a stupid comment. Your conscious decision to call it wubonic shows the sort of person that you are.
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    I'm pretty sure the "calm the f*** down" message is being directed at those exhibiting the "we're all going to die" mindset that's making life harder for everyone. There's a happy (and safe) medium between the two extremes.
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    Are you saying I'm in trouble? 😨
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    On the good news side. We have one result back so far. Negative. Still waiting on the other.
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    Overall I had a pretty good day. Was going to do the ultimate but training leading up to Christmas and over the holidays was less then I wanted so decided to drop back and do the classic. Which took some pressure off but also didn't drive me to train more. After fighting Sydney traffic we get to Husky late Friday night, we are lucky as I have family who live one block from transition set up so accommodation is never an issue. The kids start off the tri festival as they are entered in the miniman. the eldest has a cracking race as he steps up the distance 150m swim, 6km bike ride and 1km swim, Next up is the middle child who has one of those races, get caught up in the swim then gets knocked over while running out of transition with his bike, But dusts himself off and finishes with a smile on his face. Next up is my wife and youngest who runs the whole 2km fun run with the biggest smile of his face. I think the promise of ice cream at the end got him home for the last 500m. I think the events on Saturday are what make Husky such a great event. There is something for everyone. On comes Sunday and my race, with the 9:30 start I'm a little lost with all the extra time but I still end up rushed to put my wetsuit on and get to the beach for the pre race briefing. Swim 1km: I have a quick pre race swim and then wait for the start. I start to bake under the sun with my wetsuit on but before long they call our start group and we are into the water. The swim is in prefect conditions, I lost the feet I was following about half way around then ended up by myself after the last bouy. I was hoping to get under 20min, but finished in 20:40 so not too bad. Especially considering my lack of swimming. I normally have no problem with running up the stairs to transition but yesterday my legs felt really heavy, had noticed this in the morning walking down to the race and was hoping it was just pre race nerve. So decided to take it easy through transition. And hoped the legs came good on the bike. Bike: 60km Onto the bike and it was crowded with the ultimate coming around for what must be their last lap and all the classic riders, I kept rolling into the draft zone so would put in an effort to overtake 4-5 people to find some open road. People riding in the middle of the road with someone overtaking them causing you to ride very close to the centre line. Saw some big packs but most people trying to ride legally but maybe to the 7-10m side instead of the 12m. Was playing leapfrog with a guy for most of the first lap but I think we were working well together until after I did a surge passing a lot of people then he dropped back in front of me then the TA came and told me to drop back quicker, I was pretty peeved at the time but it was fair. Started the second lap and the course was starting to thin out. This is where I saw the broken bike. On the way out past the tip I got overtaken by a group of 4-5 riders. 2 of these riders looked like they were on a group ride they were so close to the other riders in front. I felt because of all the surging on the first lap I better take it easier on the second lap so tried to use the group of cyclist to pace myself but I again found myself drifting into their draft zones so would have to surge to overtake everyone again. Overall the second lap was a lot easier then the first and after looking at my ride file the first was right on my target power where as the second was 20 watt too low, I may of been over ambitious in my target setting. But overall I'm happy with my ride and I feel good as I come into transition. I then see my family cheering and eating gelato as I enter transition and I think how good an ice cream would be about now Lap 1: 51min Lap 2 55:30min total 1:46:30 Run 10km Time to start the run, as I run out of transition they have a dogleg set up to get runners exiting transition starting in the right direction, It's a sharp corner and I roll my ankle as I come around the corner and almost go down. Not too bad but I can feel a slight twinge on the outside of my left ankle. Last month in a club tri I ran a 45min 10k off a shorter ride, so was hoping for a similar if not better time. I get settled into a pace that I think I can hold for the 10km I look at my watch 4:40min/km, Perfect I think. But I can't hold the pace and it very quickly drops to 5min/km. sub 50 should still get me around the 3hr mark but the legs get heavier and heavier. I walk the aid stations taking in water and powerade. I see my Dad who is doing the Ultimate just after the turn around and give him a cheer, I must of overtaken him at some point on the run. As I run back down from the turn around I'm happy I'm on the home straight with less than 5km to go. As I run over moona moona bridge I get a gust of cool air from the water and feel instantly better . I see a kid ready to jump off the bridge and think about pushing him off but he jumps before I get there. As I run past the club tents I get an uplift from all the cheering and I see the wife and kids and give them a high five then into the finishing chute, As I past someone turning for their second lap of the ultimate I'm very happy with my decision to drop down to the classic. Would of liked to get under the 3 hour mark but happy with the effort. Run 52min for a total time of 3:03:32 and 85th overall Thanks for reading
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    Rory-Dognz had a 1:26:04 swim (unusually slow swim) 6:52 bike. 5:42 run 14:20 Good job. Got it done!
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    Peter, whilst out of your depth or comfort zone, please don’t abandon him. Thinking about killing yourself is not something you say to just anybody as a passing comment. I think you are smart enough to realise this, engage in a bit of a chat with him about it if you feel ok doing that, simple questions like, do you feel this way at certain times such as quiet time, even ask, is everything ok at home or hey, is there anything you would like to talk about? That’s all it has to be, his response may be something that you could then engage in further with. maybe he’s lonely.
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    @IronmanFoz collecting the bling following his dominant victory
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    Thanks Paul, will do. It's a weird time for us. Losing my job has been a big blow (all that wasted stress at work!) Financially, because we bought a small house, we are ok as our mortgage is manageable. I calculate that with zero income, we could survive approx 2yrs but that's not ideal pension wise! So we are more fortunate than many and I appreciate that. But the stress of looking for a job and knowing that any applications are just going into a black hole, is quite depressing. Having said all that. We are closer as a family, more connected. I've never been a great Dad to be honest, I'm not naturally nurturing. What this has done however, is really made me/us focus on what's important in life and what isn't. I was heading this way anyway but post CV, I will be still looking to keep fit but 'races' will be much more about events. Bike packing, trail running where I actually stop to appreciate the view. Mrs FP and Little One love trail walking and I want to spend much more time surfing with her. Doing things has become more important than where I come on a result sheet and I don't care about the equipment I do it on. Simplify and have more fun. We will see where things head in the next few months but if by Xmas, we are clear from a virus POV but not job wise, think that will be the tipping point to return to Oz.
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    Nice to see that the world still has some beauty for the kids.
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    sounds like another pathetic general rant against Scomo. True to form and right on schedule..... Go to the politics thread please.
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    Got to protect your Toilet Paper stockpile somehow.
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    Guys Ive split the generic Covid stuff off and put it in the Sandbox thread. Can we keep this one specific to tri and race cancellations etc. so we dont end up with stuff everywhere.
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    I am walking proof of this. Had a pig/human aortic valve repair at 19, told I might get 10 years out of it. 24 years later and still not looking like it needs replacing. All the best to Mrs Numb, she'll know her limits and what doesn't feel right.
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    Scomo doesn't do IM. Things would be different if we still had TA.
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    I only ever plagiarise the most brilliant of work.
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    Going out for coffee in 5
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    I got offered the job I have been chasing for 2 years on Friday. Told them I don't want it today....... They didn't give me the $$ or the level I wanted to do the job. Boss said he never thought he would see me walk away from a challenge........ Told him if he dosen't value the role or my abilities enough to make it al level 4 position & pay me $20k a year more, I don't want it. It's strange but I'm feeling really good about walking away from it. So good infact I might take tomorrow off & spend the day with my wife. No stress & Zero fks given
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