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  2. Very lucky! Many multiples of what I get! 😂
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  4. Harbour cruise bridge climb dinner at the rocks Bondi beach All done in two days Been a great holiday so far.
  5. I go slightly longer - + 600m as that’s longest near me at steady intensity. I just find little value in all out hill sprints in context of +60km a week for marathons.
  6. Once again. Lame as usual. races they will show live on Facebook.
  7. Try this if you think there old enough. Sit the kids down. Give them $1000 each (use monopoly money if you want). Then................Tell them you want them to pay there own way and get them to pay: $300 for Rent $100 for school fees $100 for clothes $100 for Food $100 for internet /phone $100 for Electricity/Water $100 for maintining lawns $100 for maintaining pool/court etc and they can keep whats left over for spending. ** My daughter didn't know what to say... My youngest (at the time 7yo) was astute enough to say.... we clean out own pool/court and do our own lawns.......therefore I gave them money back. The points is its not about saving....its about understanding that things cost heaps. Then talk to them about saving.
  8. Easy to show intent to leave the scene. Hitting them is one thing, and as much as it pains me to say it, could happen to anyone. Leaving the scene though is a dog act, and in my opinion shows he should not be allowed behind the wheel of a car.
  9. Merv

    Townsville incident

    Difficult to prove intent. Heaps of excuses.
  10. I found a great section of forest running that had an average incline of about 3%, but went on for about 1km. It started steeper, for about 200m, then levelled out to a slight incline for the next 800m. It was great as an end bit of my run, to really push it out as hard as I could, but I've done as reps (4 or 5) working the steep bit real hard then holding form at still a hard pace for the 800m. Recovery would be jog down the easy bit & walk the steep bit, turn around & go again.
  11. Torn

    BCAA experiences

    I'm pretty sure BCAAs are complete waste of time, especially for endurance. Just make sure you have enough protein in your diet or drink some protein shake (there's enough BCAAs)
  12. No matter how long he goes away for, he should never be allowed a licence again. The problem is that probably wouldn't stop him driving at all.
  13. Lets go old style penalty - drawn and quartered!!!
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  15. Hey guys, Over the last 8 years I've gotten amazing running advice from some threads here and was hoping to get a bit more wisdom How long should hill repeats be for marathon training? I can't find anything online regarding distances Is it better to do 400m flat out, or something that's 1.5-2.0km at 80%? Thanks
  16. Ayto

    Townsville incident

    According to the media (yeah, I know - don't shoot the messenger), old mate had been bailed 24 hours before on drug charges. As soon as he hit the cyclists, he dumped the car at a wreckers, walked home, had a shower and went to bed. He has been remanded in custody "for his own safety". Not sure what the penalty should be here, but hopefully the court system sees fit to punish accordingly. The above behaviour is just disgraceful.
  17. Our 2 use basic bare foot philosophy with the 3 buckets. We give then approx $5 a week and they have daily jobs to do. Every now and then I offer out contract work! They also get money from selling unused goods and obviously birthdays and Christmas. My son is a saver, my daughter is a spender...although they are starting to tend to the middle ground these days.
  18. Woohoo! I might make a comeback!
  19. Ron Dennis was probably the best example of all
  20. The cut off is now 19hrs 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😳
  21. 19 races showing on Facebook live. That's an anticlimax.
  22. A high profile Doctor, head of department from The Townsville University Hospital was one of the riders that came down. I am hoping for a speedy recovery for all. 😅
  23. The difference is in the leadership of the teams. To be successful, you need one boss in the garage area and back at the factory. He/she answers to up higher whether that be to a parent car company or team owner. Toto Wolf at Mercedes and Christian Horner at Redbull are "dictators" in managing their teams. Ferrari used to be like this when Jean Todt was boss during Schumachers reign. The current Ferrari team has the right leadership in the garage now and the team has the car to win. It's the drivers who are not delivering for the team . The test of the leadership will come this year when the time comes to not re-sign a 4 time world champion. Cyril at Renault is hamstrung by having to run the team "by committee" answering to the parent car company via results fed to the company by 3 different parts of the team. The chassis Engineering dept, the engine and transmission dept and lastly team management. Poor old Cyril has no firm hand in running the team and driving the agenda for development. In the lesser teams such as racing point, the team owner is also one sponsor who has to manage a committee of sponsors demanding various scenarios of results for the team. Perez has a seat in this team as a driver, because he has a lot of rich sponsors paying for the seat and demanding their driver get the results for the team. Problem is, the other driver is the son of the team owner. Guess why this team isn't developing to the higher level. The once mighty Williams went from dictator run team to also rans run by a committee trying to make the sponsors happy and not focussing on engineering like they used too.
  24. Turts

    BCAA experiences

    I'm too lazy to type https://www.bulknutrients.com.au/blog/branched-chain-amino-acids-bcaas/
  25. When I was traveling to Brisvegas on a regular basis, I called in on Bill’s shop (D2T) a number of times - his time and customer service was very much appreciated. Wish him the best with the wettie and whatever he does in our space going fwd.
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