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  2. The (leaked) report by the FINA Doping Panel is (or was, and might be paywalled) online at the Daily Telegraph (embedded pdf) https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/more-sports/fina-saves-outrage-for-sun-yang-not-the-clean-athletes-that-have-to-compete-against-him/news-story/2fa3c429bb117216e7e327841238faa5 It was FINA, not WADA, seeking to penalise Sun, although it is WADA which is appealing to CAS. It was FINA's (own?)Doping Panel which rules that the sample collection process was deficient, and that no penalty should apply. The testing was done by IDTM for FINA. https://idtm.se/
  3. Hey Andrew, Is the Dennis Cotrell connection the reason you seem to be defending Sun?
  4. Trier

    Swimming World Champs

    Great stuff Duncan Scott, refusing to shake yang's hand pissed him off good. There is an even worse clip of the actual podium, Yang in a rage. https://twitter.com/i/status/1153633225966858241
  5. @nealo do you have Forster 2001? I have it on video but can’t watch it. Was my first.
  6. Wore that t-shirt to race start at Port this year. Retired in the shirt that started it all. 20yo t-shirts can still come in handy. 😎
  7. Hahah already blocked
  8. I've found the smaller ones sit higher and less comfy on the bike. But test it out and see. Good luck and enjoy!
  9. Excellent, cheers Turts. I'm riding tonight, don't have the bladder but might use the vest as spares/food and see how that sits first.
  10. Don't think this will work. 5hrs to upload and there are about 10 copyright claims for the music used
  11. I preferred a running pack for my mtb rides as I used the front pockets for gels and chews, instead of soft flasks. And bladder in the back.
  12. Been there done that. As long as yours sits comfortably in the position on the bike then why not indeed? Only thing I found is some running packs sit higher across the shoulder blades that can be less comfortable when have a full bladder, and stretched in the biking position. Should take 5 secs to decide if it's us ok or not.
  13. Just don't bet your house on the naming rights deal paying up.
  14. How far South? I dont know where I'll be living once we find a rental just yet...any advice will help!
  15. Ewan for another srage win.
  16. 4/10 is harsh. For a sports doco it's pretty good. There are a lot of rubbish Sports docos!
  17. My sister has the one with screen on in her car. When I'm in the passenger seat, I keep thinking I'm looking at what's behind us!
  18. Oh yeah that one I got has the gps module in the mount so it automatically updates time etc.
  19. toolex

    Swimming World Champs

    One article said Ledcky's last 50 was the slowest of any of the 8 in the final, Surely she must have blown up and didn't make a tactical error.
  20. I think Zwift has one of the best 'all round' packages, with regards to variety, interaction, 'races' and stuff. The reason for my lack of value is because I've focused on trail running this year. Looking at all the options, if I had to choose, it would be Zwift.
  21. Dusted off the TT and put it on the trainer after riding the roadie on the trainer for too long. Did 15' at 200W, 15' at 205W, 15' at 220W and then 15' at 240W. No rest between, just built straight into the next one. Wanted to do a quick ROTB but the babies had woken for their 8pm feed. Forgot how much different the TT bike feels compared to the roadie. Hoping to get out to Muzz on Sunday and test out my new disc.
  22. I don’t get the same value from FulGaz either. At least I am an early subscriber to TrainerRoad so will keep it going. Was thinking about Zwift but just unsure.
  23. I'm certainly not getting the value from Zwift this year, especially at £12.99 per mth but I can't bring myself to shut it off either. Each ride is costing me about £2.50 at the moment.
  24. I've had one for quite a few years now. Has the incident record button (which creates a separate file covering 30-sec before and after your press it) and the auto incident if it detects a big enough bump. Mine is recording at pretty hi res, at least double that of FHD and mean number plates are easily read. My card will store about 6-7 hours and over writes oldest recording as it goes. It has its own small screen, or you can plug it into laptop via USB or take the memory card out to view. That wifi connection roxii has sound good. It has an optional separate GPS device which I don't have, which will record typical GPS device data including speed, time, location and have that stamped onto the video. What prompted me was to have something for when I drive commissaires in bike races to provide some evidence for my own benefit in case of incident. I had the unfortunate experience of having a rider go down right in front of me just as they passed my car (when returning from the convoy) and disappear out of my sight. It would have been good to have had that on video to back up the witness statements made to Police. In case you were wondering, my reactions saved the rider who got away with a broken collar bone. I took the car right over a very deep culvert to avoid them. We were all very lucky that day. Back when I last drove at the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road race a few years back, I used it there and the ranking UCI official (who was a great Commissaire, we were doing Comm 3 that day) asked me all about it and took notes as he thought it was a great idea. I note now that the Commissaire vehicles in Euro races are now seemingly fitted with them as standard.
  25. There is another one Scott’s camera Aussie guy
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