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  2. ????.....What country is that Turts?
  3. I'd have to add another fist full of dollars for a new bike to match that awful yellow ( and probably green somewhere ), if I wanted to go.
  4. I achieving goals. That’s the important think. And I’m fresh when I finish.
  5. Rob

    Swim - swallowing water

    Breathing out through your nose (underwater) can help you take a shorter inhale through the mouth - less chance of swallowing water. And as mentioned earlier, you may be breathing too late in your stroke.
  6. You could say the same thing for any event, especially an Ironman. I've done 5 Worlds (4 x ITU, 1 x 70.3) and they are a special event. Definitely a different feel. Higher quality field. Heaps of spectators and if you are wearing your national colours you get a lot more cheers. Each of the ITU Worlds had aspects I thought could be done much better, but I still really enjoyed every event. The only reason I don't do them every year is the cost (and having to train through Winter).
  7. Sounds like a timing issue to me - as above, you should get someone to look at your stroke if you can.
  8. Is 'well fed' the new politically correct way of calling someone fat?
  9. And the transparent white from the year before
  10. I like the yellow shirt. Looks better than the bland grey from last year. At least it will stand out.
  11. If you don't think our lack of free speech limits our freedoms, I would remind you of the classic adage that evil happens when good people remain silent A lack of policing obviously results in a lack of consequences. Or to put it another way, leniency towards the guilty punishes the innocent Good on you for buying health insurance - a perfect example of personal responsibility I'd also like to see a bit more detail on how education funding is supposed to result in better outcomes, rather than being told that anyone who doesn't support throwing more money at it doesn't care about kids Our expectations of government are the result of government itself continuing to pick up the tab Can you define nationalism and explain what you think is wrong with it?
  12. Bosco, it's hard to say without seeing your swim stroke and technique. I suggest you get a swim coach to have a look.
  13. You don’t want it enough. Just excuses
  14. I don't think that limits my freedom, as a result of the way the law is applied. Second point, examples: Is it consequences or lack of ability to police. My issues as a voter are: Health care system that I pay lots into for little other than insurance for myself and others Education where again i pay a lot, focus and dollars are spent on things I'm not certain are critical Wages stagnating, government revenues not enough to meet our expectations of government Rise of nationalism around the globe Policing that does not focus on community and personal accountability. By that I mean the police can set with community groups expectations and consequences around anti social behaviour, by enforcing the law.
  15. I don’t get why some guy did this. Other than it was in Brisbane.
  16. In my experience, very easy. If u are at a location close by
  17. You yourself noted last night that we don't have free speech And personal responsibility has suffered due largely to various governments removing consequences for irresponsible behaviour
  18. Is there limitation of individual freedom in Australia or personal responsibility?
  19. Didn’t get there. Wife ran long. Cant this sat either. So the one after
  20. Libertarian conservative would probably be the best label for me, if you need one I want individual freedom backed by personal responsibility
  21. Wear a swimskin for sure, it allows you to wear whatever you want on the bike (slightly loose top if that floats your boat) and you won’t have to worry about it swallowing water during the swim, if you wear a tri suit you can roll it down or if a two piece you can put it in your t1 bag. Other thing to take in to account is that often there can be stingers in the water there, if you have a sleeved swimskin on you’ll be less likely to get them down your suit. You’ve got a fair while to find a secondhand one, just keep an eye out and you’ll get one for $100 odd dollars and I’m sure if looked after you could sell it post race for similar money.
  22. That list of hangers on seems excessive to me but I’m sure when they are needed the folks that use them are grateful. I wonder, given the amount of people going, how easy it is to access the support staff?
  23. I thought he was at risk, demonstrated behaviours that are a bit of a worry
  24. A new hour record for the men. https://au.eurosport.com/cycling/victor-campenaerts-hour-record-in-numbers_vid1187277/video.shtml
  25. Jim, what are you? I get you are not a leftist, what do you want or support?
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