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  2. So many people forget to turn off their device after training, get in the car and drive off taking lots of KOMs. It's good to know how to cut that car bit off the session.
  3. monkie

    Alan Jones

    Also this: Someones in a youtube hole! E2A: Gonna tag you @more so you see this. I think these "leftists" have a lot that you will find interesting. Apologies if I have made an assumption there but this is definitely interesting.
  4. monkie

    Alan Jones

    This is, I believe, good... I shall discuss with my better half but I think it makes me think in a better way.
  5. Note that not all the teams have put in their full roster yet, so you can create your team now, and update it with your final choices any time up till an hour before the tour kicks off.
  6. The Vuelta starts this weekend. Get your teams in. The poor cousin of the Grand Tours starts this Saturday. Velogames is back up & running, so I've set up a mini-league for Transitions. Enter at the usual site, https://www.velogames.com/ These are the mini-league details. League Name: TransitionsLeague Code: League Name: TransitionsLeague Code: 622046411
  7. bRace

    Chop Garmin file

    I'd do it, just to appease the OCD side of me that doesn't like saved data not matching the reality. My training is very adhoc, but I would still be compelled to correct the data.
  8. I can't answer on Australian specifics but as a landlord of two properties back in Blighty my main advice would be to be aware you are buying a business and not an investment. These things don't make money passively. Also, lettings agents are mostly useless.
  9. He names them in the podcast, all better then him according to him
  10. FatPom

    Where ya been?

    I grew up, not exactly poor but definitely not rich. We lived in a bog std council house and could rarely afford family holidays. however, my parents both had the insight and commitment to send us on every school trip they could possibly afford, as they said travelling would never be as cheap for us. On top of those, some work, some curious, some holidays. Have to say, the list additions have slowed up considerably since we had Flipper. (mutter mutter boat anchors cough cough) It's also a pretty good reason why our house is very small.
  11. We get it, he's not wurf so he's nothing...
  12. Not a chance. I don't even own an indoor trainer.
  13. That’s some world class turd polishing right there. The only portion of the run that Lionel looked strong and held form was running through transition. For the rest he looked like someone had taken baseball bats to his quads and had left a knife in one of his kidneys.
  14. November I think. Then 5 weeks in March next year.
  15. AA7

    Chop Garmin file

    I'm interested to know why it matters. Which is why I asked.
  16. So when are you heading up? Sunday was literally Summer, and even though we are expecting a cold morning tomorrow, it's still t-shirt weather at 9pm tonight.
  17. BTW did you see my Zwift race on Strava yesterday? Holding some good form & feeling super strong for the Crits season.
  18. I was booked on a flight to Brisbane on Saturday but cancelled so I could take my daughter to see the Hilltop Hoods in Radelaide on Saturday night.
  19. I’ve been lucky to travel a bit through sport my first trip OS was to wales for the world Slsc titles I was 17 1994 my eyes opened up to the world not long after I was in South Africa zimbabwa Canada USA Italy France Swiss Germany Spain Austria Andora Belgium Monaco Ireland Noumea Indonesia Nth Folk island Singapore Most of the list except Indo was for sport I was lucky enough to get a start in an invation race in Monaco (don’t know why ,think they wanted to liven up the after party 😂) any way was awesome got put up in the casino in the water front room raced over part of the F1 circuit,Dinner with old mate Albert and the best part was had celebrity teams races with the likes of Franki Fredricks Tony Rominger F1 drivers Tennis players etc I just went around at the dinner getting photos and autographs sipping on my free beer😂 South African Rave party in Durban in 96 was a bit scary looking back on it especially when you had to put your guns in the house safe before entering!WTF
  20. Cootha with back cuddle
  21. I wonder if she gave them a directive, or they just decided to keep him away from her to avoid making her look bad.
  22. That umpire from Osaka match will not umpire her at us open
  23. more

    Alan Jones

    Yeah I'm out, has been a fun discussion.
  24. How does jonsey equal video game. The parallel is with figures of power and with a voice during the inquisition or other extremely violent times. anyway not sure what this is about anymore but debate is constructive if it helps us understand each other.
  25. I'm still waiting for next month. There's some rain forecast, so I'm taking B@ up Mt Coottha for some reps. You never know who we might see.
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