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  2. Like the unqualified girl you'd spoken to who was earning $500k a year as a childcare worker..? ☺️
  3. I would think the last 2 letters stand for Orca. Is that correct FP?
  4. You've said this multiple times and I'm getting more and more intrigued...
  5. So while we rearrange the deckchairs, is there any good to come out of climate change regardless of whether it is man made or not? If not then surely we should be combating it by any means possible regardless of cost. How many more species are we prepared to lose, especially when we don't know the long term effects of these extinctions. The argument that if climate change is natural and we should let it go is usually made by the same sort of folks that demand sea walls so their waterfront property doesn't fall into the sea.
  6. I want a reference your reference sucks let me tell you how you are all wrong I don’t provide references because I am morally and intellectually superior
  7. Climate change is real, I've seen the crocheted temperature blankets to prove it.
  8. Nah It's much easier to just call them 'deniers' than to bother refuting their arguments
  9. Today
  10. Confirmation bias is a real and pernicious blight on all areas of science. It doesn't take much of a history lesson to know that. If the people dissenting are well credentialed scientists of any field their voices should carry significant weight in any discussion about the use of scientific method or interpretation of results and conclusions made. I'm not in the camp of climate change not being real and I find the debate around whether or not it is human induced tedious. There is no way known that any nation is going to take significant action quickly enough to change anything if it is unilaterally disadvantageous to their people. FFS the UN struggles to get universal agreement on anything significant let alone this. As far as I'm concerned, spend money on adapting so at least it isn't wasted no matter what the cause or outcome. In the meantime, listen to the dissenting voices and examine their arguments. Dismiss them if they have flaws in their method or reasoning, but never simply because other experts say to. Otherwise climate science is little more than religious doctrine.
  11. Nobody believes that NASA are faking photographs of the earth Ex. Mankind has moved on from the time when the 'scientific consensus' was that the earth is flat I would caution anyone who places too much stock in the views of James Hansen though, given that he is right up there with Tim Flannery in terns of dud predictions You might as well reference Michael 'hide the decline' Mann
  12. Your link refers to 97% of scientists, not 98%. And it does not address the follow-on questions regarding the scope of the question asked That is at best highly misleading, and at worst fraudulent
  13. Come on. You know that NASA are the biggest conspirators in this whole thing. They even fake all those round Earth photos to keep us believing what they want.
  14. Don't ask then what my FOOR wetsuit stands for
  15. https://climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus/
  16. AA7

    Hamilton Wheelers

    I did the TT up here a few weeks ago. Bumpy roads.
  17. dazmuzza

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Many just use crit racing for good endurance training and might not even be interested in sprinting for the win. You can pass on any side in racing. Good idea to try communicate if you are though. Well done on doing so well in your first race!
  18. Can you at least name the organisation which made the claim?
  19. FFS do your own research. I've made my thoughts clear, and I'm not going to labour the point any further.
  20. Do you have a link to the study/survey/whatever that forms the basis of your claim? I'm curious as to what was actually asked
  21. I call them non-solutions because they are not solutions, unless you want to either bankrupt Australia or take us back to the 1800s Leaving aside the rather important factor of reliability, wind and solar simply do not have the physical capacity to replace coal for areas such as Sydney. Unless you want to bury Wollongong in solar panels
  22. Massive biases and a rort. just link where many people made a motza out of pink batts and the people who are now scamming the NBN. And yes I have spoken to people who admit it’s a rort.
  23. You're not wrong. It's amazing.
  24. My first Orca survived about 6 years or so. The next suit fell apart. I am now on a blue seventy helix which has been pretty good. The arms these days though are way to thin.
  25. Anyone that wants to hear more...tell me! Go on my FB page and ask for more, and give me topic suggestions as to what you might like my thoughts on. Contrary to what seems popular belief, I like and encourage this, because it gives me more certainty that at least someone is interested. I'm genuinely interested in what people might like to hear about, because after doing so many videos you start to run out of content on your own. Unfortunately my work can come across a bit unpolished at times. But typically...no, always...there is no planning. What happens is I get a brain fart, then I immediately go and find somewhere quiet around the home, albeit not the most flash back-drop, and press record and talk. I never write a script, have a plan, or anything. That doesn't work at all for me. The only way for me is to let it come naturally, just say whatever is flooding into my head and doesn't have to reached inside for. I probably forget more things than I say sometimes. But this method, as rough as it can be, is more natural to me and I hope conveys a better message.
  26. I'm certainly not disputing that there may be a bias in research funding from some (perhaps many) sources. But both sides of this argument have money. Climate scientists can get money from organisations who have a vested interest in disproving climate change. Yet we still see an overwhelming majority of climate scientists saying that same thing. The main people who voice a dissenting opinion are NOT climate scientists.
  27. Lol...not that I am any different to anybody else. But the young girls at registration have zero idea about how long I've been/what I might have achieved in the sport. I have swapped in the final two days three times now. Seemingly anyone can do it. This time I had already been through check in for the 70.3 the day before. Then I came back the next day and asked if I can become half a man. Each time I have done this...the refund is zero. Lol. But I don't complain, because there is no 'value' if you don't want to be out there. Great service on IRONMAN'S behalf I think. As a client, they kept me happy and made it an easy process, without any argument whatsoever.
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