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  2. Goughy, we redrew on the home loan. We figured that because we were both home a lot, and had A/C & the pool, we would still get our money back within the warranty period of the set-up even including the extra interest on the loan. So far it's working out well.
  3. I think its funny how anyone is supposed to give a sh!t about a kids approach to 'classical studies' nearly 40 years ago... By the same token I'm confused by why we should care about people who are able to express their feeling as articulately as the following celebs.. "Mr Yorke simply wrote: “F*** you Prime Minister” Hip-hop star Stormzy retweeted a message with a line from one of his singles, saying “F*** Boris”. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson tweeted an emoji of a woman holding her head in her hands."
  4. So your saying that your system produces more than you can consume, while it's producing? An average system these days is what 5 or 6kw? How have those here with solar gotten there's? Have you paid up front, or gone through one of these pay off through your bill systems? Because we have no other options than Ergon as a supplier, we certainly don't get great rates. Whenever I've used one of those online tools to assess prices from other suppliers, I could drop our bill by at least a quarter or more changing supplier but when I go to the supplier sites in told it's not available for us. I have confirmed from the govt that we have no other choice for supplier. Or last bill was $821. $89 service fee, and $806 for 2898kwh at 25.298 cents per kWh. But then we also got some Qld govt electricity rebate of $84 (maybe that's a rebate because of Rob's pension), but then $10 charged as a meter service fee. We are on a residential flat rate tariff 11. We have gas cooktop and hot water. All heating and cooling is aircon (2 splits) and fans. During summer an aircon will be running 24/7. Thank god I'm on valium now, cause this is stressing the buggery out of me as it is, if be a puddle on the floor otherwise! This is why we end up giving up all the time with this.
  5. I was at Kingscliff so really south, but did some rides around Tomewin and out Springbrook way. If you end up somewhere like Coolangatta, there are heaps of options around Murwillumbah and Chillingham or down towards Mullum. I always avoided going too far north because of traffic, the riding is heaps better if you head south and inland. I did most of my open water swimming in the creek at Kingscliff or in Jack Evans boat harbour at Tweed Heads, so I can't help with anything further north, sorry
  6. Why the swim cancellations? All I can think of in Port Phillip Bay is water quality...
  7. Front and back cameras? FM
  8. The world was supposed to end when Tony Abbott was elected Then it was supposed to end when Donald Trump was elected Let's wait and see
  9. Well picked. He really showed last night that he is one of the fastest sprinters in the world at the moment. Going past Viviani like that to win by a bike length was very impressive. With 6 podium finishes, 2 on the top, and a day in the white jersey, he's certainly had an incredible debut tour. I think if he can continue this form next year Lotto Soudal should be looking at supporting him for a Green Jersey tilt. I'll be up very early & supporting him for a big win Monday morning in Paris.
  10. Should get on well with the US President then.
  11. AA7

    Swimming World Champs

    She's unwell apparently and has pulled out of other events.
  12. The PM was found to regularly make things up when he was a newspaper columnist
  13. Mehhh and the new NAB CEO failed a core accounting subject 3 times at uni and is now getting paid $10M a year...
  14. Will be interesting to see what he does now that he actually has to do something rather than just comment on others
  15. They got lollies & drinks 😆 Druggies by the looks of them, armed robbery at 2pm with cars and people going everywhere, damn there are some dumb & desperate shitbags about. https://www.armidaleexpress.com.au/story/6289676/armed-man-on-the-run-after-service-station-hold-up-in-cbd/?cs=471
  16. Dead heat for 3rd.
  17. Turts

    Swimming World Champs

    Why were there 4 on the podium for that one?
  18. The (leaked) report by the FINA Doping Panel is (or was, and might be paywalled) online at the Daily Telegraph (embedded pdf) https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/more-sports/fina-saves-outrage-for-sun-yang-not-the-clean-athletes-that-have-to-compete-against-him/news-story/2fa3c429bb117216e7e327841238faa5 It was FINA, not WADA, seeking to penalise Sun, although it is WADA which is appealing to CAS. It was FINA's (own?)Doping Panel which rules that the sample collection process was deficient, and that no penalty should apply. The testing was done by IDTM for FINA. https://idtm.se/
  19. Hey Andrew, Is the Dennis Cotrell connection the reason you seem to be defending Sun?
  20. Trier

    Swimming World Champs

    Great stuff Duncan Scott, refusing to shake yang's hand pissed him off good. There is an even worse clip of the actual podium, Yang in a rage. https://twitter.com/i/status/1153633225966858241
  21. @nealo do you have Forster 2001? I have it on video but can’t watch it. Was my first.
  22. Wore that t-shirt to race start at Port this year. Retired in the shirt that started it all. 20yo t-shirts can still come in handy. 😎
  23. Hahah already blocked
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