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  2. I’m using bondi’s for roads and Stinson atr for trails. Tried briefly using the bondi’s on trails but it just rips the soles apart.
  3. Andrew #1

    Wurf watch

    I’m pretty sure that’s a sketch diagram of Lance Armstrong’s undercarriage circa August 1996.
  4. Exactly! I was headed that way until the universe intervened. Fitness does not necessarily equal health & well-being. To Flannies question, I mostly gauge it by how I feel, and how I feel during/after exercise. Def not by how I look as they say I look pretty fit at 67kgs but..... My GP ordered a barrage of blood tests the other day as I'd not had them done for a decade and they were good apart from cholesterol a bit high (6.5, bad chol 4.5) and my PSA 7 (sounds high but is actually OK for me as I've had prostate problems for decades, so they track the change in PSA every 6mths - it's not so much about the actual level but any big change). Also now use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea (much better sleep as a result) and knees are problematic. Take a very low dose anti-depressant which was needed during 6 yrs of chronic knee pain. One thing I learned over that 6yrs was to treat 'experts' with healthy suspicion. Sure get their advice, but also do your own research and in particular talk to others who have the same health problems, and find people who solved their problems. Those people were my best source of advice by far. No one knows your body & mind like yourself. One of my measures of fitness is swim times. If I can hold six 100s in the low 1:30s on a 2:30 cycle, then do a 400m TT in around 7:00, I know my fitness is holding. In the past, I'd have gauged it through 1km run repeats (ability to hold sub 4:30 for 8-14 repeats on a 5:30 cycle), but that's over now.
  5. Today
  6. No.... he has just been told to 'work harder'........ with no extra pay etc.
  7. Which model of Hoka are you using Truck? From what you & Diabolo have said, a combination of well cushioned Hoka, but with minimal drop might address both my issues?
  8. Did the coalition win push the housing market that hard Peter?
  9. What shall we do after lunch?
  10. FP, Rimmer, TC and myself will get busy with sorting Brexit in the meantime
  11. What we have in this country is an aging population that is getting bigger and bigger and for the size of the country we lack the number of people who can pay sufficient taxes to sustain it. This is why out taxes are high compared to a lot of smaller countries with larger populations. Look at Singapore tax rate is between 10 -20 % depending on your income etc (give or take). There population is 1/5 of ours, Yet the country is 10764 times smaller. What this means is lower tax rates.... because there government don't have to maintain a country that is 4000km wide etc....lots of roads. We need more people....but how do you get more people who are working and pay tax and not residing in major cities. Not an easy task for either government. but what we don't want is more people on hand outs!
  12. no time for a white wine and gossip with the girls, Pete?
  13. Ah I'm 32 and that was 12 years ago. Am I worried? Nope. All the testing I've done indicates I still have the ability. It all rests on my ability to not look like the above I'll start posting my weekly workouts etc and diarise a lot of it for everyone. Maybe once a week starting Sunday.
  14. I'm saying you're wrong. I know someone here in Sydney and they bought all the events and some are being wound up because they're not profitable. Someone that currently works for Fairfax Events will be working for me from July.
  15. yes, education is still very cheap in australia compared to the US. same as i wouldnt want to get sick in america without insurance. we might have a liberal govt but we still have a lot of socialist ideals in this country, whether university fees, govt payments to schools, the pbs, medicare, health insurance subsidies, franking credits when you pay no tax, pensions, council rate discounts, car rego discounts, senior discounts, tollway rebates, first home buyer welfare and on and on it goes.
  16. yes, i think thats why they were grand fathering everything if elected so it affected nobody. if you did you were still the same, if you never have done, you were still the same.
  17. My borrow show this year was up out of Leura Forest.
  18. Ah yep come down it now.
  19. Right yep. Down that now, down to Jamieson Ck. Then up, down etc, up and finish at Scenic World. Down was bad enough! Was that when the finish was at Fairmont?
  20. Further to add. That whole pollie pension thing needs to be reviewed in some way. When u you guys who are in there 20's and gets two terms and is out by the time he's 30...they should not get a life time pension. I can't recall the persons name but there has been a couple. Like most things I feel it should be on longevity and contribution to society.... but how do they measure that. Am not sure any of them deserve the ongoing office, PA's, driver's etc etc etc.
  21. Comprehension fail on my part.
  22. Perhaps they could even implement a system that facilitates transferring entries over a calendar year (which I have previously been advised in writing is the case)???
  23. Tyno


    4 post season triple doubles this year is pretty damn nice. Especially from a guy who was a shooting joke mid season. His price tag has certainly gone back up.
  24. I’m working my real job. For once. Late nights and all days. Until Sunday.
  25. But they don’t. They just bought the 4 events. Now if they bought all of the corporate tris around the country and also 2xu series etc... then that would be interesting.
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