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  2. I've been a couple of times but only because I was in the area cycling at the time and thought I'd wander out for a look. Would rather be out riding my bike in France than standing by the side of the road waiting for the peloton to zoom by. It's all over in 30 seconds. The sponsor's caravans roll through an hour or so before the cyclists. You can usually bag a few free hats and sachets of washing powder. The packets of pork sausage is kinda interesting. In 2011 I was staying up on Alpe d'Huez for the triathlon - that was the year Cadel won the Tour. It was stage 19 and we were hoping to catch a glimpse of them coming up the home straight and corning up to the finish line. Saw nothing - too crowded. We ended up finding a pub that streamed Phil Liggett but would've had a better time back in Aus watching from the comfort of the couch. For the final stage into Paris, Cadel was in yellow. We were still on the mountain and couldn't find a pub that was streaming in English. We watched Cadel's trophy presentation with French commentary over the speeches. Best part was the barman realised we were Aussies and gave us free champagne. I personally would avoid the Tour and just go over for a big cycling trip. The photos below: -watching from inside the pub with smelly MAMILs -As close as we were gonna get to Andy Schlek in yellow (before Cadel rocked the ITT the next day) -Mark Cavendish trying to get the honk outta there after the race while my friend tries to get a pic of herself with his 'sprinters flower bouquet' - that's his security dude 'Woogie' forcibly wrenching the flowers from her grasp as I stand there looking totally innocent. Never met her before in my life.
  3. I am here now been to 2 stages one in Toulouse and th other went past our hotel, We are at the base of the Tourmalet, it still watched on tv if you like long long days it ok, we just come to ride our bikes and enjoy France
  4. I would like to hear thoughts from those who have been to the TdF. We watch it on the TV. We hear the commentary, see the faces, marvel at the crowds. Most of us would love to be there watching it live. However.....what's it actually like being there ? The race goes past so fast. I do know that the villagers have big festivals and celebrate. The emotion on the big climbs look great. But to me, the race would go past in a blink of an eye. So, for those who have been, ….. what's it like ? FM
  5. I think I'd almost be keen for that.
  6. Not really training, but I feel like I raced an IM at the moment. I moved 3 trailer loads (a bit over 2 tonne) of gravel an average of 10m 1 shovel load at a time, all after 2:30 this afternoon. I think tomorrow morning is going to feel worse, but I've been told the dam is under 15 degrees (very unusual up here), so the crew are heading out for a swim. Maybe some cold-water therapy will help the sore muscles.
  7. A number of the folk I swim with head down there every couple of weeks for a swim with them. It's a great crowd & they do some good swims. Well worth checking in on.
  8. pieman

    Zwift Roll Call

    Anyone doing the l'etape de tour? 126km on the "uber pretzel" finishing on the alpe de zwift...? Good start to Roth 2020 training.... 😁
  9. Had a crack at ParkRun today, first time in over 6 mths I think. Wasn't expecting much given the exploits of the last few weeks, and managed a personal worst of 23.03 on this course. Really died in the last 1500mtrs.
  10. Peter

    Israel Folau

    Its actually a fair point. Catholics aren’t saved Christians in the form that our PM is a Christian. Catholics don’t
  11. I entered the series last year. Won’t be doing again this season. I missed 2 swims and one complete race being sick. Entry on a Thursday night for me. Hope still to do all series if swims happen.
  12. Peter

    Landis Interview

    I love this post from yox2
  13. Hey all, Lurker turned member looking for some recommendations / advice from those who live on the Goldie. I am moving up there in the next 3 months and don't want any blips in my training so hoping to get some pointers on good open water swimming spots and typical routes for long bike days. I found this FB group for open water swims: https://www.facebook.com/GCOWS/ - looks like a good opportunity to meet some new folks. Any other ideas to look into? Cheers.
  14. more

    Training with a cold?

    Lol you're a funny bastard! But you have got it wrong-i never got sick until you hurt your knee 🤔
  15. monkie

    Israel Folau

    Sounds rather similar to that Westboro box of frogs.
  16. symo

    Israel Folau

    Its a church of 30 people!!!! They seem to have bounced around a few. Interesting the control his father has exerted from way back.
  17. more

    Training with a cold?

    Well I must admit it's been nice sitting on the couch with the kids watching telly all day! Also the cold and flu tablets that don't have pseudoephidrine in them are useless.
  18. FatPom

    TV Shows

    I watched that, thought it was OK. I really liked Coates' character in SOA but in Bad Blood, he wasn't as convincing as a lead IMO.
  19. Parkside

    Israel Folau

    https://www.smh.com.au/sport/why-the-pm-and-most-christians-are-going-to-hell-20190719-p528xx.html Seriously unhinged the lot of them
  20. drugs, salary cap rorting but magically compliant, ben barba playing but some how not glowing
  21. Relax take the dog for a walk. Spend time with the family. Rest recovery & enjoy a good feed. I lasted 15 years in the sport by playing it smart & getting the balance right.
  22. Yeah Baz, why the hate ? We sharks supporters are lovers not fighters.
  23. Yeah, Melb just rolled over and played the game, cos the love they NRL so much for taking those premierships off em 🤣 Why you so much got shit on the liver about the Shire & the Sharkies Baz?
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