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  2. trinube

    Pitt St on Everest

    Am I the only one that doesn't see the funny side of this? I find it genuinely sad. Sad that people have died but particularly sad the locals are being prostituted by hoards of tour operators flogging a service for people to brag about on social media. My brother-in-law trekked around Nepal about 25 years ago and said the people were the most genuine, welcoming people you'd ever meet and it appears their kindness is being abused. I find the photos of the crowds quite disturbing.
  3. Probably the last time I believed any thing he said.
  4. When Ironman take it over you will be able to buy a photo package from the official event photographer on completion for a modest fee* *plus active fee.
  5. All part of the risk. What would peeve me, after I stomped over those ill prepared and laying on the ground blocking my way, would be not being able to sit on the summit for a few minutes to enjoy the moment after all those months / years of preparation and possibly previous failure.
  6. Back in the UAE after 4 months in freezing Iowa. Bikeless at the moment but doing 50k a week in the Asics. You forget, but you don't forget, about the heat and humidity of the Gulf. Going from -35 to + 35 is a shock.
  7. If you’re catching the train, this app might be handy https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/05/23/national/social-issues/stop-tokyo-police-anti-groper-app-becomes-smash-hit-japan/#.XOuc5hrTWhA
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  9. Stem

    UTA 2019

    Hey Go Easy. Pretty much as expected. With the training I did I was hoping to still be running by the bottom of Kedumba which was pretty spot on, reached the creek about 10 past my 'best possible time' estimate. Cramps set in from then so mostly walking from there. If the legs had held up I would have been looking at 7:40 so not too bad and 1hr 40 quicker than last year. Slowest accent of Furber stairs but the finish chute was amazing and so worth it just for that. I forgot how many down steps there are after the Fairmont and hadn't trained for them so I think that section smashed my legs. Something to add to the training next time. I hope all is well with you mate.
  10. I have. Hard for me to comment about the old Mrs F. She was very focused on her netball and that includes the admin side of the local association. She seemed to not mind me doing Ironman but took little interest. The new Mrs F liked to run and then decided to get involved in triathlon as she got bored watching me at races. Now I am training hard to keep in front of her (just).
  11. Same. Work trip in July!
  12. coz everything in his little book is tru, bro
  13. Ironman itself can be a very selfish sport, especially if your partner and kids aren't into it. But if it's your only vice and you don't also over indulge in TV, Video Games, Social Media or other activities that detract from spending time with your family then it can still work in a happy well balanced relationship. I think it's just important to be aware of the time and effort you put into your sporting interest and make sure that it doesn't impact on your family if they are important to you. In my case it's not me going out training that upsets my wife, as she's always encouraging me to get out and do more consistent and effective training, but it's the amount of time I spend on social media. I don't usually tend to do anything on my phone during the day, but I do enjoy pulling out my laptop as soon as I get home and get my regular update of Facebook, Transitions and anything else that keeps me updated with what's been happening in the world. I have been fairly slack with Transitions lately, but I do usually enjoy it when I spend the time to get on here.
  14. Bored@work

    Pitt St on Everest

    probably about the same
  15. Cottoneyes

    Garmin 935

    Thanks guys, unfortunately was my only purchase to date from Wiggle UK with the receipt on my old work email address. Have chalked it up to experience, but will stay clear of the vivo range going forward
  16. Cottoneyes

    Pitt St on Everest

    Used to work with a guy that climbed it, first thing he did when back down was to write a book about it and how it lead to his corporate success, lessons learned and how it related to the corporate world, started looking for paid talking gigs etc. The guy was booted 12 months later from his sales role for consistently failing to meet his KPIs...
  17. up to 15 hours a week its okay, over 15 and its the rest required which impacts. Though this year, I'd ride on Saturday, give the kids lunch then go down to the pool and splash around the kids pool for an hour or two, ice cream then home for naps. Sunday was a 2 to three hour aerobic ride done before they get up, key is not running long on a weekend
  18. Bored@work

    Pitt St on Everest

    Sure as long as you hang around and telling everyone how great you are rather than volunteering and giving back to he sport you have made an income from for the last 20 years.
  19. Bored@work

    Pitt St on Everest

    You can use a helmet bag.
  20. I would imagine most of those "dead" people were still alive and breathing, probably unconscious, incapacitated, but very much alive. Could they have been saved? Don't know, but it seems macabre and mercenary continuing on your climb, celebrating in ecstasy when you summit whilst below you people draw their last breath.....
  21. Used to Live in Hornsby and work in Bridge street. Door to door was 1:15. I now live in Melb and get to work in the city within 19 minutes. Door to door. I did the 1:15 each way (usually longer going home) for 10 years. It's like I have a whole new life down here. I wouldnt move back for even 4x my current wage. (Might consider at 5x. lol)
  22. Yes, but it's a bit weird when they literally died in the line waiting and then people need to step around them to get to their place on the top. Also, apologies for the repeat post.
  23. That's fantastic. They will be great growing up together! Very happy for you. And you are right, it's hard to know until they arrive and they are all different. As long as your expectations are low and you are flexible you'll do great
  24. I am lucky with the commute only being around 30 mins, but I still manage to squeeze everything in. I get our little fella ready for bed, brush teeth, read book etc. Look at it this way-I'm home by 6:30, dinner finished by 6:50ish and washed up by around 7. I am lucky though with a close commute and dinners ready when I get home etc. Even if we didn't go to bed until 9 that still leaves 2 hours to sit around, talk, read books, brush teeth etc-that's oodles of time. So I can still wake up at 5am and get 8 hours sleep. This is all very loose though-I'm not anal about time frames. If one night blows out and I'm dead tired in the morning (like today) I just don't train. Simple. I reckon where some people may fall down is TV-its so easy to blow an hour just flicking through crap. The again I blow hours flicking through crap on the internet..
  25. Ex-Hasbeen

    Pitt St on Everest

    Is it OK to turn around at Hillary's Step, if you look fresh?
  26. roxii

    Pitt St on Everest

    But whats the point if you then cant tell people ad nauseam?
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